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Agreements-Vows And Bitter Root

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 28, 2022 12:30 pm

Agreements-Vows And Bitter Root

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 28, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about tools the enemy uses to keep us in bondage, or to keep us from receiving healing, for example. The tool we're focused on this week are vows and bitter root. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," "Forrest Gump," and a clip about Corrie Ten Boom. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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On the 40% of the people after 30 minutes or more for clean water. Two thirds of the world's population could face water shortages by 2025 something today. Your gift of help install Jesus while providing water for the entire village for 25 year gospel phrases install 30,000 of the belt and they need your help to give life to thirsty people join Truth Network in supporting this cause go to or call 855573751 the spring of living water to the world. Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts registered in the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word are chosen Truth Network Parnassus starting in just a few seconds. Enjoyed sharing. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network keep from losing heart something worth dying for, grab your gear, less band of brothers will serve as the guys we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Well Rodney, can you help us can understand what you talk about pillars what were talking about. Will I have explained to me so when you guys did a big show.

Some years ago. You guys started off on a the pillars of the masculine journey and insert office of all you had two or three. I get it up with like around eight or so is probably close to 10 or 1210 12 it went on for a long time I have heard the shows that went back and wasn't told that it was as follows. It's an inside joke so nearest talk about pillars is the inside joke for a long-running series we just keep coming up with more more things on the same topic. Absolutely yeah the originally we were doing like three or four of this topic and then God is Giving us more and more and more and so that's where communicating these pillars in the solarium or what the topic was just a lot of what I think was sent to remember what the exact pillars of masculine journey together.

It was something close similar to that but it was is are actually really good series. I enjoyed a lot. I really got a lot out of it. When we don't make your favorite list. You guys used to be there so I got in here.

I realize that you have the soups made the right exams or slamming your clips and stop the cycle and if I'm not gonna make it beyond, listen well and make a decision about tonight's clips Danny Europe with the first clip you your sister played as a vital number of the rod is just get cold in my always on the pillars would be good with blankets is not okay yeah they have a clip from any given show that shocked a lot of people, but the shows, called Henry Jinks and his poor guys have a run of bad luck and Barney and some of the detail members Powell old and just just make the matters worse and ultimately the guy begins to believe that he's Jinks himself and the clip is stored into the show where Andy and aunt Bea and Simone were trying to redeeming and trying to shake him out of his agreement and so we can play the clip well actually can't say what the show is about. Yeah, I just realized it's a way to see this great set up and then we have come back to the this show is about agreements, vows and Bitterroot agreements right and so Bitterroot's instrument talk about that and so this is an agreement on or about that's been made by Henry the Jinks yes okay will play. I think I'll step out for a breath of air and well be proud to say I know the numbers number 44 and the letter is stepping forward right now and we see that it is now 44 and I will check you cards number to get Henry to show us what number he pulled out what you get. No section 70 all and he pulled out some Jinks and you know this. This drawing was Ray Ray is right, folks would you show Henry what number you got 44 only only they wouldn't say anything. That way you would have to wait and I still wouldn't be so what you mean is trying to block what what anybody's trying to say is you got to believe and that you are Jinks and full of bad luck in everything. Well I don't know how you figure it way I see it luckiest thing a man can have friendship last week or so. The text you if you hear a lot, then it becomes a truth you and that's kinda what happened to Henry and nothing is what happens to a lot of us of those happen to me more than once, is that you hear something or you think you hear something and that of the agreement of the bow and you really believe it yourself and you.

He said I even Jinks myself.

Hee hee about hook line and sinker into the end of the last think again he set up some of what I wanted – going about going. Can you help with another way of saying you know what agreements are or what vows are Bitterroot's ready that well then you can't talk about it when we hear something make an agreement with that statement. I'm sorry little mother here in Santa Rosa. My confronting her face and hope body is in the shy guy with special event knowing Manasseh was intentional. I suppose probably the easiest way to describe the, the agreement is for me. It's when I hear that voice, and never hear voices not ours is not God's is usually accusatory or I'm speaking in the third person and you take hold take ownership of it. Just because we hear something from her friends or family or mineral. Mind you, it's not true, unless you accept, you know that's and that's the scum of the rubber right where do you where you draw that line in enemies really good at using half-truths to get you to jump on agreements you'll do something that's not the wisest thing to do and say what I was really stupid. We have that was kind stupid of me to have to admit it right is likely or just an idiot. I incidentally disagree on with him some more right or worse. And that's very mild version of it that yeah and then the agreement sets and I'm just an idiot. I had a pretty serious one, come up yesterday actually limit earlier house and or more computer youngest daughter. She is six or five years old, beautiful girl greatest heart and end in my mind he was going through a lot of under spiritual attack with lot of my past and again you should have done better. You could've done innocent third person voice that you need to listen to her or to Canada. It helps you determine if it's yours are not an issue sooner playing just as happy as she be this I and it sounded a lot like my thought it was in a you or anything like that thought was actually she she could've had a better that she could've had a better day and that was all it was, and I started to cry and started to come to take that and say to him and say my heart and I guess she could have known my past she could've had a better immediately. Something rose up in me and I and I knew it was not my voice and knew it was not God was someone else's nine I just said that's enough.

It's not God's voice is not my voice you gotta go to have an innate lift, and left immediately and and father. He keeps team dealt with some of my agreements from that today I'm sitting there with Sam, father, and he asked me that question again.

He said you do you think she could have had a better day in my heart still thought that there still a yes you had a better life and he asked me point blank. He said to knitter in the loop if you two chooses who were going to write my agreements with my dad and my family a lot of things where I grew up and he asked the same question who meet you and your mother did not pick your father for keeping melted into the reality that our lives, but he doesn't live if he shapes us on the way an enemy comes in and tries to create these agreements to throw us off track. Think doing Jim and you will not help us with. They either vows are Bitterroot Bitterroot is when you have an offer that is something that you deserve to be angry upset about but you nurse. It you help it grow. You want vengeance rather than forgiveness and it eat you up. Artie forgot what the person that's good you think about this time hear people gardening and see have a root that's coming up really a weed that's coming up. If you just can't sniff it at the top. I really can't do anything right you get to get that that whole route actually go grow quicker if you tremble down and leave the roots and exactly and so it's getting to that route. You know, I think that is an agreement not that root level that it's one it's infiltrated many many aspects of your life at that point is is you said you nurse that you nurture it, either intentionally or not intentionally, and and it grows in and spreads throughout your life eval.

I guess I would say something when you make more of a proclamation. It usually accompanied with never always I'm never gonna trust this person are never to trust people again are there always like that. I will, I literally swore to God. One time I would never step foot in another seven Baptist Church God made me a Southern Baptist minister exactly as Ethan's lettuce that gets us to eat those that is vows yeah and every time I would never get out in front of people and talk with you. Glad you broke that he broke that but yeah it's that it's those things that that hold us back, and that's one of the key tools the enemy. You know, he started as early as in the garden did God really say this right in trying to get it either agree with God's heart is almost as if God was holding out on them. And so it starts very early in and mankind story and it starts very early in our story. It happens as were little kids you a lot of our our biggest agreements. The ones that are hardest to break the valves that are hardest to breaker the ones that is been with us for a lifetime. Whether lifetime is 30 years or 80 years, yet still the majority of your lifetime and think anyone hears in the 30 category or your thirtysomething class. Yet they are close to their side.

Not very okay added horsehair hundred and 80 masking registered with the upcoming boot camp November 17-20. If you would register sooner you get an extra day because apparently for the last several weeks of the 21st is only four days since the 17th 20 masking registered for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then story know how I heard from God is saying this masculine journey.OR what has been given to me that's a really testing to articulate it so deep inside me. It's ingrained in every part of understanding God really caught me in my also helping me step in the healing and restoration from the 99 players and is exciting is frustrating, together with this we got masculine welcome back to masking journey in as you hear them bumping like really what's that about let's Dionne Warwick and she saying that back in late late 60s early 70s when it was for sure. And it sounds like a very upbeat nice song.

You know you listen to the rhythm of a drag. I write you it is dancing around in overwhelmingly daily and and and I Rodney and their dancing around and you just it makes you feel kinda good and then you listen to the words loves only going to give you pain and sorrow. When a swear off of it at least till tomorrow and I know Megan exactly right there, but that's basically what he says and this is I'm never gonna love again never fall in love again you got a member country like the probably introducing not well yeah I'm breaking my mother never. It's close to the never but I wasn't ever going to play when the David's clips and that's about that was that the agreement I am not a Forrest Gump fan and I know that's going to take a lot of people out there than I can understand it.

I just am not a Forrest Gump fan so it's really hard for me to listen to clips from Forrest Gump.

This is one of the better ones. This is one I really like and this is David's first official clip that could make the air. Congratulations David yeah when I came in today hoping to break that rejection agreement that made last week but you know it's still early onset so this this comes in a Forrest Gump wind him and Lieut. Dan had been at war Lieut. Stan's family, the men in the family had died pretty much every great war beforehand and we coming to this clip where poor Scott had drugged him out alive and he forms an agreement about ultimately Sosa Bitterroot's that go on throughout the movie until he breaks at agreement but I will go and listen to some… Destiny just happens. It's all part of died out there with my man, but now you know what it's like not to be able to use your legs. Yes, destiny I was supposed to die with you, you understand what I'm saying this wasn't supposed to happen. I was Lieut. Dan Taylor, you and me now you know when I'm listening to that I look back at you that my destiny my destiny my destiny and I think a lot of time as men or even as our human flesh. Anyway, we form these agreements with the enemy that clouds what our destiny should be, you know, if we take a bigger look at the picture, step back and pray about it.

You know God, God will fulfill our dead destiny is not necessarily what we think it should be, or the agreement that we form that we think it should be what is ultimate gonna be what he wants to be. That's really what I took away from the clip thanks appreciate his good clip conversation. So what's wrong with having agreements white. Why does God want us to break those letters you want to get us away from the earth because most the time they're not true.

They don't always come from the devil. Most of my life I was plagued with a very bad temper, much improves shorter than my vertical reach lot.

It took nothing to set me off in my agreement was. That's just who you and I'll never change, but I have a set through losing probably an hour on our trip to the coast over the weekend traffic that was go 2 miles an hour stop weight 2 miles an hour stop weight few years ago I would've been screaming and lucky not to break the top half of the steering wheel off as it was, I wasn't happy about but I didn't react the way I would have before.

I don't take credit for breaking that agreement I give that to the Holy Spirit because I had asked through his Holy Spirit to help me get rid of what was playing in my life making my life miserable and we were on a road trip and it's happened, but that agreement didn't come from the devil it came from me and that's the sneaky part that we have to get around. It's one thing if you can hear a voice and say that's not my voice is not God's will, when it's just a part of your nature as you see it's really really sneaky and difficult to get rid of the hard part is, there may have been a time way back when the enemy did whisper that you need to sit yeah that's me. Seriously. I mean that's how he does it he does it at such a young age.

Sometimes that we don't remember even making that agreement or sometimes it's you know the old self or somebody that speaking up as well that in that story you had both a agreement and about is that you never gonna change which is about and that's what kinda locks it down.

It's like the I don't even know how you'd say it been selected. The pressure on the Tupperware.

You don't get the last bit of the air out right that locks that agreement down in their disliked upward. I don't know what Tupperware is something you figured out one of things about the bowels is an and the agreements as if you've made the vow it's very easy to go back to so you can be broken from it for a while but today I just said before the show made a comment about Boise yesterday.

I nearly killed myself and a friend working us to death hauling stuff out of a building. I wasn't exactly lazy and I've had times where I've had a goal that I would push myself beyond limits God supported that.

And yet I still go back to that agreement fairly often.

So Jim, since you get the microphone we go inside of already.

My clip is Corrie 10 boom and if you never heard of her. I'm sorry because you need to season was an amazing woman still is that she was a Christian who helped Jews during World War II and her and her family.

They all ended up in concentration camps and she was very close to her sister, and that's the whistle here at the beginning of this clip will revisit the perpetrators come to mind. Cory had never forgotten the trader responsible for the misery of so many people. She harbored great bitterness against covering new when the time came that she was released from the company was that she had to write him and let she did is said he was forgiven and she explained the gospel very clearly. I might find that what when they brought him into putting some guy might my brother man and died in case never came back. I might have that I have for you and in my heart and I think we call that I said when you think there's hope for me know what this is. Don't know anyone that has the right could have righteous anger have bitterness stay with them more than nobody I know currently is gone through what she went through anything close, and yet she and she admits how bitter she was and had to take that to God and I was really looking to share the remedy for the bitterness Bitterroot that does once it's ingrained in their it is hard to get ready rid of. You can't do it on your own God's good have to pull that out for you. But he's not going to do it if you don't take it to asked for it as she did and she had an impact on many many people she lost her sister Betsy. We loved her and they had plans that they were going to reach out to those that had hurt them during the war that were hurt the Germans that were hurt because of the war after they got out and hit her sister said we will both get out of your life will she got out alive going to heaven with Corey was left behind, and she spent her entire life serving many of her enemies as well as the Dutch that suffered the story worth getting familiar with. If you've never heard. Thank you Jim window revisit real quickly before we wrap up the show. While the heart they when they teach in spiritual warfare there whole talk is about agreements from start to finish. It's about agreements and it sounds like those agreements are such small things and that's what makes them so deadly right, it doesn't really seem like a big deal if I get mad and call myself an idiot. That really hurt on in the day. It hurts me is the day it can hurt my family. It can hurt the other people around because when they react out of that place. It's going to be a place of anger so those agreements are a big deal. And so you have those we make these alliances with the enemy really an agreement. That's what that does. Eval is a proclamation of never always taking a stand that this never happened to me again.

Those types of things will never love again. I never trust again any that many of the Bitterroot is also an agreement but it's one that infects all aspects of your life. Almost all aspects of your life. We come back on the after hours and talk more about that when some of our stories gets great clips, one from Rodney. That's pretty funny you don't miss it.

In the meantime to the masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 17-20 and you can also download and test their talking.

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