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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 3, 2022 12:02 am

WRWL 03022022 HR1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 3, 2022 12:02 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

And is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded of the Christian resistance data by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Once massively hard topics facing our society like the freedom to steal your rights as children what's right what's left after welcome to another addition of what's right what's left just would Lenny. We've got a nickel get that get that go find it hundred the Lilly okay ladies of the board tonight and tonight we have with us. Well, this is the voice of the Chris resistance on this Wednesday the March 2, 2022 and tonight we have with us here, Sarah Voorhis, who is a very well-known attorney and Brian Kirk, welcome to the program under Brian why is your name so familiar to me know. I would either so years ago, like a light. Any Janet Folger, now Porter was a good friend of mine and I think she probably had me come in and I'm so glad to hear your voice. You sound just like you did 30 years ago yellow.

That's it. I remember in fact Jen Porter just texted me no more than an hour ago followed while she's got a big event coming up here on 12 March March will Saturday. It's a big breakfast and so I'll be promoting that with with her but yeah I remember one and I spoke at end, and you spoke at noses all coming to me. We spoke at a number of events together over the correct yeah I've been on the air now for 50 years that really awesome yeah and I heard the name because I I wish I do whatever Sarah tells me to do it all.

Get ready for a phone call at around 10 and I know was going to be used so this is a pleasant surprise, that is is good to have you. Now you can stay which alone this time will we always start his radio program on and we always ended with the word of God and you know why because there was nothing that ever existed.

That is as certain as God's word and is why we always start their everything else. In fact, according to God himself. Everything else is going to pass away, but his words will never pass away. And so were going to start here tonight in Isaiah chapter 32 now he's talking about a time that this was written 2800 years ago and over 28 and and is talking about a time that's going to be both contemporary and yet future and so in a week or two here. You guys in my class tonight so maybe I'll just gonna ask you some questions in quiz you little bit as we go behold King shall reign in righteousness, and the princes shall rule in judgment, and a man truly is a hiding place from the wind and the covert from the tempest as resident rivers of water in a dry place is a shadow of a great rock in a weary land. So now he's talking about a place this this this is talking about is during the millennial reign of Christ, and as weeds we see here is that he's going to be in a man, shall be as a hiding place to who that there's only one person that this fits this description from the wind and they covert from the tempest as the rivers of water in a dry place and is a shadow of a great rock in a weary land so that only applies to the king of kings and the Lord of lords Messiah so when this is written, and he says in the eyes of them that see shall not be dim in the years of them that hear shall hearken when you think that means will will talking about get that started going out.

He's talking about understanding with discernment of the of the times were living in now listening to this and see if this does not apply to today Lord and he goes the heart also of the rash shall understand knowledge in the tone of the stammers shall be ready to speak plainly so when he's talking about that that the heart of the rash when he think he meant there is the antichrist, perhaps know the ways of the heart of the rest you know you know there are people that the spontaneous that they do things without a lot of planning letter thinking date of the dirt like impetuous and they move sometimes the delete before they look and and and shall understand knowledge is a talking about that the heart of the good and the good understand what was before with what is happening at the time, though this is during the millennial reign of Christ in the tongue of the stammers shall be ready to speak plainly you know there are people I know a fellow once one time he really his heart, he wanted to be a preacher. He wanted to be a preacher with all of his heart and he was just he would get up and he would start to do to preach and it was start stuttering and and in you. Set there and and and the more he started the worse it would get when people started getting frustrated and I felt bad for the fella, but now he learned he was an excellent teacher Bible teacher in the structure as long as he kept within that and he could speak to that.

But when he tried to preach. It was terrible and and so but here he says shall be ready to speak plainly hillbilly. If you ever had it been the time when you knew what you're trying to say you, you're trying to convey something to someone and you know which you know what you mean, but you can't find the right words for that quarter that Cialis happened to us now here. Listen to this is see if this verse does not apply for today. Note the vile person shall be no more called a liberal, nor the Charles said to be bountiful know he's talking about the word file means someone that is repulsive to God's will in this repulsive person repulsive to God that just prior to the days of the Lord's return. That person divide the vile person or persons repulsive the God will be called a liberal now at the time that this was written in the connotation of the word liberal was was positive. Liberal was someone who was was generous with their own property, generous with their own money in their food today liberal cylinders generous with other people's property, other peoples and especially other people's liberties and freedoms and now when when the Lord sets up his kingdom. That's going to change that word liberal will go back to meaning to meaning what it would be met before the positive connotation, but prior to that, and that's exactly the days were living in today. If I say divisively a person is a liberal you're gonna think will have persons pro-abortion that persons pro-sodomy of these are all things that a liberal you know cause to themselves, that person is going to be generous in note with with with my property, but not with her own and I with and so the vile person shall be no more called a liberal, nor the Charles the troll was a word for miser, miser, and again today that applies. There are people today that that are out there for their just making the deal giving funds. All these different learning gluten murder antiphon all these different so-called causes, but is not none in their money, they always find a liberal always finds a way to tap in the taxpayers hard earned money. They always there.

There there. They remind me of well I was gonna say buzzards in the way with them about our parasitical are there more parasitical always seem to be eating away at healthy thing from the inside, destroying it from the inside and he said nor the troll said to be bountiful for the vile person will speak vigilantly in his heart will work iniquity to practice typography. Although my did you guys listen watch the speech last night, I showed you. Wow I couldn't get it.

I did not want to like. I like it public and with fun but I knew we were talking about today. I like it. I do a recording and that and they are in Lala land that did not just make you feel so probably would Joe Obama said that where we are going to secure our southern border and that the confidence there was a remarkable Wenzhou promises were going to have things made in America and we're going to become American in energy independent boy to deck give me trust anything that ended just it just made me's. My heart go out when he he said we're going to fund the police not to fund the police. All of these things. It seems like well it wasn't very long ago it all that he was totally against all of those. In fact, he still is any way.

At we're going to find a place that will find a camera like that are on ART, or any of the other members of the aquatic interest yeah know what a contrast that was here last time president 12 a real president a real president, a man that they kept his promises who actually worked for America. Not for the deep state. The last time he was then nasty. Pelosi was sitting behind him carrying up his speech total and total disrespect when she did that not only did she disrespect present. She disrespect all of those of us aboard for and and but you know what, by God's grace that the last time we'll see her sitting there behind the president that what what what I yeah I and and Eric looked at her with me addicted everybody out flat but that about you had to Lala land is there, dummy.

You know I hate to use that were dating Beth with some of the things that I've heard those to say I mean I would just think the good Lord that I'm not married to someone without, I mean those those two you know we had at a pastors conference's clearance a few years back we had a limit. I couldn't believe it.

One of the men there who he travels the world any films things and I'm just have one of my senior moments right now. Didn't take my president would he build Nancy Pelosi and said I and one of those sodomite parades in San Francisco and if you would've saw this I wish I could had that and made people look at that, that wicked woman stood right next to two completely naked sodomite meant sodomizing a cellist and right are not broad daylight and and she's standing there within a foot of the these two and she's telling them Jesus would be very happy with the way that you men show love for each other and that's with the doubt that. So when I say dingbat I mean now here's a woman he calls himself a Christian but safe was if I can remember right, who was it that brought judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. That's right was God wasn't yet I was in and out was that judgment pretty harsh oh so it kinda shows you the God doesn't have a very high regard for sodomy does now. Nancy Pelosi does.

She's got a tremendous and unbelievable so anyhow just go back to what he was saying here said the instruments of the limits it okay yeah it is heart will work iniquity to practice hypoxic so he saying that prior to the Lord's return to set up his millennial kingdom people the liberal the liberal today will practice hypoxic acidity, are we seeing this prophecy being fulfilled precisely before eyes got so you who practice typography and to utter error against the Lord old. They don't seem to delight God too much today and you thought perhaps are resident in chief was asked about his Catholic faith and how he reconciled that abortion today and Boyd. Jill just grabbed him away from the reporter.

Yeah, I'd like to see that Brian, when was that that was this afternoon. I can keep came back from a service and had the ashes in some reporter not sure who it was a female reporter asked how do you reconcile this with your Catholic faith and he had a nonanswer and then she'll rescue them. You know I gotta tell you this that I'm not I'm not very well impressed with people like Cardinal Dolan their New York and others that that say well you people that take that Stan according to the article in the Catholic Church will not supposed to be in the Catholic Church became but I remember him saying when asked about Gov. Cuomo wise and he excommunicated and I was remember watching Cardinal Dolan and Gov. Cuomo hitting elbows. They were like playing a little game together doing this little dance or whatever and so I don't think it would do any good. You know that that is typography. It's good to take a stand here. But here's here's the problem within the Catholic Church. You got enough money and power. You don't have to worry about it's only the people that are wealthy and powerful that have to worry about being excommunicated at just the way it is an event that the Curtain and went politic think that crap definitely politician who can do anything make roof everybody out. Don't follow all yeah absolutely well aimed at Mike I co-theory well innovative method is well look, let's just take a look at the what what you have with with Hillary Clinton and you want one of things that Hillary Clinton and in the Vladimir Putin have in common is is they know how to disappear people that people it could cause them a problem they know how to make him go away and that if you have have enough money behind you like the way they do. You don't have to worry about ever being prosecuted just the way the way it's been an in with the deep state here.

This is why people have lost. Today the country they the they've lost all confidence and night to set up a dinner served people of really the judicial system in this country has taken a huge huge hit were comes to believability and confidence when they refused when they refused to hear those cases on voter fraud and election fraud when they refuse well across the board, not even hear another were things that were not to do our job. You think that we we want to have resolute mortar or antiphon or doorstep. No were not going to to stand up and do our job. We just cannot bow down, they lost they lost some with dates so much confidence was was lost.

You talk to people out there like I do every day and I could tell you it's the same thing with all of the doctors that went along with big Pharma encouraging people to take the boys and the spoke and people are dying left and right from that in the know that the confidence I have people calling all over people that that I'm hearing from whose doctors have in it at that.

Advise them to go ahead and take the shot. They no longer have any trust in those doctors and they're looking for new ones that dotted the almighty dollar right yeah and that's it and got a problem in the country with the chronic neck and when I think something that typically the court had no army had no martial art followed by fair Lord there judgment their decision at their intergalactic credibility. If there's a lack of integrity in that product that they think law their ability to garner support. I absolutely have to believe that the plot that it fair for any dictation Hat anyway and if it if they don't look in acute estate that they don't take on cases that now make a different impropriety immediately. Then they block is right can't count how powerful they can be. Right now they are one meant that there there not to be the most powerful part but that they are a check and balance to the etiquette. Clark the government that's what they meant to do you're right. When they failed to do their job when they failed to do.

Went to hear the cases in the election fraud. They lost credibility tremendous amount of credibility and a loft architect and talented at. At the founders had already mentally and brilliantly on created right yeah you're right it cowardly and cowardly and and we law a president that I mean, I hope that he come back stronger than ever.

But but time account okay I got a finish description because were little princes and instruments. Also, the churl or evil. He devises wicked devices and destroy the poor will lying words even when the needy speak of the right, but the liberal devises liberal things by liberal things. Shelley stand rise up you women that her knees hear my voice, you careless daughters give ear to your speech many days and years shall be troubled you careless women know he's is directing this ear to the women, but this actually applies to everyone here for the vintage should fall in the gathering shall not come trouble you women that are at ease be troubled you careless ones strip you and make you bear fingered sect called upon your loins, and they shall lament for their teats for the pleasant fields and for the fruitful line what is telling them there is that the AC is directed towards that.

The women that are wealthy's wealthy women and around them. There are people living in poverty than people. He could need help Victor at the could care less like when Amos was talking about the cows of Bashan. Those women who were would force their husbands to to take will take things away from that the needy and the wealthy to give to them because they wanted to be appear wealthy and powerful and so this is what is telling because there there not paying attention to the word of God there, thinking only about themselves and boy are they in for a rude awakening were going to have to stop right there and were going to go to a quick break and will be back right after this, and this creates about some folks who love this country will begin to dream the sea. There is across this nation be thinking one in the say my hand and the man in an J means is an ingredient in man and the man in a reasonable way by we see the when I could've taken some of us have we been pushing back for over 50 years were to continue to push back into the Lord takes us here, but we're not going to take it in the right Brian writes her brother Auriga gives a couple couple quick commercials.

Okay you guys a bear with me and then talk about Sarah and know what's going on. She's running for well-to-do informal model walk on while all I see are you gonna talk right into the phone. Listen as I can okay talk right into the receiver better now yeah but still not very loud. QA Bobcat help it out. I am writing for the Atlantic to coordinate clearly can't Be Appellate Ct. in Nike. I am that Tyler County Lake portage yada active file in my own wicked combo and I am running an applicant primary I get liberal topic and liberal and has ability I can heartbeat spell.

I can't stand your ground, and that after promising in meeting with representatives of Buckeye firearms, stating that he would vote to stand your ground has been stopped on convicted criminals and Brian can give you little bit more and faith. More information on that as well as the blue of other liberal legislation that he had attempted to pass trying to speak to someone that the issues that you are passionate about what you pass through the commercial break coming up are you going to give one very quickly here for the godly Christian Academy is holding an open house on Tuesday evening, March 8 from 530 to 8:30 PM at its campuses parents and children are invited to attend and meet our teachers and staff and see our classrooms again insight is you consider the many inoffensive a Christian education for your children.

Learn more about yours are small class sizes and academically rigorous curriculum with a biblical worldview, academic intervention programs and ambassadors for Christ in sports and teams in local international ministries college credit courses and loving environment, the school serves students in two campuses. The burden campus house and the preschool through fourth grade students and it's located it. 14220 Clarendon, Troy Road and Burton just a few miles north of the Burton Square. The 20 campus houses fifth grade through high school is located at the intersections of Route 704 22 and Troy for more information you can visit the school's website at www.I got Paca as AGA, PE, CA data, or call Susan Gifford at 440-834-8022.

That's 440-834-8022 of Sarah bright. I've known Russ and Sue Gifford for years that we help her get started with a open school thing about 20 years ago spent and it is by praising the Lord, you know right I don't know if you remember but I was one of the pioneers of homeschooling here in Ohio back nearly 70 do you myself will actually Martha Lippitt was the lady that that really was the impetus behind it. When the ACLU got after her remember she had a one room schoolhouse in the ACLU got after Katrina Bible on her desk. Who would ever thought and the 10 Commandments on the wall. She called me we put her on the air and we start a battle he started promoting homeschooling is started growing and growing and growing and so but homeschooling and we help several Christian schools get started to we need and they work with homeschoolers and end up sooner and Russ are two great folks and they were they really love your kids and you don't have to worry about all of this. This transgender stuff and this all this other stuff to takes places the drag queens and all of this ungodly stuff that takes places in the public. For system out there folks get if you love your children get them out of the public school system got although it can Christian monetary school and had been making. Cool. But it is apparent if this were my grandchildren. Go here to look copy but not listen to this.

Do you know what's coming up. You know about the North East Ohio conservative club Lincoln Day dinner right that Saturday, March 12 that's going to be at Lofaro's party center at 32200 Chardon Rd., Willoughby Hills and they are going to have a number of people there keynote speakers of German AC joking up there, for Sarah Thomas Cove or Mike Gibbons, Josh Mindel, Jane Temkin, and more and let me see Bevin against remit F not going to my senior lady run for Congress than more than a running author Bevin attended church or church so anyhow that's going to take place.

There and it starts at 6 PM and table are tickets are $50 $50 a piece of note. For more information, you can call Mario say hello Mario at 216-520-1977, 216-520-1977 the stone pastor said to call you where you and that we have one other thing is happening that same day and on.

On that same day. No, not that same day, the day before. By the way he's they've asked me to open that up that night so well Lord's will and I'll be there to open that up. You have art, our dear friend Jim Porter. She is going to have on the that's going to be the 11th and she is asked if I could come to that, Beverly made a commitment but she's going to have her day which is good to be a faith action breakfast with David Barton next Friday, March 11 yeah that's Friday, March 11 at the Weymouth country club. And anyhow, she's asking me if I could company In two places at once because I very committed to being there at that Molly's bringing America back to life and so that is going to be Friday the 11th March 11 and David Barton. Jim Porter and I'm try to give you more and that's it. Weymouth country club at 3946 Weymouth Rd. with Dino Ohio and Janice and get some tickets get some tickets and I'm looking for and I'm trying to well just go ahead and get her tickets are $30 or $60 a couple and you can get a table for eight for $240 for table of eight to reserve your table so for March okay so you go up on the Internet to F2 a that's the F the with the number two test F2 a faith action. The F the number to the letter and you can order your tickets.

That way, all right now. Christian conservative running in political election throughout the country. Now you do. Yeah there's a lot of wines think that there is evidence or emergence well and I know a lot of them are scared to death or see what happened. The they could not believe because they were asleep for so long and when. And a lot of these people didn't realize the parents did realize what their children were being taught in school until the covert thing came and the kids came home this critical race theory where their teaching the children to be ashamed of your white. You should go home and and and and tell your parents.

They should be ashamed for being white will make your plaque in teaching children to to write children based on the color of the window at that reminds me of something because I was suspicious of you you you running for judge and and I heard Joey Biden say that well he's a nominated chimpanzee Jackson Brown right for judge because she's a black woman and so I mean you're not black you. I know utterly how do we do that, I'm trying to think of the lemminglike.

So what is the next never want any proficient where the power whether it's my surgeon and my dentist. My accountant, my lawyer based on their ethnicity or their race. I think qualifications and and and there skill set is the most important thing back there then. Now and everything out.

The vehicle then they can determine what they want, but that I would never search with a particular ethnicity. I think it anymore agreement that if you want to stop racism. Stop talking about race. We don't hear anything. Sam no matter what. Whether this woman is qualified and I know Biden would never nominate her. She was pro-life. That's it was a type of person that that the I would consider a clean first check is what black parent.

She wouldn't be absolutely busy, but the think about this. She'll even it doesn't matter if she was to say that she too was a righteous person that doesn't matter because if she does get the nomination, it should probably be well because we've got subs buying the spineless spineless Republicans out there like Lindsey Graham and that will they'll bend downhill the fill sellout. Anyhow, I know you want to talk about payment for publican Brian to tell you what I publican in the Ohio planet. Oh yeah will will be known, Brian. That woman will be known. That's all shall be known for her entire time in there as she was. She got there because she was a black woman that the only reason that she was appointed because he was a black woman whether she is qualified or not. That's what should be known for. I wouldn't want that recursive affirmative-action impact Clarence Thomas does not hang up Yale degree because he thinks it's worthless because every time someone see that they assume he's an affirmative-action beneficiary discussed health solids can I say something you mentioned Janet orders event in the 20 because I was going to mention David Barton because we were talking about the judicial branch is coequal and there's three branches and it was David Barton's book for separation but taught me and I believe it. Isaiah 3322, which is on the Lord God, your king, the Lord your lawgiver and the Lord your judge that inspired French philosopher Montesquieu to come up with the doctrine of the separation of powers which informs our Constitution so that the tidbit I learned from David Barton. And I also learned so much from you pastor and also Janet Porter so this is a beautiful time that I'm spending with you on I give you the real quick rundown in 2015. My grandmother was murdered and in 2018 juvenile offender who was her killer and also attempted rape. It was sentenced to life without parole by a Democrat judge W Wyatt McKay in Trumbull County and in 2021, I learned that Ohio passed the new bill called Senate Bill 256. Which retro actively gives juvenile offenders, like cop killers, rapist, and my grandmother's murderer.

Rex proactively gives offenders parole hearing every five years and after they serve a minimum of in my grandmother's case he needs to serve 18 more years and then my family gets to defend our safety every five years for the rest of our life thanks to Mike the wind and the so-called Republican Senate where a fellow named John Ackland who happens to be the opponent of Sarah referred to my grandmother's murderer and others like him." Some of the most potential laden human beings we have in our state so that my particular issue that has me fired up since April of last year's well I can understand that.

Let me just say this to if I were the king. If I were the king and and my words will all of the very first people I was sent to prison for life would be the abortionists they would be the very first but after them would be the Ohio State parole board they would be very wonderful.

Let me tell you why you had that you have Jerry hearing the case.

Eric can make that judgment case that fact.

That way connected that I lack like a family member tear may decide to climb down and the perpetrator.

It fell and redeemable that that life without parole, if that just punishment. Now with an Republican Senate let let let by at that time former State Sen. John Ackland with bit HB 250 think making it retroactive and abandoned camp life without parole point been a good night on board in 1015 20 and you don't know who's going to be on their comic timing to be able to come back kindly think they going to understand that fact. I thought what delete or point a conviction that Dan had a few minutes to review the case. I make deficient that impact not only the family for 50 think Black community at large. And it's a very dangerous thing. Yeah I would say so you don't. You have are our our judicial system.

Our prison system Department of Corrections.

This is really it isn't really bad shape that there is so much corruption. It's just unbelievable the amount of corruption. Most people don't know it seems like it when I was a young man nice to go early in the prison ministry, some 45 years ago when we I want to do. I was up on death row for 45 years. I would administer up there and I know a number.

The minute that they were executed were were innocent elites three and nine Manning yeah and but it doesn't seem like in a judicial system that really guilt or innocence really means much anymore it's it's it's Ouija is how you play the game and and how you perform in fact, I remember I remember walking out of an elevator. I was in the courtroom. One of them of my mentors name was Danny at the time it was in prison for killing a guy and long story short, these two. They lived in the same house his family and their families and two family house and they got into an argument. No, that he weighed about 160 pounds. The other fellow weighed about 260 pounds and after they had an argument the other guy came up behind him and jumped him from behind and had him down on the ground on his stomach and he was choking. Then he managed he had 100 of fishing knife, a small fishing knife and he managed to get it out and he lived in a poke up under his arm. He tried to lift his arm just kept poking openly, Capote is going and he poked and got a go a poke right to the heart and there were witnesses to watch the whole thing make a long story short, you know that that should have been given self-defense, but it wasn't and I remembered to court when then he was found guilty of not not first-degree murder occurred. 2nd° with slim manslaughter. Whatever. I think it was walking out that the two lawyers, the defense attorney and the prosecutor and the defense attorney is saying to him, he was innocent. You note in the prosecutor since Jerry was but a win is a win_loan and 1/2 and I was right behind him okay in the end. Not only will you find any relevant prosecutor. It could be a defendant to make sure that only keep it that they believe that they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Now go forward letters that you are not going to be having left client by having innocent people put you see here. You don't understand the way you can see, George Soros understands he has a shot was the prosecutor's okay and he says these are the ones that we send out no these prosecutors have to be processed to tutors at the same time they have to be willing to prostitute themselves and so he sends out a shopping list in these these in the end he buys them to buy them away into Atty. Gen.'s and to be major prosecutors in your major cities out there that's that's our corrupt judicial system out there today.

This is why people have washed so much confidence in it that tumbled panic I worked there for years. Model prosecutor's office.

I think they really try hard and I think Brian would agree because his grandmother was murdered in Trump County.

I have actually gone against John Ackland because they find that the legislation that he championed anything to keep handling the case in Chardon and needing to go with the 10th anniversary of that school shooting and Ackland try to get legislation, Inc. where TJ Ling could've been paroled a given that it didn't pass but he tried by making an exception to the life without parole band to dictate serial murderers limited to two or are we are more clear Mark.

Mark and Ann's and that didn't work. The changing lanes cannot have a life without parole, but he ate he tried to get better and make anybody feel safer in Chardon not matter. Yeah I know they called it the PJ Lane exception because they knew that if he could ever come up for a hearing that the bill would probably fail survey thing. Make sure to lock him up forever, but not everyone else will also try to escape from prison to test it. It was now that I'm really worried about. I don't want to don't want to prosecute case, there they are more interested in prosecuting police at first responders and like Dan Dan going at head-to-head and filing charges against people who commit crime you go see your sorrows in what we paid for installed is bought and paid for the install them over the country. We've been telling you for years I've been here. This radio program telling you that he is been pay but if you look at their campaigns that they had all the money that was put in there. George Soros. He up to half $1 million and some of those to get some of those prosecutor's office.

I want to make it joked what Accounting after the fact that an election planning and Public defender not yeah but you see that's the whole point is it's crime. These people are our corrupt that the entire debt, the credit communist collective is corrupt, completely corrupt.

In other there involved in here shape. Brian I could tell you this that the Biden the Biden crime cartel works hand in hand with the drug cartels of the southern border of Mexican drug cartels and those that are human smugglers. The bride, the Biden crime cartel works hand in hand with them. You know who said that they did and so there you go. They work hand-in-hand and it's it's no communist is not like it's a secret so these are the days were living in the corruption is is out there it's in-your-face it's it's all over the place and imagine I'm a lifelong Republican. I work for the Ohio GOP and here was a Democrat judgment Democrat prosecutor who did the right thing in Trumbull County and my own Republican party that undid 42 months of hard work with some feel-good, good or misguided bill so it is upside down and I'm glad you brought up Isaiah 32. I took notes because I think that describes what's going on perfectly sure that this boy does it. If you if you want to add to the take the second Timothy chapter 3 and it'll it'll pick up from there perfectly misguided either. I think you're getting way too much credit. Getting legislators thank you enough conviction.

There's nothing completely think I'm at a think I've seen my record coming up two of heartbreak sites hang in right there folks were, will be back, we've got a whole lot more to come.

So the go away. When we got 54. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are Bobby Bruce W. Doody, bombs, stickers, whatever you call them you know you don't keep your guard clear of the mess when you call duty because we understand that things can pile up and when it does. Duty calls will be there to lighten the load of clean team scours your your to remove any visible evidence of your dog's business in which set off to be responsibly dispose can we do it for as little as 12 bucks a month get back to enjoying your yard without fearing a squishy surprise underfoot because whether you call it a deuce or a doggy diamond it's still kinda gross is a DW OD Y and will schedule your first cleanup now duty calls. Dr. clean that's DW OD Y

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