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Change is Inevitable Growth is Optional

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 9, 2019 12:30 pm

Change is Inevitable Growth is Optional

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 9, 2019 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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The reason one usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. Avoid moves with the masculine majority is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing hard while trying to find a way one feels more like a losing battle when something worth dying for, grab your gear, and of course your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now today today you probably noticed this is not Robbie or Sam coming to you. I'm pinchhitting this is Andy. I can't say I'm glad to be here, but you know I'm sick and he is in me and I pinchhitting first of the experts will do what we can, but that we have a good show for you and it actually comes from one of the guys assigned or Sam is is out this week but it actually was part of his inner part of when we were talking about healing. He brought it out actually takes it to us is just as I thought.

I think it exists that some he had seen the quote is change the change is inevitable. Growth is optional and it's pretty powerful statement. I actually were gathering clips today didn't get mine and so I'm one of really to be dependent on the team the chair with us in and go over there clips and can have their heart for this topic. We all talk before the show started that this is something fairly easy to force to discuss because it we came to the masculine journey for wanting some kind of change to happen in our life. That's why God does that. He brings you deeper in with him and usually there's going to be changing in that. Not that that's the sole purpose of the relationship with God.

But that's always always part of it.

We all need to change so we got Jim with us today.

Brian and Corey so I guess I will just get started. Jim and you know you want you want to start with Despicable Me yet distinct despicable you.

That's right that that's our first clip, and that was a little bit of the change for me because I'm not much of a cartoon movie fan, but this was one of the first ones I really fell in love with and this is about the change that occurred in the really awful guy meeting his three little kittens look really delicious. The new by this and myself on the back one being unicorns in three thought he was happy as he could be an illegal scheme around onto one of these whole life upside down. Why do you talking about these in relation to persons living or dead is completely coincidental. Will the meeting last immediately decry said goodbye now you know producing change okay good night and we have to cease their wonderful things about this and it really shows us one of the greatest ways of bringing about change is people and relationships and he was an awful guy that basically had his whole life turned around 53 little girls in that clip and for the laughter that you missed. He was actually sticking his nose through a hole in the book which looked like the unicorns horn on the front of the cover, but it's a lovely movie hater spoiled it for you if you haven't seen it full of data and set it up if a probably saw my sobriety.

You do you have any examples where there was times when you didn't really feel like you are in, you really need to change. You were good, but then something crazy like that comes along like they don't kittens yeah so in an this clip, reminds me of my life. Probably 10 years ago most when I had a three-year-old.

It came in my life, along with my wife. You know it was a time in my life where I was really looking for somebody but you know I wasn't looking for necessarily two people I was looking for one know that little boy change my life.

That woman change my life. It really took me a long time to recognize that change and get over what people may think of making light on us with the MMI with my wife or listening. Now she would probably tell you it took a lot longer than me. I'm still finding healing and some of the writing Nina. The change was in at that point I knew that I was in love with the woman and I met with the three-year-old right now itself for me. That was the time my life that change became real after that you, Corey. I think you said you had some unexpected change in your life in the late okay yeah and I just harken back to our conversation before the show but you know there really is good and bad change and before the boot camp for the really lived since I've been since a teenager, my life is been full of a lot of shallow change. Change the way address change in the way I act change in the group of friends and I got into adulthood.

It was started it into really negative changes, especially the way I acted and treated people the way I treated women the way I treated in my friends and I was just always all about me now and I would always change myself.

I like to, so before all this because I was a king, a chameleon, I mean I just you can just blend in with whatever situation I was in an I was always searching for acceptance. I was always searching for fulfillment in something and I thought every little change I made if I tweak the way address of a tweak the way I talk to tweak my friends if he was hanging out with that he would fulfill that just emptiness inside me and I always wondered why.

Why can I never just be happy. Why can I never just feel fulfilled. Why can I never just be me and I really lost who I am and all that and it took me going to a boot camp to really start this again. I'm still figuring it out. I'm still searching for it to start at least finding who I truly am and who I truly want to be the man I want to be in this life and if you know if you been listening you know it I'm nowhere close to where I want to be but I can tell you it's it's it's been amazing journey so far and I'm really excited to see where God's take me that's awesome yeah I agree with you too.

I was I was always wanting to try to fix everything.

Trying to do it with my own strength and it never seem to work so you know you cannot start it. I think it was a kind of surprising how I got in the masculine journey and how I begin to pick sure how change would happen that more came much more from the heart than all of my effort to go ahead and go to the next clip so we can get it in before the break, Jim.

This is another one of your clips on well… Canada. This is from the patriot. It's the end of the tour. The end of the movie when Cornwallis is surrendering and the biggest part of this change made everyone in this movie has had major changes because it's a war and that brings it about the hero lost his side and he was trying to stay out of the war, but ended up diving into it.

You go to all of the different things and were hearing the letter he's sending his wife and were also hearing the characters as they are ending that part of their journey okay or we can listen to that Dodge truck and more as time is we continue to engage the British and in the months that followed Cornwallis entrenched himself in Yorktown, Virginia, Washington, escape from the north, undetected and surrounding cities Cornwallis himself is subordinate to the sword and what they have gained its change is inevitable. We've already established that.

But this shows you that reaction both ways.

I mean, he and I can't member the characters name but it was this fictitious but I think may be loosely based on Francis Marion. But he was a reluctant hero and war for independence and Cornwallis was a professional soldier. This was what he did and he was good at it and now that the rabble did not fight the way they were supposed to and when he lost that everything had changed. And yes, a the British Empire was going down and the United States was beginning and now the L word a point where that may change where we're not the top of the heap anymore right yeah thought that was really cool in that movie just to see the difference. You note that this is our story in the fact that we look like were loosely look like were defeated by Satan and then enters the finance Jesus wouldn't always compare Frank on the story and let him and we get the victory and know powerful what that store represents just wanted to remind you that we can't, not March 21 of the 24th really going to come in to get you guys to come in and just see what God's can actually do in your life and all of the changes that he can bring.

As you come in and take part of the same mask my son Eli talk about ways you can help support really where you can click the donate button leaking into the masculine day you mail something PO Box 559 what God does journey radio closed off each person's shift away this feeling I was having weight is mask I was hiding behind never heard of God. Jesus Masten journey and this is an back to the masculine journey talk about change and not just change, but growth. I think that's important. It no think we've kind of alluded to it earlier, but note just change in people's lives doesn't always bring growth. You know, ugh in excess of abundance can cause you to be more selfish really being beat down in life can cause you to have lose your faith in God and people and other things.

So that's obviously change that's coming to people's lives.

It's what you do with it and I think that's the big part of what Sam want to do is really part of the healing process. To think is is the changes that were allowed allowing the father in Jesus to come in and heal and to change from, or were at the where we actually look to him to make that change in us to improve our situation, but more importantly, not just our situation but us, improve us, and I feel like if there's anything I can say about it. Get involved in the masculine journey in the camps is that I look at things differently and II was notorious in the past were trying to change myself and I would think that I wasn't doing I was trying to live up to this idea of what it look like, but I was always trying to do it in my strength as I really didn't know any better.

I really had been fathered by God so yeah that's what we really want people to come to the boot camp to hear about is just really not to not to not another thing of how you can be a better this or that, but really to allow God to come into your life be your father and change you in the way that it's either intended and created to betray so wanted to go on to the next clip, Brian. I will let you set that up. Once again I called him Brian. Anita never like the next clip is Antwone Fisher it's a really good movie. I encourage you to go see it. It's about a sailor Antwone Fisher who he's known for his violent outburst getting into fights lot of the same. He's actually sent to a naval psychiatrist, Denzil Washington Seo here in the clipping a little bit that but really what this psychiatrist did.

He pushes him to go find his family heap. He finally opens up about his horrific childhood and you'll hear Denzil pushing him to actually go find healing by talking to his family are going get some closure there is less clip what you're going to say is Denzil was really cool is Denzil helped Antwone but Antwone also help Denzil find some healing in his marriage as well so really cozy how you doing great Seth good.

Very good. So I took your advice, family, mother, not forgiven, but if I never saw again is funny to feel that way about your mother, but I did it over to you to tell you that you are right you just said I need to define help treatment. No strong same time I went about the business of shutting down very subtle decline was my little secret until one young man came in a mile. My life love seat right in my face any way. I never because the UN can mean everybody was being back to you.

You definitely not the kind of the same way but you're really helping me find something on it unexpected, like Antwone so back going back to the boot camp. You know I think if you were to break it down to the biggest difference in me between three boot camp and after boot camp, besides obvious to the fact of being saved and accepting Jesus is made a decision on the way out of boot camp to make two fundamental changes in my life and first one being that I was going to give this my best shot. It wasn't going to be a two week saying and you kick the can on the road. I actually was now the first time I got it really spoke to me was at the boot camp and I just yearn for anything I just want to cling to that and the second was that I was going to stop seeking my affirmations and other people you know that you guys help show me at the big candidate God is the only love I truly need.

So I made those. I decided on the way home from boot camp as I'm driving my truck that those are the two times I was in a make.

I literally just started praying on everything decision that I made an I'd decided I didn't want to see you go out and drink every week and I didn't want to note trying to hook up with every single girl I possibly could. All the time. I didn't want to just I didn't want to be that person anymore.

So I literally took this little apartment in here at Virginia Edwards in the middle of nowhere as you mountains like Jesus to grade.

Absolutely the animal moms up there and I had done some things in my past.

I'm really not proud of, and I really cut that whole relationship off with her seeking love and affection from other people that surround me. It really pushed her out some of things I didn't and there is, we didn't really speak for almost a year and taking that back up there and you just really this the decisions I made it really pushed me to her. The one person that loves me unconditionally on this earth. No matter what I do, would always have my back and everything I completely turn my back on seeking love from others you know this whole journey in the short amount, been on it is really brought in this beautiful relationship is blossoming.

I can't be more thankful for. We've never been closer and she's been the best change in you have ever made my life and I'm just I'm so thankful for the boot camp and I'm so thankful for you guys every week will be your point to you know when people are about to the point of Christ in the decision you saw were real men given their examples of life, but not everybody receive that not everybody doesn't always fall on good ground like it.

Did you and it's's testimony does. I think that that did happen with you and that you know that should the deposit change. It could've been a negative. Sometimes people get better after something like that in there like I don't believe this and you said you said those thoughts went through your mind. I'm not sure if I believe that the cure goes to Rice Lake absolutely Aminah like the enemy is always in a message you had your I still have to ground myself and on only human and not have to steer you have to humble yourself and and go to God everything they and make sure your your re-grounded and stay on that path. But I heard there was coming full circle back to the beginning of the number one change in your life was relationship with God, and you got rid of negative relationship. She got away from that. But you got back together with the in a good relationship with your mother so and all, as were choices by God's got it were gonna change if you're a hermit and have no contact with anybody you're changing and it's likely for the worst. But those are the things that we need to focus on this steering at least a little bit. The changes that are taking place I live and taking of the gods. Thanks. The changes he wants as an filament when I really get serious with God.

It took a lot of stuff to them, but there was.

Over time I let that go to where I started thinking taken aback a method like abandonment times inasmuch as I don't love God. It didn't always have the right way to relate to God and stuff but what court is saying there is I would undertake everything all my questions to God about a prayer about it before it's good do it. Why got no pattern where and I prayed about 10% and the restless mind you know and that's where we get in trouble but run back on the movie you were talking about to the downstream effects of change and how it affects one person and where you it out. The tables were almost turned you no longer with the effect of the change in either Dinsdale was Mina. He didn't give up on Antwone.

That was the critical thing he could've written him off. He could've just said you know this is just another kid in the Navy that you have is not where they think it written off, but he stuck with him and he pushed and you know the influence that other people have in our lives make it makes a huge difference right and I can think of. Sam directly if he wouldn't push me in certain cases were and I wasn't even ready the listener. Whatever the case may be, I wouldn't be here today and I certainly wouldn't have the relationship with Christ that I did today of my I do think God puts us in a position that we might not even recognize right and now he's he's wanting that change and he wants us to accept it like we did Like Dinsdale to the FX are Dinsdale thought he was good you stop change it really. He thought enough good and then he saw this other kid taken all these making all these changes, the positive changes based on his inner counsel to them and then he realizes he needs to get his life in order and makes changes himself in its that's the way the body supposed to work in community have worked both to see the changes in the others. And now it affects each one of us and them and that's how we improve and that's why we like the boot camps much.

We do this life together as far as the boot camps but you know were not a closed society. We delete boot camps for others as they come in and hopefully they changes what you think. One more thing that under Gibran's point is, and I experiences some of my life going through right now but if you feel like you're going to give up on something that you love or symmetric close to and you think is just impossible and that they'll never change. And they'll never be able to find the light in just like he said just don't give up on because I'm here and it is living proof that if anybody can be set I'm telling you if I can be said anybody can be saved because I was just so lost and didn't want to be found when you are in that position been corrected by this we come to different groups, not to give up and they will change that we are supposed to be in a position being a catalyst to change amen were not given up on each other or you so we want to see at the boot camp March 21 through the 24th.

Listen again on masculine journey radio doddle have a good day

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