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The Joy Ride #107

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 4, 2022 5:00 am

The Joy Ride #107

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 4, 2022 5:00 am

Welcome fellow Joy Riders to the Masculine Journey Joyride Podcast! On this podcast you will hear funny stories, exchanges, and thought provoking moments that will amuse you, make you smile, and draw you closer to Jesus Christ in your journey of life.

This week, the guys are talking what God is doing in their season of life. The clip is then topped of with that signature Masculine Journey humor. As always, it's all in good fun. 


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Look for Arnie care at your local Walmart, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Amazon or anywhere you shop class with thousands of five-star reviews. You know it's good stuff. Learn hard. That's a RNI CAR heart this is the Truth Network welcome to the mass majority joyride pocket is a brand-new show from the guys you know, of course, about the band of brothers my name is Steve and I am the producer for magical journey majority after our podcast we hear funny stories stranded moment. So make smile and joined price. Your journey of life. Hello you've reached the masculine journey comments, complaints and suggestion hotline or in GCC SH for short. Yes, I am contractually obligated to say that time will my speaking Mr. Smith's McClinton the third all know the that totally sounds like a really so common complaint and suggestion all in one riser, I'm all ears. Go ahead, was that right right so to recap, your comment is you like old man jokes complaint is we don't tell enough old man jokes and your suggestion is for us to tell more old Joe well it seems you are a man who knows what he likes. We will take your common complaint and suggestion under advisement and remember here at the end GCC SH the listener is always right sometime art. We are excited to have you on the show your you're here with us everywhere will think, dear.

I am ready to speak and I hope I don't mess up to bed time. Absolutely awesome. So what's God doing with you when this season God gave me an opportunity to do some small good this world some favor to some old friends and then they repaid me exponentially. I'm talking about Mr. Dyer and Mrs. Dyer, Harold, as you know, and Harold's wife Ed sent me a message and asked me to ride along to this over with Harold to maybe help with the driving after dark when it was raining or whatever.

I said sure, I'll do it well.

I knew the daughters I met when I was a child in the church and thought a lot of them so I didn't know what I was getting into really I did and I got repaid. It turns out that the made a new best friend Harold is my best friend right now he's just wonderful, intelligent, Christian man and we ride together and have stalks and enjoy each other's company. You can refer to them as an old friend. While Harold and I was assuming when you were a child, he was still an elder.

Probably down the road.

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