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Unholy Trinity: Part 1 The Old Man

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 6, 2018 12:30 pm

Unholy Trinity: Part 1 The Old Man

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome as soon journey are very glad to have you first for show 2018 right is no more eaves where right on into it this year is not an you come up for a while now and I could be anniversary or something I would never remember that anyway anyway so Robby, it's day six of the of the new year. And so we think that means for people out there a lot of folks have either fallen victim to losing out on their resolution or their still white knuckling it to make it this year. This is going be the year and so I love our topic for today because one of things I know God is one for your new year is for your heart to be a lot absolutely. We we were talking about what topic to do next. We just came off of a boat that was to be a four week series on the pillars of the masculine earning end of the 12 week series. Now and then we went into three weeks of surviving Christmas right and so it is clear survived success the most part I think some of that remains to be seen, but yeah. And so you know what we going now and we start talking about the topic of battle, you know, it would done a show on the battle plan we done a show on the enemy right but I think we never really in a long time anyway broke down once the battle really look like because you know most Christians are aware of the devil human devils in Scripture and preclear. We have an enemy Jesus talks about in right.

There's other things but he's not the only player in the game, and so there is actually lack of a better term, and unholy Trinity. And so that unholy Trinity. One of the things is the devil, but there's also two other things that Trinity you guys remember what one of them is Andy Wayne I'm totally drawing the flesh is flesh, the flesh right the flesh we call the old man Bryant the world the world serving as my favorite thing to do. That was not resolution in his back next week I will see myself together contested. We know that there is three players in the game and they all kind work together. Sometimes they kinda intermingled that you have the flasher we call the old man you know that old nature which is organ talk about today you have the world which you know works in conjunction with your old nature.

It entices you a lot of the things they have the devil, that's, you know, behind much all of that and sort of talk about the old man and we have a clip were to go to from the movie Robby removing the movie it's Cox Negra and Caucus is trying to get his new greatest happy new year for chronic and he's trying to get right. But he's got some low buddies because he is a he has you know the classic movie scenes. He is a little devil image of him on one arm and an angel on the other and so listen to how that kinda plays out as they have the conversation with with Brock about how he needs to be laughing three catering this right well but what does that have to do Nana get a point.

Sort of computers and so on. Right as you.

If you haven't seen the movie clip on YouTube and on the second point is that the devil image makes is he does a handstand which obviously the angel and can't because he's in a robe and on suppressing is of interest in.

If you notice you grant to Cronk is little bit later.

It makes it very hard for confusing and online in life is confusing because you internally we become this new creation in Christ.

But when we can become a new creation. Does that mean everything we ever battled is gone. You know Wayne if you know party your story little bit and you had some things that you move past life, but there were also still challenges winter absolutely is a talk about before being a former addict that is always there in the background. The possibility of that rearing its ugly head in and actually had a bout with it, you must go completely desires and then out of nowhere that came back and it was honestly like it. It never left before and it was being rooted in truth, that help pull that out and even with that being on still deal with frustrations get forget frustration and real enoughto be said about the yarn I got that pretty much tops for their Robby were new creation. So why, why do we continue to struggle right if God made us new makes us new creation gives us a new heart.

Why do we still struggle with all behaviors. I heard it said once that the old man has seniority and you've got these habits behavior patterns that you've lived through through the years and it's been an interesting journey for me. Certainly to see the pace at which Jesus attends to these things, which seems glacier. At times, but you know when you look back over 25 or 30 years.

You see that you know he was really tender with my heart, and he didn't take the real obvious ugly stuff first and beat my head up against the wall with it. You know he took me places and help me deal with it because as we talked about before the show.

He's rigged it so that relationship is a big part of overcoming these addictions false comforters in all things that many of us is that resolution yeah and some of the following yeah it's the world is is rigged right to trip us up and enemies in the midst of it.

I don't know if we have time for this clip. I'd like to go and get this other cliff and it's a couple minutes long, but it's it's one where Gollum and Spiegel. If you haven't seen orderings. This means Apsley nothing to but there's this character who has been a bad character in the movie he's been a murderer.

He's done some things and he falls into a journey along with someone he calls the master which is a guy that's that's Frodo who shone in love as he gets this love. He starts to believe he can be something different than that old self comes back and starts reminding him of who he really is how cell sounds really creepy and distinguish which wanted yeah it's hard to it's hard to listen this payee. It's a battle with in the same person. It's two voices but the same person battling, of whom I gonna be today. This is all parts. She will will will will pre-yeah that's a hard listen to a lot of truth in that battle of what he was going through that there's this, the enemy likes to whisper in her ear and partner with that old man and try to remind us of things that sometimes it doesn't. It's not just the enemy.

May we do a pretty darn good job of doing it ourselves. I'm sure there's a little bit of any of this time have the enemy on the shoulder or whatever, but I still think there's a lot that's dependent upon us the agreements we make to discontinue to listen to that sometimes consciously sometimes unconsciously.

I mean it's just that thought of you right tried this before I got my new thick New Year's resolutions.

I had my five things is an approval and the third day out. I'm failing in on again. It's because trying to do a lot of times by myself, but it's the agreements that we make that will never be able to change were never gonna be able to get past those things that I've always held us back whenever whatever it may be, whether it's something you know something that the good thing that's not this early spiritual but spiritual disciplines themselves. It's a voice you fill in the blank when you mess up, and you say I am a blank right what's that thing that that old self is believing about you that you aware of tripped up and made mistakes in the past and somehow that that becomes who I see myself to be right and you can get glimpses of this old hardwired seniority thing is, Robby said it's it's got seniority, but we've made all those agreements long after that label. Now that I'm in. I got a horrible temper both what what you say only come back soon to talk about how the human past that old man. How do you leaving their water in the graves of speakers in your story about that we come back first Damascus journey and register the same. Last Sunday I talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at. It was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it once again to PO Box 552 7285 you find out from Jesus what you will do with that freedom for day venture with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give him information to be what God designed coming in April 12 through the 15th masculine journey to register your thinking.

Welcome back the messenger, and he was so into the song listening. Robby was dancing is a six because it is good to be a good beat offended you backup for pink.

You know, I knew that was, and I tease you got your shirts. It is a robe not address when you can and notice you are twirling a bit.

We then click okay. Now if you if you thought you'd ever hear pinks on Christian radio show. Probably not the case but when you go back and you listen to words and that's in the whole song we listen to the lyrics.

She's really just talk about hitting that person in the mirror hating the person that she is sometimes right in and regardless of whether you're Christian, not a Christian. I think there times we relate to that. We relate to that old man that old story that old, who are used to being different if not careful. Right.

We can live in that place with the good things Christians as we don't have to live in that place and we become new creations in Christ. When would you tell us little bit about your story, the vision you had. After the boot camp yeah start off with like you said no we condemn ourselves much more than God doubt about that part for the last boot camp was just amazing, there lot of Revelation. A lot of just intimacy with on the drive home against sitting in the in the moment of what just happened and saw this picture of what baptism really looks like you had this the picture of me going into the water and is going into the water and natural actually coming out and a silhouette of the old man actually still sitting in that water and it's hard for us to grasp that I think that the old man really is that the guy that did those things is no longer with us and it's it's it's a very cool image and Robby also had something that you learned about like baptism, in general, and in the waters. Yeah, I want Wayne shared that with me last week after the show and I immediately wrote it in my daily prayer is the right next to the part that says that Jesus left the grave behind when he walked out of the any left behind and I need to leave the grave behind as well, and I added that the web now as I might shared it with a guest on Saturday. He said what you do realize that all the waters of the world go into the web Dead Sea think they go straight down into the Dead Sea because it's a lower spot on earth but also clearly the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized were John the Baptist baptized people. That's the that's the Dead Sea and is Galatians 220, so you know we are crucified with Christ at an that guy is dead in the fascinating thing about it, Sam. The thing I really like is that he died 20 seconds ago and so everything that's under the blood minified. You know whatever wiped out all these things I was to try to do better yesterday. It's all gone. Right now you are that new creation, and you can break those agreements, you can break that and put this year under Jesus dominion under the blood and and it's kind of anything because you know from my standpoint. Resolutions have to do with sin management, the manager might say about you not let me get my knuckles and I'm at.

I'm in deal with sin management. But as you begin to get your heart back and you begin to see what it is that I want to run for in the kingdom you know is as I walk with God. You know if you've ever seen up a young girl fall in love. She becomes more beautiful the more fallen in love sheet she is and I think that's a picture of. As we fall more in love with our Savior the sin stuff, falls off to the side because you know it it's knows it's not about sin management is really about we talk over the is not trying to do on your own.

Which leads us to a clip. Yeah, we have one that was brought up by Jim and then Jim failed to come eat dust that it is not our friend Jim and our friend Jim and Jim's actually teaching today, which is a good thing in the way. It's from movie called cannonball run. It was back in what the 80s maybe might even ventilate satellites on days that Reynoldsburg Reynolds AMY Davis Junior, Dean Martin yeah it was one of the original drive across the country things and has lots of different stars, and it is on this clip you have Sammy Davis Junior grandson, right, Sammy Davis Junior's dressed as a priest kind is a can't really along with Dean Martin.

You can picture the stick and a racecar and and they're telling the guys there registering that you know we have a secret weapon and of course Dean Martin is like want them, to cease to sit to rob you like a clip. I love the equipment on all sorts of levels because I mean in that is is a huge secret. God is your copilot and no you don't have to have a seat form but if you actually saw the clip of funny part was that Dean Martin slapped as our copilot is left it of course I mean that is the joy of the whole deal, but what's behind you is not important, is the first real-time driving for understanding. Also a great rule of living on this side of your baptism is it is you know it's it is something that you we are new creations were not? We are new creations. We have to learn to walk in the creation we have to learn to be different and that creation we have to mature, and that creation because he had a whole lot of maturing and lots of other ways and they were not of God are not of the world and for me sometimes and that's been anger right and if I'm not walking with God.

If I'm not giving my anger to him. It's going to come out. I can't think but it's getting it out since I was like it, a boiling pot you get the lid on it some point it's going to overflow as I can be pretty and in and in and you talk a little bit about that is you can't do it yourself. You really can't and in others over the years, you know, there has been a lot of attempts either to just continually fail and say what, why do I keep whatever or really try to dig into it and we love you know we love self-improvement right I mean were talking about this being self is really one of our enemies and our can be ourselves. We we do like to improve our self whenever you're raised in East you you get that feeling of you been abandoned and it's all up to me, then why not, why would not go work out my own issues. You know, but that's the whole point. That's a whole God is not just trying to get our behavior changed. He wants friends to walk along and help with it and if not all our responsibility to clean ourselves up, but was telling the guys that a lot of times when you see those commands in the Bible to do this or do that we we ought I used my immediate thing was okay. I me as to do that, but not not really exciting will gather really can't do that. I'm really going to need your help. We hear these things but as much as we hear him that we need his help in all things you know and less were connected to the body says you can't bring to bear any fruit. We know all these things we still find a way to always bring it back and make and then there's pride builds up within that as well because we've done it ourselves and I think there's the thing of you have to realize the old self still tries to come up out of the water right you still going to try to come up the water and influence your life. Look at David and David walked with God so incredibly intimately and closely then at some point he gives into the flesh he gives in the old self. He gives into that that desire wasn't healthy and then there's Bathsheba that's in the picture and all the things that happen as a result, Aladdin, and I can imagine my walk. You have ever seen my walk was closer than David's and David stumbled you maybe just maybe it's not. I don't know but we have to realize that that old self is still going to try to get its hands and it may not be lost or or may not be over eating, but it could be in overspending. It could be the new pool. Robby talked about and that's where were counting on next week is the world hooks you up now. If you are watching any commercials of pro football or college football leaves you no doubt saw these immuno suggestions that if you would get a new pool. Your daughter wouldn't hate you so much you know that she would be as frustrated nearly as much with you if you had a pool in your backyard. I mean, in the end it in the flesh in you is just jump right in all yeah she's gonna be gone and if I don't get things straight for you know financially it's just not in well water trap. Yeah it's it's it's part of how they they partner you know this partnership of you one feeds off the other one entices the other you know that the enemy knows collectively as human to human kind. Our weaknesses in those individually, our weaknesses, and he uses the world to help entices her to draw us into any pushes upon that IHSA knows that that that father is sitting there workaholic. He hasn't seen his daughter for three weeks. If I jump in here and get her a pool in others the compensation and wow here the world is grabbing that false self and run with it work. He's been around a long time writer reminded of the book of Screwtape letters were the where the patient is constantly. He knows every button that he needs to push to get at its absolute and he does and he knows what works and he knows what works in our story knows what things to the set on the shoulder and whispered in her ear. I know you really do need a bigger TV you know you really do need a nice rope whenever the PPS address that's address and you can call the rope.

There's a gigantic back-and-forth which is an internal stuff yourself.

The old self. What some ways guys as we got a few minutes.

A few seconds left here what some ways that you can try to battle against that old self comes to mind daily prayer, having really going there and asking God help me, Chris, Tribeca intimacy with God establishing your identity. That's right. It's about. Where's your identity is my identity also is my identity.

The new creation in Christ, in which one you feed which one we now live in this week is likely to pray to God NASA Holy Spirit to rise up in you.

These ways that the old self has been trying to control you in ways that you need to take that back to God's regardless fight this battle together with his arm around and say come on let's go get you back will join us next week as we talk about the world and the battle to fight against it, how it influences the flesh and how the enemy is in control of all of it messenger new now

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