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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 1, 2018 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 1, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Every man is a greedy mature life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge, wide roads, masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the masculine journey. Today we are turning into the matrix, the matrix and the unmasking Sam mistress, your concept take us there. It was based on a really really deep thought know what the 20+-year-old movie the math but Jim Kerry about a good laugh and for God kind of prop in my heart in a couple different direction and a backing of that topic of posting on and wearing math and melodic. But my heart it is God revealed to me, even back then you work on the topic well before I was well but my life is well aware join today in the studio with Corey and we calling little Jim and Ann as well as Harold so we have a good balance between your 27 court's right and Harold you're like 97 actually 77th now very much. I got the rest of us, kind in the middle and so you know.

Interestingly, Cory at the boot camp this whole unmasking thing was kind of a big part of of the way that God came after you. Oh you big time big written rental and I normally at this point in the show we would have clips to play but due to a technical issue.

Sam that you're not aware of something's happened to her computer so we are going to be clip free today and so with that in mind I will let you set up the mast and kinda go from it.

You know what you saw in that that was going on with him.

And so later on people know watch the movie and get a real idea what that want to mask you start out with gentlemen to work the bank of the family and you know early on, you don't really worry about wearing a life or good portion of his life being a really nice guy on this movie. The math that comes along that they believe is the math of Loki was the troublemaker. You know that we later find out Marvel comics from a different side, but even that story in math when the put on my it becomes a totally different person political side of himself that he thinks that that begin to think that what you have to be for people to lie in I and the whole time wearing math of what you think you have to be in order to be likely to be accepted and through this process of wearing the math. It comes after it's hard to find out later. The only way that you can really find true love in the movie and really find happiness with you by simply being fully himself.


So where you stand.

You. You have some well you know in absence of the cliff. I think we've all seen the movie in our familiar with Jim Carrion.

What happens there. I think deep down we all have those massive were hiding behind we talk about this in the boot camp we talk about as big Jim and I were talking earlier it all becomes part of the pose where the mask is just a tool that were using in the poses. What were trying to achieve. And so they enter. Interestingly, when I was looking at that clip and the use you see in a Jim Tori at Carrie's is really nice guy that doesn't want to upset his landlord. He does want upset.

You know the people around them and and is trying to be this extra nice guy, in order to get everybody to like him when he puts on the mask he's actually putting on a mask on top of a mask that he Artie had an interesting lead through the character arc of a movie he realized that that mask was getting all the love right that the girl that he really loved. She loved the mast she didn't love him, but as it turned out, Sam, that wasn't the case right right of the quality below the and I was really really pretty cool of the movie with you.

You got up and drive the method that he walked the gospel of how we wait, the enemy comes after the card to get by by trying to get at the high get it put on the front so that we people don't be who we are because the electric something wrong with the that only me this way or I'm the only one that deals with the and and it all comes down to the motive of putting on the math make it so damaging throughout and make this not be able to feel it's almost like the wall literally that we put up around five and the challenge is to actually put that up at some point in time with God doing have amassed that we need to put on to make it feel like you know were being who God wants us to be an end. You know, is that the one. This getting the love from God.

The same kind of thing you know it's a fascinating point and I think it comes back to you no intention now. We often talk about being authentic, vivid, if you're wearing the mask in order to deceive or to put on something that you're not, you know we we all seen the guys in the football stadiums that you know were screaming and yelling at the football players like you know all I could do a better job out there and you look at them and you know they're there 60 years old and are overweight in EA and you ask yourself you know this guy really know is talking about but if you if you listen to me can play a better game than you can in any becomes painlessly obvious to everybody around you that you know you think your mask might be working but everybody else is laughing at you going okay.

Here's opposer and you know it's kind of scary thing you know if you're the Christian car guy. By the way, and I'll give you good example of what that feels like.

If you want to crawl around and in the second note, a lot of people would expect me to have answers when it comes to cars and so when I have my Christian car guy mask on as if you don't think I where would don't put me up on a pedestal blade so you know one day I had Bill Kratz on who is no mechanic full-time knows everything in the world and in my automotive experience I did work in the service firm and I was in service manager yes I need a lot of that stuff. I was never late. Never a day by day technician was never really my job a lot of people calling thinking that were click and clack and I'm supposed to have all the answers to all the car problems in the course like anybody else. I don't want to be caught looking stupid. So one day this lady called in from Charlotte I'll never forget the call. As long as I live Jim Bill Kratz to sit near he's a real mechanic and she goes into this explanation of how she has this jaguar and it's got the skip as she describes the skip.

It sounds to me like a spark plug wire just what it sounded like so I just came out of my mouth well and on thing that sounds like a spark plug wire and Democrats, it never goes. Robby that your jaguar doesn't #plug wires and so there you are exposed on the radio in front of however many people across the nation naked going yes these opposer doesn't necessarily have the answer but Jimmy, you got this poem that you could reinforce with in a minute. That kind of I think this poem speaks to that that person who took my mask off to an extent, was actually doing me a big favor. He's going to get the ball in a minute, lowered lower trying to find the poem I will take you to the everybody loves claim Raymond clip that we wish we could play through the computer but it's a beautiful clip everybody listen to it.

We've used it on several shows right. Sam, you have God to continue the Billy program and the truth of relationship that can come from, and so to set this up. The guys you know what your Frank which is the father and of course Raymond and his brothers and his name, Rob Robert and Robert because he's big Colin, Dom is killing me so got Robert you got Raymond and their father and they want to go horse racing betting at the vet the horses but they got to come up with a master allied with the tell the girls so they say they're going to know therapy together and so the other going to this therapy may come the races and so every week they get to come up with this idea on how to show the girls that they've been through this wonderful breakthrough you know if this is psychotherapy, and so this particular time.

You know, it's that we can't replace the humor, but you know Roberts talking about how he was abused off its debts, it comes out that you know that that what was behind all his physical abuse, and the father says what you guys just didn't understand.

It was just business. You took it personally in their like to get personally your father, and he said no, no you don't understand.

You know I was a kid.

It only starts going into you know how his father beating and then the sons did not realize that there like wow your father beat you and then Raymond came up with the idea that wounded his grandfather. They found out there's a whole line of beating that went on and they said we do know that about you, dad, why didn't you you beat us, and he goes well I was a lot weaker than them. And here's the beautiful part of clip in my opinion is they say dad. It wasn't that you worked weaker. It was that you didn't want to be like them, so they kinda at that moment ripped off Frank's mask and he said yeah you're right I didn't want to be like them. At that moment there was intimacy at that moment they were all looking at each other in the face and at that moment there was intimacy but then Raymond had to put the mask back on the he said well they'll buy that. The girls by that which got a big laugh, but it ended the intimacy right thing by giving out Rob back and you look at the topic that we talked about we talk about closing before we talked about the topic a few times a time to talk about it because God to take a deeper into this, they need to begin during that so we come back during the break I have this mix of the matrix, the mass comes off the coming, Trixie can hear that we come back and gemstone is assumed mask my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that is where you can click the donate button waking into masculine radio down once again to mail something to PO Box 552 7285 all is going to set within each of us a masculine line you that heart and Christian life have to do with any of masculine journey radio is a great question.

Masculine journey radio so we are coming out of the matrix from last ripping off our masks, as it were, and some of us when we rip off our masks read poetry now. We will not be like Jerry Eldridge Prichard and measure poetry here, Jim. You are fully you have you have all rights to read without any meter well without any minute. I never understood the difference between those it's in psychology. They deal with masks a lot of actually had that one of my courses in seminary, but I have been so this really, landed with me is this is where I am and I'll read it to you. The author is unknown, so I won't claimant but don't be fooled by the face where were aware thousand masks and none of them are me. Don't be fooled for God's sake don't be fooled, I give you the impression that I'm secure that confidence is my name and coolness. My game and that I need no one, but don't believe me. Denise dwells the real me in confusion and aloneness and fear. That's why I create a mask to hide behind the shield me from the glance that knows that such a glance is precisely my salvation at and that's the point at that when that person reaches up like the boys took for their father to pull off the master say no you even want to be like him and and he got it a chance to look at himself that he really had not himself observed at end that happen for you with the boot camp in the court did so EEE now I'm wondering really what what how did God come after that where you are sitting there watching. Maybe it was a Darth Vader clip or something else in the poser talk that spoke to your heart just it was just his number one little thing.

It was a combination of things. Every single one of you guys when you spoke had touched on something that had felt in my life at some point time, especially your talk and then all culminated when Darren prayed over me Saturday night.

I thought I had that he had read my prayer request that I had put in the little ammo cans and come to find out that he had an he just prayed over me and everything he was saying everything that he would come out of that was exactly what I wrote on the prayer question exactly what I was feeling and he didn't even know it just came to him. God gave God gave them his word. God put that on his heart.

And as you touch me, prayed a nudge broke down just start bawling and you guys really force me and God really force me to look into my heart, looking in my soul and come to grips with some things that I had never came to grips with and we refuse to come to grips with her. She's even acknowledge an eight a couple years ago I did a video for walk through the Bible with our special needs ministry and they were fascinated by that ministry and you know how those people wanted to worship and how they wanted to have a relationship with God and I remember during interview to God just gave me this is set you know everybody wants to be seen by God, and in source. I heard you talk to Matt about that, Corey. I thought when when Darren prayed those things that you know he he didn't have any way to know it was like God goes a Corey I'm right here which are I see behind the mask and and is your poem suggested Jim when you get one eat when you get God gets behind.

He could put some mask remover on out of there. What happens in it in and it just kinda comes off while the last clip we were going to Jim to chew on six and I was just thinking in terms of that God, including that we don't even know what mass were wearing half the time I don't have them quite a bit of self study and more than most but only God sees us as we truly are and if we aren't listening to him were not going to know when were posing when we're wearing a mask coming. Sometimes we do because were doing it on purpose. Not only that much on purpose. I'm usually just existing cruising along so the last clip that we were going to play for him, but were still going share with you is the last scene of wealth of actually Darth Vader's life. You Lausanne is fixed there from little Jim, this is perfect timing. Jim is is is parent culture but it's at the return of the Jedi where if you're not familiar with the story Darth Vader turns on the Emperor at the last minute he's been evil all the way through the series and all of a sudden you know he goes to save his son Luke's life and kills the Emperor throws him down the pipe or whatever and now he'd get some electric charge by the Emperor that he's gonna die and so Lucas they are trying to help his father get out of there before it all blows up in his father says mass and Luke take the mask off because I want to see you with my own eyes and Luke says I can't because you'll die and he says nothing can stop that now but I want to see you face-to-face with with my own eyes, and so when that happens. Looks like all I want to save you and you said you already did and what he was referring to admit was that by his belief in his father that of what was behind the mask that he was good that he was an evil and calling that out in did in fact in no save his real-life and so the respondent wanted to play that clip is my own father is 88 and recently been through many, many health challenges. As I spent in the hospital often on you know you just come in Internet point where you don't know how many days you have left Anna, I have been struggling literally struggling with the mass that I know my father wants me to be and wanting him to see me for who I really am not. My father left me as a great father and we have a phenomenal relationship but there are layers out there. Sam at and there's a layer of me that I would love my father to see that. I don't know these ever seen and I'm trying to figure out how to get off the mask so that that that could come out. The hard thing you know where to come down to like we talked about so often. Walking with God through that was the walking with God to take off the layer walking with God today to take off the layer right now in another situation, one time will be a note, I will be no limit that discernment that you have to walk through the know when and how it what that looks like you look like you want to do shares. But this would be a great time sense is that that you want to dust you wanted to post all of us. Please post yourself the question was no really got the neck all the time. Okay to wear math from time to time.always be completely authentic and I think that it comes down to you the answer again is walking with God and we talk before the show in Scripture didn't show that even the disciple all of you very from the beginning and at the gate revealed mortise dominated other young you gotta believe that obviously he was walking with God and walking with okay what do I care window. I care what do I do what the right timing in his case for their heart but in arcade also their heart and our own heart to tell the guard our heart time to time wellspring alive and walking and that question they have to become yeah on both of you walking with God. I think this is that it is saying and greater part of wisdom that knowing it strikes me that Jesus often answered questions from Pharisees and those sorts of always trying to trap him with more questions.

You know he would always answer a question with a question basically now turn on themselves.

I think you know something we need to keep in mind is another part of masculine journey.

We often talk about is the wound wire. We were in the mass begin with. Know what is it that you know what is it were trying to cover up now were were obviously hiding something for me personally it was acceptance.

Growing up, it was the fact that I never seem to be able to do anything right for my father. And so it drove me in my life and drove me to want to be the perfectionist in me getting mad at everybody else when they didn't want to be perfectionist to an IRA. I told my wife at one point, says I'm I'm a victim of my own success I want to be the best of my job and then I get mad at everybody when they come to me with all her questions because I know I have the answers but I think it goes down deeper than that.

I think that you know often were trying to cover something up something that we see is an insecurity ally from the enemy that we have and we've often spoken on the program about agreements that we've taken said well that's true about me welfare for my situation. Growing up, you know, my father lifted me one point times as you're the worst child I ever had and I said that's true you know I accepted that is fact women when the bottom line is that's not true. You know and I can compare my brother and sister in they might hear me on the radio for one think so. That's a good part of wisdom that happens is .9 Samet and everybody's gonna be in that situation. A Christmas dinner coming up with all the relatives we got multiple mass and only I mean in there are so many mad. Gotta love that in law mask you got that you know everybody their own version of room break a you know you got anything that you got to get a walk-through with me that the only way to get through it get through it.

Feeling good about you guarding your heart and guarding the hearts of other yeah I love that configuration Jesus revealed that few just everything so it's interesting journey to try to be authentic. What is that exactly mean or hope you go to God or also hope you got a master journey.O RG to find out more information. Register for next upcoming thanks for listening to the passenger

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