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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 25, 2020 12:30 pm

Not Home Yet

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 25, 2020 12:30 pm

This week the guys are talking about Heaven and how we're not home yet. The clips this week come from the films "Heaven is Real," "The Shack," and a recording of John Eldredge speaking. Grab your gear and be blessed right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine masculine start here now welcome to masculine your you. We are very glad to have you with us is we can in this is going to be an exciting week and I am really excited them really not sure where the children to go and that should be different than some other week. Although it's not.

Partly it's because the topic were talking about is heaven right in and how much of life that we potentially struggle with or don't understand is partly because were not were not made to live in a fallen Earth right we happen to live there is a major determinant where you were behind enemy lines right but were made for a different place but a lot of times we don't have that perspective and some actually pray right now for us and asked for perspective. As we get to the show is. Thank you. And we thank you for this insight that you given to us. It's great people and through some movie clips and some things that you said and special what Jesus attacked us about the Bible in the Bible about heaven and we pray for perspective and help and understand the enemy's attack on this topic because it's such a been a vital attack. These taken taken people out and lost the hope that heaven really gives us and in the longing that our hearts have for it's in your name we pray, guys. Heaven right so what was your first thoughts that you can think of going about having anything come to mind clouds clouds Angels harps yeah harps singing singing a lot of thing. Not real big big heart moving things unless your intellect, harps and angels and thinking right, I think that what's been stolen from his inventions on this before when I get to do that same show.

But what's been stolen from us is the promise of heaven right what that really isn't an indium ask about a cook as regular click pretty quickly. This is from a movie called heaven.

Israel met right and so in this movie. This little boy what passes away. His name is Colton Barbeau and his dad is a pastor will he has some kind of stomach problem and ended up at appendix burst or something and ends up going to heaven and when he dies he comes back and he knows things about the family's life and that kind of thing. It kind of validates everything but give some perspective on what he sees in heaven and you know just really it's a good place to start because it just encourages your heart for what we will experience in in heaven howled in support like by the belief in article and they want their cell where Buddy and how you may be afraid.

There maybe they're afraid there is why this is into what was it about this clip really spoke to you and shame outsourced is clip submission is copying any out the best I can hear but really it was just we don't go to heaven every day. You know we had that, but there are plenty of people that have experience that and have given really similar type of recollections of what they saw and Stephanie just touched me. When we started talking about heaven or the restoration of all things.

The renewal of of God. And there's there's different times. There's heaven now what were still on earth. And then what it will be like in the future we just brought those things to me gate you gave me us just a glimpse of what it may be like you and I can identify with everything he says because I believe that's in my heart of what it will actually be like about how beautiful it is. We've all heard that and I guess it just do you know it's one of the better things I've heard in in in just about what heaven will be like when there when he's talking about the markers is not pregnant. Crayola right now he's talking about what the wounds of Jesus. Yeah I hate marks on the CFTC the movie and I really highly recommended.

Heaven is real but go back in and it and it is he's just pointing out Jesus is when you know we've heard those kinds of things that that Jesus is willing still exist.

You know, because identification of his love for some what, how he gave his life and think the movie. Haven't seen it unite when Ashley McDivitt has seen that Nance was asking about Eddie Knight teased her about ask about the I think the the realness of the fact that the data pastor and yet he struggling a little bit because I think as Christians even walk closely with God and you believe these things, but life comes at you every day and it's so hard to hold onto that hope you this is a reporter interviewing them out and really explain that, but that's she's calling the question things and she's got the one eye open like yeah really don't know if I believe that didn't like you said Sam, his dad is you don't you don't see only I believe you sent to me is like.

I believe that God loves this, but he didn't say Ya believe he saw what you saw but as it goes on you'll see in the movie that I think he becomes heat. There is much more validation done of what the child saw and experienced of really, it may be in real so I love the animals part myself and you know you really think about it biblically. The Bible is full of that. That obviously Ezekiel saw these many face and share them which all were like animals right and clearly you know when Alicia's servant saw all the horses and chariots that took in our lives actually to have you think about all the different sightings and there's always animals involved in that and that was something that really you know, in John Eldridge's book, which is along these lines all things new. You know, there's this beautiful picture of like what I hope there is in the restoration of the animals that have been in our lives in our dogs just relationships that revamp with cats two for Jim yeah for Jim Ike.

I realize there is a night together when you talk about that. You don't hear him might might dog as a kid brownie passed away when is it the Boy Scout camp. When you and I get excited about the thought of being reunited with the dog. I hadn't seen in 40 year) how cool that would be not to mention my family and friends and things like that. But where this topic came about in and I did bring the topic up because I have my radio on random, sometimes I'm driving special in the long drive and I got a long list of songs just all different types of songs and so it's kind interesting to watch again to jump around and play from different things and it jumped onto Steven Curtis Chapman song which actually about coming back in and it's it's called, not home and the more I listen to it. I played the song a couple times it is Really thinking about a lot of what I struggle with. We talked a bit about this last week but a lot of what I think we struggle with is humans, especially Christians, is affected were not home yet.

You know in our hearts are made for their hearts are made to be in a society that's just and right and true. And there's fairness in an things are the way they're supposed to be that you have to watch the news to know that's not the way life is. On most days, and maybe this person gets a promotion or that person that you love your whole life gets sick at a very young age. You know and just something just doesn't feel right about those things. You know I'm so life is costly, Nana's enemies constantly, not us. Trying to rob that vision of heaven trying to rob that that thing that so far down in her heart. Diets pitiful concept of of that there are certain longings like in my heart that I would think organ to be answered in my marriage or in my relationship with my kids and often they're just kinda reminders of your not you know God does want us to get all that comfortable here because the best is yet to come. How much different would our relationships be if we had the lack of better term, the kingdom vision the end of vision unite. I don't I'm not gonna find all those things that I think I should find in my life because I'm not supposed to write. I'm not supposed to find that completion. Not that the marriage union is an amazing, not saying that I'm not to find everything that my hearts looking for because were not supposed insulin.

I can look at it that differently much pressure does it take off the relationship.

It becomes a totally different thing and maybe it's not marriage. Maybe it's friendships. Maybe it's a career that is you get all my things answered with his career in the schooling that I had her what a fill in the blank.

It's because were putting our hope in something to fulfill us. That was never meant to fulfill us fully by source takes you to that question is an island, and often you know I'm going there in the morning and my prayer time. Send Jesus what is this man not just at this a that is not getting field here and somehow I'm supposed to build a bring that to you and it is not working out think it ended.

He's like, that's because there's more to come in. The best is yet to come and stick with me probably work or working on at the end and it's a journey that is a journey and it is a good comeback to listen to John Eldridge a little bit and listen to a clip from a Christmas movie really plays and what were talking about today masking to register for the upcoming boot camp April 2-5. The amazing time we got a lot of guys here to be there think of anything to be here and we really want to come in and sponsor starting to fill up so register now that it's cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off. Oh, you makes you feel like you might need to throw in the towel.

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April 2 through the fifth.

Register say that were not home yet. If you just tuned in to listen to the show but if it is tuned in what we talked about retirement heaven versus well all things made knew what were actually you know from the larger story perspective what we would say at boot camp is his act for you know that when Jesus comes back.

He is going to mean a rain and what what is that gonna look like as opposed to what were currently experiencing, which is the battle exactly Jim I would ask you something´┐Ż You sound like I'm teasing you and II really am a little bit but I am not your wages at say hello so is an older Christian not just know you been a Christian for latter years, right, and even in the pastoral line for latter years. Is this something that pastors struggle with as well. Potentially something everybody needs to recognize pastors are human beings. There is that expectation of lamb that is unrealistic and yeah I have actually not struggled much with heaven, but my expectation of it has changed considerably from when I was at my first memories were drawing pictures of God bailing me out. If precarious situations and that's kind of been my life so that start it when I was three, four, was God. Let me know what life was about, but it's really a matter of we all put God in a box and he keeps breaking out of the box and we build bigger and bigger boxes but will never totally grasp who he is, until were with him in heaven and that baby is yellow what the particulars are, no matter it's getting to the point of having that eternal and close communion with God. And that's something that didn't think about was a teenager and I know none of us know obviously what heaven is going to be like other than which is Jesus's talked about in Scripture in any way to talk about this clip that were get married to listen to some John Eldridge and he talks about this topic. He does and you know I am like most I mean I thought heaven.

My thought of it was ethereal like we talked about not really in a tangible, something I really can identify with and been there, you know, in their scriptures in the Bible to kind of explain it, but a lot of times people we forget what really to have an attorney to do we think about is the new Jerusalem, coming down here to earth and the restoration of all things. That's I think all things knew the name of John's book and that's with the clip was about. He's on a talk show talking about it, but I think it really gave me a different perspective. There was a lot of things that really make me much more excited about going to heaven. I may not talk, we have maternity on our hearts and their things that we look forward and it just gave me a different perspective than what I had previously thought to be training to the Gospels, I was in Matthew chapter 19, and Peter asked Jesus pretty straightforward question. He says what this is cost us quite a bit to follow you. What's in it for us like what will there be for us in Jesus rebuked the question he smiles and he said all I tell you the truth, at the renewal of all the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you think it's a very particular who have lost relationships, loved ones.

He even names house and lands careers all your dreams. All those things you had to let go of it will specifically be restored to you. In addition to he says eternal life.

Most people think that whatever the next chapter. The story is, is this thing in heaven right it's hard. Halos are is the eternal church service in the sky right we all just will go up to heaven and we sing forever.

I like to point out if it's like church service in the key of the human heart is this useless as you can only hope and desire is vague if it's a little creepy religious.

It does not bring hope, no matter how much you try and breathe into when Jesus promises the restoration of all some flipping through the Scriptures. Peter picks up the theme and ask next chapter 3, he says, Jesus must remain in heaven until the time comes from God to restore everything and then the whole thing swells to crescendo in Revelation right end of the book chapter 21 he who is seated on the throne says I am making everything new is not say I making all new thing Frankie restores the key restores our lives. There is an can be to taken from you that God will not personally intimately restore so there's a lot there and when the questions I guess. And if you're skeptical when things ask it would be. Think about your favorite movies if you don't think eternity is written on your heart. Think about your favorite movies and I promise you that it has something to do with an injustice being righted something being restored relationship. It's going to fall in similar lines.

Fairness is now there, all of a sudden it may be that that that the details of the story will be unique to each movie but it's going to come down to some the same things and that we can name on almost all of our favorite movies lands in one of those areas that Robby will absolutely and I will rescue in the beauty.

I think it's a battle to fight the rescue division of the adventure to live is the one that grabs me. I waived all the things I wanted to do in this lifetime that I haven't had a chance to and it does say all things so I will fly at the speed of light. I'll be able to do that or instantaneously be somewhere seeing Snoopy my dog when I was a kid and saying forest my cat when I was an adult, which is probably something to that dogs are better for kids than cats better for adults, but there are so many things we've all missed out in this life and will have every opportunity to experience anything and everything when write. It's not that Don cloud playing a heart that's boring. I love music and I'll sing Messiah any day of the week that that fraternity, it might diminish somewhat think Jim and Ravi were to wait a good talk about this clip. This is a Christmas clip it really speaks to this doesn't have George Bailey it's a wonderful life. He was got an opportunity to see what would the earth be without him and so he went back to Pottersville without his existence. Nobody knows him and he's had to walk around there and see their fruit of what is life with whatever the place would have been without his life.

And so here he gets the joy of things being restored for him again and again. Please God let me live again again for George Burke. You know me know your kitten all of her time trying to find you.

I saw your car, plotting the treat on your mouse usually all right and it's not a Christmas is about the restoration of all things and in the shoe speaks a lot of things. Obviously, the importance of the individual may be to do the day it's about restoring something to the way that was originally meant to be. I love share with the audience.

You and your dad that's that's some loss, you and I think about going to heaven return minute before the show unite a I get excited about having a conversation with my father. My dad was was in the home every night, but he was gone a lot and he was very busy with his own agenda. Most the time and didn't spend much time with me is as young boy and then I get to be about 12. He had a stroke and then he was unable to talk.

You could say yes no if you are there not so nice words I can say in the air and you know those types of things and he was like nine more years, and so really wasn't any conversations was just statements that he hungry you are that type of thing and I look so forward to the time that I can be with my dad and that that God's command and really work on forgiveness in my heart and I'm excited that it's appertaining to see my dad at some point and just have a conversation with a hearing him talk as a person who is not affected by a stroke as a person who cannot only think what he wants to say we get the words out, and how amazing that's going to be to have time with him that I've really never had in my whole life Internet that brings excitement to me because it means a restoration of what I wanted my heart to have you know in and I think that that's what. In a perfect world, God would've wanted me to have, but we don't live in a perfect world, knowing we have people to get hurt.

We live now in situations where there's divorce and all those kinds of things and in their so much it's wrong with society and what we see every day that we consider quitting quite normal partners. It's not normal yeah and and and Jesus came so that everyone would get that chance in one John said it's the purpose of the gospel to let them know that this is available but it won't be available if you don't get into the blood of Christ. If you don't have hitmen and in this opportunity and so you know it really puts the pressure on. For those of us who are working in the kingdom to to continue the battle because we don't want anybody to miss out on, especially those that we love the hard part is we have Christians admissible. I missed it for so many years and in the very end of the point Gleason seems like I'm hoping that you have helped me understand and so the guy would help us all get that perspective.

About before the perspective of the show perspective of the gospel, the perspective of what Jesus said in the gospel. My house has many rooms for every one of us right. That's the perspective that there's a place at home for things right. Things are just, and things are true societies calling us away from Jesus is calling us to talk to you next to register for the

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