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The Freedoms We Have; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 4, 2015 12:30 pm

The Freedoms We Have; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
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Jesus masculine. Many life feels more like a losing battle when something done, request today is July 4 day that will live in the Saturday what's important about July 4. It's also 4 July.

I told him he connection.

Well, it just happens like that only once a year ago like to say happy birthday to my mother-in-law and my daughter Sweet 16 in the next week.

My daughter's birthday returns nine big day. We need to talk about. We do today. However, is July 4. We probably pointed out 4 July.

Where free and so were going to talk you expectantly about freedom, but maybe not in the way that you might think is there different types of freedom that we have in this week as I was kinda thinking about the topic of the show we talk about it as a group. This whole concept of freedom gets blown into many different directions in on it. It's kinda hard to get our hands around it, so to talk a little bit more clearly today about some of the freedoms we have the freedoms in this country that the freedoms in Christ and the things we found in him and continue to find through him and some of the questions I have noticed her throat out either.

When you guys want to be content to jump in and answer for by as you think about the people that died so that we can have our freedom in this country. What freedom that we have are you really grateful for today while my case I get to work for truth broadcasting which clearly without the freedom of religion wouldn't wouldn't exist and you know I'm actually able to work in God's vineyard and feed my family through that process. As a result of. Certainly the.

The Americans that died, but he even goes back to Plymouth at and think of the Christians that went through almost the different persecutions even get them to Plymouth and so we stand kind on the shoulders when you think about it, Sam of generations and generations of Christians who have sacrificed tremendously that we might now be where we are in Christ, but certainly there was the biggest well what about you is a think about the freedom in this country. First off you not I'm really not oppressed by me there little little things are not even worth mentioning, but my family lives with a lot of joy and we are free to enjoy our lives said to me, that's just huge. I love to see the joy my family faces when we do things together. We go places are just for having fun at home. Thank you. I think for me if I had not went to Guatemala a few weeks ago, the answer might be a little different.

There's a couple McKenna sprung up for me this week was this the freedom of choice. I can I can choose where I want to try to go to work.

I can choose where I want to live. I can choose what I want to eat and there's so many people in the world and even in this country that don't have those choices, but they're allowed to have those choices here in other countries. They may not Guatemala. Are there certain things just it's so poor that there isn't anything out there for them to really do. But other than work in the coffee field and things of that nature is a second thing for me would just be the freedom of answer sound silly, but of deep deep corruption and we have corruption in our government merely sets historically been true in is always told every party.

Both parties is ago. Now that the true corruption you see in other countries is very, very scary. I'm just glad that we don't have to live under that because that that corruption can mean life or death. Depending on who gets elected sometimes switching gears a little bit. We can talk a little bit about our freedom that we get in Christ, and so a little something different with clips this week, but times will have a clip and all kinda respond to it and end this week. We decided little different and have each person pick a clip that really meant something to them and then there going to be the primary person responding to their own clip and just why that speaks something to them because it may not speak the same thing us. That's a great thing about how God comes after hearts. It doesn't uniquely with each one of us. And so the way I hear something may not be the way that you do and that's okay is God's coming after us in our own unique way. Miserably you have the first clip to talk about. We tousled about it Alan Sam at email list of topics over the weekend and was praying about it actually Monday morning and the time that I spend with the Lord, which is quite wonderful in my world that's that's kind of my favorite place to be in, so I'm there with him. I'm actually journaling.

What is the freedom that you give me Lord that I that I should talk about this week on the show and what would be a good clip to represent my I have been on some of this journey over the last month or so of being free of distractions away from God. How can I be free from things that keep me distracted from where I want to be walking with the Lord, and the purposes that he may have are the things that he wants me to do I keep getting distracted. This would happen that would happen and I was Lord, how can I be free from distraction and as I was thinking about that being free from distraction and ultimate clip came to me because I'm a big huge rocky fan and if you remember in Rocky to his wife was you know in the hospital. There are all sorts of issues. She didn't want them to fight and he was so distracted that he could not trying.

But then everything changes in a moment it is not only change for Rocky Balboa. But in a way it changed for Sylvester Stallone when he had freedom from distraction*from a script written in a spiral notebook in hand and against all odds came think anybody read the boxing movie to make Oscar hard film franchise think anybody expected to be what turned out to be, which is a film for the ages free for every little guy out there.

Not just an icon. Rocky was a symbol of heart and hope no luck palooka buyer. Millions around the globe and the inspiration for me there was once he had a purpose that he understood now he was free from the distraction. I was, not going is my wife's desire not going is this I'm going for the championship and all the sudden he train like only Rocky could drain eggs were going down is running up you know the Philadelphia felt that this step, what did that feel like when we know that we're walking with the Lord in that purpose and that kind of freedom to know this is this is where were headed with you Lord and and and I'm clear on purpose. There's nothing like that for you. There's nothing like that.

Inspiration revenue is you talk about that. How has God really given you more freedom and that this year mean, obviously the enemy still going to come at you trying to distract you. So how do you fight against one of the ways is clearly as I'm journaling as I'm spending time right there in the morning with him and asking him you know where my being distracted.

What is it where I'm on track here or I'm off track and that constant relationship which I thought now it you don't get to get away from it for two or three days it takes a constant checkpoint Charlie sorted things they where my going today.

What is this look like in any's really brought me into a place where I'm journaling more than ever and praying more than ever, but that actually gives me more freedom than ever. That's the interesting thing about absolute thank you I wouldn't have thought of the freedom of distraction. You know I faced it many many times and I'm sure you probably have no John Eldridge writes in one of his books acumen which one was that if you want to know if the enemies active just set your mind on doing something for God and see all the distractions that come to think about your shopping list you think about this will think about that in mind so cluttered can't hardly think you noticed all these things that come after because the enemy knows distraction and get you away from the things can help lead that life and that freedom I think there's a unity went when a husband and wife come together they support each other's purpose. I mean and I this silly but one of my favorite parts where it was where he's standing there any's juice in the chicken.

You know he keeps it's like he's not looking at the speed that it gives them of the challenge what's gonna bring to the rink. All he can think about is the now and the distractions are all around. But when their unified we catch that chicken I think later in the movie they actually ate that I'm to say we not think you Rocky was actually here with us for a moment and drew pretty good, and hereby tries to do both the Sylvester Stallone impression and Arnold Schwarzenegger think that's a mandatory term and you have to try both of those at one point you need a pretty good job. I think you working I come upon breaking in a few seconds, but were going to come back. You have have an opportunity to talk a little bit about your clip and so is anyone a set up that clip with a little bit while before I set it up.

I would say that whenever I get a clip I like to just stop and listen to the clip without the context of the movie just to hear what they're saying and see how it can be applied in this particular case, I was thinking about the king being the king of kings. The woman somewhat played the part of the enemy trying to say all know you don't want to be part of the kingdom, and I heard the man that was being invited to join the kingdom wanting to be a part of something bigger. So we come back we can listen to the clip and we can go without further trying to tease you were trying to get you just build up so when you come back you got this thing, and this is to be a great Clippers. All of the clip and so we won't spoil which movie it's probably going to sit there and think about why what movie could dispute has a king. It has a woman and has something else and like the rocket clip. There's a situation that we talk about in the master and running where the woman is has the ability to call out the man in the situation and we see that to an extent Rocky but here we see another completely different aspect to it so it is with the ability to call out also comes ability to eventually distract. And so we can record talk about that now you set it up back up a bit going to another clip from a movie called Amistad little bit later on I think you really enjoy that as well come back with this working for decedent worship while you rest, or simply Charles Billingsley. Have you ever been so tired you couldn't even sleep. The stress of the day is worn you down so much that you can't wait to hit the sack, only to discover your mind is still churning would encourage you to find a moment in each day to simply rest in Jesus. The best time may be right in the middle of the most stressful time, come to me.

Jesus says all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, you know, it seems that busyness is perceived as a virtue in our present culture, but activity doesn't necessarily produce positive results. Remember, the most active chicken in the barnyard is the one who just had his head chopped off God to settle your spirit rest in him. Discover your worship takes on a much Billingsley line. For more information.

First, Charles it's hard to cut off that song that's such a good you know until you listen to the Chris Tomlin song all day. It's my favorite songs of all time. And when she's done and that was exit from a movie as well, but will be back to that little bit how you tell us about your movie clip and so are you going set it back up a little bit briefly and then tells what really hear about, and I'm not. I think I'll get a hold back until the end of the clip to tell you where what movie it's from, but to go back into it.

There's a king whose inviting a man to become a knight in this kingdom, and there is a woman who for her own reasons wants him not to be a part of the kingdom and so she says no. He needs his freedom, his freedom and his joy are you in being free away from the kingdom and when you hear the man is being invited to become a knight. You want something bigger and Emily Witt that will going to the clip. I'm assuming it's not Toy Story. It's not real life, Launcelot, and I believe it comes to come a lot even though it doesn't know what this man is already one sheet is no life. She wanted George, they save money.

She discussed enough to join us as any man for his strength. If you wish to make an faith as you listen this is something that you picked a good got cut off. He makes a decision there that he wants to be a part of something bigger. He wants to be a part of a group of people doing good in the lives of others in when you stop and think about that from a spiritual perspective, our heavenly father are King of Kings comes each one of us and reveals himself and wants us to be a part of the kingdom. There's always that voice that comes in and says I'll know you're here made the way you're supposed to be. You don't need to be part of anything being but we all know that were supposed to be a part of that.

That leads me to think of our freedom of choice, our heavenly father gives us free will. From the moment we are born we have free will. But our choices without him lead us to slavery and said but it's when we make the decision for Christ. We are free from that sin, but we in turn choose to become a master or slave to our master, Paul talks about that very clearly and that's where I find my greatest freedom in knowing that I've given myself to something bigger the service, so everyone else in his name to me there is no greater gift no greater joy, no greater freedom. Thanks, and that's what's really cool about when we listen these clips individually talk and can scratch her head as we didn't really realize how God was moving each one of us individually to this question of the freedom that we find in him and want to be grateful for him and talk about the clip on the plates from movie called Amistad and it's about a solution that's it's really the story of a group of slaves were on their way believed to England and they overthrew the captain and ended up in America and so that is based on a true story, the Chris Tomlin thing that referred to is actually from the movie were William Wilberforce amazing Grace. That was where that that was written for that part of that song. So in this clip what you're going to hear is a former president of the United States is speaking is now no longer president and he's kinda talking about this. This group of people is on trial and there's been this big debate on whether they really are free or not free in the presentations been made that oh no, their natural state that they have ever known.

Slavery is, let's pick up and listen to what you say South is offering that the natural state of mankind is instead his freedom is freedom to which a man not child will go to regaining. Let's take this change. See well decimated anti-anti-ghetto was loose in this clip where things are really thought about was in school concept and touches a little bit.

We talked about the natural state of man. The natural state of mankind with Adam and Eve was freedom. Freedom to walk with God, freedom to be in God. There was no sin in the world.

They were truly free and him and something comes along and they look for a different freedom and something else.

I think that something else is in a lead-in to their own control of their freedom. If Satan offers them something that they feel like you're missing out on so they move towards that in order to get more freedom in a certain way. The freedom of understanding freedom of knowledge in other if I know more than I am to be like God.

At that point and so it really brings me back to those we constantly over with this choice of which freedom among a person and pursue that freedom is only found in God or man pursue the freedoms that are offered by false comforters by false things to come out aspire of vanity in times of our own desire to control seek true freedom meant for me. That's when things are really grateful for as God continues moving down the trail.

As you know, I was pretty headstrong for a long time. I still tenant have the tendencies in his opening the past and really find deeper and deeper freedom in him so we ask is a quick question.

What freedom would you like to have more of this time next year.

In your relationship with God, I'll take that will first give some credits friend of mine Michael Bowers. We teach Sunday school together and he brought to the table, brought to me and another friend a co-teacher, Kevin Peel, Michael Hyatt, who is with the head of our abdomen with the publishing house please a great motivational speaker talks about the freedom of perspective that I get to do something versus I have to do something.

If you say I have to go to church.

That's where your slave go to church. That's where your masters making but if you see I get to go to church. I get to go to work I get to do this for my wife. I get to do this for my kids, it's a there's a freedom and that it's I've made a choice and and I'm living it out and I would enjoy it and I'm changing my perspective in the way I think so.

The enemy wants us to think they were slaves in our freedom, but we need to change our perspective say that it's a benefit to get up and spend my first day part of my day with my father to pray to read the word it had to get exercise.

To me that's that's freedom I will borrow that from you before you answer only truly get to something and then come back more answered on the backside of it, so gives you more time to think and me more time to think of but our producer Howard put something together that was really passionate on his heart. The freedom to share that with you and were excited to let you listen to what God put on his heart in regards to this Fourth of July holiday July 4 is the birthday of our country United States of America is a country that was born and raised by millions of surrogate parents, some of whom were not even Americans. A country of laws.

Yes, but a country that is going to be a land of opportunities sacrifices in the freedom to do things that some will disagree with.

No one makes us stay in America we have the right to stay in America as American if we choose to come here or stay here very free will. Why not embrace the beliefs and the sacrifices made on our behalf, as well as the flaws in American and celebrate our birthdays. One nation under God. Thank you heard moms appear as a plateglass things I thought about my new moment when we landed in the plane from Guatemala. All these people that no one really knew each other all clap is really cool that they were glad to be back in the United States and there was at some point this appreciation. Well, I am home because in that can quickly fade with all the business of life and so back to the question Robby some time to think what this time next year would ask the question is, what did you get more freedom in this past year were asking it now. What would you have liked to have more freedom in this time next year and walk with Christ in the book of first Peter, there's a discussion of these chains of darkness and an understanding that the demons that got follow Satan are placed in chains of darkness, and I really believe that it in Isaiah where were getting free from the chains that what Christ is doing is giving us site to see in the East, turning on the light so to speak, so that we can see things that were yet unseen, and so the freedom to see for my eyes to be open for the light to come on in my own life and those I love and certainly those I have an opportunity to minister with to be able to see the light to come on would create that.

But I had fun you guys to hear such deep thinkers and I just didn't think something like anxiousness since time next year, but that's kind to me. Then he gets me there and self. The questions I have for you today. As we talked about what you grateful for being an American what you would be taken for granted that freedom of the soundness celebrate that today we think will the people helped pave the way for that is a Christian, what things are you happy for me, being free from and what Jesus Christ continuing to set you free from this year and into next

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