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What Are You Doing With Your Freedom

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 3, 2023 12:30 pm

What Are You Doing With Your Freedom

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 3, 2023 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week, Memorial Day is still on the minds of the band of brothers. With that in mind, the guys discuss freedom, and what are we doing with our freedom. The clips are from "Braveheart," "Saving Private Ryan," "My Sacrifice," by Creed and a clip of Jim Caviezel. 

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This is the Truth Network. The heart of every man craves a great adventure, but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates and wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find the good way, when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for? Grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers who will serve as the guides in what we call the masculine journey. The masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the masculine journey. We're glad that you're with us this week, and we are just coming off of Memorial Day weekend that was last weekend. So if you didn't know what it was, it was a three-day weekend you just had. And if you didn't know why we have Memorial Day weekend, it's to honor those that have fallen and have fought for our freedom. And so it's remembering them, Memorial Day. And so we are doing a topic based around the topic of freedom in honor of Memorial Day a little bit. We're doing it a week late, but we can do that.

There's no rules. You know, we can decide when we want to talk about it. We have freedom to do that. That's one of our freedoms. And so we're going to be talking about this topic of freedom. And Jim, did you have something to say? No?

No? Okay. But we're going to be talking on the topic of freedom and we have lots of clips. So we're not clip poor today. We are clip full.

And so we will get a lot of clips in and I wonder which clip we're going to play first. Oh, yours. That's right. We're going to play mine. Yeah. It only makes sense when we play mine first. Yes. We want the show to make sense.

Yeah. Well, I'm not saying it will. I just like to say that because you guys hate it. But no, this is when you think of the word freedom, you have to think of Brave Heart. At least if you're in this group, you know, Andy makes you think of Brave Heart.

You don't have a choice. You know, the world according to Brave Heart, which is how he would classify things. Second only to the Bible.

Well, maybe third or fourth after Jesus, you know, everybody else. But this is from the speech, you know, the speech that they always play at Brave Heart where William Wallace is trying to get the troops all kind of fired up there at the Battle of Sterling on the edge of that, you know, trying to decide, do we go out and negotiate, which is what the, whatever they call them, the nobles, the nobles want to do. And Wallace is wanting to fire them up to fight.

And so let's just listen to this and we'll come back and talk about it. And I see a whole army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as free men.

And free men you are. What will you do without freedom? Will you fight? No, we will run and we will live. Fight and you may die. Run and you'll live at least a while.

I've been dying in your beds many years from now. Would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom. You know, it's hard to listen to that without getting fired up, you know, at least it is for me. And so there was a little bit of controversy before the show of what does William Wallace actually say there in that part of that clip. Does he say, what will you do without freedom or what will you do with that freedom?

And we never could make sense of it, which one it is, but it doesn't really matter because it gets to the same point. The point is, you know, what are you doing with your freedom? What are you doing with that? A couple of the questions I asked each of the team, three questions earlier this week or late last week about this topic of what are you doing with your freedom? What does your freedom mean to you? And how is God calling you to fight for the freedom of others? And that may be some questions that we'll answer today.

That may be some talking points. You know, for me, this question really, even though I've seen this clip countless times, I can't tell you how many times I've seen this clip or listened to this clip. I could not even try to keep track, but it's cool the way God will still bring stuff to you.

So I'm using this clip. It's really well known to me and I'm like, well, I'm not really sure. You know, I, there's nothing new I'm going to get from this.

And of course God just laughs and says, yeah, there's something new. And so the question that I ended up being left with is what things am I concerned about laying in my bed later on saying, I wished I would have done this with my freedom. You know, am I living my life in a way that I'm not going to get there and have this long list of regrets? Or am I using the freedom that God's given me that, uh, you know, living in a free country has given me, you know, all the things in my, in my using those resources to fight the good fights?

Or am I going to get to the end of it and go, wow, I really kind of blew that one. And so it's, it's a good focal point. That's a good thing to say, you know, what do I want to avoid getting there and saying, wow, I wished I would have done this, you know, to go back and fight your enemies or go back and correct things. And so it's a great place for me personally, just to be thinking about, okay, am I living intentionally? There's another way of saying that.

Am I intentional about the things that I want to do? And so part of the questions, I guess, for me, you know, God's really called us in this ministry to, um, do the boot camps, do the radio show to do the stuff. And that's some of the stuff that he has us doing to fight for the hearts of others. You know, we all have gotten freedom from boot camp. We've all gotten freedom from those types of things. And so that's our passion for it is because we found freedom there. And wherever you find freedom is where you want to, where you find passion. A lot of times that you, you're passionate about those things. And so helping others find that freedom is really pretty important to me, you know, and it's important to everybody on this team. And that's what bonds us together.

I mean, God's what bonds us together, obviously, but the mission is also part of what binds us together. So any thoughts on that clip? Andy, I know you love that clip. Anything you want to add to that clip?

I don't know. There's much to add to it. Um, just, just that, um, that vision or freedom that he cast a lot of times when men come to the boot camps and stuff, I know I didn't have a whole lot of vision for my freedom. It's kind of like a last gasp of really getting the freedom that I desired and hadn't really walked out, but I knew it was promised in the word.

I just didn't really have a, have a template or a map to get there. But I think just that, you know, our testimonies and how we have become free and been able to go on and walk that out. And that is a progressive thing in itself. There's a certain amount of freedom that I walk in today that I didn't, but there's a certain amount of freedom that's available to me that I still haven't walked into yet. Being the truest Andy being how he created me is still elusive.

It's still not fully there. There's a certain amount that I've walked into, but, and I want that for everybody to be able to, because I believe that is getting back to the core of who we are as men and how we were created. Yeah.

We're actually, we're thinking about talking to you about that after the show. So you just hit it right on the head. One of the challenges, one of the challenges to that clip is the end of it, you know, that, you know, they can take away my life, but they can't take away my freedom. And, you know, the idea of the gospel, right? In other words, to die to yourself in order to get the life that, and again, these guys might, if they looked at up there at the British and all those horses and whatever, they were facing that reality of, okay, in order for me to get that, I have to risk my very own life for real. And it's one thing to go through our lives, just live in whatever, but what are you really worth? What is really worth dying for you? Right? I mean, that you would be willing to literally die for your family, for, you know, your, what would that look like?

And do you live your life with that kind of passion for your freedom? It's definitely always been the challenge of that clip to me. And like you said, you get fired up, just listen to it.

Oh yeah. It's hard not to listen to that and get excited or fired up about it. Danny, I think we get time to get your clip in. Now we may have to talk about it after the break, but if you want to tell us a little bit about your clip and we'll go ahead and play it. Well, it's from a speech from, I can't pronounce the guy, Jim Caviezel. I may get it right further with, um, and he's talking about freedom. And then there's just a couple of points in the clip that, that, you know, he makes a couple of great points and it just spoke to my heart. And, you know, we're one of the questions that we can talk about them on the backside, but it is just a speech or part of a speech from him. Okay. Yeah.

Can we? History will record with the greatest astonishment that those that had the most to lose did the least to prevent it from happening. Well, I think it's high time now that we ask ourselves if we still even know the freedoms that were intended for us by our founding fathers. Every generation of Americans needs to know that freedom exists not to do what you like, but having the right to do what you ought. And that is the freedom that I wish for you. Set yourselves apart from this corrupt generation. Be saints. You weren't made to fit in. You are born to stand out. God bless you. Sounds like a commencement speech.

It may have been, but I wasn't graduating, so I don't know. I didn't think you did. Normally that's a sign to David, but you ought to know better by now. You ought to know better by now.

If you don't give him one every now and then he'll quit playing. That's true. That's true.

Pretty simple that way. But you know, he talks about, you know, freedom isn't to do what you want to, but it's to do what you ought. And I thought about that with this topic and, you know, having been a guy who come out of addictions and alcoholism that, you know, my life's not my own anymore.

And there are many times when I lived that way, but the reality of it is, is that my freedom was bought for a price because I couldn't. And, you know, to use it wisely would be to help others. Like you're talking about in boot camps and, you know, guys have conversations because, you know, scripture says we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. And your story was meant to help somebody else. And, you know, it isn't about what people think or that kind of thing. It's about helping that next guy down the road.

Cause I mean, you know, this world's a mess. So I was just kind of where I was at with that. Thank you. It was good clip. I do think it's commencement.

That sounded like it. That's, that's what I would want to hear at a commencement. Just saying, but go to masculine to register for the upcoming boot camp.

It's the, uh, in November and it's a weekend before Thanksgiving. And so go do that at masculine We'll talk to you after the break. How did God remind you who you were at boot camp? Oh, in so many different ways from beginning to end, you better expect God to show up because he's going to show up. If you give him the time, he's going to show up big at this boot camp. It's so important to me that I'm going to drive 550 miles. You can spend three days laughing with your brothers and fishing, shooting.

It don't get no better than that. And then you're given time to spend time with God and he will talk to you with the brothers, friends, the things that you're taught and the things that you think about just amazing experience all the way around. What we have at our boot camp is something that makes you stronger and gives you the strength to go on your regular walk with God. It's something that will make you be bigger than you were when you got there. I think sometimes as men, we feel like we're on our own and we've got to do everything ourselves and the way of the world is on our shoulders and it's our job to fix everything and make everything right and have all the answers. And I think when you come here, you just get really honed back in and reminded that God really is for us, that a good father helps you and a good father makes sure you have all the tools you need and a good father comes through for you when you need him and you just feel less alone.

Register today at So, that's just, there's a lot of clips out there on freedom, but I didn't find a lot of songs that really spoke to what are we free for. It's kind of the point. And I think it's not only freedom to help others around us.

Obviously, that's true. What are you doing with our freedom? But I think it's also free to, a lot of that was focused on the Lord. It's worship, free to dance, free to run, and it's all with a focus on the Lord. It reminds me of when Moses approached Pharaoh. He's like, let my people go so they may come and worship me. And that freedom came and then they were able to worship him or serve him. And so, that's what I feel like that song kind of speaks to. So, that was the Newsboys. Newsboys, my bad. That's right. I am free of the song. Okay, well, good.

Well, since you have a microphone, do you want to go ahead and set up your clip or should I go to somebody else? I guess so. Plain milk's fine, right? Yeah, but we've got to get it in sometimes.

I think we might as well do it now. Yeah, gotcha. So, this is from Saving Private, Ryan. It's at the end of the movie when George Marshall writes James Ryan's mother and just tells her, you know, you got one boy coming home, but thank you for the service of your others who died for the freedom of these other people. And then it goes on, it picks up James Ryan, Saving Private, I mean, Private Ryan from Saving Private Ryan, went back to the Normandy cemetery and he went to Miller's grave, his captain, who basically had told him on the bridge when he was dying, Captain Miller was dying, earn this. Basically, earn this life that you've been given.

Go do something good with it. In fact, he had mentioned in the church when he was talking to another sergeant, basically saying, I hope this guy that we're going after to save, you know, cures cancer, creates a better life. I couldn't get that out, but yeah, I mean, and the idea is earn it.

No, not necessarily earn it, but take it and use it, pay it forward, help other people. And then James Ryan is kind of trying to deal with this. He's saying, thank you, I hope I've earned this to Miller, but then he turns to his wife and says, you know, basically, you know, gets her report on the life that he lived.

Now, sometimes we would say he's looking for validation from his wife, I don't see it, he's lived his life. He just wants to know that, yes, he fulfilled what Miller desired for him to go to do. So it really just speaks to a man who has found freedom, who got freedom, his life was saved and all, and what he did with it.

And we all are at that, we're always evaluating our lives to see if we are living out the freedom as we've been given. Okay, so I'll play the clip. My dear Mrs. Ryan, it's with the most profound sense of joy that I write to inform you, your son, Private James Ryan, as well, and at this very moment, on his way home from European battlefields. Reports from the front indicate James did his duty in combat with great courage and steadfast dedication, even after he was informed of the tragic loss your family has suffered in this great campaign to rid the world of tyranny and oppression. I take great pleasure in joining the Secretary of War, the men and women of the United States Army and the citizens of a grateful nation in wishing you good health and many years of happiness with James at your side. Nothing, not even the safe return of a beloved son, can compensate you or the thousands of other American families who have suffered great loss in this tragic war. And I might share with you some words which have sustained me through long dark nights of peril, loss, and heartache.

And I quote, I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom Abraham Lincoln, yours very sincerely and respectfully, George C. Marshall, General Chief of Staff. My family is with me today. They wanted to come with me. To be honest with you, I wasn't sure how I'd feel coming back here. Every day, I think about what you said during that day on the bridge. I've tried to live my life the best I could. I hope that was enough. I hope that at least in your eyes, I've earned what all of you have done for me.

James, Captain John H. Miller. Tell me I've led a good life. What? Tell me I'm a good man.

You are. So, I mean, you know, coming off of Memorial Day, I was talking earlier, obviously that freedom that we have, what are we doing with the freedom Jesus paid for? And the freedom that we're walking in, it says, who the Son sets free is free indeed.

And then he says, the truth set you free. You know, that truth and that freedom that we're walking into, are we fully walking into that? But then you think about Memorial Day that we just came off of, too, the freedoms that were given to us. The freedoms that we live here, are we truly appreciating with those that went before us? You know, whether it's Revolutionary War all the way up to, you know, the wars in Afghanistan and stuff, with all that protection, all that freedom that people fight for, do we really appreciate it? Whether it's Jesus or whether it's our country, our country, are we really appreciative of that freedom? And we, I think that's something that we can do on a daily basis, evaluate that. Well, back to you and Danny both, because you both made some comments, but did you either want to answer, you know, what's your freedom mean to you or what are you doing with your freedom?

I was waiting to do that on the after hours. Well, since you got a microphone, you can answer that. Well, shoot. Or we can have Dan answer.

Or he can't. Or maybe we'll do it after hours. You know, the freedom that I feel like I've walked into, the freedom that I've, you know, that God has walked me through has affected the people around me. Obviously, the ministry stuff. I love pouring back in. I love being able to tell the story of where I was at. You get these guys that come in and they're at the same place that you were years ago and be able to encourage them, because sometimes it looks like you're looking at something that you'll never obtain or you won't really be able to walk out that freedom and to encourage them and see that. But then the freedom that I feel in my heart and all the damage I've done to family and different people over my life, even being a Christian and thinking I was doing things right, but being able to walk in freedom now. And freedom to me is just a freedom for the ability to really walk in who God created us to be. And that means walk in love and to be able to share that and see the strength that it brings to people now.

I don't have any specific stories. I mean, I would do, but don't want to get into all those, but just generally speaking, it's just a different life. And I think people around me would say, yeah, I see that. You know, I see the difference, the change, so. Thank you. Danny, what about you? Well, like I was saying, I hope I've helped a few guys along the way and I've tried to do the right thing when I can. And, you know, none of us are perfect, but, you know, try to help people along the way. And, you know, because he did set me free and, you know, and since coming on board with this ministry, you know, found some even deeper freedom and love what we do and how we do it. And, you know, that's my heart and my passion. And, you know, maybe my family sees a difference, you know, maybe those kind of things.

And hopefully they're trying to love folks well. And that's what the freedom means to me. Thank you. Kenny, I think we got time to get your clip in. So if you want to set it up real quick and then we'll play it.

All right. This is a little music clip from Creed, not the movie, but the music clip here, you know, and I love this message that he gets into there, especially that line that really grabbed me was, I'm free in your love. I'm free in your love.

If you go ahead and play that. Oh, so, Kenny, what was it about that song that spoke to you? My sacrifice, what Christ sacrificed for us. We can't even fan him, what he walked away from in heaven.

We get little glimpses because we live in such a broken fallen world. While he left to come rescue us, that love that he tells us no greater love is there than the one that lays down their life. And he sacrificed like his perfect life so he could take our sins. I mean, he was showing what true love is, you know, the Greek word agape, you know, that gets into what's what's best for us. And that's what God sent was his best. And he was willing to lay it all down for us as sacrifice. And that's what gives true freedom because where the Spirit is, there's liberty. And that's what he brought. He brought God's Spirit. And that's what he said, I'm going to leave with you.

And that's one thing I love your guys talk about. The world's got an orphan spirit, and Satan's got all kinds of counterfeits trying to fit that spot in our heart. And it won't fit.

It doesn't satisfy. Only that relationship with God can satisfy that true connection of a heart really makes sense in our mind. And you pray that, like Harold says, I want the eyes of my heart open. I want to see you. And I want to be with you because in with you, that's where I got my freedom. That's where I find the courage to step out and visit a bunch of guys.

I've heard a little bit on the radio, but I thank God that he said, you know, you know the camp, go down there and check it out. And thank God that he brought me there and I was able to bring one of my sons there. We're working on the other two. So y'all, y'all, everybody out there to keep praying for the other two that we get them down there this, this November, because we're looking forward to it. And we look forward to all the, and we're thankful for all you guys and the prayers and the breakthroughs we're already seeing. And y'all sharing your hearts and you're really sharing that love that Christ through what you do here, what you do in your lives. And I'm, I thank God for being part of that. We're glad that you're part of it.

And thank you for helping us fight for the hearts of others. And, and, uh, we just ask that you would take this topic this week and just pour into God to say, God, what am I doing with my freedom? What are you calling me to do with my freedom? What more would you like for me to do with my freedom? You know, am I walking the walk? You want me to walk? What, what more could I do?

You know, what things are you afraid of lying in your bed many, many years from now that you would say, wow, I really wasted that opportunity. And then just go make that not happen. You know, I mean, that sounds simple, but just go do that. And then join us next week. As we talk about another topic, go to to register for the bootcamp. This is the Truth Network.
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