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Does God Use Resolutions In Our Lives; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 10, 2015 12:30 pm

Does God Use Resolutions In Our Lives; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Every man is Jesus masculine one feels more like a losing battle for the Blackbeard to like him on his happy new year Sam, like yesterday, but it seemed like a month. It's been I seen you on your note has probably been about three weeks and I know you in a pleasant… Going on. We do, we do not is really good to be back and we welcome you to our second show of the year.

In years gone past by pretty quick minority 10 days into this point.

10 days in the 2015 results in is really where do you go rubbing yes yes because it seemed like it was only New Year's Eve we are and even leave the national championship for football all the nearby really cares are some people do, but I'm trying to find EV sure you rubbing appreciative now.

I'm really sorry about tonight at today's show talk. I am to you, not you, it's, it's almost as if it was ordained to be the show topic this time it's timing everything. Time is timing so we are going to be talking about a very timely thing resolutions nothing anyone else is talking about. We know other people are but is a biblical Michael Scott even care about resolutions. I don't know what's to get to that little bit today… Talk about God use those things in our lives is a resolution a good thing Robbie or bad thing. I personally love I have really enjoyed that topic.

The last two years of my life is I read the book in the imitation of Christ by Thomas a campus in the netbook.

He pointed out that if we would as Christians. Look at one price of our you know many vices that we have and try to eliminate one vice every year at the end of 20 years, you have 20 less vices and so if you have that one that you're working on that would be a way toward sanctification and I grasp that concept. I went well. What is it and I started asked Jesus that first year that I took this on. What is it that you want me to work on you and it was and so we went on adventure in Jesus working on MB that year and I cannot believe the change that came as a result of that one and I've got other ones absolute that's that's not how typically people approach this topic is. I think it may sound a little bit more like a clipper get me to play you into working play companies or kids which always makes it a lot more fun… Listen to the resolutions these kids make and see if it sounds like someone we may know is that sound familiar to you.

That's that's quintessential in a list of resolutions absolute absolutely. I was talking with the new guy started working with this because in some training with human and his wife owns a e-cigarette store right and he was tell me that this first year she's had it and she went into business and with the approval that I don't that's not really the topic but the business and because of New Year's resolutions.

Right now she's doing $2000 a day worth of business is all the people that setting.

I am want to quit smoking in on so deftly. Hopefully they are that will help them and then move on to healthier place, but there's a lot of money to be made on this topic. Just look at the TV ads right now guarantee the healthcare and other gems and the weight loss products and all my word. What are you looking at me when and how their I've given up so many things in my age that I don't know what to give up next really maybe it's not given up something but it's taken something that's what I've been doing for the last few years walking with God and listening to God and let him put me on the path of what he wants me to do, not what I wanted and so far it's been working because the meeting is all and I think Robbie would you say run out of things.

After a while, I think I'm sprouting wings, but honest to Pete to quote Ginny because he uses that are most time. One of my New Year's resolutions this year. Sam for real was always admire that Vinny has this amazing time of the Lord every night. Now I have my amazing, Lord. Usually every morning but one might what really is. I laid my head on the pillow New Year's Eve I said this year.

Lord, I want to spend time with you and my head hits the pillow. Like many, I want to have that kind of intimacy as I go to sleep and that's really interesting thing is taken place. Number one start has some really cool dreams. After that I'd seriously.

But then the attacks that came the headaches and all the stuff right before I go to bed. I was like okay I know you're not happy about this.

This new thing, but that was one of my thanks to you as I I listen to how that you have that time of the Lord at night and it was mine and have so that's what yeah becomes a private thing. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't show up. I CA let's get with it because a lot of things to talk about but that's my time, but I also do it in the morning. Robbie so yeah my resolution is the do what God leads me to absolutely not. That's a great way look at it if you let God leading some of the that's not what typically people do not know what society says to do. You look better you feel better.

You do all these things better you get. Make yourself more well-known tickets in another clip and play couple clips in the segment will play one from one of our favorite movies. The Despicable Me absolute and let's listen to the resolution.

The group is making them really about who's going to get the glory from this and what's the focus of his goal/resolution and you guy well all will will I was about getting something like good cooling. Hey Dave, please going to steal the then his mother to be proud of, absolutely, finally, finally, Julie Andrews is think through is arrived. Now I did not know that that voice. It's awesome. It's like Mary Poppins is proud of group and I think that that movies he said you know it is a kids movie. But it is so deep in so many ways to get this broken man was a broken young boy that's always wanted his mom's affection is mom's approval. In this resolution that he's really making seems about himself. That's really about trying to win her approval and he is trying to prove to himself I guess to some extent that he has what it takes and so many of so many of the things that we go about doing is resolutions as you were about to improve this year I got what it takes to prove that to herself to prove it to somebody else.

It has never admitted it to us think that was well groomed and I think, but his his measurement of that is whether his mom agrees with. I think sometimes look at those resolutions we make each year and there's nothing wrong in my opinion with making them what's the motive behind him once a method were using to get to them, which is really more of the issue is that a bad thing to want to lose weight but I guess it depends on how big you are.

Is it a bad thing. Want to quit smoking now. What's really driving that was really the motivation behind that is, is it really something for use at something for you and God. And where is that coming from and there's a lot to the timing in my world. You not only absolutely has to happen on the very first of January and if you have a setback. Does that mean you you give up because the world of grace and in the world of second chances means that now I can stay at this. If the idea was I was going to pray every night like any if I skip tonight. Should I give up on the resolution or should I say Lord forgive me and let me have another shot. Well we come back really continue to talk about this topic of resolutions and how to make good ones had to be there with God.

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I want to give Smokey a bear hug for teaching me the fires and out to its cold family flyers showing me that sparks my Dragon coaching can start a wildfire like the 70th big guy is bringing in for a bear hug, we Smokey a happy birthday. Using hashtag Smokey bear hug by the U.S. Forest Service is a Forrester's NEI Council. Oh, there's a music welcome back to Moscow in journey we're glad to have you.

Today we are talking about the topic of resolutions, not just because it's New Year's but it's a very topical time to talk about New Year's is a good time for lots of things it's time to reflect. It's a time to look at the new year coming up right it's time to say it is getting lighter every day.

That's a pleasant thing yes like to get darker every day, but that I would like to go to clip pretty quickly in the segment and really set up organ talk about the rest of the show is what is that the purpose of this whole New Year's. How can you look at that maybe a little differently than you have in the past.

Okay look at resolutions a little differently have in the past. This is from a movie called New Year's Eve very appropriately entitled. I never seen.

I don't think any of us. It's from 2011, and Hilary Swank is the character talking here.

She's the actress who's talking is the character you to listen and she's talking to some some people some reporters and some different people as the New York New York ball has stopped falling. It's gotten stuck in so somebody has to get up there and talk. She gets up to talk and listen to what she has to say hello. I'm Claire Morgan Times Square alliance wall can see all has stopped halfway to its perch there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new year to reflect on the year that has gone by to remember. Both are try & I miss her promises made and broken times, we open ourselves up to great venture were close ourselves down for fear of getting a chance to do better. You more more worrying about embracing the clap puts a lot of things in perspective that makes me want to watch this movie I was blown away. I never looked at New Year's in that light is a second chance.

But what a picture of the Christian life that God is given us another chance to forgive love to make an impact in our families, in our close relationships and and it's just amazing that this just an amazing clip of amazing is you have any.

I know that you listen that a couple times now and what are some of thoughts or where that takes you will most everybody gives up something like you said before cigarettes wait stuff like that.

That's clip that just tells it all and I'm running out of years and things to give up. You were there when the original ball drop is estimate okay you know why Sam existed and give them to Eve Eve's resolution rise, but that that clip that what she's saying is so true for everybody in it so simple. If you think about it. Be good to people to be good to your children not hold animosity towards people the world is really what you given up as just selfishness. You know you know I want to be skinny I want to be without smoking.

I mean I used to give up smoking every year and by the time the morning came I was smoking and I think the ice is all online to God not know what it means that aligned with but that's what it's all about. Just like she said, the kind people you start someplace. And that's that's a good time to start.

Is there so much and I clip it wasn't very long, is pretty powerful. One thing that stuck out to me is the time to open your heart backup take a risk. Talks about closing yourself off and get through this life without being wounded time to time and in enemies there to say strike out against another person or drawback never be around anyone again.

This clip kinda captures just all those kinds of things at the enemy comes after us with hold a grudge you know be all about me. There's there's more to it than that. And so New Year's resolutions can be very powerful could be giving something up or could be moving more into a deeper truth with God. Your albumin on this adventure now for a few years if you like talking about that a little bit pregnant, like I believes it is in the ministry there was ransom parked and I wash something he did on the poser. Any and he described true repentance is feeling like you're the prodigal son and you're on the way to go see the dad after been eaten.

The pork met with the pigs you be so excited to be able to sit down with your dad again and I found that to be absolutely true when you realize that there something in your life that is unpleasing to the Lord and you realize how I can go on an adventure with Jesus and begin to work through this.

It's going to be like sitting down at dad's table and not having to eat the email that with the pigs ends and so this year as I went out like we talked about. I got with Jesus and said what is it this year, I worked on Empi last year with West. What's adventure this year. Lord, and he told me last and know what we do with this and oh what an adventure. He took where all that went Sam and the freedom that was involved in that and what it did for my life and in my marriage and all sorts of things that are involved and how much better I feel about them that I actually got freedom I talked about the show a few times and then for like bonus coverage, you know, in November that I'd had that resolution, but then all of a sudden I got this whole thing about being a thief and so I got to work on a second vice in 2014 and again it was exactly the same feeling like me.

I get to be on the road and so I really I did. I had an amazing year in 2014.

I'm very excited for this year. He's told me pride and I'm looking forward to what where were going because I know I got some issues will not last year was the year Robbie Ansell really wasn't in this, or maybe as well. I could get bonus coverage again to be continuing on it for me. I started praying about this. I really didn't feel compelled New Year's Eve to really do it. It was in a traditional thing. I just really want to think of it more about it nuncio kind on vacation and so I just take a vacation from everything mentally at the moment, just enjoying some time with the family and Monday morning really start thinking about it and it was good because I had a long drive for work a couple hour drive in the car and then turn on the radio didn't didn't really get on the phone just kept with it soon. Okay God what you want to go this year you what what goals should I have what what resolutions or whatever you call it what you want me to have an it was so far wasn't anything that he wanted me to give up.

Yeah, I need to lose a little bit wait yet. I need to exercise better and you do those things from my heart for my family. Yes, those are all true. I need to do those things. What he was told he was just believing who you are.

That's what I want you to do this year to do two things.

Believing who you are and love others well that's really all he's given me and I want to do some of the things for me, but I think part of that is. He knows what when I can believe in who I really am in him some of his other things will come a lot easier. It's kinda hard to be motivated when you're fighting on. You feel like you really are, how you see yourself for the lies the enemy staring at you, you're only this or will never be more than that and I can talk about the thief thing they didn't know was there and we got can feel some back some of that back in and step into truth and not let you just be there for moment, but staying incredibly powerful without being open up is looking for some Scripture was really cool is a been talk about this topic in a devotional I do about resolutions and in the schema from Ephesians and said follow God's example. Therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way love as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering to set and a sacrifice to God. Ephesians 512 when I read that and I said together. This is what you told me with visible of a child lives who the person keep trying to tell me I am just focus on loving others. I don't know what that looks like it may, my hearts come alive. Just the thought of it. How different this year. Maybe if I can just truly do that better and better way. While I have this dear friend Adam) just yesterday Sam.

He was tell me about a dream he had on spiritual warfare. This guy in this place was teaching a class on spiritual warfare and this cloud came up is actually church people that were fighting amongst each other and there was all this hate membrane. All these different things and he said the evil the demons and the work feasting on all this anxiety all the hate all the disgruntled in all the backbiting and all that stuff and they were just getting bigger and bigger and made it expended a lot of the evil ones energy on this cloud that it enveloped he said now they're going headed towards another church to bring them into this fray and what I want you to do the spiritual warfare as I want you to send love to that church where they're headed. Once just focus on sending loved that church rather headed, and now I want to do.

Send love to those people that are all in the midst of the big backbiting and all the big cloud and then I want to send love to yourself, and then send it back and send and send Christ's love into that whatever and he said the cloud just went and angels came and they almost posted the flag saying this is new ground where we've never and Satan can't come back here because expended so much energy to create this and he's never gotten this ground before and is used to describe that love, I mean that love is a Battlefield so it is still New Year's Eve. The great thing is it doesn't matter if it's January 10 is a matter for April to November 10 for April 15 is a fresh start to get this together. Let's focus on the things that bring your heart life you live more of the abundant life of Jesus for that's what he has in your heart.

That's what he wants you to bring out through losing weight and quitting smoking, walking on the fencing God. I know you love me and I am your child is child today

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