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July 16, 2022 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 16, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week, the guys talk about iniquity, as the discussion on the tools of the enemy continues. The clips are from "It's Not Fair," "Overcomer," and a song from the Eagles called "Get Over It." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Learn hard. That's a RNI CAR heart this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network masculine journey is filled with many with sojourns with you from losing heart trying to find one feels more like a losing battle from something worth dying for, grab your gear, West Brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here. No welcome masculine journey were glad that you're with us today. I know that I say every week of Martin say that the next week, but I am so glad that you join us in the use of the show, you will use yeah I am very happy.

The pupils of the show reach out to us from time to time and make mostly nice, though the above advice. Yeah, we're it. We have been doing a series forever. Now it's been a few months.

We normally don't do this now but a couple times in the big masculine journey. History yeah and so we are working our way through what we called the tools of the enemy we call that the enemy's toolbox. We called it Satan's pallet right now. No new names were.

I think what were stuck with things pallet I was in alignment with you. We have been talking about in the series. Things that the enemy uses against us. And so since Robby coined the term Satan's pallet which is which is really very good because he uses multiple things. Most of the time so I can just take out the hammer and hit the Aldo feels like that and he's doing a lot of other things around that you know himself. One main things I get it.

He's got three or four other backup plans all the time and so is painting this tapestry or tapestry against would be like woven thing painting a picture of you will a miracle thank you thank you running you remember what we've been through I know you love. That's the said I remember having typed into my phone now that I got. I know that's what I do. I knew I never remember I knew it all struggle with because we did there about week three we been through a little bit here so unforgiveness will go chronologically. Then we went to agreements and busyness condemnation. We talked about the orphan spirit, shame, last week we had Bob along with pride and ego and this week is iniquity basically the theme was kind of how you measure yourself against another, and slipped Mr. Gilmore. Oh we get to miss this was his topic in it is quite a good title is. Yeah, this is still his topic and I think it's quite a good topic because of the amount of conversation that we've had as a team.

You know were all learning more about the Bible like anybody else.

It's a Christian as we as we walked we were learning along the way but I don't think we've ever had as much conversation about a topic trying to just understand that collectively and often that I'm the one that's been like Dragon behind trying to understand it, you know, because I keep thinking in equity instead of iniquity it in the not the same thing Robby outgoing and turned over you because it is your topic well I can many things in life that I'm struggling with.

To understand and this is one.

Is it the first three verses of the hundred 19 Psalm same medically important, since they are the first three verses and they start out like the Beatitudes. This is Blessed are the undefiled in the way you walk in the law Laura, but pretty clear and easily be that if you're in Christ right at and then it says you know the they keep his testimonies, and seeking with their whole heart.

So there you go. That seems again like I can understand that, and then the third verse says they also ceiling these are still the blessed people.

They also do know iniquity and they walk in his ways, and so were there. I landed you know about a year ago trying to deter concern.

You know exactly what that meant and to get a grip on it and and so for me, as you know, I look at the Hebrew and from that the very first letter in that word is and I and and I and has to do with risers to look like a Y and so if you can picture your two eyes looking at something and it's trying to create a vision while that same word is the beginning of the word meek, so if I have God's vision. I'm in love. But if I have my vision then I am an hour which is almost like the exact opposite of the meek is somebody that's in it for them right and so we talked about the larger story of us and how I've interpreted like we do the talk on the larger story like in my trying to see this from God's perspective of of my life like he is the hero of the story RMI, the hero of the story and so she's the hero of the story. I look at things completely different insulin doing that in a one of the examples of that you got two different kinds of iniquity in my view, in the prodigal story you've got the younger son who ends up obviously and iniquity in the pigpen because again he's concerned about getting what he's good at coming to him and that's a form of it as well, but then got the older brother and the older brother goes to that. That's not fair. Again, not concerned about what God's view of how things are going to be, but in another words and I think that these are issues of our own flesh.

However, Satan is very well aware of of how to say I sure don't look out for you in this casino does look like this is going to waive your big brother and and so this leads to this clip of a children's show that talks about. It's not fair to let you help, but I'm not so sure you like what I'm talking about seeing the next story is about the prodigal son is jealous older brother getting it might be kind of humbling for you.

It's about being jealous of what other people have, but unfortunately I sing it all the time. It's not you know, I see certain things go on with other families. You know what I'm like God. That's not fair and I managed to eat. This is unbelievable how quickly I go down that road and and I can I can feel Satan just spinning it like crazy like crazy like crazy, especially, you know, for whatever reason, within my family right. The closer you get to people you know like your brothers and sisters. You know I I can't even believe what God has done to reconcile my family. In spite of my attitude just like that it's not you know it, it just wasn't fair this and it wasn't my sister got to go to college. There also two things that were not fair in my perspective that clearly you know Satan That spinning which put a not only about a problem between me and God.

But a problem between me and the my family right and and so therein lies iniquity, and I would rather walk in his ways, so I'm working on.

To commend you for clipping that that at that exact right spot because one second longer and iniquity of myself is this so great eight years letter grades. But you clipped it well. I did well wow love save but rather seems like I was a good line. The pros did anything to get to your clip in this first segment. If you don't set up way too long. Okay, it the clip is from a movie to overcome her and her overcome her and this young lady who is in sports and the coach comes in her life.

I have not seen the movie was several people have, but the clip is where she's talking to her father, toward the end of the movie. I think he is asking for her forgiveness because he lived in iniquity, and he thought about his self and and so he's asking for her forgiveness. Politically I know you have questions say anything anything you want. I promised what happened you know people think that they are good person. I thought I was successful… For me are so many people you left because I was a fool, and I would listen to anyone specially got hungry from everything that mattered listening. Let me be broken and I needed to be broken.

He finally got my attention and I gave him a hard close sorry sorry I wasn't all that I know I don't deserve it. One day she will in time that story of Leland and because of former lifestyles and you live in iniquity and addiction and the addiction, and it is all about self and Robby made the statement earlier that you want to get wolves coming to me will. When you pursue iniquity you get what's coming to you and you is life down the toilet and I was just like that guy just the guy that this is I had nothing left to give them a heart and you luckily Jesus family and you had conversations with my daughter about you just live in for sale for not realizing that my actions affected because the heart of addiction is while not hurting anybody but me.

That's the biggest lie. You can leave and that I was hurting my daughter I was hurting my parents. I was hurting those around me and just the pursuit of that over and over and over again so you fast-forward to to come to that broken place in to recognize that a life of iniquity is not the way together.

The like the prodigal son and the older son.

It is not fair, but life is not fair.

Thank you. Getting Robby back to something you said you said something about some of iniquity being in internal frustrate before the tools even uses the old self right the old flesh the old man, or everyone to collect and rendering the veil that is also the world. The world stools, allelic habitats, and he's he's bringing those things up your drunk your addict almost for me describing boot camp when they heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then I story know how I heard from God is one of those things masculine journey.OR what has moved you meant to me that's a really testing to articulate it so deep inside me. It's ingrained in every part of understanding woundedness got really caught me in my first and also helping the step in the healing and restoration from those looks like an onion. The players and is exciting as we got masculine

I named her heart is now gone and that was your your bumping my favorite movies over the world now never made it through actually never made it through and does not surprise me. For some reason another horse accomplished anything earlier playlist Avenue. It tells about the well will be the story behind it is the guy was gambling in limited iniquity, obviously, and he got exactly what he deserved.

He's in the jailhouse. Now way to fit and think about Rodney, looks like what is got that movie that I don't think mostly soggy bottom boys yeah now after partying with Bob which we nicknamed last week off the air left her you come to boot camp to hear that though if you hear the story of the nicknames we don't say on the air yet come to boot camp in this one coming up November 17 through the 20th. But before that we have an entrenchment in which it is a weekend Friday night Saturday. Most the day kind of thing and Robby, the favorite part about it is FIR EE for its free interest.

Ministry rights boot camp is not free interest is free if you want to come to the entrenchment site and I really want to come to boot camp.

You can kinda get a flavor of it there. The only thing you have invested is your drive up to the Reidsville area beautiful drive mostly on your way up there in the then also just a donation for whatever food you would like for you to give a donation toward the food out and then that there is no cost to you to suggest you get up there and maybe donation and that is September 30 and October 1 so it starts right around dinner time round six season suppertime and am down in the South suppertime Friday night and Friday and so were going to go to my clip because Robby wants me to play my clip so that I have to talk about a topic, I'm still trying to understand. I will be obedient because if the to show and will follow that request. While you lift your feet sorry will do will get good trying to think of a clip of Mike and father I understand the topic of me. I can kinda understand it but every time I think I do.

I don't and I I'm really trying to understand its is not me being flippant or anything. I'm trying to figure it out and so I plugged in my my phone start auto playing stuff I skip passwords through songs of the song came on and I think I think there's limited iniquity in here and so I got a player talk about why I think there's some iniquity in there and the rest can correct me if I'm wrong, but that word translated from the Eagles so-called get over it. This is just one of the verses a little bit of the chorus and then come back I'll reach more. The song to you and will talk about those parts of the song that really really good parts of it.

I don't agree with you.

Shies away from any type of counseling and on part of this on to read O agree with it but the beginning of verse and in the course and the next verses the first verses I turn on the tube and what do I see a whole lot of people crying, don't blame me a pointer crooked little fingers at everybody else spent all their time feeling sorry for themselves, a victim of this victim of that your mom is too thin and your dad is too fat to take exception to get over it. Get over it.

All this whining and crying and pitch and if it get over it. Get over it. You say you haven't been the same since you had your little crash. That's what we displayed, but you might feel better if they gave you some cash. The more I think about it all.

Billy was right, just kill all the lawyers killing tonight.

You don't want to work you want to live like a king. But the big bad world doesn't owe you a thing. And as I listen to that and I know that's on for a long time. What that song does for me, this is tells me to quit putting the focus out there and the problems that I'm dealing with it is probably more in the mirror, you know it in with my relationship with God than it is with the other people out there and so we have a society for many many generations.

It seems to get worse all the time that it's all about someone's fault someone else's fault and there's some truth to that in some and some applications, but times not. I think were supposed to. At least I am turned against God.

What was my part in this. Where did I air. What did I do wrong where did I sin you where to commit iniquity against that that would be worth you know, where did I do that all forts right where an inch and it helped me see that and how do I avoid that.

I don't know if on that same trap again a lot of my life honestly symbolizes felt like the movie Groundhog Day. You know, I keep fault in the same trap over and over.

I think of the scenery steps in the pothole takes like three quarters.

The movie did not step in the possible right if they feel like it's taken me a whole bunch my life not step in the same potholes. You know I get a fix is not by focusing out there by focusing up there, you know, and focusing with God. I don't know that that's the topic I think it's spectacular Sam.

I really do. I think that when I look at my iniquity. You know it's it's I now here we are again, God we've had this… But you know it to Harold's point of iniquity is when you do something you know is wrong and you still do it right and and unfortunately, from my perspective. Once you get your hooked into something and I done told a story about my poor father when he first got married my mom. I went this carnival and may have a soul game you you swing the little ball to hit over the three little you know whatever they were to knock them over and you win and he ended up giving these people like $200 trying to not because they once they hope to men, you know, he knew it was stupid.

He knew it was wrong but he just kept doing it because he had to prove he had to be right you know it it it and and that's unfortunately kinda how Satan throws the bait out there. Whatever it looks like and as he hooks you in at some point, you know this is wrong. You know this is stupid yet and ended you just afterwords your statement on how did I do that and and you can't help but think that King David was: how in the world.

How did I get here, you know from where I where I started out there you go. So it's not as much ahead this year. Brian is a hard issue exactly the same. Get the hooks in your heart you can logically know that it's completely stupid it's idiotic of you could make the whole case for it right back there. It's it's crazy but it's that whole you you get it have a surgeon come in can take that stuff out so that you can move through it. It is in an accident. It's a so many things that we talked about every week in what what are your things. Danny always talk about Retired to Be lonely, hungry, angry, lonely and tired right right and and iniquity will get you in that in those situations when you're dreaming that's that's what's common of those things would probably take you into iniquity right right because now more thinking about I'm tired I'm hungry. I'm whatever I am. If who's the who's the main character of the story. I call those Monday Tuesday Wednesday place.

All right in the pot and the beings that Jacobs beans if he was hungry was tired and wanted to just go ahead and go.

The quick way around God's best for them and the blessing that God had for well you should use eating bows in both brothers because CE cell will go these hungry but you you see Jacob is not fair that he gets all the blessings seller I had all the Visio Voltaren is trying to grip on the home.

He was always that you'll get a grip on Angel that's going straight, right, and I like that that you're exactly right it's it's big brother and how many times in Genesis 2 we see big brother. At a price for the prize package cries all I'll show you away and we don't quite have enough time for another clip you have to say the cooks we have for the after hours to anything else like to add this part of the we need Rodney when the inspector's moods inspector gadget yeah will iniquity what I like my discussion is it's what's inside that you don't see we see it in shame. We see it in agreements and all kinds of other ways it kinda manifests itself, but iniquity is we've talked about is really the underlying thing that's in your heart. This is the disease not the symptoms and you can actually go in and say okay like you were just talking about all the things that we do that we know are wrong.

Mike every one of those girls that I slept with. I knew it was wrong yet I did it anyway and I didn't know what I was just selfish and just all about me and you just did cite okay. There were many times when I said okay I'm not going to yet. I did understand I said I'm not going to. I actually didn't. But how may times, it was just time after time. I know this is the wrong thing to do and yet you just walk right back in their step in that puddle and use go on a swimming that puddle for little bit and jump back out in the music at the shame you got all those other guilt and everything else is coming on that you you think okay it's okay now I'm out of it and next thing you know what he wanted to jump back into what why we wired that way, but we are psyched we fight like heck when were drowning, but yet once were out. We jump right back in and I think the important thing to keep in mind is the practical solution right.

Dad is is waiting with open arms. If will turn right and itching.

Just get 1/2 and turned back to your brain somehow you're in the middle of making this horrible decision to somehow realize wait a minute.

Dad's got a steak dinner waiting for me. The stupid my head is going to have to turn it on straight and sending the listener can focus on this week on this topic is a good and you guys.I would be praying like.where is where my trigger and and how can I you and I agree on some way to trigger me back the other way. You know something that I can set up ahead of time to notice the cute masking to register for the upcoming boot camp the 17th through 20th in the entrenchment. This is Truth Network

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