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The Power of the Tongue

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 18, 2018 12:30 pm

The Power of the Tongue

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 18, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Every man plays a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome to masculine journey. We are very glad to have it with us today. Question for you and I love the three questions on the matter how many weeks until the next boot camp at quite a few benign is about eight or nine minutes November 1-4. I live we have room for you guys come excitingly to have it at the same place we have a bit in a new location. We have new digs with the Lakeview and everything.

It's amazing.

So you need to register masculine journey radio.hiding point is counting on.

I was there last week. They were fish all over the surface, but like churn.

I was like man.

This could be flight time.

I think I officially caught my smallest fish ever, winning the best because you haven't gone fishing with me so yeah I think I can take you where you catch fish that when you go to set the hook. It becomes a back cast yet so that's great like I got some good fish. There is also masking journey encouraged and now I'm excited about the show today. I really am yeah that's on the second excited about the show today with your mouth. You're telling us you know and excited about is everybody can relate to this in their life. I'm quite sure that every single person out there can relate to what we can talk about today when you talk about the power of the time the power that has to give life to speak. Praising people's lives in the power to destroy his answer. In reality what it does and overlaid us when you guys to read the passage from James and it really talks about that pretty well but were going to be using one movie which you don't normally do normally use clips from different movies there and it can also be about the movie they were using the clips from yes so when Sampson out. You know the topic in and asked to look at clips I just kinda had a couple it came to mind and and thought about it and prayed about it a little bit and really there were so many things coming to mind, but what ended up there was the movie the King's speech and to to set up the whole movie. If you've never seen the King speech.

I think the phrases 40 white non-but it's a great movie is historical about King George VI, becoming the king, and yet he doesn't really want to be the king. He's helping his brother David's going to be the king and one of the reasons he's hoping David's going to be the king and grow up quite frankly is because he stutters the reason he stutters is because he grew up with King George V as a father who was a very, very hard man to please and before George would even get a word out as a kid he was.

Prince Albert was Albert was his given name when he was once again a candy was Prince Albert and let out a that's why I started stuttering, and no sound making a joke about stuttering authorize any way that whole issue when you look at the history of it is basically King George V is pretty much the reason that King George VI's daughter and so it's a story about really bad fathering, although that doesn't make it into the movie and except in tiny little clips and pieces and then a story of wonderful fathering by this man who becomes his friend Lionel Loke and helps him learn to be able to speak into one of these what they called wireless that was in the first days of radio and there there worked the opportunities to tape anything. So it was live and you were talking about the power of the tongue as I live, not set in this particular spot in a long time and I was looking at this and this kinda looks like a black licorice snowcone like black licorice and so I would be scared of this if if it were me, but anyway so that's the movie set up his that George is really struggling with becoming king you have some clips and limitless the culture to be with this good fathering figure. Yeah it also one is not so pleasant but forget that Jim can you go through the the passage in James for us that you really kind of speaks to this speaks to the tongue. James 33 is normal start now. If we put bits into the mouths of horses so they obey us, we direct their whole bodies and consider ships know very large and driven by fierce winds, they are guided by a very small rudder wherever the will of the pilot directs, so too will the tongue is a small part of the body. It boasts great things. Consider how a small fire sets ablaze a large forest in the tongue is a fire, let it go there. We are not out of your client to find a product and they didn't commute set up this clip real quick about what were going to listen to. This is with the future king and Lionel ESO. Lionel's is hired by the king and his wife actually to help him get through the process of doing speeches on the radio and in public and so Lionel is getting ready to they've made a bet with each other, a shilling, or a Bob you'll hear in the clip that Lionel can help the king read something without stuttering and he has very unorthodox ways one of which is to put headphones on you while you're listening to music I voiced back to on the same machine. This is Prince's latest Inc. of America to sell into some as involving the scientific I'm rich and I have what I'm saying affiliate Prince's brain is in its mouth stealing and on. When acquainted people can speak English and I don't understand.

That's really what confuses me, but it's quite funny clip in his document how you can get a Bob go home rich yeah the rich is minimally and probably yeah that's it. It's a very good set up to this whole thing of this relationship is a Texas King way out of his comfort zone is Prince way out of his comfort zone to help him find some real life and it's really pretty cool and I note you will have stories about where people of been on both sides of the equation lift us up and turns down. I want to go to the other clip pretty quickly and this is the father. This is on Christmas as if I remember) is yes right after Christmas message were the father, King George VI has the arching King George V has done this address. One of the first in history on radio to the nation and bless them with this message on Christmas and so he's now telling his son who he's afraid might have to be king some day that he needs to give it a try.

And so you try to coach them through it straight back and started squaring me. I asked what any decent English shows income on a content thing.

I can meet this this devilish device will change everything if you don't in the apostolate King had to do with respectably beautiful, not full of his horse. Now we must invade people's homes and ingratiate also. This family's been reduced to those there was basis of old creatures we become actors when I'm dead, that by the ruling himself. This family in this nation within 12 months and pick up the pieces that intimidating off of your mouse.

In the other half who will stand between us jackboots. The proletarian abyss. You ran with the older brother, shaking his duties again and knew a lot more this is Gladys getting out blame plaintiff the bowels of market just take time formula was Catholic science. I'm enabled tax Prius this Christmas Day speak all my well I think one thing to point out in this way. I think the dad was trying to be helpful right at me and I don't think he had a heart to really want to hurt his son but you know the root what was the net result of that in eliciting that there is no doubt Jim that the man that had to just kill this person.

What I hear, relax yelled at me like The last thing in the world. I'm in a do yeah I think he's oblivious to the he's tried to bring up again basically pays doing it. Probably the way he was brought up, which often is where those wounds come from. Absolutely.

That unity can see that the power those words especially from somebody that you want to get affirmation from you know you really do want to get that from your parent or you want to get it from a coach or somebody you know a boss in those types of things and and when you get instead what this other person thinks is helpful as anything but helpful and it can be pretty brutal, I know we all have some stories where that's happened synonymously. We probably have some stories where we were. The person doing that right because we can all do it in. James talks about a bit later in there that you know we use the same time to praise in the same time to curse and so just understanding the power that we have known especially for a walk with God through it is to to use that time to its wisest potential know Robbie, I am dying to hear your story rather first ever on our show.

I think before that before we came in with me before to talk about the show and Robbie had a story to share with us when letting shirt as we wanted to hear it. It's ordinarily going to break that man you cannot turn off the radio to come back and hear the story because I'm excited Robbie to really hear the store and paper plates and ribbons. We just the title has to go to collapse and give the guitar the time it's not will just not you never hear this air the show.

The show pressure rally not just relaxed and so as we have a boot camp coming out November 1-4. If you haven't been. It's an amazing experience. You got Denson just incredible things while you're there, and he just always seems to be doesn't just meet you where you need to be met at the bit you know Robbie you been to how many now I don't mean 15 yes answering all these questions I would answer for.

The point is that there you get to hear the power of God's time absolute and and and he's the one that makes the difference in the boot camps designed to be able to hear that masking journey is a salmon mask. My son Eli talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on his informational website there that where you can click the donate button waking into masculine working mouse and mail it to PO Box 550 927285. All God has set within each of us a masculine life give you that part and what is the Christian life has to do with any of conjuring masculine journey.

Radio for the first based on John Eldridge's book.

While that's a great question.

First, masculine journey radio etiquette enters a whole truth of the story.

I was listening to the song this weekend and you have done him and he loved on his mind and the stuff that he writes most of and knows us listening to that and does God's brought to my mind these times where the wooden sticks and stones that were hurting me. It was words were breaking my heart. And honestly I either cut that and I when I originally heard it. I couldn't understand the lyrics and I had to look him up on Don and what they actually say it only takes a breath or to write and then not all that hit me like a brick well into brass. You can let some fly that change in summary form that okay so true confession time.

I have spent most of my life trying to love people.

I'm convinced the older and more crotchety that I get the more I probably hate people. And so it's primarily when I'm in a car. However, I don't have to even be the driver really of the car. I could be the passenger but so we go on trips. A good amount. Sheila and I do this weekend we went to Augusta, Georgia. My son had a brain while his wife had a baby, actually, and that would've been a miraculous thing but anyway my sixth grandchild and so we went down there and we pulled out of their neighborhood went to get gas and it literally was probably two breaths we drove she was trying to sable a dime and so she pulled into Kroger to get gas, which has 4,000,323 other people who were trying to buy socks, groceries and gas and I would pay $100 a gallon for gas.

If no one was at the pump because remember I hate people, and so especially in public and so literally we were pulling into the thing and I'm already critiquing her choice of gas stop.

Her choice of driving through the parking lot a particular way instead of the way I would've gone to avoid the people who I hate and only took a breath or two. It really only took a breath or two and she stopped. She goes okay with not even like off of their street yet and you're already being a jerk so if you want to drive. I was like okay you're right right thankfully she's tough and she can in addition, back, and then call me out on it, but it doesn't take me very far to go to a bad place, absolutely. And anything is the the enemies waiting right enemies waiting to take something and twist and turn it you know when we tell young kid something like you know you never sent on the stupid and it may not be say something the interpreters are stupid and on impact them further their whole life right now, not to share a lot of the story that my sister used to tell me some things as a kid that had nothing to say shut up all these kinds of things and really impacted me for several years and to the point right in my speak in public.

I didn't want to really speak up in the crowd and I just really truly believed from that young place in my heart that I had nothing important to say. And I got it and went through the process of bearing the head of taking that damage away and I and and I think it said before my sister was a fully grown woman at the time she was 27 something like that when I was five and she was just like really really horrible with me and just impact that has been on I look back talk before the show how the enemy can take something twisted even when you don't mean it in my daughter Rachel. She ended up having ADD I didn't know that at the time and so she was struggling in school. She was really smart when turn in homework things like that and so we tried everything with her absolute everything with her journals all the stuff to try to get stuff back and forth and finally just one day of sitting on. I was really disappointed in you and I said that disappoints me is what is it that disappoints me.

She started bawling enforcement. She said simply said you think I'm a disappointment so no that's not what I said.

I said your behavior disappointed me. You're not a disappointment at all. He and I love you unfortunately again she said something or she would just care that in her whole life and now that's where the enemies going to take something even if it's not meant anywhere in that context. In what way out. Well I had a situation like that as it is a younger father. My daughter was wearing some friends close close that I had not personally approved. Not that I had to approve everything or although my wife or I probably one did in. I went to pick her up to take her to the dentist when they picked her up from school and she jumped in the car and I looked at her and said will were worded. Where did you get that skirt and she said no it's so-and-so's and I said will we get to go home and change your clothes before you go to the dentist and she was appalled why it's cute and I in so many words said what because it makes you look like a streetwalker. That's why where were going home.

I'm not going to take you to the dentist. My daughter is not going to address this right well not understanding the power of those words and you might be listening to go all amino if that's the you know the truth hurts so to speak, sometimes truth does hurt sometimes the truth doesn't need to be said that way either. And so, not realizing that other people who she cared about, had recently said some very hurtful things to her. She wore that kind of as a moniker for a period of time and it wasn't until several years later that she with a youth minister sat down and said do you remember when you said this. This is the power of that and it hurt this bad and it it started me down the road. Unfortunately, I still fall off of that rodent get messed up on some back road every now and then but but it started me thinking, and then this message quite frankly has helped me more than anything to understand the power of the person's heart needs not.

I'm angry. I'm upset.

I'm inconvenienced how in the world could you blot.

You know all of those things that come to mind. Those are really important right now. What's important is this person's heart and their soul and how I handle it is it is a direct reflection of the love of God. Often times, as a father you know people grow up, looking at God the way that they look at their father often and so if their father is a person who ridicules and demeans or says something crude rooted in socially unacceptable, they may very well grow up thinking that's kind of the way God looks at them as well and it really is.

You made a point during uniform on the show that you involved in on that side of the equation right. And if you're out there listening today and you're saying hey I'm just a horrible parent, horrible older sibling or whatever that is. That's not the truth of the situation that could have been yesterday's truth.

You did some bad things with it doesn't have to be today's truth doesn't have to be tomorrow's truth right there still time to speak life and speak love in people's hearts. Robbie owing to go to you because I gotta get the story and I'm dying to hear is asked Jim something that I want to go because I got to hear even talking about it.

All right, so I used to teach high school Sunday school class. 49: Bible Fellowship and these kids were seniors in high school and some are another guy just gave me this idea that I was going to do some called mutual admiration society and for whatever reason I took these paper plates and I put red ribbon on the ninth was carried him in the car.

My kids saw that at the time they were like 11 or 12 men like that.

There's no way high school seniors are going to put that around the neck of the set up was this that I took my paper plates with red ribbons on in the class. I said I watched all the put these and so it hangs on your back, give everybody a pan and I want you to write on the back that person what you admire most or how you see God in that person what what are they do that makes you realize that God's and and so they all describe the pans and wrote like crazy and went all around the room and and just had the best time actually for the entire hour in these paper plates were just absently fall. It was cold. It was wonderful. But I had no idea the impact that it had because several years later we had a reunion of that class and where all you know Sam well you remember when and some of them they're all I close your most favorite class of all of all the classes that we talked about God, about a blonde and Simkins as well. That was the paper plate class.

I still have my paper plate and outgrown it all.

I still have my paper plate nicely in all these kids see words of affirmation they'd held onto those plates for years. Based on that's how little we get that stuff absolutely and it's really cool. God knows how much we needed known even when we are at a place where we really can't hear him innocent people in their life to remind us of the coming will have a kind word to say something to us that really to speak*heart of the thing is, we need to learn to hold onto it and I know at least for me personally a lot better at holding onto the bad stuff that I am holding on to the good stuff. That's right put on paper plate that we can serve at a restaurant where you do that that is a perfect lead-in to what I sort of wanted to save most of all, this is a group of men and one of the things you said earlier was that when people say things about us people that could move this month.

Most or build us up most of those we love and respect and the group of men with microphones here right now in this video were man I deeply respect. Now we pick on each other way say things that could hurt, but don't because we know there's love their but Robbie, in particular, has this amazing ability to call me at all full times. Give me an encouraging word that I really needed at that moment.

And if we can become that person. Of those we care about.

We can make a stunning difference in their lives. And it doesn't mean we're not going to mess up once in a while right.

It is interesting. The more deposits that I concluded that person versus the withdraws are nominal, make, and I get to keep that account unhealthy side of read it and what is the lower right concept. That's great young teacher onto my you know, one of the things I wanted to say really fasted, as were closing out is God promised Jesus promised to leave us the Holy Spirit right. Don't worry about it I'm going but I'm giving you the Holy Spirit. One of the names for the Holy Spirit is the counselor reviews that a lot.

It's also the encourager. He didn't leave us and discourage her because we have plenty of those. He left us in encourager, who lives with you all the time. We must need some encouragement. We absolutely do not leave this into something I want to challenge this week go to God and ask him God, what would you put on my paper plate and what would you say about me, what things would you speak to my heart and giving time to respond and just listening listen to the people he sends in your life that week speak truth. This is what you hear those things that he knows is true in your heart means that a masking journey to register for the boot camp November will see you next week

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