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The Greatest Commandment

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 11, 2018 12:30 pm

The Greatest Commandment

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 11, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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One usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Well, welcome to the masculine journey and I think you know we have a real chance to have our greatest show ever because his word is talking about the greatest commandment.

So is if we pull this off then we should and should be our greatest show ever. Why would they have so last week we we talked about doing this two-part series, which were Jesus was asked by the Pharisees. Sort of a trick question situation. What you know, are the greatest commandments and he answered with love the Lord your God with all your heart you know and then again love your neighbor as yourself in last week. Sam kind of threw that first one out as love your neighbor as yourself kind of to set up this greatest show average in loving God, yet something better.

Loving God and so we have Brian on this video with us today, and I know you're excited about this greatest show ever. I am, I really am Barnum and Bailey say to him and was one of us is born of the greatest show on that Sam on the greatest commandment that you had a method to your madness. Lastly, you cannot really do you want an alignment alignment and not speaking from a bathtub is always good to know. It's just that sometimes our our phone system makes it sound like that's if you think that Sam's in a bathtub, you really not right. Same not know so you know is I I contemplated this topic by that's a really challenging thing to understand how you love the Lord your God. Specifically, how do you do that love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul all your mind and you know what's involved in that. And interestingly I couldn't find the clip I thought anywhere that adequately showed that kind of love for God so I actually went to romantic love to kind of be an illustration of what I would hope you know I would share with God and romantic love is losing ourselves in that love which is what we should do with our love for God and so on were stupid when we do it romantically bit is being stupid for God's okay underwear yeah he did it and that's how you know you is out there so this first clip is from the movie a big fat Greek wedding and the reason I love it is is those who know me well know my favorite book in the Bible is the song of Solomon and in the first chapter, she says to him, he's looking at her and is she said she gets scared and she wants to hide and she says dark in my yet come later in the dark in my yet beautiful. Don't look at me because my brothers they put me on the summit made me look this way. That's Robby's fit, paraphrase, that the RSV so if you listen to Ian coming after what's her name Eula Lionel anyway. I did recently movie he's coming after her but she's hiding, and she doesn't want to talk about who she really is you really want to talk about her family and I don't know if you've ever experienced this with God shows up in your prayer life and all the sudden you find yourself not necessarily want to share all the details, but here's what have a listen and see what happens how the intimacy changes when she gets real major and the parents work to please think a strong person to well you know everything about me than a pretty strong vegetarian teacher at Lincoln Park know anything about you. Your great Christmas with her family said and selling 21st people to be around bringing great leaders know there is wonderful so look out what wants to work out different species.

Yes, we come from different backgrounds and in Jesus and news about my life to this point is boring. I met you are interesting and beautiful and fine weird family is little time so picture your own prayer life for minute you're talking to you, like, I don't think this is good to work out if you really knew all the stuff in my family. If you really knew all that there is about this.

This really this isn't going to work out. And Jesus really does say but Robby just want to spend some time with you.

Really, you think I'm beautiful you are me know you get a good look at this more likely. But here, the more I see that relationship in there for many of us that's how we react when were with God. She was very quiet. She didn't tell him anything and then when he finally coaxed it out of her. He wouldn't shut up or she wouldn't shut up, but the relationship wasn't clear until the very end when there was a back-and-forth that was up but it's all me with all you are you still love me even even when Sam and in your case. Sometimes you get mad at God and what in her like Shane, she felt shame over the where family reactor you're mad at God over something that happened in your life in a relationship for job situation. You don't really deal with it it it gets in the way of your ability to have that deep treatment and Brian, I love what you said before the show that that intimacies is kind of brought out in your favorite verse yes oh and I got to thinking about this topic and one of the verses that looked at was John 15 I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. It goes on later to say as the father has love me so I have loved you abide in my love and later on is greater love has no one than this, that someone laid down his life for his friend thought it was a good picture of loving God and in his ability love us back.

Even though we might want to be now and it's an interesting challenge you and said you you heard something here. You hadn't heard, I'm curious, Jim. Where were you going with that earlier over the weekend. I sort of was already for the night and then I was told that I don't know what love is the sort of, except that and I was so mostly Brown and he made the point that love is something that if we try to define that we diminish it.

But we know it when we see it and we know the fruit of it and you I thought I had a reasonable grasp on love and I know all records for an acid is a favorite study of mine, but we don't understand the love God has for us. That's beyond our comprehension, but it is so overwhelming that the best most innocent puppy love you ever had your life is a pale limitation of the love he has for us. It's not love that as I thought about it since you told me earlier today actually and allow anything that I did to try to describe that feeling of what that really was what diminish it because it your explaining something that clearly is is unexplainable and you know some passages that just jump out at me was just unbelievable and Jeremiah were talks about God's good news do anything the bride encircles the groom and and what time as the bride of Christ. That's awesome. And the reason I'm encircling the groom and that happened seven times in a Jewish wedding.

If you ever attend one bride will go around the groom seven times in order to bring down the walls of his heart, so it it's kind of like what do I do what can I do in response to what this love is that I have for God that would bring down the walls of his heart now and we come out of the break here in a minute. You can hear a song is actually by Jen Johnson and Jen Johnson is Bill Johnson's daughters. Those are familiar with who you but she sings this song about what can I do my beautiful king you know and the part that you're not hearing and the sundries I'm setting it up this way is because you don't hear the part where she's trying to do what how do I bring your the walls your heart, God, you do. I dance my single.

I write you poetry. You know what is it that I need to do. She's looking for something to do that would bring out God's love and in so many ways you know that echoes what a lot of us think about and listen to her response. She gets back from Jesus is coming up the bomb politically on the way through. But think about how how can I get to that place where I can grow closer to God and that we feel like a boot camp someplace for that happened November 1 through the fourth master journey is assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support clearly smiled as he was on the information that where you can click button waking into masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 masculine journey fans can advance freedom advanced healing advanced walk with Jesus. If you've attended more masculine journey boot camp for ransom camp then you this talk about this camp is treetop ventures on like putting an aquatics guide be flying on water coming up this 17 through 19 masculine journey and register today so I her response and so fascinating to me and I think so accurate that Jesus have to do is just just have to be here with me.

This moment is so sweet and I don't know you know often think that when I was young adolescent boy you would crush on a girl in my day you would.

It would just give you this unbelievable feeling and I was always hope it really that that that I would. I could get that back and keep it because it that such a unique wonderful feeling where you want on their you know that they write songs about that feeling and all that went on and maybe you could go back in your life because I really think that this is the place we been attacked many many many many times is at this point in intimacy because the enemy knows that that's really what that place right there is where God is, is trying to get to. But when you are there. Did you ever you know, go to the street where your girlfriend lived just hang out and hope that she would come out the door so that you could or would you kinda appear around trying to figure out what time she would come out with whatever it was you could do to just be around her. What what did that feel like now that I'm using this to set up this clip which these guys are poor. My man card because it's clip from camp rock film but apparently is. This is classic stuff from my standpoint because Joe Jonas here has got he's been crushing on this girl and so weak he is in one camp on one side of the lake. In this girls in the supposing On the other side of Lake and he's been doing everything to get a look at this girl he's got the binoculars you know he's going out there. So in many ways and she sees him and he comes across the other way and she weighs his and and he's just totally smitten and in love. But then once she shows up as you will hear now he's kind of like many teenage boys free to go well for you. You came to see me. I am here and I can you see my father's wrath and that's AIMING I don't know what else is to say is you're supposed to say looking amazing.

And mom you then I am different worlds never told me the other canoeing.

I don't like canoeing. Okay now I'm really high dinner coming to jump.

Doesn't it shouldn't be here, but I can make light list of things that nobody knows nothing really getting out. Sorry, we still have two minutes came think they need to do and not asking that I'm shy please send me Casey D. Lies, it smells like feet to me. So the result of that song you know I had to cut it off. If these guys can only take so much camp is the which you know if your procedure Genesis face the fact that is trying to grow mustaches very hilarious and in the whole thing is this teenage love that it if if you recall when you were there and what that felt like an and how it was just grasp you in every way shape or form.

You know that it's a beautiful thing but then they did not express themselves. I did not want to walk into it and and he began that point of this is who I am and then went when you think about the Scriptures. Jim is a way to dig in. As I've fallen more and more and more in love with God.

A lot of the way I did that was just fine and that he was trying to grow a mustache and he thinks that she smells like feet totally cheese. She's not how that's what he only ate cheese on homemade quesadillas. Okay well I haven't seen camp rock so I don't know supposed to dislike it, but I did that clip because it was me up until he did this long I would've gone that far given up but don't often disallow salt for a while. After getting crushed until I fell for the next one finally married the first one that would have responded to me that when we were married at 1717 and we were anything but up till then. That first Aflac clip every love I ever had. And yes, I used to go handle streets do silly things to try to see girls that I had a crush on. I'd like to do that with God and MM and one of the things it enamored me with the song of Solomon is that it and in the second chapter. She describes him. She says my lovers like stallion eat these up on the on the rocks. He's coming under in always easy. It is on the feet of deer and then he pierced through the lattice. He looks through the window. He's that in love with you like that, that he is hanging out on your street anything and if you know I've often walked on the street before the pavement never stay beneath my feet.

I'm just telling that semi-fairly.

Anyway that's that's the point. Sam God is that in love with us and we don't know what to say. I don't know how to respond. Never find a louder feel that love that we let the get on our way. The enemy poked at the time. It didn't go well. We were hurt you know that on God known as the illest things back to really accept that love, the ultimate game changer.

It really is. I read just today Twitter. That, of all places, but I this is a phenomenal little tweak it said those people who don't allow their heels to cut I'm in their heels to wounds to heal bleed on the ones that they're trying to help and and therein lies the thing is we were bleeding on our wives and our children.

You know, based on the wounds that that we're not letting Jesus come in and heal, but he's he said so clearly that that's what he's after.

Brian is that healing is a really and I think so many times we we just don't want that we want to go deep.

Therefore, we don't want that intimacy with him because we don't really want to go there may not think that the thing we need to realize is if we do go there like you said it will will really do it for us and not heard. I get is when he was announcing his ministry reading the Isaiah scroll. I'm pretty sure the very first thing he mentioned is healing the brokenhearted, unless all of this and that's what he came to do for each and every one of you because he realizes if you could get that heart back if you could be that teenager that fell hopelessly helplessly. You know, just like smitten.

Wow, you know, that's all still there and it just needs to be healed and and that opportunity Sam it it takes time that that you have to invest in that essay when am I gonna take the time to get my heart back so that I can offer to God in an ultimately like you talked about to offer to others because how you love them. If you don't invest the time and energy into getting your heart back on as much a much as you realize what gets in the way the old broken door is a distraction and what is that baby yes to all three.

Or maybe it's something different that heartier story that keeps you from having that time to spend with God or being vulnerable when you are spending time in the end there's some agreements I think and thereto Sam that I did not know I had made myself Jesus wants to tell you I mean if we begin the listen for his voice. He wants to tell us where we need to work and he wants to go there but you gotta believe that that's something that he wants and you can have an agreement will guys not that interested me. Now Scripture, there are a lot of people that were very good at all and I mean look at look at all you all and only God God continue to pursue him in love and in literally change your life which you all help change the many other people live through walk with God critical that every one of us. That's read the Bible we know God loves us. He has to that's his job. Do you know that God likes you, you know, that he delights in you, but he is literally die to spend time with you be able to. That's what you have to recognize in yourself and all of us look at ourselves and know that were not worth loving, and it didn't matter.

And you know you look that weekend coming up November 1.

Of the 40. Think I afford to take this time really I can you afford not to have your heart back to live the rest of your year.

You believe that the mass underneath can help you go there to take some time between you and God is the one that's coming and it's available right there master journey radio.a large register today. We would love a time when we yes we will you learn about L UN diminished start talk about the

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