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Why We Call It Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 14, 2020 12:30 pm

Why We Call It Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 14, 2020 12:30 pm

With The first Boot Camp of 2020 quickly approaching, the guys take some time to speak on why they call it boot camp. They also touch on what you can expect when you take part in this special event of fellowship. The clips this week come from the films "Private Benjamin," and "Stripes." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network of every man is a great image or when one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey are going to be answering one of the most burning question you probably have you been losing our chauffeur while you probably had this question, we never really given any answer yeah you today inquiring minds would they do know. So what is a question we want to answer. We've literally been asked this question probably wants you know we get asked a lot. Actually we we have said in the past that a boot camp is not a men's retreat. It's not like a retreat. We don't call it a retreat and there's a reason for it and so people always go will will what's what's what's the reason, and so were to try to answer. What's the reason tonight. Sam absolutely were to talk about that and I think as time goes on, it gets a little bit more confusing because you have this term but can't be used by all sorts of different physical activities, yoga, boot camp or whatever right, you get all these things.

So why do we tend to call it the camp for me it's really important because I have two nice pairs of hiking boots and about the only, where my readers.

That's why they are probably made for walking. Just what I one of these days you know that God really have me as a snazzy, her one time under Nancy yeah what about me it's about you I can figure out what. I guess that this is from the movie Pvt. Benjamin to tell us a bit about it isn't in Judy Benjamin. As you know is not of the same in our 60s, thing of Nancy Sinatra that far, worse, anyway?

If you didn't like.

Did you watch life and you know it was much laughing and elevating gold. Anyway, goalie Han find yourself in the Army and this is when she just begins the boot camp experience and as she arrives. She's quite certain that she's in the wrong place like this wasn't anywhere close to my expectation and and the reason I feel like it makes a great clip is that I've met very few if any man after a day and 1/2 of boot camp that aren't same. Wow, this is nothing like what I expected when I came so here's here's what Judy had a little different.

This is the most I've seen it like you mean Katie is just to be to sleep 20 change if we drank concrete shall place stunning training carry. That's because notice in writing to its electric goes right to that, you know, I guess anybody who has a concept of what goes on of the boot camp. You know if you not meeting expectations.

You get the claimant latrine when you get exactly and so she's she's experiencing.

Mattice is being brought into an environment clearly where you know they're gonna break it down to some extent then then this is similar in some ways there boot camp and not the same either a well yeah me. We supply you with the toothbrush again that's difference and really mainly is rubbish to Piazza Rob.

Let's use that to clean the bathrooms now yeah right. It was so funny that the expectations that people come with you know I remember going to the first men's retreat. I think it was actually a marriage retreat was the first church retreat I ever went on and I thought mean this really be cool. You know, and I was I was excited about and there was. There were some good things there, but I left there, feeling worse about myself than I did when I went home and I figured out how horrible of a husband. I was how horrible of a father.

I was how horrible of the Christian I was, and note the worst part about it all guys was that I was surrounded by perfect marriages and perfect fathers and perfect husbands. I was the only guy there that didn't have it together so I thought, yeah it for me going to Suliman men's retreats and it was different. It is going to those. Was I didn't want to have hope. A lot of times that things could be different but it wasn't a lasting thing in until I went to my first boot camp there became something that became stock that was lasting that there was some definite change that happened which we talk about a little bit but it was totally different and I think that if you're expecting to go to camp and you know your idea that the camps going to be a retreat where we were in a nice luxury hotel that's not where were at right were Carolina Bible camp, which is a very nice place great place to go with the kids camp, primarily in and so it is staying in cabins and it's not that many people to the room, but it's not going to be this luxury hotel if that's your version that's not what were therefore not there for comfort right it is a comfortable place me it's a fun place to be, but it's going to be totally different than what you really would expect if you bend other retreats yeah is even if you've never been to a retreat because I had never been made. Every time I had the thought of going to retreat. I just kind of was like what's is going to be like were they going to do and it cannot talk about some things, whether a secular or Christian. I don't know. There's something about it that wasn't inviting and fortunately I was listening to the radio show and heard you guys and those like this the more I listen, more like now. I think it could be really something here that I just need to hear. I just had that you know in the and it was completely different than what I expected, as I did expect the typical what you get out of retreats. What you hear about people talk about retreats going in and being able to just listen to other men tell their stories and then be able to just go okay I'm hearing what they're saying. How does that apply to me. God you walk out and go to become assigned to like.

So how to spot me where my going. Why am I here is not asking those questions and you actually start to get answers and then that speaks to some Judy was experiencing merit and a lot of us didn't receive an early life.

That's called authority right hand and she's experiencing a new authority well. The neat thing from my perspective, the thing that caught me totally off guard was. I was not expecting the authority of boot camp to be God night I expected it to be the leaders of the I expected it to be in a something, but what changed really was understanding authority not only the authority of God, but the authority of Satan yet knowing the enemy and how is coming after you collect. That is just huge because that's what I started to learn was oh, it's not just me in my own little self trying to figure things out. There's an enemy. This is how you can recognize enemy and here's healing and restoration understand where that's coming from and we were told early on by Darren Sam. You know you guys you hear something you want to come talk to us. You but don't go talk to God first year in what they were doing was explaining where authority in the right. Yeah. I mean, that's that the natural thing is when you hear somebody stand up on stage and they talk about something you think wow they've got it together now that again the difference between this boot camp at a men's retreat is you know men's restricted retreat.

You have a paid speaker usually come in. He's got it all together.

He's written books on marriage. Now he's he's written books on fatherhood and all of those things and so he's the authority and he comes in and he talks a good game and and he might live a good game. I'm not not critiquing that at all, or criticizing that the different set of boot camp is you can hear from Sam. You can hear from Darren. You hear from Rob. You can hear from Jim. You hear from broken guys who've done it wrong who've made others. The authority in their life, not God who made themselves the authority, the pastor of the authority, whomever. No one can live up to it, our wives, the authority no one can live up to that kind of pressure and so those relationships crumbled those people, let us down. But God never does. And so what we do to help guises look were going to talk about something more than a talk about our personal addiction. Morgan and talk about our personal brokenness were to talk about our relationships that got broken and how God began to restore that in your inner think all my goodness, I thought I was the only one right just like I talked about a minute I thought I was the only one in your and only come talk to me or Sam or Robby and were going to say no go talk to God because he's got answers way better than anything we've got. And then if God says come back and talk to us and find what will be willing to talk to you but were going to point you to God first and often go ahead and get to a clip here and I'm not sure what my time will do it after the break to talk with our story is that's really what it is when we deal with people that is telling their authentic story. It resonates and pray is that it when they tell what God's done in their life and it's genuinely resonates with Transamerica.

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I would love to invite you to come to a masculine journey radio boot camp and meet some guys who will struggle just like you and more importantly meet with God, who would love to walk with you through the healing and restoration that he has to offer coming up April 2 through the fifth. Go to masculine to register now. You will find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom a four day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey radio boot camp. Boot camp is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to be passionate lawyers for the kingdom coming this April.

April 2 through the fifth. Register and and and and if humans did with my weekly that's going to Rodney leads us and that every morning as we walked to big you know that that's not what we do with that. It's something to remind you that there's power in community is power in doing things together and some of this Darren to come to boot camp. You'll have to come with others.

A great while Rodney he came by himself and it stuck. Oddly enough I mean is this miraculous is that might be. I went to my first boot camp by myself. I think you might've went.

Now what is that people that I knew that I kinda wish it would.

Went by myself talk about that well because I unite.

I went in, got students work in my hearts and some amazing work and I walked back in from the session and one of the guys I worked with in his heart was in a good place but uses like so tell me what your wound was while I was not ready to share my wound with others and it felt very in my face anything on the porch. I decided I'm not ready to do that yet and he's like okay that's fine you, but that would have not. Probably happened had he not known yet. So ask yourself the question, if you're listening.

How authentic can you be with two or three of your closest church friends okay and if and if the answer is all will they know everything about me okay bring them to boot camp with you, but if it is a lot I don't know what this is a time to go be alone with God and some other guys who are going to be very authentic and very vulnerable.

And it's a time you don't have to tell anybody at this boot camp were not going to make you share anything. It's between you and God. And if you want to talk to somebody about what you're experiencing there. Great. You can but you don't have to and you don't have to be responsible for anybody else, and that's the beauty of coming by yourself. I'm glad that I went by myself. I really am, because I probably would've played the poser a whole lot more. Had I come with others in for me. My first book if I really didn't share anything with anybody in the first person I shared it with my wife when I got home it is. Got it totally.

You need to share these things with your life back is being to my own.

You know that with my story, having been about molestation so that is embarrassed and on and took it took a level of healing up to the level of God working on me to share with those close to me and then to be able share with others by Anna and I kiss couldn't do it then you end forcefully got saved me from that from having to do it until I could do it later when the healing restoration had occurred. My first bit of Not only was I that I do not know anyone what I send up I was over 3000 miles from home. We left North Carolina headed for Alaska. A mission trip, but I had a friend in North Carolina said oh you needed join these guys. It was a weeklong and it was sort like Judy down pretty flexible and like her. You and I can go with the flow but it blew me away and it was a time spent with God in God's country and we were near Juneau that my initial nightmare was really funny because he said well were not sure where the Todd is it whether we could drive to camp or not. I said well you were not to get the Solid old will take the boat weeded up on a boat to get there is the Todd allows you to drive at certain times and not others, but the whole week was and it was a weeklong just was incredible and some of the guys at that camp ended up being great friends for life will to get her clipped it.

It's from the movie stripes and what are we to listen to in this there's a couple guys there. There some people in it. That's really authentic and they share their story and I think you find that you be drawn to them will bit more. Although some others may make you laugh, you can tell and I'm not just being genuine surrealist listen kinda talk about the power of story and how God calls us to share some of the stories were epic names Francis Sawyer every costly cycle and you guys call me Francis and Arcadia this fight and I don't like nobody touching my stuff just keeping the hooks off by catching you guys in my staff.

Okay. Also, I don't like nobody touching me. Lighten up Francis you're all in this together. Wisemen may save your life. When he stays. You understand that me, my name is Dewey Augsburger friends call me RX. I noticed that the likely problem know how Dr. told me I swallow a lot of aggression along with a lot of pieces. Basically a shy person shy guy. He suggested taking one of these aggression training course families, aggressive training course like asked those type of things and it cost 100 bucks 400 bucks to join us in March and have the money I thought to myself, join the Army. It's free while I'm here lose a few pounds and you got what a 60 program here real tough one which is perfect for me to walk out here. I lean mean fighting machine is its key always been kind of pacifist I was a kid my father told me never hit anyone in anger must you absolutely sure get away with okay chefs is here used chicks dig me but now I know why I have always lost women to guys like you and it's not just the uniform it's the stories you tell so much fun and imagination Lee Harvey you mad mad you pick this cliff so there is some of this. It really reminds about the hour it yeah I think I've met all that there's an egg.

It's a fascinating thing that you're getting called into your identity, which is an individual, but at the same point in time.

Once you begin to I just become a bit more authentic you connect to men in a different way that really brings that sense of community that sense of like belonging or enough for me like a sense of importance, like I am this like I get to be part of this and this is an important thing, you know that God's doing it ruddy how important was it for you at your first boot camp that the guys get up and and just work very authentic with her conversation the other didn't. They didn't pretend to be something that they work. I think it was everything because I again was expecting more of a organ to go in and maybe learn some things about the Bible. I heard the show but I still didn't know about. I knew you guys are news clips but I had no idea the connection to life stories and the clips and God and the way all the sky gets brought together in a way where you're going to walk out and go take that to God and going on, take next him one on one, knowing what I heard from you guys opening up being authentic is allowed me to start opening and sharing because I'm about as close officer to get it when I've been some other retreats before I went to boot camp. There was nothing necessarily bad about him and I think the people putting them on their hearts were on the right place and were trying to help people find freedom. The difference for me and going to some of those was a walk to tips and techniques in it and that's good that I didn't walk I want to have knowledge and not life I and when I went to boot camp. God help me find more of life because what we do at the boot camp is redirected as we said several times in the show in different ways back to God and that the way that we can structure it is you do learn about some things you learn about things you need to take to God and then let God do the work that he wants to do, let him take you where he wants you to go is that's the power in the boot camp is a healing and restoration comes from what he's doing hold exactly say I disagree with you want things you said is that everybody is trying to be freedom and for me almost the difference between a retreat being the law, which is good to point and the boot camp being grace or finding the freedom of being able to become who you are meant to be in Ike I agree with. I think that probably in their own intent in her own way. They think it's can help you find what you're looking for it.

It ended it's never a bad thing to be directed to the Bible and God's word.

You know in and that's we do talk about God's word a lot of boot camp. We also had so you know you can hear from God and he's been speaking to you and this is what you go do it in then God does that right and you know a lot of the a lot of the things that are different.

You know why we call it a boot camp well of a boot camp is about seeing what you have in common with other men right when you go to boot camp. Everybody had same haircut airbase got same uniform or by sketch same. Wake up timer baits the same food they learn the same enemy identification they learn how to identify who the enemy as they learn the weapons that they're going to use date. They do all that together right and while God individually deals with us at a boot camp there is this sense of that. You know what were doing is were providing an opportunity for God to come in and do that very rapid training right boot camp is to teach a guy to be a soldier in eight weeks.

Write it. It's something that we wish that people would learn all of their lives and just you could just go hey alright I'm ready to go in the Army and they go okay were going to send you here because you're trained up and ready to go will. That's not the case though, and so boot camp is a condensed version of life. Learning the particular things that you need to learn in life, in order to stay alive and keep others alive and to produce freedom for all. Well that's what a boot camp is we are teaching you in a in a short period of time and were not really teaching, so that's probably a false statement God is teaching you were providing the opportunity for God to break you down let you see some things you have in common with other broken guys and then help you towards being that warrior that your heart wants to be in. You can have your own haircut anything where you're in different types of closing on it yes is knowingly, specifically, note that they go to masking to register for the boot camp to listen to the after our show that's going to come up right after this we can record it and talk about what God is done for us a boot camps in the power of those and some of the significant takeaways with each had so you can go to masking to register for boot camp in go to iTunes modify iHeartRadio lots of places to get the podcast

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