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Living Our Priorities; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 24, 2015 12:30 pm

Living Our Priorities; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
Sunday Morning
Jane Pauley

Jesus is masculine. Many losing hand. Life feels more like a losing battle when something done, request no masculine journey will use you glad you this Saturday afternoon. Hope you have a good January. So far it seems like it's just one by its what 24 January.

Now I don't know about you guys but it seems like it you get out of Christmas and cycles on your in February January discounted flies by.

But here we are on 24 January we been spending some time the last couple weeks talking about resolutions say we talked about our fears.

What were afraid of, and today were going to talk about our priorities.

More specifically, guys living our priorities I got with me today. Al Henley got Vinnie Menino got Robby Gilmore on Dennis Bredon and now wants a special hello to Sam main you can join us today but our thoughts and prayers with the Sam and as always you have a great part in the show. Even if you're not sitting here right now and along those lines. This is, how this was born guys this is this is what God used I came across is that on Facebook the other day and you know how folks put things out there and it was it was about Peyton Manning and you know the first person I think of when I think of Peyton Manning's who said man is the ultimate called ultimate Colts fan and was a Broncos fan has been a Broncos fan to because they follow Peyton and not Butler was talking about was this book he's written called Manning I guess if it if it's not out. It's going to be out soon and he was speaking about his faith and that he's a Christ follower.

He said that the guy that wrote it or he said that you know I'm not like a Tim T boat necessarily. I'm not a guy that points up to the heavens will score touchdown. I'm not a guy that's not there singing the songs or whatever I let my walk, show what my priorities are in my priorities have always been God, family, friends in football, which I thought that was kind of interesting when I read it because of also read stories and heard things about how much time Peyton Manning spends in preparation to play football and all the work he goes through, and I thought geewhiz if he I think when I posted it on my Facebook.

I said if he spends half as much time with God as he does with football, but he saying that that's his larger priority so Karen went to this whole thing about what are our priorities and Robby you said that it to use another football kind of thing that this this whole thing about putting God first in that pecking order is is not new, necessarily now it was the famous Vince Lombardi speech. Actually, Jim Valvano copied what he was at the Vanderbilt but it was in God, your family and the Green Bay Packers right yet he didn't have friends in there before so, and I've actually talked about that is the speech myself in different parts of I've I've given and in trying to understand our priorities. But as Vinnie pointed out so well right. How did God get his priorities out there how to get his priorities out that you know like I told you inside when we were talking about this because priorities written in stone.

We want to carry them out. You know he was there when they were actually chiseled.

That's how we know now know that's right, he saved me very early in the field Dennis I don't know why but will get them to talk about Peyton Manning. You know you know God was in his head. You know this such a thing in football called the Hail Mary. Is that okay with you were talking earlier about your priorities working up really get to click here just a second that that we want to start out with but I'll actually look this up online because I thought what the parties a thing that is regarded as more important, said the more important thing is your first priority, and then you go from there. When you were talking about it. You've got you pretty sad in terms what your parties life for absolutely not my first priority when I wake up in the morning is a remote when your Bible been doing that for years my sons Mendota for nine years. My younger son he's 15 so he said he's when you're out and I'll never catch up because he does the same thing, but that's the first thing we do. We we give the first moments of our day to God because we know he can take care of us the rest time and if we don't why Woody but then after that we were caught talking about priorities in our families, and one of things that struck me one morning when I got up was that guy just laid on my heart. You treat everybody else work on their nuclear family.

So now it's been a big priority in my my life to treat my family actually better than everybody else on speaking to families Robby we got sort of family out of this movie that's back in back from our air were sure age again this afternoon movie called the jerk that Strauss Steve Martin and Bernadette peters us in the Scriptures which is pretty exciting for us all got to get out there priorities are listening. This clip and will all will and I will will will will will that illustrate priorities they've gone from rags to riches. Now back to rags that they found that this is defective product that he came up with is going to lose all these things and and he's trying to walk out of the house and walk away from his wife, but can't, and I still see this picture Steve Martin tearing all these things in his bathrobe walking out of the house. What does that say about our priorities. Ultimately, apparently, his number one priority was his own needs and desires and and things along those lines, which unfortunately speaks to the jerk sit behind the micro take one you really so you know that's it's a challenge, but like Vinnie said God gave us those in and you and John Eldridge's book, he points out that way. We've got this battle against the world, the flesh, the devil met the spiritual warfare that goes on and unfortunately so many of the people around us are looking at their priorities mean that the world setting those for them and so there out there and what I called Clozaril and they may well be a church and their acting up like this is this is their priority, but you don't see that it all in their walk and you don't see that all in their life in so were looking for something authentic to yes is how you were you talking about that earlier and it sounds like yours are pretty well defined your priorities in families obviously very important to you, God. It sounds like you put first in everything, absolutely yeah I think that when you get your priorities. It's difficult really to get them formulated because that think I was in my mid to late 30s when I really got everything got a rough draft so to speak number refining it ever since. But if you take your wounds and how they were healed if they were healed and then you look at the wisdom you've gleaned along the way that you actually picked up and applied. That's where your priorities start to come know it is hard if you haven't healed really have good priorities, focus priorities and keep you straight with God, and keep straight with your family keep a straight straight at work but but that's really the path that that I've been on.

We have another we have another clip that we want to share an account, a ghost, then you sent over there laughing you clock you want to say something that you want to share. Got the funniest to be my agent 84. I don't look like a sadist. Nevermind good. When I got to see you got here and how you're going and it's really you know my priority over right now is to have a bowel movement when you're narrating all right and I have no idea what well there we go that I am late as I would like to say I did a little more that came from make a quick change your room quickly. Talk about Ray Charles was a movie about Ray Charles and if you know the story about him outside of the fact that he was blind and just a fantastic musician and songwriter.

He had some issues in his priorities. He is is parties got out of whack with his with the addictions that he got into and is will hear in the clip when we come back from the break will be talking about that in and help that can get in the way sometimes making some other choices. And God gives us free will.

Guys, how does that get in the way of our priorities. And that's another clip similar to the jerk really Dennis where you know. Here's his wife who is really trying to be as helpmate and pointing out what's happening with his priorities but is clearly in a Ray Charles is dealing with. If you won't lose his own life. He's not gonna get one right at end it. We see that so clearly when were looking at others, you know, we can look at this clip going out there live right there.

I see that completely.

But this guy is probably his himself and his addictions. She mentions what and then that leads to a situation with his son, which touches all our hearts quite often when we start talking about lowering he messed up. This is some one trophy and working to get sick here that as well. There's a will there's a wounds that we experience guys so we invite you to go to masculine journey to check out our podcast. We have all past shows on their will have this show posted on thereafter review this this afternoon. Also check out our Facebook page and try to get that manning up on there that we're talking about with Peyton Manning and were also going to have some some words about a song talk about that and prune recording every step along the way USO's and experiences that sold you. That's what the US time, vigilant time USO was offering programs in support free phone. Learn more. Dear Smokey bear teaching us how to prevent wildfires for 70 years outdoor lovers everywhere want to give you a bear hug. I want to give Smokey a bear hug for teaching me the fires and out to its cold for teaching me against my family flyers start dancing again showing me that sparks my Dragon coaching can start a wildfire bear. I like the 70th big guy is bring it in for a bear hug, we Smokey a happy birthday. Using hashtag Smokey bear hug ROTC by the U.S. Forest Service.

You say Forrester's and the Council will go back to the masculine journey radio show Frank and a faded write out their owners not Ray Charles, who were going to talk about a minute, but Frank Sinatra song called my way now.

Couple of us talked about the song a little bit and what that really meant in terms of setting your priorities, but then he as often is the case we have a resident expert here because he's hung out in certain circles that we will get into this afternoon because I'm old but you actually know the story behind behind the story of that song that's right.

I was sitting in the hotel one time and this young man looked at the blues plan is song.

Well, I got interested in is that this beautiful and I went to him and he explained to me that it was written by Nielsen backup and it was the story of Frank Sinatra at that time all doors in Hollywood at that. Before the song will close to Sinatra. Nobody wanted and nobody liked him.

He was banned then the doors will start at the open and that's what the song is all about Sinatra did it his way. Yeah, you know, not being appreciated from that. She went on to become a big power in Hollywood again.

But again, Robby, worldly vision of a priorities and how we look at things, you know it. It spoke to him and obviously he had a major success in his field and was known as is one of the greatest parties and parties in his life and how is life really maybe not so much.

Yeah right. Well as I listen to Vinnie and we talked last week about our biggest fear, and in our fear was not to walk in our true identity and whatever and if so what trek Sinatra was doing was walking in the identity that God gave him his way may have in fact fact been the godly way the challenge is to try to figure out what is the identity God gave us when can we walk in that and when we do that you don't walk in fear eat you walk is a man straight up like what that's what that song describes, but it's an interesting thing is when he talks about one who kneels is it meal before men or was it meal before God and there's a great question.

Thank you. Robert you really explained that, but it from one musician to another singer-songwriter were going to go from him right to Ray Charles in the clip were talking about before the break, and what oftentimes happens in the world is you can have some parties and then they get out of whack and they make it out of whack because the pump some other choices that you make solicited. This will come back talk about it is no know I got a blind stupid thing letting you send me and God is even should've asked you to move which doing something long time ago but no losing with you makes me contemplating I love you Ray Ray Charles Junior's most valuable he was out this day you came home to Notre Dame to go to his banquet.

Know that you love one on the road using needle music to please him with losing everything.

Here we stand at the crossroads now you know we got we got a guy here who is been given some great God-given talents relationship is not very strong with God right now because he blames God for his blindness is what sounds like an odd and it's affecting other parties in his life. Or we may question if it is sunny even is a priority at this point because his doing drugs seems to have taken priority over all that house going affecting and how she says at the end it's going really hit you when you live where you live because gonna take away your music. You know I think about that when I hear the clip you haven't seen the movie a couple times you know I think that is a question in every man's asked that he asked himself in a good enough to have what it takes in. Note that answers know that answer was no, and raise heart while he was on needle. That's you know that's why he was on needle. He just couldn't face it. Or maybe he just didn't realize what he had. I know when I was on my wife and our inner first five years and we had a two-year-old son Josh. We still do still have in my priorities weren't right.

I would you know college football on Saturdays pro football on Sundays I wanted to play football video games and it would that's where it didn't work and it was everything with everybody else and when I got home it was all about me and my wife pulled me aside and you guys know why she so sweet. She couldn't say anything in a negative way, but she told me how much my son needed me. She told me how much that needed to see me as a part of his life and he wanted me to be involved. She said in a way I've heard wives say the same thing in a harsh way or mean way.

My wife said it as though she were begging, pleading in she was trying to do it in a way that didn't hurt me, and when she did. I recognized how much my son needed me both my sons in that was one of those life-changing moments when she sat me down and appeal to my heart.

I wonder when I was for that clip. Actually, Dennis if he was blaming God for his blindness, but more so what I heard was him say God doesn't talk to somebody like me and he's disqualified himself because of the needle because of his sleeping around apparently and he thinks that's disqualified him and this the presenting send John Eldridge points out clip pretty clearly most of his books is rarely the issue.

The issue of the sin is to attempt to disqualify you from the relationship which is the number one priority. Vinnie talked about this cut stone that is enough to love the Lord your God with all your heart, meaning that I want to get into that relationship with God in spite of the fact that I'm never going to be qualified without Christ. You know it's really funny listening today clip you know and I seen the movie and I don't know if the people out there know that I am blind in one eye and virtually blind in the other line. I've lived my whole life angry at God. Why are you doing this you know I got everything that I need a beautiful wife, kids, what you doing this to make now maybe four years old and I'm saying to myself or I say every night, the God, thank you, thank you for taking the care of me up until now. Please use the blindness to make a better person out of I believe in. With God's, and upon my shoulder. We will go on to our 85th we have this we had this view in the world of what the perfect life is supposed to look like and if you turn on the TV or if you if you go downtown in most cities and and you'll see what the world defines his even if you listen to our government sometimes will see with the world defines as the perfect life and that we have a clip from the movie as well call the family man came out several years ago Nicholas Cage was the main character in this movie and he was he was leaning what many people might call the perfect life he was he was Wall Street bigwig at her firm was making a lot of money and he's put into this other world were all the sudden he's this entire salesman in New Jersey with the family, but he still thinks as time goes on, that this is with the perfect life is used to look like and it's not with her living and see how this plays out between he and his wife are talking about moving back into the city, Jack.

I thought the reason that we left was because we didn't want to raise the kids here now this is the center of the universe. If I were living in Roman times of living room where else and today America is the Roman Empire. New York is Rome itself.

John said okay you know something.

I'm detecting key tension here, and this was supposed to be a happy day.

So guess what I don't need this to live here for all commute all drive to work.

Traffic jackets over an hour each way.

That's like three hours every day when you see the kids change not understanding me.

I'm talking about a perfect life a great life. Everything we pictured when we were young.

The whole package. You said so yourself. Life is service a few surprises we made sacrifices will guess what now I can finally get us back on track okay I want to do that I need to do that as a man for all of us. Please just think about this for one second LSU restaurants's shoveling snow. Jack get a new career without even telling me about it, family and your you see I'm talking about is finally having a life that other people envy nothing about what was written in the stone there Vinnie. Nothing about that right. It's but thank goodness for wives that that sometimes can help men see where their priorities were there missing out and in and realizing that life is so much more than than what the world would tell us yes and in this is, as we talked about earlier folks, this is really what it comes down to seeking first the kingdom of God.

That should be really when it comes down to our number one priority and how that plays out in our lives in a restoration to God in the process may be different for you Al that it is for me and for Robby and for Vinnie, but will try to head in that direction.

Currently that's what's most important. So pray to God about that about what's most important priorities in life that you joined us today will be back next week asking journey radio show X out and asking journey on Facebook as well

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