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Hope In A Broken World; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 18, 2014 12:30 pm

Hope In A Broken World; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many very very pretty colors. It's very nice to see but the presumably barren in gold cold in winter and it can feel very very down in despair and so much a hopeless I would say they need some hot chocolate. I would say the hot chocolate is out cuddling unhurt, like I told you know what I'm talking to you looking at me like I say. Anyway, we are to be talking about the topic of hope, and hope you find it beneficial today that we are talking about it and actually the name of this show that week we been choosing to call it is your hope in a broken world. You know, we do live in a broken world. But if I ask you as our world broken his IRCA question in your mind.

Whether it's a broken world or not. While that is not a hard question to answer.

I mean all you have to do is look at TV, listen to people that are talking about what's going on in the Middle East all over the world really help people didn't know broken up talking about the changing of the leaves. I got I've got hope hope they will fall on my neighbors yacht, not a form of hope yeah yeah usually hope the big window, a blown away if I was asking you about this topic and hope will be some things would kinda surface for use as you talk about hope in this broken world.

Well to me hope is tied to my faith deeply tied to my faith and I think about one of my favorites parts of the Bible in its three different Gospels 3 to 4 but when Jesus is first telling the disciples that is going to die. He says the elders and that the religious leaders you reject me there in a crucify me I'm arise in the third day and Peter pulled him aside and says well as I can happen.

He says will get behind me Satan decent when you have in mind is not of God. What you have in mind is of the world and you know what I think of those tough times coming.

I'm hoping that that God has a bigger plan.

That's Romans 828 but when you go a little deeper into that scripture of this is my box. My hope filled box inside that box of Romans 828 is this verse that God is in charge easy. Jesus has a bigger plan and have to trust in that. But inside that box is the one I cling to the most and that's the one right after this verse says is what is the benefit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

You know you have to die on yourself every day and take up your cross and get Dennis I think really knocked out of the park for me because he was talking about how it some point he felt God was punishing him when he lost a lot of things in his life. And then he said I mean in the next sentence that he he he started to realize that that was God's way of getting things out of the way so for me I think about hope. I imagine that Jesus is coming to me and say okay now you gotta give this up yet. I gotta take this from you. Gotta let it go and at the thingy you don't think I see I see that to you.

Gotta give that up. You gotta let that go and just like I have to take it from you. You have to actually let it go and hold me instead. And when you hold me, I can hold you and to me that's that hope that I cling to when bad times, and they they come is not as much as they have in over my lifetime, but to me when things happen. I have to let go of whatever fear, whatever concern you have to embrace Jesus, absolutely.

And I think that there is something to be said for your perspective as you look at situations occur, you can look at the glass. It's half empty or half full and see what kind of the equation. Your pessimist optimist, whatever that is. And I'm kinda half-empty or half-full. Even when I don't care it's just have a glass but I think that there's also times the things happen you know are from God.

The guy didn't necessarily say not want to put this in your path right it's something that happens in the ascent of someone else might affect you know where actually I go to clip in and talk about can hope be dangerous to be dangerous to have hope in this broken world.

And this is from the movie Shawshank redemption and innocent in this clip what you're going to hear is Andy to frame has been thrown into the difficulties I'll check if I think in solitary confinement stick in the box that was another person present. If he was in solitary confinement because he locked himself in a room and was playing music over the loudspeaker to try to help bring up the beatitude morale.

The morale think you really help me today. I am your personal dictionary you are. Anyway, it was time to bring up the morale and they break in and its rhyme in solitary in his.

He gets out these you eating lunch with his friends, and are talking about his time in solitary, so to listen to what plays out on this topic of hope door down for weeks and all I Mr. Mozart so the record player down there is a very amusing big That I've never felt that way about me on my sense of your ceramics emotions need to see.

Don't forget forget the room places world is made out of stone.

There is something inside and get in touch to your talk. Hope you but you don't know if you watch that movie, the character Brooks is talking about was a guy that had gotten out on parole when he was a free man after 40 years all you many many years. I can remember but it was a long, long decades of time and he gets out he doesn't know how to adjust to the outside world and ends up committing suicide in the movie and and that does happen from people that's been in a minute you mind me asking about your your past you. You work in the presence of the prison system many years down the I have a number one young man that came in when he was 17 years old and most of the people imprisoned in all when they first come, and you know it's a joke. Reality sets in about three years after they say: well, you know, and they they totally lose all hope this young man here was 17 and he was abused. Let's put it that he became very dangerous to everybody.

They were all afraid of him because he had nothing to lose yet three life sentences and he lost all hope. And when I was working near the end of my career.

They sent right now because we became friendly with them. But if you know them put 810 years he hung himself while I'm 17 years old and he left a note just brought the soul to my head, left a note there is no more hope to make you know but I do know the way I see things is always hope thing of it is is that you gotta grab it and hang onto it and it's given to you if you don't use it, you'll be elusive because you don't have hope. Absolutely not going to ask you another question that's okay. You've been around for a couple years a couple a couple couple more than now, and I have there been times in your life. I'm assuming that things would appear as if it was no hope old definitely the loss of my first wife, the loss of my son two weeks in the loss of another son, 58, while a tells you how old I am right, yeah. So much stuff that goes on in everybody's life.

I don't care if you're a Christian, you're not a Christian you believe in God.

If you have hope you have nothing you really have nothing because I said that when we were talking Republican morning.

Yeah, hope springs eternal. If you don't have it will display on the life I feel sorry for people all it's it's hard in our society. What if you step back and look at the grand master plan.

One of them of the enemy is to rob hope you just look at the way the nightly news is even set up exactly right. Very rarely do they have a positive story and it's almost about hopelessness or horrible things happening that turn on reality TV and is paramount that used to be the Jerry Springer show that they should talk about a lot that you get to see all this brokenness, but you don't get to see on the other side of that healing and restoration is only going to see the broken parts I and were very good as a society about putting our broken parts in front of others on the public form motion, politics, and then you hide it just can't. I usually say political things, but I just pray together yet as I talk about this hopelessness in our society. If you're not a Christian would be hard to have hope, I think so because you can have hope without faith. But where does your help come from and the source of that hope you know determines how how strong and how long it's the last minute you shaking your head yelling in the hope comes in. You can describe it in so many different ways. You know, I know people that are not Christians. I happen to like racing. I don't mean Meskill running racehorses. You get the gotta got a good Christian you know any Scott hope that this also is when stress hope together different types of hope in this different types of hope when we come back and talk more about this topic. I hope you have a couple more clips from Shawshank redemption and really get Howard or producer come on and talk with us as well so looking forward to. That's his head and stay tuned to mastering journey for more information or for podcasts we done on pashas phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere.

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All of our programming 24 seven) pressure out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport. You can plug into the Truth Network just go to download to do for you Truth hi JR Martinez, father, author, I got a mirror about two and proud US veteran. The road to recovery can be difficult. Now VA offers a faster and easier way to get the disability compensation that you deserve just file an electronic fully developed claim or any claim on E benefit, faster claim and get back to your life. So we waited for the today I met then, but I wanted you to really hear that from Steven Curtis Chapman.

It's an older song. It's been around for number of years mean lots of years, not in comparison to a sitting this room I bought that when it did, did some after driving the story get it now cassette. Yes, it was how in a sort of a track with the talks about where is the hope. And really, in this life.

Where is the hope. Howard is weird been talking about this topic a hope in human listening in mostly his human listening and were when you think about this topic a hope in a broken world. A lot of times you may not have anything other than hope. Good point, and sometimes you've got to find a way to reach it. So it's very very important to have hope. Thank you is great point. I know that there times in many, I think you said everybody goes through things in their life right and having gone through in 51 years.

A handful of really, really painful things in the midst of it.

It feels like there's no hope.

There is a period of it, but it but when you've gone through some things and only lost her life in such a horrible thing I've never had to go through that bit on the other side of that is our hope that comes from having lived through some very difficult times.

Most definitely gotta get going with your life point that you make, and I thought it was all but now every every night when we finished the show every day. I tell you I wish I see you next week. I know the audience knows that I'm virtually blind and and I mean that because I'm looking across the way right now.

What Sam and Alan blurts to make and I'm happy to be happy knowing that I'm going blind and I have a wife that's blind and you think of all the terrible things that are ahead of us know and you give up hope you get. I'm not given up. I know that I have hope this I know that if and when that time comes, he will take care of in a different way actually will be happy to go back and talk about hope of the morning with a clip of .1 wheelers last left Andy Dufresne and Morgan Freeman which I can remember his character's name at that Shawshank redemption Morgan start up hope is a dangerous thing later on. Andy breaks out of prison and he becomes a free man and Morgan Freeman gets out on parole, and he told me if you ever feel like having some hope for living life again.

Go find this tree ending under it. You'll find a box with something in it for you some money and a note nor listen to as this notes being read any hearing to Fran's voice. Let's hear what said you read if you're reading this you've got now if you come this far you're willing to come a little further remember the name of the town.a lot. I could use a good man to help me get my project on wheels. Keep an eye out for the chessboard ready remember it. Hope everything best effect.

No good thing. Every time I will be hoping that this letter finds you finds you well.

Your friend Andy is so I guess I should listen to the clip about a few note or hundred times and to realize names read the essay in the clip. Now we're talking a little bit before he came in and you asked the question what is the opposite of hope you had an answer for that one was like in your mind to meet sphere KY fear. Well, if I have hope. It's like I said before, my hope comes from trusting God and but if I don't have faith in God that I'm afraid I'm worried. I don't have any net to catch me.

I'm out there all alone to hurt if I ask you what you think the opposite of hope is what would be a word or something will come to mind for you. Then why okay. Why do I keep trying. It's like yeah we use clips as analogies to use sports as an analogy. As a coach your coaching a football team. That's down by 14 points with a minute left. Do you just walk over to your team and say I don't I don't have any hope that you can pull it out, so we're just gonna head to the locker room or do you have faith that something can still happen, and it may not be winning the game. But something can still come of this. That's of of good report, thank you. Many, if I ask you what what would be the opposite or something comes to mind.

It would be Wednesday hope. What would be the opposite of hope. I do agree with my body around the year.

I fear going blind but I know uncle you lead in bed at night fine next to a blonde woman is, where is this all going to end know how we can manage to cope those whose not take Michael's without making a mistake losing a fetus is not all that kind of stuff and it's all true enough, then I cannot and I said no don't think that way.

Note God you listening to me you know I think everybody knows that I love to pray in the garden. I just feel the presence God would and I just tell you got my handyman wherever it takes us. I'm willing to go.

Guess what hope is. You make a great point, the enemy will use truth to spin it to the point of fear right because then it is true that your wife has problems seeing that you're developing problems more more every day. But there is truth in that its enemies and try to take that make you be fear Brandon he can get a foothold in that I know for me as I thought about what's the opposite of fear is our fear of hope as I think that it's despair and it's there. There is no reason Howard. He said to go on right you know you find people that often commit suicide. It's appointed despair when you feel like there is no more hope and that's the enemy's goal is to rob us of hope is in hope follows joy falls face falls all those things go with that identity falls in on it. It's a pathway to really get to what he's after. To kill, steal and destroy note fear and despair are exhausting. They take all the energy out of you but hope like they say, hope springs eternal mean it gives you energy gives you a reason to go on and gives you that next step. We we we can't leave read where we left it that we had get right here we see what happens to read this read to find hope is if you haven't seen the movie, there's really hard spots to watch a tell you that it's a great movie but there's some really really difficult spots and not a family movie by any stretch but a good movie but let's see what happens to read as Andy has an impact on him or he doesn't. Let's see what happens in his life. Diane second time in my life I'm guilty of committing a crime. Parole violation course. I doubt they'll toss up roadblocks not final. I find I'm so excited I can barely sit still a whole thought in my excitement only a free man can feel free man at the start of a long journey is certain. I hope I can. I hope to see my friend I hope the Pacific is spinning my dreams because it's here the difference in his voice. Joy is joy there is life. What a great quote I wish I corroded down fast enough. But he said the others in excitement.

That only comes from freeman and feel that only freeman can feel that is on an adventure that doesn't know the end of what can happen.

I know I paraphrase Abbott is addressing there's there's hope in that journey of uncertainty right you don't know what the future is yammering. None of us do. You know, but there's hope that it's going to have some good things in it right right and why can we have that hope. What in our lives makes and when you watch a news there's nothing there that says you should have hope I what that I don't either. That's why people asked that I might academically sound on Yahoo. I don't see it be if you eat read in the paper for doing those things you don't see a lot of reason for hope. It how can we live our lives with hope out there a minute to kinda wrap that up at him a little bit for couple minutes. Why can we have hope for me. I go back to the verses I was talking about.

If I look at the disciples. How could they go on when there their Savior Christ was crucified and dead.

What they saw him rising and there was a miracle and then they knew that they had to go on. Based on that miracle. While we've all had a miracle in her life at some point if we accepted Christ even if it even if it is small and but they went on and they took the most difficult journey a man could take after Christ. Because of that hope in Jesus Christ. He would take care of many how can we go on in your in your words with hope while just thinking back my life if I didn't have hope.

I would've never gotten to this point here. I mean, I've gone through some things that are just on believable but I guess everybody doesn't event this is serious is not how I really think you really think you have an information Howard. I wish you could get back to you. Sorry about that, but hope for me. I find hope in the fact that God stopped and that nothing to get us back into relationship with him. We were so important to him that he gave his all. His only son that we could have life and feel if he's on our side, and he loves us that much.

We not have hope so as you're facing some things and assume you're out there today is really struggling have hope. God's there with you.

He's fighting for you and he'll come after your heart in the midst of it you know so masculine journey. Thanks for listening

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