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Situational Calling

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 16, 2022 12:30 pm

Situational Calling

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 16, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys share stories and experiences about when God has used them in situations that they weren't expecting. The clips used are from "Evan Almighty," "Second Hand Lions," and "Gladiator." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. It's a good it's good to be here say I'm either at this this show is not about situational ethics as it isn't about situational lots of things is not one of them.

You know that this week show to be talking about situational calling and it's not really my dad stole it from from India, make it a boot camp. He was he was talking about it but didn't really use those terms. You cannot use the latter terms and didn't really boil down to that undressing and easy to talk a lot not really even saying anything at this point the cord that Mike enough to have that widened no dialogue. I was looking ran on me.

It's more fun when you find that that's the thing I find it's all participating things, and though it were what we talk about this. We didn't talk about the calling boot camp you know about your guild term grow where you're planted right you know that we hear church and everything but there's a lot of truth to that you were in different situations all the time if he if you would minute boot camp in gems had more jobs in your life you know it's I don't know how that is added. So right tenure jobs I really like the Heise's many event yeah it has almost been around as long as Harold Howard know yeah but it is each one of the places that were at. We have situational calling and even at any one time. You can have it with your family should have it with your family. You know with your work with other things you're involved in God has you in that place for a reason. And so that's what we talked about situational calling and using clips like we always do and talk about some of our experiences were guides used us in places we didn't necessarily expect to be here in ways we didn't expect to be actually loved the clip you chose because to me it kinda just opens up the whole idea and clearly it was God that was calling all the steel in case it doesn't seem Evan Almighty.

This is actually Al mighty yet it is it is Almighty and NC have Morgan Freeman he's playing God. In the movie steps and as a server or waiter at this restaurant and no not know Evans wife comes in and she's frustrated because things are going really well and so he enters into the story with her. But what I want you to think about. No talk about to come back, which is listen to talk, right now the long story like service has been New York's Nella of the art I love that start knowingly on think about God's wrath and anger. What is the story about the ark showed up tonight son is in side-by-side. God told him to do it that sounds like an if someone presentations think God gives him patience to give them patient is afraid to be courageous if someone pray family you think Sampson one of them opportunities when you listen to that clip you were watching a movie or whatever and you know that that's that's God in that role.

That's one thing but imagine that your server you're the waiter or waitress in God's kinda gives you a little thing inside you and says I think they're having a hard day you know and that's what that's what happens as we step into that situational calling when were going through her life and her busy day and things going on in God gives you something that you notice this is. I think you have a conversation with this person. I need to have a word here to praise this person whatever it is that's the God in you stepping into that situation, saying, hey I got a lot of people to serve in them and and I went to talk with you right now and I think that was pretty cool for me to think about that. Not contacts that, wherever, and that God has something in it for me regardless of what I think it is.

It's probably something different and it's with somebody that I probably don't expect it to be with timeliness around every corner. Almost yeah and usually catches you by surprise phone call from somebody when expecting or at something that happened in your day. That was interruption and Jesus seem to specialize interruption that he stopped and talked with interruptions right where I to Sally Galloway have to keep going.

Shut up you blind beggar. I know we did during the after hours we we do the story apartment on the show that with my pray for me.

One of the biggest ones was it and I shared with it on here before but when I was at my company back in Indiana enters a group of us doing a Bible study is pray for us and I decided that point to send out a daily Bible verse from what I've been reading from that day I would send it to him.

Initially this is a cool verse right and they start sharing with friends. Then I started adding commentary to at some point in it kept growing guy Blessing and at some point it was going to a lot of different places, not just in the US but in different countries and I had to move it off the company server happy ascendant stuff anymore mad, but not some nurse posting on and so I had to learn about websites I learned about all the stuff early on in later that became get heart ministries in on some other things and in God did that from a very unlikely source. It is what he prompted me hasten this to these four people.

I think you like the Scripture. And so you have for me. That was one of those things that that little nugget in time was vital because it laid the groundwork for everything that came down the road. You know, eventually including some of partly the mask under absolutely so we got lots of clips and Andy, you have the other secondhand line clip he at the other one that Tillis had secondhand yeah and so we end up with this you know idea of I'm not your uncle so you want to try to set that up that's that's most confusing like you know when a plane and alright so we have a new studio set appear things are little bit out of touch as normally would be even outside of the clip is no problem so in this movie secondhand lines. We have two uncles that actually were renowned people to know how they got millions of dollars but they were suppose we had millions of dollars had been gone for 40 years and their nephew well comes to live with them. Their mom's hope was that he'd figure out how to get their money for her for her family, but as he begins his journey with them and is his mother had been lying to him through his whole life and so the part of this clip that you're not hearing is Walter wakes up his uncle and as he was sleepwalking outside and begins to talk to them that I need to hear some truth from you because all I ever hear from my mother is lies and so hub is going to give him some truth and then find out that he's got a different, calling as well.

Yeah, this is a long speech I can sometimes think it may or may not things that man needs to believe in the most courage and virtue in everything the power and money. Money and power to not see mentioned believing those things because things will believe in it is speech almost promise you speech you will you use awful awful lot so that clip you know this and embrace this is absolutely remarkable as hub accepts the role of being wills uncle. But really, to an extent, to being his father because will needs to be fathered and and also he understands a foundation of truth that he had missed from his mother is based on her situation, but at the same point in time hub now realizes the truth that he had not seen that's what I will keep trying to point out to him. It's true, it's true. So and then you just got through watch this movie. It's awesome is a new release for me. Great movie and hub is finding himself in places like were talking about that you're calling is is calling you.

You realize you should be. You think should be somewhere else and just reminded me of a story back. We had been in ministry for little while and I was thrown into a situation where a guy was transitioning from addiction into treatment center and we had to go clean his apartment the howling night we get to stop you in mid story when we left our heroine was following night back town, I met that's right will be right back. So yes, you may wonder when's the next boot camp. Let me just tell you it's a week of Thanksgiving that weekend before Thanksgiving coming up right in November 2022 and they fed off the top of my head. Although lots of people show me their hands. There's apparently some numbers. This assumes masking her name here with my son Eli talked about ways he held his smile at him and smiled at him is his information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate to masculine and find PO Box 550 live in an on-demand world time, whether meals and content.

That's why the Truth Network is The Truth Podcast Network some of your favorite programs plus some that are podcast on the rich content that is rich moments and be touched a greater understanding of Christ is not yet. Are you going sorry landline here yet. I was Matthew with don't do something about partner.

What do we really about calling it like it you know God that asking here or even ask God why don't you do something in our yard article clip you know it's like we have this job to do and God like okay yeah but that's why I created you that's that's the purpose of our identity is tied to our calling. I believe that's what God is saying is that you know you need to go out and do something about the things not just me and it's just not you, it's us were partnering Rodney said that to not just God. Earlier Sam, I don't really lift when we left our hero Danny and by the name is Walter in the movie not well I been corrected during the breaks.

I got not confused but when the letter here, Danny.

It was following night and he had money situations that God created you Danny for that moment yet. All my family was at a fall Festival party howling party whatever and so we had to get this guy out of his apartment vacuum up in places of mass. His life was a mess but my heart and soul call was discipleship, but I wanted it to be clean and neat and we had to go back cleaning supplies in this cavity and needless to say I was slightly agitated over the grand scheme of staying in things were going well. When we got all done.

I'm brought back to my buddy Jim Daly's house with with everything I'm crying to God are complaining to God or whatever that was. Will lose some prayers of David and I'm like however Stan, I've had a family here. We clean up this mess is God made his mass and you know we've been wearing rubber gloves and always got stuff in our Stan, I will never forget what God told me, he said. I came into your situation and added rubber global and any change my attitude for that day. Anyway, that you ministry is messy and where you're calling and where we are planted at can get messy and muddy and it is not always going to be the ideal situation.

Matter fact I think it rarely ever is callous in my own situation, but came to my mind is in this topic was no my wife, I then told I could teach the ham Sunday school class which was a great honor and a great big class at Calvary so excited. Big huge moment in my life and I go home and tell my wife and she goes were not doing that work can teach special needs which was completely out of left field. From my perspective because we don't have any special needs people in our family and I had no idea what what you talking about, well, I went to this thing and I heard Adam Nunn's parents. You know talk about what a wonderful ministry is and God spoke to me.

He said this is. This can be your ministry. So that's what were going to and she since were not doing the ham Sunday school class. I had to Christian business men's committee well left out. Probably the best part of the my discussion with my wife was my you know I don't lack of humility collects plain conceited nest. I was like, what about all this great Bible knowledge and skill to be wasted on.

If I can't teach all this that I know you will never understand and she just gave me this look that only your wife can look as they see through your mask and you know that you and so the next day is the next day as I was at my men's group I thought for sure these guys would be on my side and so I told him the story expecting them to go.

Yeah, you need to go tell your wife you know that this is what you doing I am Sunday school class instead. This omission or by me. Margie Jones looked at me and said Robbie under the least of these my brother and so I went home like a crow. I said okay I'm an ad hominem resigned from the ham Sunday school class and try to special needs for whatever period of time, but I have no understanding and when I got there. It scared me literally did that these people were hit in the Aaron looking out the windows and just fixated on all sorts of things in the W seemed to be on the same page and all and it was just it was actually scary.

Some of the people for me because I just had no association with me for adult people in a summer missile. This me so I hung out for about three weeks literally creeped out pretty good and the teacher comes to finances Robbie understand your pretty good teacher so I think next week you need to come out of retirement and you know him teach. The fifth commandment which I went holy macro Limited can even teach my kids. This is honor your father and mother are you kidding me to teach this to this class and so know God had me where he wanted me and right on my knees I got what I do how do I teach this and he shows me this idea of honor has to do with getting down on your knees which is pretty graphic. When you see a 6 foot five guide we thought a big camp and so I did my best. Use flannel brass try to get the idea. Mother and father through sign language what that was and they were looking out the window and hit me Aaron.

I thought I've taught absolutely distance this is my gosh what is happening here just felt like the biggest loser of all time until the family showed up in his the family showed up. The students start to get down on their knees and the parents are likewise than the other teacher support.

Robbie taught on the fifth commandment in and then the tears started to come from the parents of the tents came from the parents and tears came from Robbie and I realized, oh my gosh how arrogant I had been like oh God, like what you've shown me and and let me just say from having done that for many years now. What a rescue that was from Robbie. I don't know that for you know they have taught me so much more than I've ever taught them his wonderfully gifted people. And believe me the honor to teach them is is greatly value so that way Harold, one of the things that occurred to me is my sweetheart is a saying were all special needs in one way or another. The other thought that it occurred to me in this regard, with the theme of the night we we have a Scripture that says Jeremiah send him well Rodney, here you are, I'm sending you.

You've got a clip to share with us. Send me an Robbie man coach. This is Maximus when he is on the floor. The Coliseum, he's won several battles now and the Emperor wants to come see him in to be introduced to them and find out who he really is and so what's happening here is you got a guy who used to lead armies. He was the right hand of the Emperor. They were tight and never one to make him the next number well, this actually snuffed out his dad then took was supposed to got Maximus that didn't quite go as planned but took out his family and you hear this to him saying it. This is what his identity is and all through this movie as he's kinda being brought back to life.

Little by little and people keep speaking into his life he comes alive and now is on the floor and he says all he sings about who he is and then what you can really tell that he is live that out because you have not only that guards the guys that are rounding the gladiators there, ready to fight for me at this point there Ray to fight for this guys life with the guards that are around them, and then the whole stadium stands up and starts chanting at the end and that's that's we see everything to come together is not as well deserved and ignited this or not, he insists you have to be born as you have a name and tell me your name my name is Maximus dismissed this amount of the homage of the North below so Marcus really is some motive will miss life with next command. He's a slave, even as a slave. He lets his identity come out in situations where he still a leader of men.

He had so many people had to speak into his life to keep his spirits up through this whole time that he went from being a slave into being a gladiator which, again, the gladiators were so a slave because now you just destined to die. That's all you get to look forward to. He's at the service of the Emperor. He supposed be out there dying on the battlefield you know and all these Coliseum battles, but he's winning.

He stepping up and is leading men who have no idea what they're doing in real battlefield molds them and brings them together brings a whole group of men together as a team in unit or community community works. Good to see that would be a good that's ordinarily as much is what community so he brought them into a community. Okay the question I have for you right is when have you been in your situation calling. This is a really tough one but my wife was really irritated with something. My daughter had done and was really working hard and inched my daughter was getting hurt side to really step in and get my daughter away from my wife and step in and make that happen. Even though my wife didn't want that as a state very tough situation. Yes, always when it comes close to home. In those situations, you get a step in so so grateful that she was doing this today and we want to remind you that you can go to our website Aspen journey that OIG and by all means register for the upcoming boot camp is coming up again the week before Thanksgiving in November will look forward to seeing you there. By all means check us out. Mass journey.origin. This is the Truth Network

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