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A Father's Influence

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 15, 2019 12:30 pm

A Father's Influence

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 15, 2019 12:30 pm

In honor of Father's Day, the guys are discussing the influence that their father's have had on their lives. With the help of clips from "Braveheart," "Fathers and Daughters," and a special tribute clip to Robby's father, we're celebrating Father's Day in style. So grab your gear and be blessed, as this weeks journey is all about appreciating our father's right here, on The Masculine Journey.

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

This is the Truth Network every man is a greedy mature but why does it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many question turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey were very glad to have you with us today and Robbie is actually here with us today, so it feels a little empty without inventing a there are five of us in the studio that you know without Robbie just just not quite the same but we will get a dose Robbie here just a little bit so there's a promise of that. Now the laughing at work on that one. I do have is chairs.

I guess I should ask the question were women. Eve today do not use this.

It's the evil of Father's Day Father's Day friends. So Rob is always the Eve guy and I cannot count on him an annoying money that is and so that makes it a good time to do a topic on a father's influence is important to the masculine journey I would say it is in this week we're going to focus a little bit more on our earthly father's influence.

Yet obviously there's just a whole list of things we can talk about our heavenly father's influence, and I think in other times it got opens our eyes to our earthly father's impact, that he had honest sometimes it's good hopefully more times than not it's good sometimes is not as good. You know, there has been an impact and so we want to celebrate that little bit this week is Father's Day coming tomorrow and so heading and go to the clip with Robbie and ask Robbie since you and you to be able to be here and that free guys that aren't aware he may be aware of it. Robbie lost his father just a couple months ago and so this is going to be very difficult Father's Day for him and sure that it's a story about his father's blessing. And so we go ahead and play that might let you hear his words starting well since Sam asked me to make. I'm not there please Harold about is a fact. This cruise ship has similar attributes. Noah's Ark which I know he knew all too well.

I thought well since I was born in the 50s in the era of father knows best.

You know I'm not using music in my father's name was Robert up a little bit but certainly my father's memories fresh in my mind this week lost in my March 19 but I would say is I had a chance to reflect the thing that I can't get out of my heart, my father was blessed to help you. Have fun.

It's I know a lot of times my father took me fishing when he really didn't want to fish and sometimes he would even catch the fish when I was little and hook it and then give me the pole to watch me real Anand and he would just enjoy doing that in.

I can't tell you the times he would take me waterskiing or take me to this or that, just to watch me. Have fun and it really blessed him in some way and he was kind like that even into the very end of his life.

Then he began to you in on the last couple your strength to help my wife. Have fun. He took us to Hawaii and they even though I know he did like going through the sand and all that stuff he would go out with Tammy every day to the beach and sit with her just because he loved to watch people have find any love to be a part of People having fun. My dad even went to great lengths to make sure his dog had fun in one of the joys of the last few days of his life.

As we read lessons from a sheepdog together as I is he was laying in bed and I could still see him having fun with his dog in his mind and certainly living out the fun that he'd had in his life while watching and helping other people to have fun and I really picture God that he is blessed when he puts you in a position to have fun and enjoy life. Enjoy. Like in prayer. He's actually enjoying you enjoying him blessing that you have minutes that way I know it was that way with my dad that we had those kind of adventures together, but I always sent my finals priority in his life is after all my father gives notice presents big production. Robbie, is that it was an awesome clip and in your thing that if he has no Robbie. Robbie loves to fish in on that something that his dad must recognize a young age and encouraged it in on. That's a big part of his life. Now you know will go to boot camp and did matter what time were going to get there easy and be there about five hours earlier so I can finish it usually has about three or four pictures out before we even get there when he's caught and it's one of his favorite things to do and I think that it's important for us to look back at times and the that even if your life wasn't always great in your home life. Maybe there sometimes I gotta remind you of a few things and I was praying a little but this week as I was driving in the car. He knows that God wants a story about in a blessing for my daddy not just a time where you show me his love, and I don't want something got him being a mean selfish or got. I don't and I don't something assured on the air before my dad was cut kind assured that I was fortunate to have them for 21 years but had a stroke when I was 12 and really wasn't able to talk after that. You could say a few choice cuss words yes no my look angrily is down pretty well but go red go red split. Other than that there was no but you know God gave me some really good memories of you riding along in this is sound incredibly mean but it it was funny at that is funny but my mom and my dad and I were riding along and my mom was just an average size woman and were driving up to the bridge. I'm like oh we can stop and get a stop is likewise is his and says no more than two times in mom's with this at all. He started half and got that memory back to me. My mom smacked me I got wasted as she laughed and we had fun, but that's probably why I need is only slightly funny but that's probably where my sense of humor came from was this my dad always showing favor when we would laugh together, and it is a rare woman that thinks jokes about her weight are funny yeah I do really, you set up another clip from Braveheart.

We talk about any sure this is when William's dad's about ready to go off the fight their being attacked long shanks and his army and William is there and he wants to go fight in his dad pretty much gives them guidance that you know there's more to than just fighting and that he has a place their home.

Yet he gives his blessing and it's really a cool just a cool interaction between the two to where the sun knows that he that the father has that love and that commitment to, and there's a second part of the clip is after the fathers passed away and he comes to William in a dream, right is William struggling with leaving the family farm to go with his uncle and see good tour kind of blended together. She gets first parted and is talking about the second part where the father comes time and using some more blessing you think your article detailing STA after the place for me.

We think you to see the courage to follow. You obviously were talking about a movie, but when we look at the blessing that a young William gets both from his father and later from his uncle that you hear in effect said how it turns out as a man Amanda Lewis from his heart. Amanda lives to fight bravely but also intelligently.

Yet the statement your heart is free with a whole has told his whole life journey was about freedom, about living free where the enemy tried to to keep him entangled in unbonded so it's it's it's so important for little boys not only to know he's loved these ease get in the apple of his father's eye, but also to know he has what it takes to have a story while actually it's running a couple together. I had one of the greatest fathers of manageable. He was something else, and he was a huge blessing to many people in the community, but I learned a new one thing about my father. That was the most important thing unconditionally loved and so I had a good model of God. Growing up, and the first thing I thought of this kind of embarrassing but think that was 11 or 12 were visiting a cousin, then North Wilkesboro and Ricky smoke.

Sorry I don't think I ever apologize for stealing your minerals, but we got my other another cousin. I got caught stealing from them and normally my punishment was going in picking a switch coming back and getting switch and the most powerful correction.

My father ever did that. I can still see him sitting on the edge of the top, toilet seat and he looks at me as well. A few times I saw a tear in my father's side and he said Jimmy am so disappointed in that had a huge impact on my life never wanted to disappoint my father and that's a big part of my love for God. Fast-forward a bunch years and my father died 20 years ago, but he still has a huge impact on my life and my father wound really is not wound so much that he cause but it's a but the biggest part of my wound is a member match up to the man that my father was, but close to the end of his life.

When I was in I was still in seminarian was sitting in the car with a man turned to me said, you know, Jimmy am really proud of you and that meant everything.

That was the affirmation that is has stuck with me because I and that's what he will do the wound I had evolved never be as great as my father and I'm different, so I'm supposed to be my father linkage and I am as you talk to. There's one things for me that you talked about a mere many times with my dad never came to baseball games and I talked a lot about that and I would strike out like all the time we came when the memory set on the outfield and I know that's a game I had a triple think it is something I do it to set father's love just in unknowing user knowing he supported and will talk more about a father's love and influences had honest. He has a lot of US influence you this next Mask injury to register now Coming in November 7-10 is the same mask I talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at him was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it masculine once again mail something to PO Box 550 927285 what God does journey radio closed off. I didn't like each person who spoke kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having weight is mask I was hiding behind never heard a little bit longer bump and I couldn't cut it off. I just wanted you recommended it and to keep us close on such a good good song yeah love that wasn't a whole thing right now and that's good.

And one thing on asking the listener to consider is as we talk about the impact of the fathers made in our life.

If you dads me that impact on years when you share the show with him this week simulate cinema clip to hang that I want to just let you know what impact it had one port and share the words with the letting know from your heart how much he's made an impact on your life that Harold now I know it's been a couple years since your teenager, you probably just they were just wooden tools back then but still not yet a story about your father's impact in your teenager's.

It was one thing that my father did that I didn't recognize until probably I was in the mid-30s. My dad worked operating a diction machine for admin pipeline was the gas company didn't matter how hot it was, how cold it was.

It was wet whenever he had to go in and do his job and he said something that really resonated with me. Subconsciously I think more than in a conscious way and he would say to my son, get yourself an education so you don't have to work like I do and the note to me.

He wants and I'm going to send you to college. It was get yourself and that's exactly what happened. I worked my way through I worked in the summers at a plant there in my hometown save my Nichols work to the boardinghouse to eat free and I got through college and course prices back then in the old days were a lot different but I finished and I had no debt and no and that was a huge impact on the the life that I've been able to have that came directly. I think from him this great hero of the pay scale so much lower to the it's all relative. In Allen's wing still takes a lot to get through and pay your way through school and yet is a big impact that your father had on your life you and on and then did a lot of stuff with the engineering and computers and in the world. He was never part right and he was very proud of my four what I was able to accomplish and talk about the importance of a father's influence and it doesn't that's not an age thing now, so I got a check up there writing you is doesn't matter whether your your 10 or 40 and in a father's influence still pretty important to it's always there.

Your father, whether he's with you.

Are you been gone for a while as mine is been as yours is been. It's one of those things that has an influence on you that you think about at the times when you're never ever trying to think about it just pops in. In those rare instances where it's positive or negative sum of salve that father wound that really really hurts us and some of us right Jim right now don't have really father wound it, but is more pleasurable banning most of us are on a roller coaster ride for me it's like a like a sailor for which movie from its complicated now. There were so many wonderful things and in so many things you look back on you like I wanted to write father annoyed and perfect but there's only one of the bank so on the wonderful side of me. I just remember how hard-working you will always was and I worked with him during the summers, part time, I was out on my own part-time working at the same company out in the fields. You know the sun was up. I was running machine to the field. Worked on on seed corn companies rated the tassel quantities that nature so I was out running machines. It would automatically pull run rollers and Pola tassels out and the kids come behind us, but I was out in the sun, working in he was always working extra hours in the winter she was plowing snow for people not just for him but for his family. He would plow for the people that worked at the company other people around town that was also the camaraderie came from that small town and the small-town company that was owned by somebody and you grew up in the town and it was a second-generation was running it when I was young and Yolanda on the downside, he just wasn't there a lot so I come home from school or something which very seldom ever came home direct from school has always in sports but I would love to be playing catch.

Now here was either leading where he went from work. Users of the tavern.

Then home and that was just the way it was. I went to the tavern with him a lot for lunch when I worked with them wasn't drinking during work and stuff like that. But as always a I'm going out with the guys why noise about now being a drunk or anything that was just yet.

That was always seem more important than me. A lot of times you die said a minute ago will and the baseball games I was an early Little League I was pitching in.

He was getting on my catcher who caught for me a long time actually and he would do a lot. I use a lot of bags like fire it back. Well he just got fired up in those kinds of things and he got asked to leave and he never came back to the baseball game so nobody was at my football games.

He was at my basketball games but there are some things that we did together, something we didn't run when we traveled as a family was fun. It was always good and I dismember he was the leader of the family, and he wasn't just a leader of that I'm an only child is my mom and I when we went to family gatherings. Uncle Paul nobody Kosten, when he raised his voice every every child stop doing whatever they're doing and they behaved it was incredible, softy is not going to do anything to avoid a growly voice and he was also taller and bigger than everybody else and it was like he had influence over the whole family.

So it is always good for me was kind of funny because I get by with it. You guys on a weekend thinking Jim at just a random question, comparing how tall were you at your tallest height just 569 okay so grew up there little bit right now.

Would you say it's just as important for somebody at 69 to have the father's blessing, so don't matter height or size numbers.

My dad was six for toughness and I really wanted to talk about this next clip and it helps me illustrate it a little bit is if you knew Braveheart at all. You had weight loss is caricatured by nose Robert the Bruce. You know, there's the sidekick came each one with the rocks that you know throws a rock setting with you as a little kid where William hits him in the head with them and later on he hits him with a rock and he's just always there with William and Lou things. It's always there with them both as is Hamish's dad is you kind of look back you can see him just always wanting his dad's approval. In other there together they they have a lot of camaraderie. There's not a competition between them. But there's this little clip towards the later third of Braveheart in which Hamish gets some words he desperately needs from his dad is a gunplay that is his dad's passing away after the battle and the impact that it has in his life. I've lived long enough to lift the TCU become the man you mapping my guys, the bagpipes and thinking Braveheart believed ambitious character. Up until this point had always been there, we wasn't really the leader in on his dad passes away and blesses him and then Wallace passes away and then he steps in that role little bit towards into the movie, along with Robert the Bruce. You know in helping lead the charge and it's important that regardless whether your kids are 10 five they need to hear to whether there 55 your fortune off in the dad still around. They need to hear it in her get to one of the cliff. It's gonna run a little close the woman girls heart a woman's heart needs the same kind of blessing on a play this. It's from a movie called fathers and daughters, and it's got Russell Crowe and is set up walking museum him and his daughter who is really little missy a mother and her daughter Crossway and apparently Russell Crowe's wife just passed away like you. She's working down the talented Carrie on his everybody knowing your religion at a young female. But the story about your publisher just just the importance of the hat how we maintain and went after my heartwarming amount. He and my mom separated.

He knew he was going out of state. He took the time to spend with me and spend about everything you have taken me on a vacation. It was very impactful and important for me along the way and it really helped me get through my later part of my tenure. He knew that he needed to do that from a heart thinking masking journey to register for the upcoming boot camp in Mexico talk about the opposite side

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