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Masculine Journey Lover After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 1, 2022 12:35 pm

Masculine Journey Lover After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 1, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the lover stage continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Second Hand Lions," and "Braveheart."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


Not to call the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up, challenging man to step into their true manhood.

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Podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringing parent in the heart of a letter. Time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this week's so sit back and go on this adventure masculine journey after-hours starts here welcome to masculine journey after-hours in the middle of stages. We are doing stages aren't we glad, glad to not be doing pillars and yeah yeah there's a difference in pillars in stages. If you want to hear that glisten a couple weeks back.

I'm sure we cover that pretty clearly that if not just look it up on Google by David we have. Anyway, you tell us a little bit more about the stages kind of where we been discreetly because you know we just set this up in the last show the previous part you get in the raters doesn't digest version I would call that the two license cliff notes okay yeah Cliff that's right burst with boyhood 0 to 12 pretty obvious there cowboy Ranger this teams basically 10 to 20 and then warrior stage.

We went through that 10 all pretty obvious and warm move into the lever stage now.

It was not obvious is how you've uniquely been wounded in CSI into that with God on the stages of data then and that is the point.

This is a journey and then there's the point of the journey is is that you should've received certain things from these different stages or experience them.

And when you don't you ask you you ask God to come back in and in no real father to you and show you what you missed and and and he'll lead you into Pete two people to experiences where you can actually feel fully initiated and complete in those areas and live all talk to some of us have been through this quite frequently over the years, not always in doubt that at least read through and look at some for the first time. I think everyone of us going in a little deeper this time. His release for the first four stages get something out of at least one if not multiple answer. This is one of those things where Shrek likes to talk about you ogres are like onion so your wounds are like onions or as layers upon layers upon layers and ideals and back as he decides to peel them back yet there's lessons, but there's also positive things that you can learn to where you actually got what you were supposed to in that stage as well and you can you can draw on that you can say well I have a certain strength that because I got what I needed at that stage are absolutely none. Example would be an boyhood stage, you just didn't get from your dad to give her the Blevins non-you know that when God comes after you relentlessly time and time again throwing you gifts this personal gifts right in the things that you like you see nightmare getting in the year or for me, likely Cardinal to shows up when I'm in a really bad mood, whatever that is. What is unique gifts and he keeps coming after your heart. At some point he wears you down when you go wow thank you I am a beloved son, and you accepted. He's been trying to tell you for a long time and that's how he comes afterward in any of the stages and so were talking about the lever stage and so I do want to go ahead and go back and through what's meant to get out of the lever say hi and this is not just about the woman woman right. Emily plays a part in this, but it's more than that, yes, absolutely. So lever stage late teens to for the rest of your life. So it's another one of those and beyond. Robby, you discover beauty to discover poetic is more than analytical. You begin to know God is a lever you learn to give an offer versus say what you can get like a lot of us struggle that I have just how it's wounded, you get the woman too soon before you really fully developed and understand you take questions to the woman you fail with the woman remain under underdeveloped when a man stays in the world of analytical hope that made sense, but you you you don't develop properly if you stay in analytical and more millions of minutes IT field. Very analytical stuff don't work when it comes to relationships not really does work, which really got a C some point in life is watch Harold also came out of the IT field fight with his wife Jan and she was a a detailed like that route it out. You would think is as long as we've known each other that they wouldn't talk about the dishwasher anymore it out for those US inside joke I understand to some extent, but Harold when he got out of retirement. I let you tell the story because it is your story to tell and it does explain well the analytical versus the poetic idea of jet dishwasher loading well when I came home I was around what I had not been around as much.

Prior to that. So I began to see that the dishwasher was just jumbled up a mess in my eyes. I had spent 40+ years as a problem solver, so naturally want to see a problem. I'm going to some my sweetheart took it as criticism.

I only intended as something to make better but boy it was a can of worms should've left away from the CanOpener and just let them worm sitting there. He opened up a candidate is to know what again was a can of wood and I was the recipient of the water got the Michael I want to read something that I wrote earlier today do a Bible study on the phone and the topic was on enough about love David Sanborn who is a jazz saxophone player has a favorite song reminds time, love and happiness. One of the lines and it says level making the right level make you do wrong and I wrote after that since love is such a powerful motivator of our actions. We need to carefully choose the objects over our love. If we are the object of love than our response should be to love in return. It's easy to love the Lord but not so much. Some of his children.

Thus, the imperative, and I have this kind of" because it's from the Harrell revised version but is still know your mind by your love for one another. Christ is made it clear that he chooses who we are to love all people. Not we ourselves, just those who please us. God does the choosing. Very good thing. Actually, while I have Harold and Elkins or you have. Verily, whereas there have I we have Harold in which is a joy okay because of all the people that are in this room right I'm telling you there's poet) writes poetry. All that the same man that fixes dishwasher clutter it but actually those those poets are the ways that that you want and continue to win Jan's heart. Yeah, yeah. There they would be called alludes because they're in praise of I love the little woman sometimes where at one another's throats just like everybody but there is no question about our love for one another and it's been that way since we first met we were engaged to be married only six weeks after we met with awesome Jim, you have the first clip of the after hours.

If you'd like to tell us about and Beth is on was a pretty good segue into it. This is about a young boy who finds a picture of a lady and a staying with his uncle. It's from secondhand Lions and he is entranced by Jasmine and there are there's a story to tell them, and to the story.

After we go at it, but I think that's enough of a set up. So he's out in the comes upon his uncle need him asking about and he's asking about Jasmine. What happened just know to die, died in childbirth. The baby is life. I knew that for years and only one will glorify and I got old game here the stories that Africa that you actually want that matter to know what to believe.

You want to believe something, believe just go some interest no reason you can't believe it, long speech, I give him sound like you need earpiece peace. Sometimes things that may or may not be true. Things that man needs to believe in the most people are basically good on courage and virtue in everything the power and money.

Money and power need not good always triumphs over evil. She remember this love mafic to not see mentioned believing those things because things worth believing in God that his speech and it really was a place I found myself when I was very young I was, I was loved.

I was in the household where I do my mother and father both love me unconditionally that on a regular basis, but I also knew God's love and in my early childhood died just got a consider that God is love and I didn't get into anything more complicated for a while but I was always seeking love and seeking approval and I was falling in love every puppy love precious when we usually look at it but I started at about four years old and did it regularly, and God cannot set me up and he allowed me that dodged most of the bullets that come from seeking love too early and I met my wife at 17, we were married at 18, I did. I think we decided about eight weeks after we met, but when you're that young Harold I have been married a long time to one woman and that's different from what we see different with different one wanted to eat/is verified. I had that God if you give them time or if, like me, you're rushing it that he is protecting you. You will the one that you're meant to be with, and God loves us enough that set that up and I believe that for those have been wrongly multiple products but there still somebody there. Jim is always God is seeking love was that seeking validation.

It was it was it was seeking acceptance approval as much as validation. I don't think I ever really had a truck had trouble validation until I failed enough think of myself as an invalid or invalid which way you say that it was the well. The funny thing was that and Carolyn's message this was. I was looking to be married from the age of four on our seeking marriage and I all that is a wonderful goal and I married the first girl that took me seriously which was my wife and she laughed when I told her that she laughed and said well the jokes on you because I think everyone seriously, but it was it was ordained and has been a wonderful journey like Carol been some rough patches, but it's been wonderful time and seeking beauty is not just the love of your life or it can be.

I know Andy seeks beauty regularly traveling the country and I'm a little envious of that and it some man would love to do it some more. I think were going to be heading that way pretty soon. But there's there's so much out there that is beautiful God is created and all of it is something to appreciate music for me is a great beauty really come back to that in just a few minutes and you got it. I think you any good at that. The final clip leaving. That's the brave her clipped aunt Betty had asked for Alaska's this this then these stages are echoed in that movie have a arc in the new bill this is. You know Robby had them the best Braveheart clip we used it recently though it really gets into when William meets here for the first time since they've been children and he came back into her life and really he delights in her and it shows that it just a great picture of a man going after a woman's heart within this is follow-up from that, you know, he ran off with her and her dad's gonna take that he wants to get him engaged in the battle. He just wants to come and live a peaceful life. That's not the way Wallace you know later on in the film in LA take something precious from them but he's challenged and that and that's when you see a little bit of the warrior overlap with the lever but then it goes on to where William goes after heart actually proposes in a funny way that and then it goes and just touches on their marriage but there's such a commitment that drives him through the rest of the movie that you just see that that love. He was genuinely lever in a lever beyond just his woman, but people freedom God, so I know it was things like mine died last night and I assure you I start to fidget on reaching what kind of meeting the secret kite meetings with the father was a fight on the patriots father was going to raise crops and God willing family can live in peace. I will fail instead of the troubles I can prove a chemical until you prove it bounces no no no, just know funds a lot. What level of change might send you some that submit all right. Love you as I please. Life you want prepared him for that kind of passionate love, and it we saw in his life and it was only a short time, but you just saw such a passion and alter his life. He carried what she had given him the garment scarf or whatever but you know you think back okay. What gave him that that strength. The love that well and you look at how Argyle would come in and father delete admin payment is the apple of his dad's eye.

They been loved well by his father and then his uncle who became that father figure to him, took him on a pilgrimage exposed him to other beauty you know when other countries and stuff so that Jerusalem and it put so much into him that he had a reservoir of that love to actually give to Marilyn and end and really to people as you see as he calls the mean of the greater story out of a mental way of loving the men that he led those interesting if you knew the clip he says in Latin as gummy stasis and all mantle your past that therapy is the first show mousy with the problem was I totally understood what Brian says more about you and Rob switching to for the rest to show the rest of the topic on on the lever stage. You know what has God been awake eating and you are continues to waken you of beauty of things that's that's poetic versus analytical your words guide continuing to take your has taken you on an adventure any of my phone and just jump in here and you know it's it's given is expose me more to go back and try to do a better job and I'm been separated for some time, but to actually and I still am a work in progress of this my word of the year is love and it still really to two of multitude of things. A lot of it has to do with being more patient and kind of people but also really haven't taken more of an interesting and really just bring in a strength that I didn't have but but getting outside the realm of the beauty you guys talk about it bit beauty through nature has really came to me and say that is a kind of a healing balm and it's kind of just in our experience God in nature seen so much, have been so blessed to get a lot of different places, but I mean you don't have to go to some place to experience the beauty nature God Robby goes out on a daily walk and find so much but you know I've heard in a man's struggle with elastin and pornography and those kinds of things and John says John Elder says a lot of that is where not exposing your heart. Other forms of beauty that God continued you're going all you know is one avenue to the lame, but I you get something out of being out in nature and the beauty of the experience and then it just brings out some of love for God in my heart because he does. He's I've got multitude of experiences where he shown me staff and he showed up on those no different than my dad used to go on, you know, we would go on adventures together and trips and I would experience that with him.

I experience that with my heavenly father now and it and it is such a know it just kind of strengthens that bond I had. I have an experience to go to says that yes we share this together. Father you monster little strange, but it has been popping up lately. It's beauty in difficulty in disasters and tragedies, because it does bring us to a focus on our real beauty.

Jesus Christ, I was the remember why, but I was remembering what I consider the biggest tragedy in my life when I was 14 I lost my best friend in an automobile accident and out of that there were bonds that grew stronger with other friends.

During that time, there is a wonderful sign that bears his name and has me remembering Steve who was just one of the greatest guys that he was amazingly wonderful and well-developed for a teenager and I wasn't the only one they called it my best friend. A lot of people thought he was their best friend and he was as he was. He showed love have often thought now how would have been different if I had been not been inspired by that loss, linkage, and Harold poetry reading been writing it for a day or two. Even writing several years with what is it about poetry that that makes your heart come alive that that speaks beauty in ways that other things don't.

I like the fact that to write poetry, you take a thought and you distill it into his few words as possible to express as much as possible and that that to me is is joy in the fulfillment that I get from writing it and my sweetheart has been the inspiration for most the poem should have written, but I have asked a few others that don't deal with her that I think are really good on my most favorite ones is titled Jan and the Rin and I have a photograph of my sweetheart in her recliner doing her Bible study, and a photograph of the Rin outside on the deck rail is early in the morning. They both get up happy as they convey in each one having so much to say heaven company with God and the I love that particular one and it does involve her. Of course, but the Rin is now my second most favorite bird and sprinkle behind the Mockingbird.

I'd like to get a copy of it owed to dishwasher if you would provide a better life. I guess I'll have to create a family that they didn't exist as a daily you get a bike ability at this idea Jim Cho did arrears. I guess I declare it riding's has been been very is brought so that outed me. I don't know what it what it is but the allow me to see the beauty in either my wife she loves to take pictures and stuff like that so we've got a combined with some things in and because she is always seeing God in nature and stuff like that and I have seen that and you robbing me to the whole earlier in God seems to have a connection with me in a hawk because the big green thing whole clear clutter, it will remove didn't have to live in the year there were three Hawks letter in the field of their I sit on the couch. We just moved to the and set out to take a break and was Hawks come across about head high across the yard like he was coming to the big wind in the litter and just sweep right is almost like a hello and it is just so awesome loser, some stuff thinking as I look back through my camera roll. It tells me the things that make my heart come alive, and I have pictures of some of the amazing skies that we get here in North Carolina just when the Reds and the purples and the colors that come out the pictures that are when the moon you can get a good picture. The minimum ecology just right but more more than that it's been flowers for slots and lots of pictures of flowers. I love when I travel to take pictures of flowers and just look it how intricate they are and how unique each one is from another one not on the same plant numbing of a sinner. Somewhere there that you know from different ones and how God intensely made everyone of those to be exactly what they were David's giving you yeah I mean really with what God's been really come after IRAs really teach me that you have love is good Albion Pres. and compassionate with them and others of you know, instead of going for that project carelessly means that you are world-class to shock anybody that's big about adjusting. Thank you. Sorry meeting in June robbing that that pleasing masculine to register for the upcoming boot camp November 17 through the 20th begin masculine with talk with you next week and focus on loving others well in the beauty, God has granted this is the Truth Network

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