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Building Walls or a Nothing Box

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 18, 2017 12:30 pm

Building Walls or a Nothing Box

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 18, 2017 12:30 pm

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

Glad you're with us today and personally I'm very glad that Robbie and Jim are with today after we talked about the topic last week.

I was sure you guys can hide.

I was sure that you and you to be here this kinda checked out not really engaged is this is not an easy topic to sometimes. Her address is on a challenge suite we challenge ourselves to go ask last week, our families know where do you think you know I build up walls or do you think I hide in and out so I went and I I did just that and the reason I came up with a topic. Originally Sam speaking a boot camp was at the very first boot camp I attended. We played paintball and I never played paintball before and I got shot a few times and I immediately went into complete hide must trying to find a hole to crawl into slide.

Quit getting shot because it was, it hurts. It hurts and that was embarrassing to be taken on the first few moments of the game and sorry I thought is an interesting thing that would happen there. I suppose if you found yourself in a real battle, which I didn't serve in the military and pray.

Praise God for the people that did, but hiding was a real issue and so I wondered about that very thing. As we talked about these walls that we have left so I want my family I said Tammy be honest she is no trouble doing that for some reason and she goes oh yeah you know you you take way too much advantage that Mark Unger nothing but that you you know you went to the Christian thing I heard about this nothing boxer you go and hide yourself and you know the TV here in a book or stuntman all the world can go on around you, and you don't engage and in a brutally I suppose I need to look yeah it is. It is hard to face that topic is its it's one that you kinda look at as much of this letter, which I guess would be hiding putting a nothing box is a wonderful place to be if you're got it and then actually losing their first clip in this clip is from The Incredibles, and if you haven't seen that movie, it's a great children's movie cartoon animated. I guess I should say it but it is very very good and has some good difficult truce and it's got some good life, true Senate, and in this dynamic. You have a father daughter and has a couple sons once an infinite and he's checked out most the time right before this clip is wise, tell him about his son getting in trouble at school and she said you tell your dad about school and he said something is dead like oh that's good.

It's good to know that's not good.

Got in trouble. He been sent to the principal and so we pick this up.

She's preparing dinner and she starts to say what I need you to help pay attention here Mark will not sell house go hungry. Well, well, it is left overnight stay hungry for you and what going on there.

When he went in was nothing box. Did you know quite a got a good place to be completely different.

What was going on around it sounded so familiar.

Jim well I'm proud of you for taking your life but my wife asked me what the topic was that I couldn't even remember what it was that slow. Well, my son, and is to know dad you don't eat without me. Yeah, I asked Jack about it. He didn't say anything is violently ask about that. But honestly, when I look at this topic. I know I've done it yet.

I think you can't look in the mirror and saying there's not.

Sometimes I just don't feel like dealing with life, for whatever reason, I just want to kinda hole up here in and take a break room. Amen.

Fearful of something out there or the enemies got me kinda in place. I'm leaving some agreements which actually leads us to our second clip we do a quick back to back will have you take another look at hiding in here we have somebody from the lion King who scar had convinced him that he had been a part of his father getting killed was his.

It was his fault that it happened and so he heads off to kinda go off on his own and get away from the family and he's been doing that for a while. He's grown up and now, which is one of the minuses.

I guess it's comes to getting them listen to how their interaction is bliss. The Simba's got up, taught a box that's another thing back. Is this a great place well I just get out on my own my own life. It's great to meet you know we've been through this and not the king scar destroyed. Don't do something soon you will understand something I learned out here look sometimes bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it.

So why worry you. You left you understand your only hope. Sorry.

Continue to write you satisfied no disappointed you starting to sound like one of the stars you think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life. You know what I've been through what you listen to that. I just keep here in first Buehler why… Me, but that's a great movie and Jim, there's a lot in that clip going on and you have somebody who's hiding is also a lot of other things going on just in his heart.

Today's not willing to share a dozen. It does or may I mean, there's probably some fear involved. There may it's more that he's checked out. You just not part of life. Babies got up beautiful place to stay by himself without any challenge that's easy guys in particular that we talk about. There is, what was the La-Z-Boy John R Berg when he wrote the step out of the boat, then talk about. I'm about. He said when you look around America.

You know they didn't name the number one reclining chair risky boy they call it wide La-Z-Boy because you know it's it's kind of think that as I was thinking about it. Sam wow our families really need us to step up and be the king. Even though you know and I can so relate to what Simba said. Nobody needs me. You don't need me in this think they do as a piece of him is fearful of what will be required of the knee doesn't have what it takes of me and I do agree Jim is going to scan a statement Matata place within.

There's nothing that's ever required of them. There they pretty much says I don't think so, not the person that you think I and we go there and then you gotta love note she called amount and said your your father-son and wow I mean how publicly true is that I mean that your made the image of God and so do you have what kind got to the point and I think that that's critical that we have people in our lives. It reminded us of the truth of who we are becomes the strip that from us time and time and time again and sometimes we very willingly give that over time of the time to stand her ground a lot better than we do. But in each of those times really needed just and I got into which, if you watch the lion King. You have Rafiki that comes in how it happened. Yeah, that plays a pretty good part of really helping him find truth again in his life now. Are you shared a little bit of truth on hiding. There's three of us here Jim and I have to go that all their I have a tendency to not averse to taking risk. My tendency is to charge then when I'm unprepared and take risks that are necessary and certainly art wise and then when it is time to jump in their is when I'm the red badge of courage got oh I got a flesh wound on right rear and the God use that particular reference with me a while back and met still burns you know, sometimes I'm ready to charge you with. That's the worst thing to do. Other times it's a matter of might get hurt. You have I've seen the battle and I'm not sure I want to engage at the level where I'm truly taking the risk that comes up, fear, and you talked about this whole philosophy.

Jim relating to if I don't engage my not getting a shot. If I hide well enough if I stay out of sight.

If I stay out of this thing I'm being called into in life's going to be safe in here that a little bit from Simba.

I just want the safe life, but this life isn't safe and talk about the time. Talk about taking risk.

Given Adam's believe it or not, but I don't really use and exploit want to remind you of April 6-9 match converting to register places run quickly really have 50 slots register soon you wondering what God has for you and 27 one things for sure. I know he wants you to have your heart there is an opportunity for men that's coming up this April 6-9 listen to what Frank only $169.05 payments of $33 and 30 adjuster today is my son Eli talk about ways you can help support clearly where we can get PO Box 552 7285.

Soon soon hiding the great clip not heard that song before told me all about this elegantly like to 18 million downloads on YouTube understand that the artist come out of hiding is the name of the song. I will give you that because that's how I found it because I look for worship songs that come out of hiding and it really is a wonderful song but I cannot tell you her name Stephanie. I don't recall her last name and very popular song, although that honestly is the first time I ever heard in my life. It was so appropriate because you know my wife is asking me to come on hiding God's asking me to come out of hiding, but that nothing boxes just so it is when you look back scripturally and we were talking before it was kind of funny what you use for scriptural reference and then you start to think wow the Bibles is full of them. Moses tried to stay in hiding, we naturally were going to be you and have this life away from back from the Pharaoh and to dismiss that stay in the middle of nowhere and got so no, you come out of hiding because I'm a take on an adventure and Jim I know you know a lot of stories were God said another's wrist you have to take to walk with me. Isn't that the Bible is full of them up like every man and woman got called had to step out in faith which is overcoming fear that mean they weren't afraid of the outcome, but they stepped out. Trusting God and wait. We did talk about a number of those Eli Elijah, and he had a tremendous victory and then ended up terrified for his life. Randall McKay see God. It's a matter of if we don't step out. Whether were afraid or not, we missed the boat is speaking of stepping out of the boat and there's lots of things it can cause us to go into that hiding fear that you mention Adam hid because he was afraid because he examined and so sin can drive us there is lots of different things that the voice of the enemy that tells us we don't have what it takes or just I really want to check out take us to a clip revenue set up this next clip it's from the movie, click now.

It's a quick clip it is Adam Sandler movie but boy it's a sort of a tearjerker for guises.

This particular scene know Adam, you pick him up.

He said his father's gravesite and he's got the remote control, summarily, magically, in the movie miracle Hollywood, he can go back and review his life and he wants to go back to see where it was that had passed away, but the guy was helping a mayor tells him that that's not possible. You can only go back to things you were actually at so he takes him back to the last time that he sees his dad but he was totally hiding in his work in and I don't know how many people I've certainly lived that where you know it was something I thought I could do well and so if I'm at work and at least I'm doing something productive and you know, Adam found himself there to the point that took a huge toll will take you there where the moment he died. You want there course.

The last time I saw place prize in you get so handsome, so Michael I had a wonderful idea. Mothers think canasta with her friends tonight I saw a great opportunity you me invention go and have a boys night out and you can delete some time.

We could go to Whistler for the girls I'm down for that. See, he's down. I don't know what it means, but he's place to deal if you come showing track. You see quite well don't you know stupid trick I've always known.

Can you let me do my work so you some peace. Peace. Today you seen the movie when you first see it. It comes on and it looks like is this amazing thing in the sky don't know where once I came named Chris were walkingin a character honestly using the Bed Bath & Beyond. I think it is. It's a bath and beyond and beyond is that they had on the bed bath away beyond or something that is and is given this magical remote control which you known his wife, Jan Latimer, in trying to get them engaged to sets pause and fast-forward and rewind and does these things in it like that. You see, whether be kind of amazing. But then it comes at a cost. In this movie.

If you watch it stoke a movie and I toiled of the plot, he finds that he fast-forward through life and ends up being checked out for all the key times and on a member watching and then hit me as much for me with my my parents visited with my oldest daughter, because when when she was around and I was new dad and I know that I had what it took. And she had a little sister by then I stayed hid at work was working hard. I was trying to do a good job of providing for the family to do their and I look back I miss so much of her life.

When is your first kid you don't know how quickly that truly goes because you feel like you always have a lot of time left in annexing unknown she's graduating in she's gone in and I was at a baseball game or softball games that are plays in all that kind of stuff that's good. That's different than being actively engaged in, and I look back and that's one of my biggest regrets is not being engaged during that time because I was the Adam Sandler Sandler character that just kinda checked out and almost fast-forward through that element in my life and I miss it. I miss having it.

It'd change the way that I was with my other children, which is ungrateful for but I do miss that. Anyway, it shows a downer. What's other times guys it in a kind of founders of what was a time when the change I noticed your questions that you wouldn't talk about is my favorite part. What's a time for you if you can think of one. When God called you out of hiding into a really really cool adventure and one that you just kinda sit there and don't know I don't know that I should do this. I don't know that I have what it takes and guides. Now let's go it all the boat let's walk and think how you known it. It speaks to like boot camp were to be doing that. Talk on your place in the story. Only key elements of that is risk and how to how do you look at risking life and the things and for me personally, you know I'll never forget when I was called to be on the radio because it just absolutely terrified me.

It terrified and I like public speaking, and it wasn't anything that I really thought that was pretty clear that that this is what he had in mind but I like what I think is Henry Blackley put this book that you know if you think you've got what it takes to pull off what you think God called you to do, then chances are that is what God called you to do because part of the deal is you need him along in the adventure, which is where you find yourself to go out on this long pier is got a really need you and that's where I found myself on the radio involved in that adventure in all the places it's taken me say I mean the people of God I got to meet the stories I've gotten here that the lives I've seen freedom. You know the people walking with Christ. It's amazing journey.

I wouldn't trade it for anything but that. First, I was terrified there was no promises.

It seemed like when the risk is things that you probably ever done at that point MobileMe generally thing for you. First, when the jump in my mind is my weight for big fans of black of the one of things we wanted is God, to tell us what to do and what we wanted, that encounter with God and he is a very miraculous and interesting way, the details send this to Alaska sell all your stuff sold the house in seven hours to put it on the market by myself sticking us out of the yard in seven hours we closed on the house. My wanted us out of the week well with you. I figured we have time to go to Alaska but that adventure was nothing like what we expected. We Planning all this is what will do when we get there all along. Not always had different plans always interrupted hours but it the biggest part of July measuring rifles of K a C with emotionally.

The hardest, but life while we were there and because all we had was one of the other. It was probably the first time I was ever truly present for her in a big way that brought us both closer to God and closer together than we ever met but the adventure was nothing we planned nothing we expected. So we can run out of time.

A little longer. There's no time for me it was moved to North Carolina when I had my life all lined up in any certain way. God coming here without that. When I met you guys have a great ministry that has been part of all these things when it happened and I'm so grateful that he did and there was risks all along the way that I can imagine having with life that's 16 when you walk that risk with God when you step out from hiding, that's when you find life to find her from behind the rock. If you find it being insulated. If you feel like you've been living here come the next 60 nights mask injury See you next week. Masculine journey radio show you weekly because of your faithful prayer and gifts addresses masculine journey radio, PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 27285 or

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