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The Bigger Story; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 22, 2015 12:30 pm

The Bigger Story; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is one Jesus masculine money sometimes losing life feels more like a losing battle for less.

Why do we have a show I am ready to sink my teeth. Such a cast of characters. Your describe this story, so to speak.

We have many with us about and Sam were something that really was a huge eye-opener for me at my first boot camp.

In fact, when I heard this said it was out of John Eldridge's books that dear if you like life was a movie that you walked into no. 30 minutes into it and you're wondering what's going on and that that's a big part of what I thought the first boot camp. It is you know it's it's okay what's going on.

Honestly, that describes lots of days in some ways if we don't have the context what's really going on in the rest of the story and so is is it as we Sammy opening that Jesus speaks of dates and things like that. But those gates have context because of where they are in your story or my story and is you listen to master journey. We hope many times or maybe it's your first time.

You'll note that we use movie clips and the reason that we do that is to try to give us some context of the story that it's interesting how I would often write Sam.

They give us an idea of his story through their movies and that's one of my favorite things to do as we look for clips.

I know Al is a huge Christian movie fan and I love the fine secular movie clips is that we joke now secular movie clips that his stories being told, anyway. I'm not the whole movie with her. Some of these things in his favorite movies he like when you watch them. There's that one part that really speaks to you and me.

That's God trying to remind you something right and so often when it comes to story. There's a character that we may relate to, there may be somebody that we can identify with, but often were trying to determine what is the story and something to start off with such a clip it comes from the movie Waddell Amistad that he can save it right.

You just have. There's something about pronouncing words that was a kid and this is a phenomenal movie. It's a little graphic and places so I warned you about that but it's a true story. It is a true story and it's a phenomenal story last time. Used to clip I went right home and watched it I was like wow what a sage John Quincy Adams was and we get to hear little that wisdom from John Quincy, as it has to do a story in this clip as he was being trying to these slaves had had mutinied on the ship and ended up taking over the ship and that being captured and now it was a big court battle over whose property they were and some of the abolitionists of the time I got a John Quincy Adams trying to get him to come in on our side so they went to the sage and here's the description from West Africa.

No, what is that story Jolson from last is that pretty much sum up what you charge and starting all next slaves devoted his life and abolition of slavery in overcoming great obstacles, not just on land and sea star. This young silk line and proving you know I Africans nations like you don't know the least to discover there is who they are saying that speaks to something so huge from it is unit.

The question that we always wondered who am I that if you don't have the context of the story. You don't really get to know what's going on.

Think about any time you had something go wrong, even if you order a burger and it comes out wrong. You want to tell the waitress the story when there's a story that we always had to tell because that's the way people really understand context into what John Quincy Adams is saying here. What's the context of their story.

What's really going on in their life. Who are these people not the sum total of this one event or this thing it's happened to but who are these people in the totality of the story and in the midst of God story. There is an earlier part of that same clip on the abolitionist is trying to lure John Quincy Adams to their side.

They said you know your what's made you such a good lawyer and he goes live found that whoever wins the one that tells the best story and that's the truth. That's what you if you look at your life. You know what your best story what's what's the best you can do with your life if you don't understand the bigger story really don't know your role in that store, you never get to live your life to the fullest. Okay you guys talk about this bigger story.

What is how do you define that bigger story. What you do with it and you find the context of Robbie said it best. It history is his story. I'll give it to your mother got revving in such a pretty low, I was think about when there's so much there that is masculine journey to some extent is to delve into God story from the beginning, and in the course we we teach this in boot camp fact one back to Act III and what we've done shows on that were to produce more in the past, but the idea behind this show was to say okay what is the importance of understanding that there is a story involved in that that that I have some role in that story and where. Where is it that I come in and end spoiler alert on that movie. By the way, if you were to watch that movie after John Quincy tells him that they go find out that that this guys these African story is horrific. What they've been through it. Unbelievable.

And they get interpreter to actually go in front of the court and share that story of how these people have been mistreated and murdered and in all the things that went on board the ship before the mutiny and the whole scene.

I mean, you know what happened in the court led to, you know, the next clip coming up which is a big part of why were talking story today and this one's called give us free asset that will and I love this part of it. There's a trial there's a man on in the witness box in the prosecutor, not a prosecutor that the plaintiff is asking him about the loaded why the displacement of the ship changed in part of that was because they threw people over Moorpark partly because people died in the room over partly because some the materials of the ship was thrown overboard with her getting in this big thing of loss of property in the midst of it.

This man who speaks no English from a faraway country who has an important role to humanize the story and I don't want to spoil anymore of it, but what strikes me is here's this man he's he's trying to get his bearings trying to make a statement and at trial, he doesn't understand in a world he doesn't understand the language he doesn't speak simple cost for you. I may need to quit parchment better imagination and what poundage do you imagine the entry may refer to so and must in sales this us.

Please instruct the defendant is back to you. You ask, there's the sick significance) absolutely they're talking about details in smaller story and in these three words become four words. He sets the context of the bigger story. Yeah, there's a lot going on here, but the years. These are people that are enslaved. That's the real story that's the bigger story. There's people that need freedom you're talking about math equations in EE, says that with very little that it becomes very clear what that larger story is when you can give us some insight from the what 1918 from the 30s and 40s that almost average almost everybody that you grew up with, came out of that kind of slavery. My mom and pop in and explain a little bit you know of how that what that felt like a you as you walk the streets for these people who had been given us us for what I grew up in New York and in the streets and if you seen the movie Godfather rule the streets of Brooklyn you really know my life in the streets are teaming at nighttime brick children having fun when we went upstairs. We were reprimanded because talking to an Irish guy or a German guy or a Polish guy and we were at time that was taboo but yet they would help each other because they will came from the same impression country, whether they were in Germany, Italy, and they learned as the last clips was at this clip, freedom and the freedom was absurd and try and teach their children to be very soon. We have so much more story from the mass printer okay and I thought, on the messenger to go to mass concerning find us on Facebook, listen to past shows it's all there., Tim McGraw and I have a challenge for nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes. Most have type II diabetes seen firsthand how it impacts people from all walks of life affected my family and you have diabetes take the challenge to get your blood sugar under control pledge to work with your doctor to set and reach your own A1c goal strong believer making healthy choices to join me. Now America's diabetes nice turn Jill everywhere. It's not legal everywhere and it's not legal for teens at all. They can cause permanent damage to teams developing brain and it often leads to other conversation can 76% of teens agree that with legalization teens may be more likely to experiment with marijuana. Now is the time to talk to your kids about substance use. Learn wake up some mornings wondering that I will what exactly is going on. I had to do with this current situation at work that has any different share with me about the doctors.

Maybe you should list the rest of chakras were helping her, walk through that and get some guys who've been through a lot of years of that and in Vinny's case over 100, but yes it is.

You are growing up it. Here's the situation you're playing with a look at Irish kid, which by the way you're playing with a big Irish.

I remember his name.

Tim Regan right Tim Regan and so your mom started playing with Tim Regan. What happened I went upstairs and I got a spanking. I got reprimanded.

I couldn't figure out like and then the sound then come Sunday, where were the rankings sit right next to us in front of us in charge and everything was cool but it's in hello and your mom even treated them right.

That's exactly right.

That's the big story.

I guess you have a little confusion going on.

You felt like it when I walk into this place and how does that exactly add up into where how I'm supposed to line up the been, you know, obviously you saw what happened in the greatest generator to explain what you think different is your Rubloff to further all this draw from the older great yellow restaurant I'm from there to probably but in any case, it was a bunch of people that like I said before, came from Europe, which they all were in the put oppressed and come over here and they know no other way of living, but being oppressed by the cops by the maze by you know was the same thing until they started to fight for themselves and let me tell you it got hairy and bloodied but through it all through the week of that type of living. Every church was jammed full of people that were trying to kill each other, not literally kill, but you know and I couldn't understand that I could not understand that it took me a while going to ask you what happened when war broke out what happened with that same people that couldn't get along all my goodness, Sam was the most amazing thing and I was there. And believe me, what I tell you they all ran like you were drafted in them days. They all ran to join the service. 90% of them what to get away from their mother and father biggest live on the day of rule so you had 18 17 16 and there was a line in the induction center. I would say 2 miles. They had no idea where Germany was rated Pacific was getting away from the oppression of the street and in the in the family's and that's what made the great times right next to the Irish, and I was off all yeah I mean you know once you put that uniform on. It was a different a different feeling than I do know what I see on TV and what I hear them portraying the today's soldier right and so interestingly written Sam. Sometimes we think were laying dormant in the story were not sure where places you know they sell the stuff that went on we don't necessarily see how it relates to what that has to do with me. You got a cliff or just run along. I do, but I like that something before you go to that clip and it's touching on what Vinnie had said when God created us, he created us for fellowship in his pleasure, but he created us with different colors of skin colors of hair different heights put us in different countries.

Although all these things are a gift from God. Their sacred and that's what I liked about Thomas Dodd was that know they prove that God had a bigger plan. It wasn't you know slavery was not his intent. His intent was for fellowship and for freedom and we look at the bigger picture with World War II and we talk about instead of fighting amongst each other. There's a finding of good amongst evil God brings people together in not only from that but one of the things that happened was Israel was created from World War II in the midst of 1948 when they were created. Also the book of Isaiah was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which the most clear representation from that was that he was gonna bring his people back home. So there is a bigger story. We all have a part to play in it, but sometimes I feel like I don't have a significant role or I just it's not the right time yet in this next clip is from you, me and Dupree and this is about a guy who has no real ambitions and he's speaking to a group of kids and he is talking about how wild outlet Dupree speak from here. First of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to come talk to on career day now. I am not Mr. Carl Peterson, and I don't have a career per se.

I guess you could say my career is living loving that see all you freshfaced kid sitting there in your neat little rows, neurologist pods, waiting for your instructions, so we were getting it right away. 15-year-old prodigy little midget Olympic gymnast. The pictures on cereal box so me will go on to college and you'll find your rhythm there and go chase down the titans of industry. Maybe straighten out our problems at the UN, but some of you this is the group that no one ever comes in a career day and it some of you are just eating spicy foods people's music in your 30s well in your 30s languishing this group of pods going to allow languishing pics exactly your little easier seemed to understand old veterans of South America Argentina. One time, but everyone just seemed to be sitting around okay. Stay loose with Dupree's doing with his life little pod staying till I get the call is owned then you'll see Dupree coming here pods were supposed to hear this did meet so I'm throwing this back to Robbie your pod and you think I was created to sell cars. This is everything was ever supposed to be and you find out it was all to bring you to be a point you're at now is the Christian car guy Natalie Sherry some expertise from your life.

More so, reaching the hearts of people right.

There's great encouragement in that particular story that you know you may be, whatever that is. A Japanese bamboo plant. Sam sits you've heard of it it it doesn't grow but like 2 inches for 30 years and then all of a sudden one year jumps up now 8 feet or whatever.

I missed that book in fifth grade, then start out of the pot.

It just jumps up but nonetheless in it.

I see this and so many people's cases that they at some point in time may engage God and at some point in time it's like to get the word but grant but I think that a better one would be potatoes right you see things you don't really seeming going on but yet you dig it up in all this works been going on underneath. And there's this fruit for this thing that has been being designed the whole time that you had no idea it was there at the surface.

There were roots that were going deep and they were gone fat and being that I have from Idaho. I'd love a good potato analogy any day of the week right. I mean this pods for you while I like the date is no question about that, but I like the steak that's put mixed with Vinnie.

In your case. In your case you saw that same kind of change that one day you got the call from the mothership. The I do it and it was a different kind of thing. Yes, it was actually was money. I hate to keep repeating this is sad time in my life but that's time I believe God comes to you in reality and he puts his hand upon you and says okay now let's do it my way. It was late in life, but the Leyden life for me is probably your age the context of your own story is critical to developing the you know what God has for you right it is its understanding that our story in a lot of ways you can the mere stories in the Bible mean along the way that were going to be attacked by an enemy, but when we don't recognize that enemies there and we only throw that blame on ourselves or blame on God we don't get to live in that larger story. We don't do the walking that fellowship with him fighting against economy common enemy and moving more into that place. We need to be in so understand the context it's a little bit beyond your walls will actually help you understand the context inside you will and one of the huge revelations that I had it at the camp was that Satan looks across the horizon and he's not all that upset it Robbie Gilmore, necessarily, but he really cannot stand God.

And so if he sees any part of God rising out of Robbie Gilmore's like lacrimal he's coming always can begin to pop it well by actually triangulating where is that that Satan has come up against my life helps me to see where God pops out.

What is it that's been constantly attacked and by understanding the context of my own story I can understand perhaps what God's glory is in me and realize that all that's my seat and try to keep that down because he doesn't want this.

This ongoing attack and it's a big partier story Sam is that you kept on hearing what when you're small take take a picture for you depends what you had to say wasn't there. I had nothing important to say that was one of the things really came loud and clear in my life from a sister and she to shut up you get enough important saying I struggled with feeling like I had anything important to say for years and it took God to draw that out and now anybody's ever was to Sam's thoughts for this show knows he has phenomenal things to say Satan will try to keep that down.

What's he trying to keep down a energy enough to go spend some time alone. Take your own cover. The silence then an hour to this week on, where have I been attacked might that be index of where it is that I got some glory here that you try to bring me to spend that time this week. Mission accomplished master journey from former art shows podcast how you can connect with our ministry.

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