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Boot Camp Survivor Stories

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 22, 2022 12:30 pm

Boot Camp Survivor Stories

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 22, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week is we're doing something a little different. No clips this week, just men sharing their stories on how they survived their tour of duty so to speak, at the Masculine Journey Boot Camp. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Not key to call off the Russian nightmare, no the devil's nightmare. Hear from it's time to man up. Challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. dying for. Grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers who will serve as the guides in what we call The Masculine Journey. The Masculine Journey starts here now. How fun today on The Masculine Journey. We're doing a little something different.

Sam is away, so the mice are playing. Here you go. And so, we decided, well, let's do a little format change here this week, is we're going to have the boot camp survivor stories, okay? And we've invited out many of our boot camp survivors to share, you know, how they survived this event, which by the way, there's another one coming up, shameless plug on November 17th, and you're saying, gee, I'm not a boot camp survivor.

That's a problem we can solve for you by you going to, just saying, and making that happen, right, Andy? Absolutely, yeah. So, you know, we really have just, what a treat, I mean, for me and for everybody in the room, because there's something that happens at boot camp that really, I don't know, that ever happened to me in my life, that I had formed bonds with men that have impacted my life continually forever. And of course, when you form a bond with one like Ricky Corn, you know, you know, you've got a tiger by the tail right there, because as he will tell you, he's seen some things. So, you know, we'll just start off with you, Ricky. So, you know, for you, you've been to, what, five boot camps now?

Yes, sir. I've been to five boot camps, yes, sir. And so you're headed into your sixth.

I'm headed into my sixth. And I honestly don't know of anybody that's more excited to attend their sixth boot camp than Ricky Corn. I can honestly say that. And I've talked to you, you know, numerous times, which is always a joy. But, you know, share with somebody listening that maybe never came like, well, I know everybody that knows you, you've, you know, you've got them on the list of, you know, 10 most wanted to come to boot camp. But what do you share with your friends?

Like, man, you got to come. Well, I always tell them the good thing, because that's always their good thing. And it's the, and it is a tight bond of men, everybody's the same. And each and every time that I've come to boot camp, probably I've learned something different. And not one man, not one person that's ever been there, neglect not to take time out to talk or to share. But I always tell them that everybody's the same. And if you just come one time, just come one. It's the self experience. Like you already explained. Yeah, that's kind of cool.

You told me today on the phone, you said, I've never seen a guy there in a certain time. No, we're all the same. It is it is serious business. Because of the relationship that can come out of it is God. But, but mainly the bond of men. They're all there for the same thing and in it, and the real thing in life. And that is to get down to the business with the good Lord, because we're not here left here by mistake.

We got where we are on the journey, Robby, if you're right, all of you are right. And if we miss out on it, then that might not be a good thing. Because and you're right about this, we are wanted. Everybody on this earth is either wanted. We're either wanted alive, or we're wanted dead. And if we're wanted alive, that's attained to God and to God and Jesus Christ. There you go. And that's that's, yeah.

And the death part reflects back to the flu foot, because he's to seek, steal, destroy, rob, lie, and etc. And once again, nobody's been to town. You need to come one time and break bread with the men and fellowship. Feel the atmosphere.

Hear the people pray and get down to earth about what's going on in life and get real. And that's cool. Really, truly helped me out and changed a lot of things in my life. And so, like man, I'm so blessed to have such a friend. Everybody ought to have a friend like Ricky Corn. I'm just saying, and if you do happen to go to do happen to come and be a survivor, the next boot camp, I will assure you, you will have a new friend named Ricky Corn. He gave my brother a rock, man. And my brother, I rarely talk to my brother. He doesn't make reference to Ricky Corn and the rock. But Dwayne, how many boot camps?

You probably seven or eight. Yeah. You know, I've been coming regularly and this is just such a blessing. And you guys call it survival mode, but it was refreshing. It was something that took me out of survival mode and gave me like a peace of mind.

Because first of all, let's understand something. When you guys invited me, it was like the worst time of my Christian walk. I was going through some things. The first time I came, I don't know if you remember, I was walking on a tour. I couldn't walk. I couldn't stand up straight.

I'm walking now. I ain't running around a lake yet, but you guys, it was just such a blessing. First of all, just to be in the presence of men that didn't have anything to gain from me being there. It was just like, here we are, come on in. And it was such a blessing.

Life turned friends. And the brotherhood. I was reminded of the movie, the band of brothers.

And it was just like, you can't get away from that bond. So now you guys, and what you guys do and the teachings, it woke me up to a lot of things. And how I, in my lowest state is being a Christian. Never walked away from the Lord, but I was just like, I'm just tired. At that state, you guys showed me that, hey, Dwayne, you need to pull that mask off. And I was hiding things under, I was, oh yeah.

No, sometimes it's good just to say, man, this is hard, Lord. And you guys just banded together and brought me up and, yeah, I look forward to them. And just the fellowship, I recall so many memories and the greatest things is just being around a group of men that loved the Lord and sharing his kindness and his love. All of you guys, I done sat and talked with all of you guys, different occasions, different conversations, and it's all been unique and refreshing. See, so you guys took me out of survival mode because I was like, I don't know what I'm gonna do, Lord.

And you guys gave me a whole different perspective in life. And you can't hide that. You can't hide the true genuine love of God.

You can't hide it. No, when you've been in his presence, you get this glow, right? And what's cool, and I'm sure we also got Rob Broom with us. And so, Rob, several of the guys mentioned tonight as we were talking about what the show's gonna be about is like, you got to find out you're not the only one that struggled with all this crazy stuff, right? Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah, it was a lot of personal struggles.

And the first one, I had no clue what I was walking into. And then afterwards, realizing that other people are in the same boat and how open everybody was to share their struggles, it kind of helped make it seem like, oh yeah, it was a great group, and a lot of unpacking was able to be done. Yeah, and one of the cool things for those who don't know Rob's story a little bit is Rob came back with his dad, right? And your and your dad's relationship was a little different than some people's relationship with their dad. But we talk a lot about the importance of that father-son relationship. And so, how cool was it because Rob got baptized at the last boot camp with his dad in the lake?

I'm just saying. Yeah, oh boy. That's right, Ricky. I mean, none of us that were there are ever gonna forget that moment. Oh, no, that was for real. That was special. Real special. And I'm sure you've seen the video of it, Rob, but the hug between you and your dad, when you came out of the water, was something that's in my soul will never, ever go away, man. Yeah, it was definitely a hug that I'll remember, and I won't forget getting out of the water. A special time with you and Josh, my brother-in-law, that was special. But getting out of the lake and my dad being there.

I mean, we were getting ready for our seven-hour drive back home. I mean, I'm giving him a hug with lake water. Cold lake water, by the way. That wasn't lake water, that was pond water.

That's what we call them down here in the south. Whatever, lake water, pond water, lake water. It's water. It was cold water, I can tell you that's what it was.

There was fish and tadpoles. You're getting them out of your pockets later, yeah, I understand. But, you know, it was really phenomenal to me. Again, the idea, I love what Harold gave us this idea.

Well, I'll let you, Harold, you tell us. It was your idea, you know, you survived real boot camp when you're in Air Force. So, you know, I guess boot camp survivor meant something to you. Well, those guys that went through the Army or even the Marine Corps boot camp, they would laugh in my face to say that I was survivor because what I went through was sort of like advanced boy scouts. But nonetheless, I think of surviving boot camp and, of course, that's just a play on words, more or less, because what we have at our boot camp is not something you have to survive. It's something that makes you stronger and gives you the strength to go on your regular walk with God. Hopefully, it's something that will make you be bigger than you were when you got there. So, Danny, I always know you have, you know, it's the first segment, we're not playing your clip, but our listeners are expecting, you know, some Danny insight.

Oh, yeah, yeah, so I'm still a little salty about the no clip kind of thing, you know. Some of us are boot camp prisoners of war, I think, so I just came and never went away. So, but, you know, it's awesome to have the band of brothers and to live out, you know, what you love to talk about, so to speak. And, you know, so we have a lot of fun, but we're serious about what we do.

And, you know, just to meet all these other guys. And I have a friend named Ricky Corn, too. Yeah, yeah. And I got one named Rob Broom. We got one named Terry that, oh, I got to go steelhead fishing with.

We're gonna talk about, talk to Terry when we get back. So much more masculine journey coming up. One of my favorite things about boot camp, well, the favorite thing about boot camp is every time I go, I encounter God. And as anyone that has encountered God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect. Real encounter with God out of the blue. He knew what I needed. I knew what I wanted.

And those two were rarely the same thing. Register today at For me, describing boot camp, when I heard the stories from the stage that the other men had, and then during my prayer time, I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have wounds and I have a place in His story. To know how I heard from God is one of those things. He really does communicate with us.

Register today at Oh, for those of us who've been to boot camp, we love that song as it's very much connected to the new name talk that we do at boot camp. And so we got this very special show in Sam's absence.

We definitely miss Sam because he's such a huge part of the show. But today's show, Boot Camp Survivors, you know, and as you think about, remind me who I am, you know, many, many times we've been told that, you know, that a man come and they really don't have many friends or they don't have any friends that they can get real with or they don't have lifetime friends or whatever the situation may be. You know, our hope is, our dream is that obviously they would have God as a friend like they've never had before and God as a father as they've never had before. But also where that leads is to, you know, deep friendships that like, I know that everyone in this room is totally excited to be back together again with the group that's coming. And so I know you feel that way too, Ricky, and I know you feel that way, Danny, right? Oh, absolutely. And so we got now Terry, who Terry, you know, I just got to go on an adventure to Ohio steelhead fishing with Terry and Big Jim. And so Terry, you know, we've had you on hold as you got to hear all this, but you know, for you, how did God remind you who you were at boot camp?

Oh, in so many, so many different ways. From beginning to end, you better expect God to show up because he's going to show up. If you give him the time, he's going to show up big at this boot camp. And it's so important to me that I'm going to drive 550 miles to get there. That's true. I know that trip and it's rough. It's rough. But you know, how exciting is it to be with people that you really, really love?

I mean, that you really, really feel like heaven's going to feel to be in the presence of people that are real. Right. Yeah. It's hard to come behind Ricky Corn and these guys and add much to what they said because they pretty much nailed it on the head. You know, Ricky, he just makes the, he makes everybody laugh. How can you, you know, you can spend three days laughing with your brothers and fishing and shooting. It don't get no better than that. And then you're given time to spend time with God. And he will come, he will talk to you. And just amazing experience all the way around with the brothers, the friends, the things that you're taught and the things that you think about. A lot of the things that you guys bring up, you don't think about on a daily basis.

So it's really, you know, it showed me some things about myself and about others and friends and brothers. And, you know, I can call you guys at any time and you're going to be there for me. And I know that.

And I thank God for it. I just so look forward to being there. Terry and I were at that place before he left and before the first boot camp. He's a great friend. And he and Robby taught me the beginnings of becoming a fisherman here recently. And Terry was trying to turn me into a man that was handy around the house and considering what he had to work with, he did an outstanding job. I wanted to let you know, Terry, that I've changed my first inner tube in 55 years, probably, yesterday. And I got the wheelbarrow fixed, which has been flat for two months.

So I'll share this story because it just shows to me, you know, like how important a band of brothers is. So we did go steelhead fishing. We did go steelhead fishing, big Jim and me. And if you've ever watched a river runs through it and you see that scene where the guy's going down the waterfall with a big, huge fish, that's a steelhead, okay? And that's real.

That's completely real. And those fish fight just as hard as they look like they would fight. And so I shared with those guys the last day I was there at lunch, how I had struggled because my dream was to, number one, catch one of those fish on a fly rod, and number two, to do it while communing with God at the same time. But every time I'd start to catch one of those fish, they fought so hard, God went out the window and it was just me and the fish. And then I'd have the fish and then I felt all low because I didn't get a chance to have God in the communing process while I was actually catching the fish. So it wasn't an hour after I shared that with my band of brothers, naive Jim and Terry, that Terry was within 30 yards of me when I hooked the first ever steelhead on a fly rod. And off he ran like a river runs through it, down the river like he was, I thought I was going to have to go jump some waterfalls here pretty quick. And the second that I hooked that fish, my brother, Terry, is, oh Lord, thank you. And as soon as he did that, I went, oh, ka-ching.

Right? And that little prompting, that was all I needed. See, I couldn't do it on my own.

I would like to think I could do it on my own, but I couldn't do it on my own. And so right in that moment, my dream was made a reality because my brother stepped into the gap, into the gap of my, you know, whatever ability to call on God. And there he was. And by the way, you know, Terry, you were there throughout the trip to intercede for us and to bring us into the presence of the Lord, you know, throughout that. And those are my favorite memories of that adventure because, you know, what good is an adventure like that if God isn't along for the ride, right?

You know, if anybody's taught us that, it's Andy. Yeah, definitely. That was so cool to hear that you guys had that experience. And I think that's something I think we wanted to try to do more even beyond boot camp.

We try to bring certain adventures to boot camp with some of our activities and stuff, but there's something about even getting away from boot camp to go out and do these things together. That's the continuation to me of the band of brothers. Dwayne mentioned it earlier about the band of brothers.

And I got this, I was just sitting here kind of thinking about that. You think about the band of brothers, if you've watched that series and how they started out at boot camp and all they did, they did all this bonding, but then they went to war together and there's one of the scenes near the end where they're, they're in Ardennes or whatever, and it's winter. And they're all talking about, they're sharing their different wounds with one another. And it's that intimacy where you know your brother's story and stuff. And it's cool when we have examples of people who have come to boot camp who have not just went away and been separate, but had keep in contact with other brothers and that, you know, we are truly part of a band of brothers now. So it's cool. And to me, Rodney's, you know, how cool is that? Because you were there, you know, what is this, maybe your 12th boot camp, Rodney? Hmm.

I think about 10. Yeah. Yep. Yeah.

And so it seems like at every boot camp, we pick up, you know, one or two more that get engaged. And I've really, I can't even imagine my life without Rodney. Can you?

No. I mean, we call him Ramrod for a reason. I mean, you know, he keeps us straight in so many different ways because he is his addy. And I mean, he, he has that sense to him. And so as God brings you to boot camp, that's listening right now, you know, you've got a special set of gifts and stuff that only you bring to the party. And without Rodney, we don't get that stuff.

Well, that's where you go to boot camp. I didn't know what to expect. I heard you guys on the radio and I'm like, well, I know that I'm not stepping up like a man, like I should be. I'm not living the godly, manly life. And I need to engage more.

And you guys talk a lot about engagement in many different ways and facets, which really intrigued me because it wasn't just, you know, one constant drone, it's many, many facets and you show up at boot camp and you're like, okay, well, what do we do first? Oh, just come have dinner. Okay. Just go have dinner. And then it's like, okay, we're going to meet back here at this time to have this talk.

Okay. And it was great because I didn't have to think about, well, what's coming and what's going on. I could concentrate on me and God, which is what I really needed, still do, but at least God got me that point, right? Like I'm there. And then you guys, you know, God working with you guys to constantly show that, wow, there's more to this than, hey, just show up to some boot camp one time. I walked out of there going, oh, I need to go back. This needs to be a part of my continual walk with God.

And because there's every boot camp, you're communing with God and you're getting more out of Him. I just can't find time on my schedule to do this at home on my own. I just can't.

I struggle. No, plus you don't get the campfire experience, right? So that first night, right? We have that talk, but often, you know, all that is nowhere near as cool as what happens at the Wayne wildfire experience, right, Ricky? So you've had some experiences at them bonfires, right, Ricky? Oh, yeah.

Yeah. I had a big burden, a big burden I carried around for 32, 33 years. And all the men gathered around and prayed. And the next morning, I felt like probably all the weight was gone. It's sort of unimaginable how I felt.

And it's been gone ever since. Amen. But, you know, and what you don't know, Ricky, but I'm sure everybody feels. And if I'm not mistaken, Rob, were you at the boot camp, your first boot camp when Ricky was there at the campfire and shared? Rob, are you still with us? Yeah.

Sorry? Do you remember Ricky sharing at the bonfire that first night? That would have been your first boot camp. And there you are.

And all of a sudden, boy, it was on. Were you there that night? Yes. I think so. I don't remember exactly what the story was, but I do remember him sharing something. Yeah.

Yeah. It was really, really heavy duty. And for those of us who were familiar with Ricky's story and were close to him that night, you know, it was something—when you get to see God do something huge right in front of your own eyes, you know, it impacts you for a lifetime. I mean, I will never—I know you'll never forget that night, Randy. Any of us that were there that night, you were there, Danny. We all were impacted by what God—and so was Jim, and so was Harold. So we all were. But you know who wasn't?

It's you. You're listening right now, and you're thinking, man, I haven't survived boot camp. We can fix that. You have to go to and register.

It's coming up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Oh, we'd love to see you. Oh, we would love to have your story to add to boot camp survivors. So go do that. And we got more coming in after hours. More of these guys. Stay tuned. This is the Truth Network.
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