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Climbing or Sliding

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 31, 2019 12:30 pm

Climbing or Sliding

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 31, 2019 12:30 pm

As Christians we will have moments where we are standing firm on the mountaintop, or in the shadows of the valley. However, the majority of the time we are either climbing or sliding. With the help of clips from the movies "Parenthood," " Rocky 2," and the television show "All in the Family," the guys peel back the layers of this week's topic. So grab your gear and be blessed as we tackle the adventure of Climbing or Sliding right here on The Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man, ways of life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates and wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and journeys. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle. Something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Glad to have you with us today. Just like I always like to go through something Robbie. I didn't talk about the head of the show was on my favorite things to do around the world and Eve. Today drillers while what even when Labor Day closed September the September already that hard to imagine all the guys actually Labor Day Eve Eve.

I was climbing through the whole summer in the summer is gone. So this topic this week is been kinda interesting there's there's a lot to it. I'm kind interest and see where God takes us today because Thorley we talked about lots of different aspects of it, you can begin the other day I was at the church and the pastor is preaching on something that obviously when paying attention to service in the midst of it. I started thinking about experiences as a Christian you have these in your Christian walk is mountaintop experiences and we talk about only relish and we love to, but also big part of our Christian walk is Valley times even on those seem like they last forever, but they don't. And most of our Christian life is actually spent in the middle man in the Valley mountaintop somewhere in between. Psychology today we start talking little bit about it and that's kinda were just lots of different aspects of this whole little simple concept, it seems so simple sliding climbing and sliding absolutely, and I know I immediately grasp that concept in and and began a wonderful ponder. Actually that's happened ever since about what what is it look like Robbie in your life when you're climbing versus sliding so the one that came to my mind immediately. As I was thinking about when I was really sliding and had no idea even how bad I was sliding was I would work all day as hard as I could possibly work till I was brain-dead and then come home, sit on the couch and yell at my family, watch TV and have them help them if they interrupted you know any of the good stuff and so as I pictured that in the movie clip movie clip didn't come to me but Archie Bunker came in just solid like yeah that's that's what I looked like when I was really really sliding into my life look just like that and so we have this new episode of all my family were Archie is still sliding but Edith would very much like to pull him out a little bit, especially when it comes to his diet is what you put in that lunchbox. You know what I done with Judy Cabot glaze. I chewed the tunafish to the warehouse. The oranges. Some of them appreciate that you because I something that does not begin all day long you think Dr. Nelson shoves his mom and she will want to be.

It was a slide.

It was the something about this whole climbing versus sliding so if I'm in the middle of obviously to some elevation that I got to go through to get to mountaintop sliding is just so much easier. Gravity takes right on that.

It's getting up a little faster than I know some oranges and sliding part, you know him and the thing is the enemy, but he sees your cheerleader when it comes to sliding. And he's right there with you want me to slide down into that valley down under that lowest spot that he can see possible. Last Saturday I did my show on you know that I have the Tiger from Rocky and actually is and interestingly Sam when he looked at this clip you you know as far as somebody climbing their way out and I'm fascinated that by who you picked was it was in fact Rocky and and and I think about Rocky on all sorts of different levels on why that spoke to so many people I was at phenomenally popular but I think to a great extent you're looking at a disciplined life you know that he got up and ate the eggs and yeah you know you are running up the steps, but still that wasn't enough. He needed people in his life. He called them out in the end, and I love the way you describe yeah you know you had.

And every one of the movies you had some of the stepped in and spoke truth into his life in it in the first one and Rocky to, you know he's come off losing the first fight in the mix of steps and will then in the next fight when he loses to cover lying Mr. T pitiful guy you have Apollo Creed sex life into it and then from there you have his wife another time. You know it, and God uses these people in her life to come in and say hey I know you're in a valley, you know, sometimes you just gotta buck up and let's go climb a little bit.

Let's go do something right in the thing I love about this clip is Burgess Meredith as you get this ruffle guy, but he's really trying to love on Rocky to the best of his ability and swords go ahead and play this word he's found he finds Rocky in the church's life center, after having a baby.

It's three in the morning that the fights coming up in the Rockies at his lowest point that is been his whole life is spinning to the way he feels out of control… And let make has a Satan once said again shot his second at the biggest and you're going to be slapping plaintiff's dangerous side case training all ready know what I need a nap all she will get you a one time well I don't I don't get mad. I think one umbrella, one umbrella listing Wednesday steam. It's just his heart is is all in and who wouldn't want a friend like that, that would come and speak that kind of truth into you, but then if you want to sit here and and do that I'm I'm here with you and interoperate with you what I got the latest. He was willing to risk you know he knows what's going on. We don't hear from that clip in amount time as he said he talks a little about Rocky's wife and she's a wonderful woman knows what she's going he's going through. But then there's this other reality of life that life has to continue to go on right in and so God uses of these other people at times for some winter valleys, and love us one way or another to help us get going to help us in a quit sliding her to start. That climb and that's what you sow Rocky do every time and I think you're part of that love of Rocky or the attachment Rocky is Rocky doesn't get a live on the mountaintop when he hasn't informed of the movies are all the same as a mountaintop experience against Lee loses the bottom of the valley has to fight his way back. Sometimes that's in Russia. Sometimes that's against different people and the same formula but that's I think that resonates with us because that's our life units. That's where we live. Most the time as we get to have these great mountaintop experiences personally, spiritually, with the don't stay. Not now, and he will talk in the next segment you maybe down the road there will without stating now, but to remind us that there there and then we get a go live life that will often take us into the valley but the cool thing about the valley as well Rob, you said it before, the soil in the Valium humiliation is the most fertile.

As we talked about compost rolls downhill next Wednesday.

You know we want to hear that a mere all possible that you know clearly the soil is rich and it's soft and you can dig in your roots. If you choose to be humble and God will meet you there at and so I there's no doubt in my mind that part of the joy of watching Rocky come back to fight is no one from where he can say this, but looking back going to talk about the progress okay yeah I didn't think it ever say this will very very applicable mask injury to register for the upcoming boot camp November 7 through to.

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Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code to get truth or call 800-942-9613 these great radio specials same here with my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it PO Box 552 7285 what God doesn't come close off each person is chipped away at this feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind. It was Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana where he actually you know that I saw with my daughter which actually was a great experience with my daughter. When we do know where Miley would fall but yet you know that might be for her because we don't abandon her story. We don't know what that is a very good song and it does talk about the uphill battles in the we don't know what's on that other side. The punchline of that song assist the client right right and this sense of really trying to to experience God it at some level and in and that's what happened for children in Pilgrim's progress is that you know he is on his way to the celestial city, but he had no idea he would be going up and down the mountain through you know that there weren't just one Valium in Pilgrim's progress. There was several valleys and sometimes it were giants whitened on their form and sometimes you know there was Apollyon and there were all sorts of shenanigans that he went through, but the idea was, as I know God is doing in my own life that there's this initiation process and one of the more fascinating things not to be a big John Bunyan fan is his wife goes through.

I didn't in Pilgrim's progress to the exact same trip, but her experiences are completely different than Johnson. The same valleys because there were things that she needed to learn that were different than what John needed, what program is and and I think that that is so true about everybody that I know there initiation is a bit different. I think for two reasons. Number one. Their wounds are different, but also their glorious different that such a great point almost hate to say that is a fan of his brother Paul blue ox and yet he knew about goats. If there is something you and talk about on the topic. Yeah, I got running on the man because of the movie overcome her, which I recommend. But it made me think of my own experiences a few years back when I was a younger guy and I used to jog a lot. One time I experienced the quote unquote runners only wants and it was an incredible experience.

It was let my feet were not even touching the ground and I was running what was incredibly fast for me and it was at a time when I had not been running much and was not in really good shape and I was thinking of the difference between that runners and slogging along with this speech and the sad hurting, gasping for breath and so I was equating the two extremes of the running with our mountaintop and the valley slight difference between running without touching the ground and running with 100 pounds sack of dirt on your back, but God asked has for us those experiences that we have to go through in our determination to keep going when the going is tough is what makes the difference. You can't give up.

Yeah it really is that his people. We do our best to try to insulate herself from having to go to the Valley and in the six clips you can have you set up rabbits from parenthood. That's really what this is about is about a guy that's wanting to stay on the mountaintop is only experiencing valleys and his wife wants to have another child is set up the deal and and he is trying to explain. You know what a mess that puts things into an heat messy is not necessarily good in his book. Nine. Your pop-up could have had well this for the miss sometimes. Sometimes they will apply messy, so messy coaster. 00. What a great story to be. So Sam didn't like it just goes around really close to Sam years ago we went to boot camp and it was used to think maybe I had an agreement that I would get sick or there would always be a benchwarmer for the boot camp and took the boot camp I was sitting right before their camp and then on top of that, I got a letter from the state that my wages were going to be garnished, which was I was in no position to take financially and and I really was headed into this boot camp think in the world was coming to an end and that night I'll never forget. I had this vision and I don't know how to put it out… Is what the vision look like and be in a car guy. Maybe you can imagine this. I'm got a slot car service that and what's happening is there's curves and God is the controlling of little thing that goes on I'm right and he's holding it down so the little cars in retirement at the Kirby don't go right off. You know, and I got furious and got him like you need to slow down so that the car will go through the curve.

You know, and he would just go zoom boom just kept flying off the track and then he just twinkled his lie at me like I do sometimes and he said the thrill of the ride is in the curves and you gotta slow down and enjoy it.

To some extent you can't just go full blast into the curve and similar to her roller coaster ride that you know the thrill of the ride with God even know that sometimes you can be in that valley is what this lady expects.

This is explaining that there are going to be times that you were scared to death. But if you don't climb into the car. You don't get to go on a ride and that's what happened on your first boot camp yet is the with that story going back to click for minute you get Steve Martin's character that's going to insulate himself.

I don't I don't be the Valley. I don't want to do the roller coaster anymore right and the licensee know that's what life's about.

She gets it. Grandma comes in with the wisdom you know for me.

You have responsibility in being available for mountaintop experience you have to be willing to get in the car and ride around the curve with God. Not sure how it's going to turn out and and for me on my first boot camp I went I've been pursuing my wound and many year journey. I couldn't figure out what my wound was assessed by trying to figure it out on my ongoing knee that I just couldn't get there and then when we went out for quiet time after the wound. Talk and God started speaking to me about this is your wound. I had a crossroads.

I was at it really is no story had to do with molestation have to raise a kid and I had promised myself that would never affect me know. Like people do and they promise himself things and I was angry because this can't be my wound. I won't let it be and had to choose my going to stay there which I've been living for so many years I was I gonna listen to God and step into it and let it be. My wound and unfortunately my stubbornness gave way into my trust and the father even I didn't really know how to see it that way then but just to hear the love in his voice and and step into that and step into the healing it came on the backside of that very quickly. A very short time on the on the mountainside.

There literally on the mountaintop with God in Colorado is healing that it didn't leading me for 40+ years at that point is that right 30+ years anyway and so we have to be willing to enter in.

You know yes wheat we live in between the Valley and the mountaintop, but we can actively try to climb.

That to me as I hear and I know it is to you. Randy had Sam not gotten the car Eddie not jumped on the roller coaster I wouldn't I would be nowhere close to where I am today with the Lord you have bested that those rides. We affect everybody else.

And I think they definitely do they play our decision to make

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