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How Do You Forgive God; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 19, 2016 9:13 am

How Do You Forgive God; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 19, 2016 9:13 am

Live from the Middle Eastern Christian Festival in Kernersville, NC.

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Jesus many losing hand. One feels more like a losing battle when something done, last night, the masculine journey is five days from the middle festival in Kernersville. We would love to see you. We got Vinnie Menino out here we got finished grade exam on the follies and today the welcome Sam, thank you. We are live and so we got a really different topic for sleeping only talked about forgiveness of numbers shows back.

He did it on lots of things but the question today is trickier.

Middle Eastern flavor. You know how your forgive God what it what a strange concept for a lot of folks but maybe it's a chance for us to be real with one another is the ever get mad at God and how to go about forgiving God and what exactly is that life and I imagine there's a lot of folks in the Middle East dealing with all the terrorism and refugee issues and whatever that are little bit mad on God, but nonetheless Sam, it's it's a topic spent on your heart a lot lately. I really have so we got up we got a clip if you find a little trouble relating to that really matter. God Matt, you know, how does it feel what is that exactly like what clip comes from the movie Bruce Almighty and Bruce is just lost his job and he was in trouble and he has this conversation with his wife about what it feels like God. It sounds like he was okay here. The thing I was thinking about how realistic that is authentic and robbing blasphemy. There was that last he was upset with God.

While that's a great question and and and there's some people it would certainly feel that way if you turn the Psalms. There's plenty examples of this and some people say Psalm 44 is specifically about a group that was you know angry with God. It was the sons of Cora to verse it says, but now you dessert is famous.

You don't go out with her armies.

You put us out and fight with our enemies and those who hate us character pieces.

It will be read on for some conversation. Obviously, these people were being authentic with God the things were going to necessarily their way. What is it what you're thinking about. Like you said).

This is subject thinking about it.

I can remember when I was young when I got on a given because my grandfather who I thought, but I know only about seven years old, five, six, there's so many prayers that we all pray my time or day time or when I think maybe maybe with God's will is for some way I may be that I'm angry at God because he's not what is that I don't get the I keep on guidance to be merciful to me and my family and my brothers on. As Robbie said, I'm going to repeat this is topic to go with but it is a topic that everybody should think about is some merit to what little so we got no that was a clip that we had some Bruce Almighty and sort of culturally he was one way and then he gets back to this idea of what is that look like you know people within the church.

What is it like when they get mad at God, and we got this clip from a movie called the apostle and we can hear maybe a little bit more religious person how he feels that God get a sense of I don't know you but I am Lord will will will will will will you let somebody that's even got have may be, you know, I was attending a church several years ago during a time Robbie in my life where I was having difficulty, the pastor of this church. He was given a message on Sunday morning.

I think it's okay to break like that is saying it's okay when we come back here is our ideas along this line right now are out here live.

We'd like to see come out to the Middle East.

Festival 1292 will be here called action.

Today the line of fire. The Christian cargo ratio, and yes even true thought life, every day every week on the Truth Network and experiences mobile that's right your smartphone to get smarter. Just download truth network abolition are program here and share and learn about my brand-new book 1st words of Jesus. It just entered three mortar season website that is first Let's vote Jesus King of Christmas and Carolina and we are live here with Vinnie Menino. Sam is live in Virginia and when we left our hero Dennis. He was sharing with us about this pastor message about people being that without him saying that day. You know it's okay to get angry with God is big enough to take and I was sitting there and there were some things going on in my life. I thought that just hear Dr. Bill say that I can get angry with God, and that's okay that I can and I can plead my case to him about what's going on in my life and it's okay because I never heard that that was an okay thing to do and I remember about 18 months ago when I was had a particular issue and crying out to God, let this happen. Just speaking to him in that way. I do think God is take. I do think that he appreciates the fact authentic and transparent with in our relationship and I don't think there's anything wrong with that is better than not addressing it at all.

You have some pretty good thoughts along this line to that logo taken from me agreement agreement in anger broken only my anger well here, you know, there is great and you know that's something we all continue really is is first of all we got admit there's a problem, just, and we got to get authentic and say you know what I don't. I really am angry. I find myself struggle right there to say is this where that anger really is.

I'm I am just really frustrated thinking, God, you could change the situation. You didn't and you know just trying to find myself therein in authenticity.

We have another clip along those lines, and this one and I can't help but see the irony in the clip because it's from the movie patch Adams and patch is played by Robin Williams and this is the scene where Robin Williams character patch Adams is strongly considering suicide.

So I'm sure as Robin Williams was playing this particular part out. He was it was his own story to an extent. Now I need to share in this clip that he is standing on the edge of a cliff and he's kicking rocks off of it really looks like he could go off any second and he gets really frustrated with God. And when he turned around to hear the music change. But when you hear that music change what is actually happening in patch Adams life is he seeing a butterfly and this butterfly flapping its wings and he realizes God is speaking to him and then as you hear the music. Changing the butterfly actually engages patch Adams comes on his finger and that and then flies away two patches pleasure so taken with work now you want me both know is not and just a few more brainstorming sessions day. Maybe you should've spent here in Vinnie there that you know he's he's thinking on these heavy-duty things of life and all the sudden he turned around and here's a simple butterfly and he sees that magic and that you know that only takes a moment to make a moment and in that moment for him. He saw something God and I know you've had a moment like that in your own life anywhere.

Everything changed because God reached out in your payment touched. Actually, Robin bunch of moments. The latest one is God's take a lot of notes. God taken my eyesight is something that made me angry at God, and I still pray every day and every night like why did you do this to me and I finally realized yet God was teaching me a lesson I am seeing things that I didn't see before being blind in the way the way he wants me to see things yes I'm suffering but I'm dealing with it and I pray for him every night, every day, like I told you I just pray to God and I will stop at the VM blind doesn't mean that your world stops.

He has a way of grabbing you, but you wouldn't do proper places like this ministry, like my wife who was also blind and she's taking care of me and I look but at whatever I say and I say how was she doing this.

No, I think it's MobileMe and I think it's the love of God. Sam, I guess if you can get to the point where you can admit you have that that struggle to even see that I'm really angry. Here is a big part of the issue with it when were on the American back later on. Anger. I got you really know where when I was like that.

There was a long way. I anger the non-thing defeated agreement to really keep walking with Robbie. I want to pose a question to you is you have had had so many experiences in the time that you with cancer Like Christ falling out of the tree and almost dying.

Surely there was a point in time.

He said what's up God. You want to use me or is it just time to go.

Note, did you ever find yourself being angry with God and some of that's and that's a great question Dennis.

I not many times do I speak of of the abscess that I had in my brain and during that time is probably I was closer to death about one in any of the others that I know I may have been close to death with cancer. I wasn't feeling. I certainly found it when I have the absence my brain. I was losing consciousness.

And I was going back and forth. I was in intensive care at all like anything in the hospital and it was it was that time and during that time I had a red pen.

I don't know what it is kind of an interesting thing that red pen.

When I see that I use that red pen to write in my Bible. Within that time, and so to this day. It's like a testament to me and I know some of the Psalms were I could take the number of the song, but I remember there is a specific Psalm it says my wounds faster and that was I was I had a staph infection in my brain and so my wound was festering and say that I was in tremendous pain from it would be an understatement and and me working through that and searching for him. The only you get so angry he got nowhere else to go with option B and option B wasn't there so it was God. And so I found myself there are struggling in the Bible right here and all those passages in the Bible, written in red for me anytime I go back and I'm looking through that Bible and I see the passages. I know that's where the struggle was real.

That was where it was really on and where he really came through as a butterfly for me to show me that no matter how bad it gets.

The answer to prayer is him.

He's in the midst of that he is there ready to hold your hand ready to say well done good works and how he wants to be there with you. If you at some point this guy okay I don't understand all this, but I'm with you struggle with that greatly last year when when things were going on. My car blew up in so many situations in my life and I ended up at the rescue mission in Winston-Salem and I thought I got there and it was anger just sadness of just all the above.

Is this what it's come to remember crying out the guys is what it's come to this has to happen in my life. Could you fix the car or something and let me move on with things God has has something going on ahead of us that we don't always see that he's preparing you for something else down the road and but I think still in those emotions and those feelings of being angry that he can take that music for good. He can our relationship with him can grow because of authenticity because were transparent. Like Sam said he Artie knows that Mr. wants to hear from us in that regard in and we just walk that walk together and it's been a tremendous blessing to do that.

So the question that we were supposed beginning of this broadcast again were live out here at the Middle Eastern Christian festival of the question was how can we forgive God and stand can you come to give us a process there is people listed. What would you say is the process currently probably going to him. Regarding your father and I need to drive agreement using the Holy Spirit are in the process of inviting Trinity that with part for you to go in on your own agreement to be a part of their I not not not fail to care about healing the fact that no longer hold and I think a lot of times you feel like you are something so I got a right that Satan would love to get a hold of and say oh well, you know, God is not so that's great wisdom. We want to thank everyone for the radio show today podcast shows coming up in November. You can find that I

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