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Leaving A Legacy; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 7, 2015 12:30 pm

Leaving A Legacy; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus speaks many things more like a losing battle than something to tell you who it is right at the moment have you have a little bit of suspense and studio.

We have Robbie hello Robbie hello Sam, this is huge. It is hello how does Newman hey Vinnie how you doing good Sam good to see and special guest are you okay being very intentional about that because I want to go to clip pretty quickly and talk about what we are talking about today we are talking about the importance of legacy and a lot of different aspects of it. And so the clip about a grandfather who's Artie actually passed away having an impact in leaving a legacy on his grandson is from the movie, ultimate gift, only here you hear the end of this were the grandfather has taped a message to his grandson and just the impact it has on him as far.

One problem with Jason gave away the hundred million dollars for standing here now. It means that not only are you succeeded in receiving all my gifts so beyond the boundaries that I've set. I guess that means that I have succeeded as well not accomplish in life as you were still alive. I will be your son Jason very, very, very powerful movie of the ultimate gift is very family-friendly, but it is incredibly moving sorry spoiled into you on the line.

Vinnie, would you like to tell your guesses today. I would love to my eyes a role wanted up is on the introduction that's my grandson, Paul Paul Menino in Pennsylvania, I am.

I know it's kind of just what to say. I am so proud of him, but I really am proud of this young man I know a lot about him and the life.

He's had the lead. Of course I was there for him. So was his grandma and his mom, and not to be on the same show with Paul who is now enough from that little squirt running around and all on the floor 37 years old and is made a wonderful life by himself and is with God, and in many ways many ways this young man has brought me to God, I love you Paulie I love you my hot napalm noted in Vinnie is really built you up. You better be good and yeah you can hear how much obviously your grandpa loves you, but I know that's no surprise to you and actually it's I wanted begin with asking your question be your grandpa had has been in your life pretty much a lot of the way and it's been a pretty good relationship for you hasn't you. My dad walked out so at a young age. Really looking for some adult male role model. New York, for the first seven years my light North Carolina followed after most of my childhood. I can remember grandma and grandpa… Satellite TV watching them that watch the Rangers and learning about your Italian Mafia.

What real food is good stuff as far as legacy and we talked before we came on here but the culture you guys come from legacies is huge and it's been lost someone in America these days. But you talk about a show a couple weeks ago you and talk a bit about that and how that impacted show for a while probably never heard of it show and I wanted to hear him talking to a couple of goat. Talk about the right way.

Grandpa was talking about a conversation that had grandpa about the right way and that.

I told my wife one day when my grandpa is long gone share the story telling here with my four-year-old daughter when she's grown up – no really cool legacy absolutely. Everybody's life can take different paths.

It's all due to some choices we made in. There were probably some times along the way.

Where were Vinnie, I can come grandpa is my friend but going then he stepped in and kind of help she can guide you way long awaited me slowly.

I know I got it easy and what that important thing don't really have to a lot of time and I think about Harley my grandpa. I don't think ever told anything profound like… My life, but the way that he always treated me when I came over the house and only encouraging every single phone call we've added everything the phone call the same way for probably the last 20 something year Kelly at the very end of every phone call will keep doing what I joke around about it was like what drug like I go to God what good grandpa loves and and and really you know I think you communicated to me on this a lot.

My whole life that's been a really cool thing to get what have that have family.

With a gravelly voice talk work but also know that you grandpa he cares about finding the a lot my life.

I had ups and down. But I really grandpa change hello you know what we do for living. Now I Street for the last 20 years. My light started early really a game like Christ.

As a teenager light and everything that I been working in the church with teenagers or family right, after a small church in Country with the family restroom should be talked about the legacies really pretty important to you. How is it you try to help others can understand the importance of legacy and ask them if working on but that's on his curveballs and I warned you about that the why is it so passionate on your heart this topic a legacy will will now even like dad walked out to been actually built relationship with God's grace is there but I did grow up for a long time really relating to the fund by Everclear ago.

My daddy gave me a name and he walked away and so on one side my life.

I will get a legacy like blood legacy. You know I might I might look like my dad.

I might know. I don't know but when there's nothing, nothing, and then for me. I always wrestled with the idea fatherhood and what can I dad be walking a dad behind and and and for me, as a family pastor. Now how important that is. I think her dad a lot of time. Dad beat down or insecure or don't exactly know what to do and that clenches the mop a lot of time not be able to do just the most simple thing wasn't so glad but the man the simplest thing to the most important thing to start Our Faith, Showing Love Bucket Really Good Food Go to the Break, Sometimes Dad's Just Really Able to Mirror What They Been Demonstrated to Cmdr. Stefan so You Normally Do Something a Little Different in This Clip Is from the TV Show Lost in Early on. Jack's Dad Had Some Words He Thought Was Kind Four Injects a Father Now and They Weren't Really As Kind As the Dad Might've Thought That I Want You to See How He Handles His Son's Heart over the Exact Same Topic Great and Saw Me This a Couple Notes Perfect Where I Was. I Thought I Can Get Back to Your Place for He Got Home. I Know You're Still Plan on Telling Why This Was Such a Big Deal.

You Sent in Motion Practice, so Frank Entire Is Coming Here Because I Didn't Want to See When I Was Your Age I Wanted and One Simi Valley Say to Me. He Said That I Didn't Have What It Takes My Whole Life Going on around Me. When You Feel I Will Do What You Do in My Eyes You Can Never Fail.

I Just Want to Be a Part of Your Life and Break Second Robbie Is You As You Listen to That Help Our Father's Words from the Father. Yeah, That's the Unconditional Love That We Pray for My Father's and My Former Heavenly Father Who Is It That You Perceive This without between All and Is His Father and Grandfather Were Going to Come Back and Get Another Phone Document Radios Listed Are Supported Very Thankful for Every Dollar but I Wanted to Take a Moment to Share a Really Easy Way to Support Its Use Amazon to Purchase Things You Need to Do is a charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries for an Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the domain here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father. I know no one wants to see a counselor, but oftentimes I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons in the heart human catheters.

Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the hard mask.

That's messenger the

We are the tramp you feeling like a guy that stop we although I grandpa Mineo Paul welcome back. You were going to continue to talk about this topic a legacy.

The partially brought to us and said hey this is on my heart.

Robbie had an opportunity with its it's amazing and it should and amazes how God touches our heart as we get ready for shower or just after one with the topic even sometimes before you know a bit the opportunity to have your heart touched on this topic.

A legacy this last weekend. Yeah I'm I'm at that stage in life where parents are giving up their on my father's wife, which was my stepmom's cup is horrible. Brain tumor and doesn't look like she may live long and so they were moving and assisted living in Richmond Hill, Georgia this weekend so we drove down there to help them move and my parents are divorced and we have all those issues are some of my father is actually getting Sage and you know we've always had a wonderful relationship, but that night before went to bed. They packed up almost everything in the house but there was this one great big picture on the wall and I've never seen the picture and it was a whole conglomeration of my father's that his wife had made this picture form and it showed all his careers. My father was extremely successful.

He was a retro national fleet lease for Buick motor division. He owned couple, three dealerships in any had all these things is clear and she had always business cards up there and you could see his his mansions and his boats and all the things that he had acquired in his life and advice as I first looked at it. I was like man that is called, look how cool that is his business card from when he was a director national fleet so and longer looked at at the center. I got because I realize that there was nothing in that picture that was us. That was my family that was his children. It was just his career and so it looked like my father's identity or his legacy was that which which he had done in his career and actually stood there and cried and all by myself as I thought that can't be, you know that's not my father. This pictures well. I wanted to destroy it or something or something along those lines, and then I started in on naturally think about my own family about what really there isn't someone 27. I just think says it's so amazingly it someone 27 forces like arrows in the hands of a warrior of the children born in one's youth and so for Vinny to have Paul out there doing ministry or actually for my father and my brothers very proud of what I do as well to do the Christian program should and to think that someday you know maybe my children and my grandchildren will be warrior and what an amazing thing that God does and and you know how did Jesse feel how did Jesse feel when David took on Goliath or when you know when he saw what happened when David became king or when he led people in worship, how to Jesse feel like a legacy was that I don't know really you're there, you remember all Jesse Jesse. I remember as Jesse Jackson. I did have an answer.

My purple. I was thinking I don't reread the gifted Paul as you work with with families. How important you think it is these these dads learn somehow how to give that unconditional love that you talked about the most important thing to the point where I just started the church in April and got my first opportunity to preach and big church that I work with the children, like man what you want to talk about talk about what you think is most important and my first message was completely related to that idea of fighting for our Heart and it is not because were making an idol out of our kids anything like that. It is remodeling God and God never stopped fighting for the heart people out Bible no matter how messed up they were, no matter how far they run away with daddy and always communicate love and fill it away really good work. I got to do that and I think it is super important and so easy to forget where Jason or mansion careers is is you said something touch base with Alan. Now it's probably something else on your heart to the heartier kids and is a legacy that you want them to live in the feel and so what is it you try to pass on to them and it's not always easy is kids are kids and they make mistakes like our kids do what is a legacy at the end of the day that you hope that they get from you of the one that I push them us most is I want them to be fathered by God. I want them to have that loving relationship with me, but to look past me to their heavenly father and not too long ago I was asking my Sonos we were doing the okay get to grade your dad anything is on the table.

My doing right women doing wrong and what he said to me was funny because in our house you can know Vinny Menino without taking on the Vinny Menino accent goes okay. Aside from the fact that you're very old and this is my my my 16-year-old son. Aside from the fact that you're very old and you make mistakes you make a lot.

He said when you make a mistake you always come to whoever it is you make it right you seek forgiveness do ever it takes to make it right and you don't let it sit soon as you realize you're wrong. You're there and if that's humility if that's integrity.

I don't know what I think that's the first step, but for them seeing God for who he is our heavenly father. I noticed it when I was reading and when your Bible in Jesus was talking to Mary at the tomb and he see me hold on, he's gotta go see his father.

He says my father your father, my God, your God, making fatherhood more important, and not that he's not God. Not that he's not a DD. Not that he is Lord but the primary relationship.

Jesus wanted you know was that God is your father yeah well when asked how to pray our father father come to hear you had a second Vinny asking a question, but I want to make a common link and go to clip it will come back to it. For me there's been some things come up over the last few months where I really just had a look at some things differently in the power of legacy scam and stared me in the face a little bit. You know me, I'm 52 and that's not ancient, but that's what depends.

Paul thinks it's ancient I don't need to hear Paul. They eat you look at some things and I just start think about the legacy that I have that I can give my kids that no one else can.

Is love and that's that's the one thing that they need for me. I mean, I can give them stuff, but at the end of the day, as Paul talked about what he really remembers is that love and the couple in a place from the bucket list will come back and talk to Vinny and pulse more in this clip from the bucket list is about two guys that were elderly.

They were about ready to move on to cancer and they decided to have an adventure together in the listen how one man made a huge impact on the other man. Even at an advanced age coals know what most people say occasions because all honesty, I tried to avoid simplest thing is I love this corridor and I saw the world together.

Just amazing when you think that only three months ago we complete strangers. I hope that doesn't sound selfish of me. The last months of his life last months of mine. He saved my life before I proud this man found it worth his while to know me is safe to say that we brought some joy one another's lives so one day when I go to some final resting place. Wake up next certain wall with the gate as you listen that you may be saying I don't I don't have any kids and grandkids still have a legacy with the points want to talk about today really go into a bit just want to make a point of it is you make a legacy.

Either way you're making legacy like Jack's dad did remaking a legacy like Jack and video and computer and actually say that there's been so many ways that I know that you sometimes see yourself as a blind man is advanced age but you made a huge impact on all of our lives he touched all of our lives and that was part of that last clip as well as to let you know it's yes with Paul but also you continue to touch his and our lives as well as thank you for that as we get about a mentor to left ear video and ask about as you look back over your relationship with Paul how proud, does it make you that he stepped into that place was helping other people with this legacy will very very very surprised.

I thought it was going to play for. That's sports, and then all of a sudden there was this change in I don't know if I contributed to it because at that time, I lost my wife and that's when I found God. I think Paul and the rest of my family were kind of surprised how I was, as they say, born-again Christian, but that probably was a steppingstone for me. This made a great difference in my life and I wake up every day is open that I could satisfy him and whatever I do for that day with love everyone.

Thank you Polly thank you for being on the show I'm starting to choose get back to you.

It was very, very powerfully got heavy love to have you back again.

Whether your dad not a dad.

You're a man to make a difference can create a legacy please. Beyond you

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