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Boot Camp Activities

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 19, 2022 12:30 pm

Boot Camp Activities

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 19, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking the Boot Camp. They go over the different activities the boot camp provides, which ones they like the best and why. The clips are from "White House Down," "Star Trek," "Stand By Me," and "A River Runs Through It."

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man his life as it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request brand-new brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now boil salmon's escape to Las Vegas. Somebody has to do it. Leave it there claim whatever happens in Vegas, let the hairless goes David and you know me lower left here to do another shameless plug for boot camp the 13th or so. Actually, this is really fun, shameless plug all showings like fishing and it really is in the it was your idea yeah but before that fit your back, you gotta give the nave update event that many leaves. The bouquet all my goodness I guess in the neighborhood of 20 boot camp E VV VV might be might be down to 17 way rebate.

We've got a neat show to mine. It was your idea.

Leah Thomas Solomont to give the full inspiration a little bit later after we did about but basically we never done a show at boot camp you hear a lot about evidence of silence.

The talks the food out a lot of different things, but we haven't really ever done a show and it's a big part of our campus activities we do in the afternoons when we have brakes activities range from you know where soft sleeping in is that we have do a lot of different stuff we felt like we would do a show to give a flavor for kind of what you can experience some of our stories about what we experience is really how we experience God in the activities because I do believe that part of the adventure that the father wants to come with us on some man you not believe this but we actually have a clip of Jim snoring so you know if you have a lot of the paint remover. I didn't know where there is no sleep that night is getting one never knows unless he happens to be the president and everybody is preemptive strike is anywhere. We were going to the gym you've got a clip force yeah I do and it is about one of my really is my favorite activity is the combat we get into used to be paintball and this is a tribute to paintball what would you call us anyway. This is one of my earliest memories of Robbie and it was fun because he was the only one without a paintball gun and he was the president. He's the only one that rivals me and being a big target and he was so this is a tribute to him in paintball and now we do here soft and are competitive natures have blossomed over the years with the different ways of shooting one another at swelling games we play, which is really really fun is protect the president so each team can get two different teams may each have a president everybody else's Secret Service and a course Jim was the present on the opposing team won this particular battle, that he is referring to is you get this through the clip. What actually happens quite obviously has and there's no relevance to his name being jammed and sand. I was the president on the other team things didn't go well. You have got to get the president to safety okay live he said that she and his dad dying that I think that's probably going to be on my tombstone was worsened to help but think of was really really fun and really really was fun. There was a good interesting thing to me. Jim is will meet guys that we haven't seen for almost a decade or whatever and they still clearly remember that protective fiasco or not is the case that Lincoln had no comparison. The wounds suffered.

It know that I remember this correctly, but I'm pretty sure none of the Secret Service agents were killed anyway.

You know it is a way and he that we that we bond right now and I is you know when they are getting the president shot.

There's a certain affinity that arose between absolutely declares a lot of camaraderie and then you see people talking, no softer shot or whatever when they go to dinner whatever they'll sit together. Whatever because you just need to get that camaraderie. I know it takes us back again where a lot of times we don't take the time to play guys have to have time to do those things. And whenever you get out there to do that, you know, our hearts come alive. It's part of the part of the adventures I said earlier, now and in fact, you know, since I know working the play saw from day one. I'm sizing up who I really want to share and I begin to you now don't you guys want to come out what's cool about it too is is I got an identity from it. You know Robbie named at the Indies airfares off experience and not only did I get a name from God. I got a name for Robbie there you go. That's because Andy is such a big target moderated to Lily and I run slow. One of the other really really huge highlights for every boot camp we have mentioned it before, on the air, but we know we have a clip from Wayne, here is Wayne's because I try to give everybody and gave theirs gone experience now and we have Ryan's past experience, but this is Wayne's wildfire and we had a wildfire as last one was definitely alone. Never, ever, will I ever forget. Really the last to the last two Wayne wildfire experiences were just unbelievably powerful, not just from the fire but from the discussion.

There was more than that you just don't remember because you can come to is instantly supposed yet is this clip is from a great movie stand by me. The boys are sitting around the campfire after a long day of already great adventures.

There they ball you lied to their parents don't do that kids like the parents about staying the house is going on this great camping. If you can imagine that as a preteen and what an adventure that was awesome conversation around five tucked into the night kind of talk that seemed important until you discover girls I know $64,000 question is asked know that much of show one of us mentioned Wayne let me just tell you who told me it's definitely my favorite time of the camp, not because it's cold. Wayne's love, it's never the same right. It's it's never been the same time it's a little different. Even this last one right. We didn't think were going to have it, prayed over as the guys were having their talk and God said yes the wind was blowing as I order you sure he said yes okay we went out there and you just sparks everywhere but the conversations that we have during that time.

It's a great bonding time.

So it's a time when honestly the guys let down their guard a little bit and make Cmdr. shell sometimes are some guys that forced him to call mouth, not anybody's doing that right but it is. It's really good time to get to know the guys to share yourself with whomever got time to get a visual on the stricter enough experience. You may know what Nikita Cole fresh nightmare looks like you don't know what it looks like when a fire is, you know, like the flames are either he's just standing there with his arms folded like a number of arguments get aggression nightmare. It's all yet. We had flames a good 25, 30 feet high. Sparks from the fire was it's a wonder we didn't start a real wildfire and the amazing thing is you would've thought and thought it if there's a bunch of women at that thing they will all run okay as it was pretty scary. Not only did nobody run but then that the conversations went really deep and really honest and keep people shared some amazing stuff and again you know you where where where would you get that kind of a bonding experience, you know, except around the campfire that was just while it was wildfire and is not is not an anything that we create other than the environment for God shows up in the way he chooses and you said the last two years. Last year when the gentleman started to speak up about some things.

After after a good bit of folk started to leave and it was just an amazing things you can imagine people dealing with and it helps you to see that you're not alone in this light, you're not the only one that's going through these things and nothing that your experience in is outside of the enemy is coming after each one of us and there's a fire burning so I didn't get it out of the White House that works because I know it. The one and Ricky clambered would say this on the air himself. He'd never told that story is coming and it was unbelievable but can't before last, never told that story.

Anyone was around the campfire sharing things in the amount of freedom that was available to him. Result was amazing.

Again, this is a shameless plug for the camp is coming right at the end of this month. March 31 through April 3 so sign up now.

When I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then during my prayer time.

I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have said I have his story is communicate with us things. It's been a true joy to me is having my sons there with me to boot camps and watching them get an understanding that I wish I would have several years and I'm still probably learning a little bit as we go watching and getting manhood in understanding what is and how to stay away and receive healing and restoration when journey hello hello I can't say in which he is so weak sometimes will bring this inspiration for the love that song brings back memories from gib or awesome producer a few weeks back on joyride was given a camp experience like camp and I was like, this sounds like the dude from hello mother hello so that was my inspiration and it took me from there like they started talk about activities and songs that that's where that came from but were hoping Keith will calm his sign autographs and everything. If you come so it out. I really like his his new take on the joyride, the more he does not think is very entertaining, amazing Keith Feeney is amazing. Absolutely spectacular.

So fun things that a lot of us enjoy it, but camp is sufficient. And so Danny, you gotta little inspiration on on our fishing adventures there at boot camp yet clip is from River runs through it and it's the scene where the two sons and a father are fishing on the river and Indians with their presenting their prizes for the day in and father, give them a usable one up as fathers do. Sometimes it is not just a cool story that really is spectacular intercourse because it's a very visual clip we got a fill in a few blanks for you. So at the beginning hears these men their flyfishing. I mean that this is serious flyfishing ice and this is in the kind of stuff. Danny and I do not mean there cast and you know 80 yards across and his beautiful cast on a stone flies and a course. They each catch one and as they get to the bank, they are going to show their individual fish and so that's what the fathers responding to the course you know I could go from there. Both say the Lord is best dissolved in a grown-up, I would like to fish and but so I got one, 12, 13, will fly rod on and I thought what a cool thing to learn to do and fast forward 40 years later express this to my wife and she bought me a flower as I am out of the yard were still lived in Asheboro mess was they wanted YouTube videos and scared to decimal peers my ear so fast forward to my first boot camp and I had this fly rod and I've always been kind of self-conscious about things and so there's a lake down. It is placing them think in them will go flat fish. Luminal submeters lots of flower fishermen in this in this crowded and Robbie have to be well and so I will thereafter flyfishing something I'm gonna make a fool out of myself. Debater will even give my flower talk him down and and I finally get courage up and fly rod out and Robbie give me some pointers in the greatest piece of advice is so far has been that nobody has ever caught a fish with after fly the water pretty good wisdom there yet. What is done for me is the activity was, you know, we had several people out on that.go down there we met early in the morning and but there was a bonded camaraderie with dad and you know some of the other guys we talked flyfishing and but one of the left of my wife is a David is so cool was Robbie's got this older tackle box now is not a bright shiny near the light comes out here you hear the distant amazing thing.

But you know Robbie, so generous with his time and is talented as treasurer with things and just it was just like I had a tackle box. If you still do that it has had. That is the coolest thing again but is that bonding time. You will campfire whatever the day are soft which you were present it when we first laid then we got you killed again. But in addition it is really cool that that the activities are over me and we love adventure and we would have some adventures and more shenanigans than most retail good time. I Robbie I know your eat, you didn't. Your clip is not on fishing but you know I always sensed like Ronnie's you know it used to be. I was always the first person at boot camp because I have my line in the water. I have been trumped. I have been trumped by down Tuesday before the Rodney seems overweight, didn't something in you that I route and in both hunting and fishing with the boot camp thing.

Yeah, I've always had a desire to fish and hunt.

Did some more fishing. Very little hunting in my life and then my son gets into it and I'm just sit near a man I wish I was my son because he's got a real zeal and zest board wants to do it. Non-come out here to boot camp and I might almost get Robbie Gilmore and he really likes to fish and hunt and yell and so it's like just got me into okay want to try that some young, like you, Danny and bind fishing rods and bind guns and figuring out how to do it had been around people who done it all their lives listed the stories watch things, but just being around others that do something that you like to do any kind. Learn from that you can get an edge so that you have learned flyfishing Robbie why when I dove hunting with Robbie and took me couple years to get dove you one day shoot me nowadays, it doesn't count when the dogs are sitting there nice and like now actually I Ronnie's gotten good. I'm in the last time we went many smoking ban. It was good though I may not.

I was really really fun and it's really really fun to see that come alive in a manner I mean it's just part of of those adventures right that that make us understand we got what it takes to some extent so you actually went out Kansas wasn't yet we just went out to Kansas back in February. Let's see what a shock that I was like what God tells you know you yet recently shot geese, mainly so that was that was the first thing we went after some geese and the weather was really really nasty.

It was what was about 10. We got the first morning in about 30 mile an hour winds all day and get up to under 20. But it was just when you're out there with a bunch of guys doing that in relatives and friends. It was just just a blast doing about bunch geese and then we went pheasant hunting which some these guys never went pheasant hunting. I had been on a pheasant hunt in a preserve origin. I get a kick him out.

This was actually wild pheasants and that was great. Got several mind just try to get to the taxidermy now to get it now. It's a dirty job but somebody has to it was fun and I again I just I do see these things of of you know how men begin to go on adventure.

Sandy, your your your like the poster child for taking up adventuring going on that with God and you know how much is that meant to your relationship with God. Absolutely. I mean, I had an opportunity through my job start traveling and it really expose me. It started when I started reading while hard to begin to realize I'd become too artificial too much, you know, sports all that stuff and really get back and I still haven't done all the stuff and I live in Boone and should be no flyfishing stuff more. I want to do more of that. But just getting out of road trips. I love seeing scenery dad that something my dad handed down to me and God is just being there with me. I mean it.

It's amazing you if you if you invite him where he invites you. However, it looks but he comes second to tell the story about my friend Bob Young anybody knows the Christian card. I knows my friend Bob, Christian he called me from Daytona know he's been out fishing. He sees it nonracist is like Robbie man of the way that water is running like crazy and sizable as to stop right now and pray that you catch a whale right and so IIII pray with him right there on the phone and while the next day to be a picture I kid you not man is a whale right off the Stacy Eldridge or whatever talked about that she saw way now is as a way of God.

Wing Commander yes I goes man I thought that's the biggest shark I've ever seen and then all of a sudden I saw the water, the blow like bad, but the deal is man that that God is out there and when you engage, you know that's not your wild or whatever it is that the God has you meets you in some cool places and to see that come alive in God's right is is just an amazing thing. I mean, how may guys of come out there and never shot the gun. And so we've got. If we come up to the after hours. We have some gun clips that are unbelievable. We have some Airsoft lips. We have clips that might shock you from blazing saddles which you know the deadline after hours in the same these activities to we do different stuff we had a time when we had the boys Academy, and we had a game of softball that was just glorious something we had the best time it was a really tight game played it back and forth but there's other stuff that comes up, up, and there's a couple guys here that have challenges though the game a pickle ball that we hope to see maybe this time guys there pickle ball court of the boot camp will escort we can we can adapt Cantley way that will talk about that on after hours. So after hours is going to be spectacular because I know the clips we So she got amassed under Click on after our shows, and the something wonderful but more than I boot camp is a amazing time God comes after our hearts in amazing ways that you got to go to mass and journey and sign up. We hope we'll see you there. Thanks for this. This is the Truth Network

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