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Everybody Has A Springer Family pt 2; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 8, 2014 12:30 pm

Everybody Has A Springer Family pt 2; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 8, 2014 12:30 pm

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Jesus masculine. Many losing life feels more like a losing battle when something done, request about last week shows about we all have a springer family Jerry Springer Springer and if you didn't listen to it were offending you please go back and listen to it before you get too offended, but you know we brought the point that even in biblical times. Everybody there that you read about a family. It's hard to find one I can think of one that does not have Springer -like issues and so we talked about last week.

This bringing that to light. Okay, thereby, realizing that and then we kind of left off with what now and so this week I've been thinking about since eclipse is you guys have an end with some clips but I never could think of a title for this. That was a good one so can you guys think of a title for this particular episode of my country.

I personally immediately went to everybody has a springer family to about that with the RTW you know it works. Either way and that's just more of an extension, but in a way Sam mom's side of reflect on the show.

In some ways this may be the most important show that perhaps we've evident the pressure and how well that is that we left the show last week with you know how. What's a way to get over this and that, in the way to get over is to face the truth and there is some truth and so anything about that in a lot of people's life. There is a secret and keeping that secret secret is what a lot of their life is about. And the thought of exposing that circuit was set secret in your life that if your wife knew your husband and you if the people around you, and if the people at church knew it would ruin that secret.

That's the one that quite often. Jesus wants to come after, and that's where if that can be exposed to the light.

There is phenomenal healing available so as I think about this show and the importance of that secret coming out and not just because of blessed to have been in radio for a while. I've seen that secret come out with a lot of folks and I've seen what God did with that to transform a lot Dennis you are an assistant actually was going to sing a jingle that he came to Milan and then Robbie went and got a serious man do that now, but I'll take microphone one of the things one of the things it did come to mind was that you know when it Robbie speaking about secret something coming out of the darkness and houses thinking for you came in here after we had our little meeting go on Facebook and look at all the families and look at all the peoples and all the stuff that they were right and you would think we all had it all going on. I mean all the beautiful things about our families all the beautiful things in our lives. And I'm not discouraging that I'm not saying that that's not important, but what's behind all that was behind all that and and and is any of us. What would I be willing to come out on Facebook tomorrow and say you know what folks wanted to share this for really long time.

This is this is an this is in a secret hiding place and I want you to know what it's really like with Dennis that would be kind of interesting when it actually come out with that kind of truth in Facebook is kind of the equivalent of getting that Christmas letter used to get tell me about last year's event. All your loan is like the gift that keeps on giving really is when I go to the Clearbrook working because there is a lot of this about truth and so let's play the clip that deals with truth. If you think of one clip when you think of truth. This has to be somewhere in your tough couple recess questioned Judge Cpl. Ward for an answer. All answer the question you want answers, truth resort read to the point Robbie are talking about truth in part how you get through the Springer family, you know, the surviving is dealing with some truth when the first cruise we talked about last week is that you have a springer family and if it's not your immediate family. It's not a few mini rings out away from their know if you like your families a treaty right.

There's just a couple. There is probably pretty close. Know whether you talk about Robbie's spoke of having that secret insider.

Whether it's dealing with in that Springer family. There has to be a point of change. If you're ever going to find healing or respite from there has to be a point where you move away from it and say okay look some that's got to change right and so what is that point for people to question and it's different for everybody but you know there's a path that everybody has to taken.

We were talking about it before the show that it's not a destination. This this life of without pressure. It's just a journey that we all take were constantly assessing whereat were trying to make change and then we walked closer with God, absolutely. Along the way we have to deal with the truth to come out what some of the other truths that we have to deal with Robbie.

You talk about. We have our own issues and really neat clip but we don't have.

It was in part of a series called living proof Christian business men's committee did and they talked about how when you come to Christ. That is to move into your life in his name essentially move in your house and is can I call this window some thoughts on all the doors as he begins to build this mansion that where he wants to reside, but there's that one door that you and says keep out were not going here and and sometimes as in the case in my own life. I didn't know what was behind the door so the secret that was inside there.

I'd long since buried so deeply that actually needed Jesus in order to guide me in the how to get that door open again. I'd had it shut and close down with locks on it in chains around literally in order to make sure that that didn't swing open. There were so many secrets down inside that had to do with my family growing up had to do with wounds that would happen to me in my youth, but fortunately the thing I love about this topic and the thing I love about this show as I know Jesus. I know he wants to get at that and get that door open, get it on lock ticket. Somehow he felt the stanza door and knocks and and how can we as believers asking to come in our lives like absolutely wouldn't.

When you grow up in an environment that's not completely healthy, which I think is everyone's story right because are no perfect family. It does take you or try to take you to unhealthy places. Some that's can be hidden sin. Some of that's can be agreements that are made along the way that you believe about yourself or you believe about others. It's the enemy's desire to take you wherever it's going to get you away from God by an isolate you where you can start just picking out it is trying to beat yelling the herd rights were to listen to a clip of a person who is kinda dealing with this this outside pressure of family and really what that speaking to her in her heart and what the enemy is trying to tell her how hard I try I just I'm not for who not enough for me.

Sean, my mother now you was raised in church/pressure sales from work three jobs never met Monday and get up early and walked to school, but waited for her coming home from the diner I wake up every night she'd come home and tell me some the same thing. He loves you what to how far you run, Jesus will always be loving with his arms open wide just for you and smile so much to yourselves so I doubt Lord might stay given your kiddo so you just be you and that could newsletter what you're talking about robbing you of some degree, that's a lot of talk about but I'll everything that we can send Dennis elicit Kennedy plays out a little bit not clip in one way or another doesn't. I agree, you know, and I've known a lot of people over the years from Springer families and in his Robbie talked about. They had secrets and I've known people with addictions to drug and alcohol addictions. The anger addictions to frustration and addictions. The fear and advice of listen to him over the years I've noticed they all do one thing in it in its always perplexed me, but they ramble. They just talk incessantly like they're searching for something and Todd had one time told me that I asked him the question, how do you know how you help them find healing. You just want to just give me answer, he says you have to leave them there and that's just in since we started talking about this show. It's got me thinking that when people are talking. They're searching for a couple of things one they're searching for faith either.

The point strengthens her faith or their searching for that point where they say okay I don't have enough faith.

I'm just going to have to trust in the other is a line where there just tired of what's in their life.

The sin in their life and let me get the best of them and I member sienna Robert Downey Junior on TV show talking about that point whereafter got a federal prison. Come back to that out more about Robert Downey Junior story go into what now were exposing some of these things where you go.

How do you go to God in this and and where you start your listeners injury. We're very good with us today were very glad we talk about this topic and we hope that you help help us find healing by going to Facebook and say guys I really spoke to me this is what I heard God say to me through you phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start a brand-new Truth Network app that's right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown light a fire, the Christian Robbie George to talk live. All of our programming 24 seven right there in your hand fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport. You can plug into the Truth Network just go to download to do for you Truth Freedom is your birthright secured and preserve unimaginable sacrifice we the people form governments to protect our rights, which are endowed by our Creator government and those entrusted with power are subject to corruption and must be carefully monitored.

Washington is out of control. The debt crisis regulatory crisis in the constitutional crisis threaten your continued freedom. Article 5 convention states to amend the Constitution is the remedy convention of welcome back to mass injury or with us today. We are so happy that you are we're talking about. Again, I just call Jerry Springer family to that was a creative genius of her friend Robin Robbie. Thank you.

It is both TW and CLO as we found out Mr. absolute to study things with Eric I was thinking when you wanted be a spring or two, but that now okay so you're Tom's story about Robert Downey Junior as it is winter break and then really come back and talk about more. That's a good head, let's what happened with him in his story. He had gone through drugs and been in trouble in the given every chance possible. Been through many attempts at rehab and he finally got convicted in federal prison and I want to say was Chino, but I'm not exactly sure not to ruffle, especially for an actor and in his story he talks about when he got out he had this box of drugs and he was getting ready to just go on a high as he was out of prison and I want to say he was at a Burger King by the beach and he just got to the point where he said is just not worth it anymore and he said I just don't want to go through this one more time and that was just that point where he he said no more, and I think that when people are struggling.

That's what they're searching for their searching for either something to strengthen their faith or their looking for that trust beyond their fate as well as that line where they can say no more, Don. I've had enough absolutely is missing that last clip you had a lady that was really struggling in a lot of ways issue struggling some agreements don't know enough of her story to know she was struggling with sin. Everybody does some assuming that she does right.

Actually she was. She had three young kids and she couldn't keep up with the house.

Her husband traveled as an architect and so she just had a hard time keeping up with that perfect mom that she thought she should be. She was living up to the expectation that was in her mind and so as we look at her niece. Okay, just a question came to mind as I listen to that business income first is the agreement come first connect the chicken before or the egg bag I make agreement that causes me to turn to sin and you could see her saying, potentially know I'm not enough for anybody and then to me saying well you need to find somebody you are enough for and also there's an extramarital thing going on right and so the agreement that leads to sin or you can have sentence that you have it now. Then we start say see that's really who you are and try to get you to make an agreement with your sin is your identity. Does that make sense I don't have an answer for edges asking the question which one comes first audio I think it doesn't really matter, does it is in me wants it either one is good now once he's got you on the agreement phase. The challenge is to get some help in my world. I'm I'm thinking whatever reason God has had me in the beginning of Jeremiah and volume for the last couple weeks, and in their Jeremiah goes into this whole I wish that I could cry.

I wish I had a head that was like a fountain that would cry and cry and cry for days at a time and he's taking up a lament and I don't think I really understood that your eyes the word that the Hebrew word for eyes is the same thing as living water. It's a fountain that flows the way.

Matthew Henry put it is that the eyes are in the land of of depression more valuable for weeping than they are foreseeing and so if I'm dealing with something that is my sin that there is this element of weeping that I don't think I have really understood the Jeremiah apparently did since he wrote the book of Lamentations and later in Jeremiah 9. He goes on to say higher out get the weeping limit bring in the best the most skilled, weeping women. I thought about that for minute that why is he saying that because like when I laugh I can get people to laugh. I been able to do that for years. I hadn't thought about when you cry, you can get people to cry emotional responses create emotional response and so by bringing in these professional whalers we could begin to see the sadness of our sin and look upon the one were pierced, and Zacharias says when they look upon the one ear pierced her to weep and weeping week and I think that there is this flow of living water. That's cleansing that comes from deep remorse over the sin that you're talking about, and I'm not talking about you beat myself up here. I'm talking about looking on what pain and all my sin is because in order to get that aspect because there is a time to laugh, and there is a time to cry and I'm myself. Understanding here recently. Last couple weeks while I don't think I've really understood that there is a time to weep, a time tomorrow you know is you are talking really think it it the thing that I kept thinking of is if you're sitting out there and you say like I've been trying to deal with my sin.

I know what it's doing to my heart. I noticed on my family.

I don't want to be here anymore. What I do now. And maybe that's not were God's gonna start with you. Actually, maybe soon start with that agreement but right or maybe is going to start with the sin that leads to break an agreement.

Thing is, you just gotta say okay I want to walk with you through it. It's just amazing to me that this is come out in the show because Al was talking earlier about what I want to share with the listener something if you're listening today in you and your trying to try to grasp or this is what you do you think it is speaking to you earlier this week I had that exact these exact things happen in the same day when I talk to Al earlier in the day and I really needed to talk and try to talk some things out and I was I was trying to deal with some real disruption in dismantling that bought God's been doing, and some really rough things that have happened in the last few weeks. What were you speaking earlier about that sometimes we need we need to talk those things out and get them out and then later in the day I talked to my brother Robbie if you don't think the masculine journey works. Give it a try. Talk to my brother Robbie and was actually I think one of the things we'll talk about was my car that was breaking down in this thing about living water and crying. I happened to mention to him as we were talking. He said what's been going on today and I said I been all over the place have been doing things that I set I cried like broken down and cried like four times today and I was literally just this one down from it and he started to share this concept of living water, niece, and he asked me what I was doing and I said I'm reading Jeremiah and I was like in 32 or something like that I'd started 29.

He said I want you to go to Jeremiah 9 right not let the Jeremiah 9 and he pointed that out to me and it was God using his living word to point something out to me that there's something that he wants to salt want some healing for me and wants to give me that healing and my brothers are helping me to get that healing but I had to walk through to this point on and it doesn't matter what all this comes from. It doesn't matter.

I have a springer family. It doesn't matter that what my family did or what they do today. It's really between me and guide when it comes down to it, make sure were clear on something were not pointing out you to show that stuff down right right you know I have some family issues I need to work through and got needs to help me on it.

Just give me your identity, it can't be the thing that you cling to, you know that the thing that anchors you you don't shut it away and pretend it didn't matter because it didn't matter and I got into that as well. Have you had experience in your life where you had to say okay got. I need you to step in here I have. I grew up in as a child and very volatile explosive verbally abusive household and with my mother. Love you very much but she she had that volatility as well, and I brought that into my first marriage and in my second marriage and I just knew this was the second marriage. This was this was my last chance father had put me in this position for a purpose for a lot of different reasons and I was blowing it and I was losing my temper the way I'd grown up, the springer family at its best and my wife looked at me one day and she said if this is the way it's going to be.

She's in tears. One of us has to go out that door and she had her own dysfunction that she brought into the marriage.

So here we are both dysfunctional, trying to make it as a functional family and I remember going in the bedroom and slamming the door lock and I went to the bathroom and slammed the door locked in, just like Robbie said there was some living water flowing and I said, you gotta change me father you got the change you got a money and that was for me the line in the sand.

I had to love my wife more than I love myself of this anger and so every time I felt angry. You know if he got out, I apologize ride. That's eight.

Let me just stop here because I'm too angry and I would fight the anger is though it were the enemy. Now my wife and that led me to try to read the Bible, trying to go to church trying to embrace the parts my faith were to give me strength and here I am. We've been married 17 years now in it's a continual process of you know I've got to fix this part of my life. It's not that we're dysfunctional. I think I'm in the most functional family have ever been around, but that doesn't mean that it stops them where I need to be with God that I have. There's a perfection that I can achieve on earth because you want to look in the mirror all my sins pops right out and I think that you know we need to realize that we need to and I got into that we can fix anything. We can't fix anyone else. The only thing we can do it's okay got. I trust you hope fix me back to the clip and find out where this led to the with this young woman who had three kids chase change to smiling on little things make crazy very very perfect plenty of mistakes that I am right where God wants me to be getting beautiful and I'm as part of this journey is to say in a mess business right and it's wonderful to listen to her break those agreements and I heard a prayer of a 16-year-old girl this week. That may change drive.

She was picturing Jesus asking Jesus to come realize she was struggling to get them to come. She said he came and she saw a birdcage and he opened it up in the birdcage was her heart and always birds flew out but there were 45 wounded birds that were back in the cage and he went in the cage and he brought those wounded birds out that's a picture of what I know our Savior wants to do with those broken things in your in and that's what he will do if you invite a man I don't know where is going to start.

I know you don't know what is going to start. I just know he's going to start human starting windows who restart an agreement. Mr. Johnson is come after your heart with love and new your environment around you won't necessarily change when you listen to the words of this lady. Truth is we change the midst of that environment which then will have ripple effects the people around us. Maybe sometime down the road will have a little less springer family. If we don't will be able to cope with it.

Anyway, thanks for listening were glad to have you more information on us to go mass community you can visit us on Facebook at mask injury radio

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