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How Our Hearts Are Made For Beauty; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 26, 2016 12:30 pm

How Our Hearts Are Made For Beauty; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey.

We're very excited to have you with us today of a room. This is pretty awesome. We got I think nine of us today that's it's a record record.

It's almost like a boot camp is a mean the amount of people that we have on boot camp show that we typically do is probably about that and so we have is old as young as 12 and as old as 85 yeah so we go everywhere in between. Looks like look around the room most of the upper half. Though we have a my son he lives with us today. I and then Robbie of course is with us and we have Dennis is back Jim Brekke, Jim Jim is recalling Harold and Vinnie and then Annie refused to set into what is talk about them anyway.

But today were going to be talking about a special topic and talk about beauty, but it's not what you probably think when I first say that organ be talking about how our hearts are made for beauty, go right to the clip to kind of set that up. This is from a movie called story worth living. It was kind of a documentary kind of thing that John Eldridge and his sons did with Dan Allender as he traveled across Colorado on this motorcycle denture and so you can see that it ransom I think they have at their like to get this little clip from it and listen to how he talks about beauty. We went out looking for venture motorcycle sent flyfishing fast, I seem so much simpler on the you get into a rhythm reference in Aston Florence's and the high passes more beauty than a soul could take in whatever story it is you're looking for. I guarantee you it includes beauty and everything else in the world seems to make sense. There is beauty. It speaks of a larger story to Robbie's issue that what's good close up your heart a little bit. As John talks about this beauty and how it ties with adventure. It is in the house been for you times are absolutely God made our hearts like he was going to come after him. He does, he designed Eden with all this beauty involved in it seems like if we find ourselves too far from there we start starving for what that may be in a course was a young man in a walk in the DuPage River and all the sudden looking down and there and seen some rocks and the nurses orange crawdad in my life just started to come out and realized that God was willing me in your relationship. I didn't realize at the time. I wish I did.

It's pretty amazing and the only things I was thinking about is repaired for the show. The female body.

The human body is something to be amazed at just the crown of creation. I would agree with you that my complete yeah. Good job, but I just say that was one day God took five days to create the other stuff right so that stuff that were talked about today is the other five days of creation's beauty, and so he took five days great that one for us so will I kinda look at that a little bit of thought about that. The summer had a great opportunity just to go with my my sons to Colorado. Neither one had been there and that you are. You went this summer and did you feel something kind in your heart is.

You kinda saw some things you never seen before. As far as nature and the landscape. Well, we went was no Garden of the gods in the Garden of the gods is on the places we went and all those rock formations were just beautiful. How all of them were the color of them and just how they were shaped and there was these maps which had all the hot point cool. Nothing like that from where we lived in the past and then we went to the lake. We like to talk as Robbie told us about a call.

No Fish Lake to go fishing talk a little bit about what that looked like at that Lake Munich was pretty but what was really pretty about being there while we had an awesome view because everywhere you look like 360 there was mountains everywhere so you can see a lot of the rock becomes pretty cool when you start to see like the purple's mountain purple mountains Majesty when you really see it in person and in that song makes a lot more sense. Never heard the sound of you have other health. It even starts out a beautiful thank you for building out the rabbit talked with Jim Brekke here for minute Jim know you grew up in Colorado right you were born there. Yeah I was born I was born Colorado I lived in Alton little place called Akron out on Northeastern planes for about 13 years my parents moved to Cheyenne.

Robbie said that's the planes for reasons called the plaintiff's yeah EE, you certainly get almost in the Kansas at that point you get it, it starts to flatten out you know for for me. Yeah I grew up out there, but we spent a lot of time along the front Range of Colorado and no Iraqis. Aaron Gamber. That's where everything was kind of really located did you have an opportunity to really appreciate that before you moved away from it now as matter-of-fact as a kid, I didn't think anything of it. You see the license plate, colorful Colorado you just as a tagline for tourists and it is really quite kind of funny. I dinner appreciate anything that Colorado had to offer till now sometime after I had moved out guide that moved down to Phoenix, Arizona for college and that's a bunch of dirt as a desert. But even then you know I later learned in life. As I traveled around on the PGA Tour that each and every area had as its own beauty and I probably had been working for are on the tour for probably almost a year before I realized I missed a golden opportunity to take photos and so I went out and spent $700 on Cameron now. Those photos are up in the attic somewhere that's big thing that's way before the digital photo and yes it was a little bit a little bit easier you go see a lot of the country and I just had to be amazing is to kinda see what God's creation just in this little part of the world was to me the the contrast was incredible.

You know, everybody talks about Colorado because the mountains are there and there's that there's a lot of beauty there with no snow in the middle of summer on no snowcapped mountains and the even now out in the middle of the New Mexico as we are talking earlier before the show started the bluffs and stuff out there in the colors and the reds and have their own beauty of their own and you you go out to the desert in Arizona after rainstorm and yeah it's an entirely different kind of beauty in the course you know you got all the hard words that you here in the East that people just don't stop to appreciate the fall colors here are incredible. You know where you would actually actually have to get up into the mountains in Colorado to appreciate any color differences in the trees like yeah I'm member when I lived in California thought was very beautiful out there, but I remember coming back to Indiana which is where I grew up, and you know me from the canceled it a go. But in the industry much corn and soybeans with no mountains in between so much got the whole state but I came back and couldn't believe how green it was because I just spinning in California than summer was really dry through the desert and got ticket back in Indiana. It was just beautiful just the greenery that was all around that I had forgotten about her never really knew to appreciate many people understand that you start traveling you out if you grew up out here in the Easton ever now been out West will once you cross the Mississippi River and start heading further west. The tree start disappearing whereby time you get up Kansas you can count the number trees on one or two handsets me is very flat and it it's got a beauty of its own, with all the weed out there. You realize were all the Wonder Bread's coming from a few but yeah I mean it's quite different it is. It is not. Dennis, you talked a little bit about you not think anything having vinegar and when you grow up where I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, which is an area that is you. I was talking about see in mountains all the way around Colorado with Schendel Valley is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains so anywhere that you looked in any direction. When I was growing up. That's what you saw was mountains and it was just a beautiful place to it when I was a kid. One of the things were talking about earlier's when I was a kid we took all that for granted and it wasn't until it was and it's I got older and wasn't going there is much maybe visiting a couple times a year we drive up through the valley. What a beautiful sight. This is beautiful mountains to clean the fall the landscape and everything that I took for granted. Growing up and took for granted because a solid day in and day out, as opposed and I like to think that to my relationship with God.

It had grown and assaulted beauty of his creation. In this mountain and I think that there something as your heart softens you know you do get to appreciate things that morning. It is so awesome to have you back here you I would ask you just another question real quick that you have the opportunity year all 12 minutes your whole life. I get it, but you said you visited Florida you been to lots places in North Carolina, Colorado of those things that you seeing what's a couple of your favorite things you seen for me beauty perspective. As far as the beauty of God's creation. Well I'll like going up the pilot Mountain a couple of times walking around it and of course, like the Rockies in Colorado just our area with the forests and a lot of evergreens.

It's just really beautiful it is. It's it's an amazing part of the country and I think that that's what Jim was saying just a little bit ago that no matter where you are truly kind of an amazing part of the country and right now with all the leaves changing in our neighborhood all of its turning like yellow orange or orange red and it's just a lot of good contrast between bunch different colors.

Had you really notice that before this year. No, not really.

I just now saw something as you grow, God starts to awaken your heart and your in that point in your life that you're starting to really get awake in the summer that it's just going to get better and really cool free to see that as we go on adventures and stuff together.

We come back and talk more about this when you have more people that's going to talk and share their story with any come up and give us just a story beyond stories. I can't wait for you to hear that if you want to go to mass and journey we got a spring camp coming up in April. Picture together and register journey radio is listener supported. Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site and from there slick Goodhart ministry and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this journey. Radio that's messing journey radio large salmon mask son I talk about ways you can help support Willie smiled at. It was on the information that where you can click button, waking it once again, PO Box 552 7285 and welcome back.

Glad to have you back. With this in and listen to that song. It's amazing you I was can laugh in this week around the house. It may, I cut that clip earlier this week and then it's Singing the song a week. It was just kind of stuck in my head, but as you can add a special story on beauty little bit with that song didn't about nine years ago my daughter turned 16 and I wanted to put together a slideshow of pictures of her growing up and I use that song as part of it actually did hear the truth and it just touch me, touch me again now because every time I think of Dan I hear that song I could see those pictures of places we went times that we shared together in her growing up. As you know, she just got married last month shall be 25 will she turned 25. Last Saturday's matter fact but I will always treasure those memories and every time I think of that song. I think of herself.

It's pretty special. We we talk about the shows and we email back and forth but we don't always know what the other clips are going to be and so when the command and got candidate brings up a memory like that. It's pretty cool.

CI continues to do that we are talking about beauty were not talking about the female beauty which we talk about sometimes on the show talk about the beauty of God's creation. Now that could be the beauty of things that you see the beauty of things that you hear it taste you smell. There's all these things that God really just designed this life gets so busy. Sometimes we just walk right on past and don't really notice it and then I would ask you a question that's something that's kind of change for you over the years is kind of the things you've appreciated in beauty as a kind of change in the last couple years. In a big way. Everything that everybody here has said about mountains and trees leaves and cola. Well of course I have seen it, but then God. God gave us the greatest gift I believe because I'm living now of senses see hearing, smelling, and nobody appreciates that until one of them is taken away, and especially one is your eyesight caught my eyesight like an blind and I was extremely distraught about but then I found out that he also gave me smelling, tasting beer ring and I came out of it with all them senses because there altogether.

I now listen to books, audiobooks, I listen to television and I smell my food which I never did before. You know you walk in a restaurant you may smell all food when somebody puts the plate in front of you. I now can tell what it is because some concentrate industrial God being a blind man is an awful thing and you people that are out there that unfortunate to be blind. Just know that he has given you of the senses that are important to the sense of smelling me is gray sense because now when my wife comes to me. I can't say how beautiful you all because I can see but I say it anyway because I remember the smell smell of perfume just brings this 85-year-old man to life again yeah I can see but thanks for the Lord and his creation of all of us and the trees and the amount you also gave us the creation of senses, and we use them all one time or another. I am, I could say it. I'm a happy blind man, if that makes any sense. Maybe some of you out this is you will see a psychiatrist like I'm not. But no, it's true, the other senses are important to this been beauty of my life. Women my wife was the most gorgeous thing that you, my first wife and I still adore, but like we all know we'll created in God's image and he gave us all of this to use will take advantage of it and right now I'm a happy blind man. Any thank you and gives a lot. Just a lot of people hope you know because you think about the situation you're in. He said okay but there's there's other things here and remember we walk the journey with you little bit as you kinda continue down and to see what God is taking you through this place has been amazing and I appreciate you sharing that I'm going to go on the complete opposite direction on a clip. This is a clip about two men, one that appreciates beauty and one not as much not done Dennis this was your clips when you tell us a little bit about it at this was for a movie called the great outdoors and spent several years ago, John Candy and Dan Aykroyd.

They end up spending their vacation together with their families.

The character John Candy. Place has memories of being there with when he was younger, and sees the beauty, the other got Dan Aykroyd while he see something else and he they were unexpected guests. I don't think that is kind of showed up. That's right.

Here's a clip all week so so anyway intelligent man living like answer me one question here.

Why the hell would you like a plan infested, no man's land like this for a week you would understand Friday great memories of this country as a kid, the boys have the same memories, look around you only for God sakes.

This is this is this beautiful country.

Here, take a good look what I see when I look out there if you want to know. I see the underdeveloped resources of northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. I see a syndicated development consortium exploiting over $1 billion in forest products and strategic metals of their mining operation in Greenbelt between the kind of like a waste management facility focusing on the newest range of toxic waste medical refuse manages body parts IV tubing glassware and trail syringes.

Fluid blood flow rate radioactive waste also contain something in the lake and sealed century.

Now I ask you what you see.

I just see the trees don't ever accuse you of having a grand vision. Maybe it's all for the best will ambitious scramble for wealth and power that shut release of the world are just a little laid-back actually scroll along life is a conflict all stroke. I would ask you a question are you frightened of foam on that John Candy partner you write poetry. We talked a bit about before the show times at poetry's been for a female, your wife, but you've also written some other porch poetry that wasn't that way wasn't yeah that's right I don't really remember when I first started seeing beauty I think was pretty early in different forms. I saw beauty in music when most of my peers were going crazy over Elvis.

I was trying to tune into the BL out of New Orleans talk and listen to the jazz I listen to classical music as young high school kid probably only one in town that did the thing I like about poetry is the lists is more you have to find the right words and try to minimize him, I wrote one poem when I was down at ocean now have beach reminds me of God because so I took picture of a sunset and I was looking at the sunset and then the ocean and thinking about the ocean, reminding me of God because it's infinite.

You can see so little of it surface and even less of its date and that's, how we see God we get… Of God through his creation. I've often thought that he could've created one flower. It could have even been very but he didn't do that. He created such a variety of flowers and most of them have no value other than the beauty that we enjoy wrote another poem about how the mountains remind me of God. We were driving from New Mexico to Colorado and I stop the side of the road. Take a photo. The snowcapped mountains and I wrote a poem about that and the rabbit said we can post those on the website because I can't remember him well and didn't bring them with me but one of my favorite songs is open the eyes of my heart and one of the reasons it is is because I believe that person that truly looks to the heart sees God not just trees and flowers range mountains see God thank you, thank you very much Harold Sgt. we didn't get a chance to ask you about it. We know will have you back in another week with this. I want to ask you guys for your help on something grandson over our patron here. Vinnie got hurt in an accident and there's a go fund me account set up to help sponsor his long-term stay at the hospital he can have her well messy go visit our website and our Facebook page look at that and go to mask injury to register for the upcoming boot camp April 6-9. See you next week

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