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Boot Camp Activities

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 12, 2022 12:30 pm

Boot Camp Activities

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 12, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking the Covenant of silence, and hearing from God. The clips are from "The Shack," and "The Legend of Bagger Vance."

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network heart of every man is waiting with your life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your brand-new brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here.

No welcome to masculine journey. This is Andy filling in for Sam or Robbie or whoever's usually here but the were excited to have you welcome. We have Sam via satellite: in and worm word got around a skeleton crew.

This time I guess it's about a skeleton is a lot of time away from a scale around the room. Rodney, I think. You can't linger in the review job well. So today were talking about another topic related to boot camp. It you know I'm I'm not you know that the Eve caller is out Robbie's not here for long to talk about Eve's words were about two half weeks out from boot camp coming up soon but I will wait till he gets back to start going out. Eve counts again so math on both glad to have you got interesting show.

All that Sam talk a little bit about the topic. We think we we did up all around the room and I believe it was Robbie's topic and then he goes you know, not out of that. Yeah out of he's out of town so were left with the topic so if anyone for the topic of fourth well yeah but I will okay got out the topic you know we have the covenant noncom… Can't get into the covenant violent to boot camp. We got but I'm with God and never done it. It sounds like really that were quite glad you're quite with God and yet his stuff and got talking about what he was talking about and so conversation with the you you're talking all you want. Maybe one of the work, but we all know what's going on. Maybe talk always. But you are talking about. Regarding rounding around yeah I think you do the talk service sit there and listen to the talk about this before us and let us talk you can hear well seem to have an audio problem so will keep on going to have an audio back here again we can hear you try to set anything up ready to go completely gone.

Now we you set it up.

I was kind of taken the handoff from that but it was talking about boot camp we hear the talks and these covenant silences is just an opportunity for you to go out and really get quiet and let God talk to you at the problem with this in our day-to-day life was allotted time for busy.

We don't take time to hear. Plus, you know, in combination with the talks that you hear it's usually a topic that's really pricked your heart Holy Spirit started working on it just opportunity for God to follow up on that.

So you know it's a powerful time and I think each one of us have heard some really cool things from God. Everybody has testimonies of what God speaks boot camp the points I want to make that too is is that you usually just gets the pot pump primed usually hear from God on those particular topics he starts talking to you boot camp even after boot camp so you jump into clips now many pictures up. Yeah, my cleavage from the shack and its notice of fictional movie it. It really opened up my life to more of who God is and maybe would not and do clip is where Mac the character meets Lisa Trinity for the first time at the shack in its an interesting exchange and it is beautiful to wake Elliot out plate away and we can work on looking for today's fantasy you face-to-face take and money doing it hurt like an introduction I motivation. I have a lot of names. That's one of my favorites. You want you can only let me in on how I am and that I am heretical inscription that Mr. C and stare at me, breath of wind so which one of you is you have new fit together takes the other day and a good friend, Dr. Dale Williams. He was doing the teaching on the Trinity one, needs that if you understood Trinity. You'd be the fourth member and so true that those conversations and love is already been said, you are talking to the Trinity and I think God laid it out that way so that we could experience him when we needed to at any given time and you my first Toradol boot camp stories that I'm probably going to be exiled after this I will make his run good. Yeah, I went with Jim Daly to a man's camp there – and did nowhere was I had not known God or even thought of God as father open to this point I just that God, who sat on the throne in judgment, it had about three lightning bolt Kmart's name and just one more time for you to read. Then this guy talk about God being Abba father and that you can crawl up in his lap and talk to and I'd never thought of God that way, and my whole life changed at that moment know in the end that you and just just crack the surface of being able to encountering. That way your new name is Jesus is Lord and Savior and knew a little bit grown-up Baptist about maybe there was a Holy Spirit or something and but the encounters in that and you so that was kind of my first experience with even a conversation with God as father son Holy Ghost if you will yeah I tell you it the father seem to me to be very inaccessible.

Not not that he didn't love me, but he was just kind of busy taking care of the universe and wasn't really totally involved. So yeah I hear you on the view of father speaks to the fact of Moraga to see them differently because I have wonderful father so I had no problem relating to God the father. In fact, some of my more sacrilegious days that I didn't really pray to Jesus. I cut out the middleman and went straight to the source, but an in retrospect, I think back on that man. I was really in the wrong place then and I was very well things I love about the clip.

Actually, that was the first thing how looked at Zach Clapp but that I could really related mine and I still one of the plants.

I'm so happy you did one thing snack clip. I love is theirs. You've got a female that reminded me of someone that will say that I made that helped raise me as a child and she was such a wonderful example of God to make it. That really hit me because I she sorta remind me of her but one things it said in the movie later. That's real meaningful is that she says I appeared this way because that's what she thinks that God is going to look different to each one of us and he'll come to us in a way that we will see him as God, and that's not good be the same for each of us and later owning the movie he appears as as a man is is you need a father today and disenchanting condos show up in many different ways to many different people. Thank goodness Absolutely yeah I mean there is a there's some Scripture that backs up the whole mothering aspect of God that we need a coffer when Holy Spirit is looked at that way, I think, but you know I think there is much more much more to it to the depth of God, of what we see, even in our thoughts of what he is his father goes beyond. If you go back to creation, where he says we created them male and female in our even ice yet so and the words of use aired out enough that Hebrew that young man probably are and I will attempt to go there but the word there means almost like China. It is a delicacy that you know because men are rough like buckets speaking, women are the fine China different purposes different things that equal values, things are five want to hold off on getting the clip before the break. Anybody else got anything same.

You have anything on on that clip bringing pretty powerful standpoint you know it very direct with very loving you know and God spoke with me. Yeah there's nothing condemning unit 920.

When when this part of the father figure mother figure 8. Speaking of Mac, there's nothing condemning very direct, very honest and very truthful but in a loving way and that's why God responded. He has never been condemning it never been yeah it can be convicting that student to separate things, but it very loving all the time brothers here condemning father is mutually distinguish between the two different months and everything has a purpose. Absolutely brothers are different category.

Yes, seven Jesus the son, that brother these these little bit better than the rest of us probably had the best been rather yeah so you go to a break.

Just remember that they can't coming up are all excited about it to half weeks away. March 31 through April 3.

Really looking forward to having you get a masculine to check out what we have there, particularly the boot camp and other things see their stat not a thermometer. Which one are you, which is the right one for the Jew, Jerry, Jerry Stu Epperson. Last words of Jesus. Thank you. Have a listeners village in France corrected me. Yes, even Christian radio commentators get it wrong sometimes, but my heart was in the right place. You are to be where to be thermostats.

What is that mean we sent to John we bring the energy of Christ into the room were not wavering back and forth thermometer measures the temperature thermostat sets the temperature are you bringing with you the positive, encouraging energy of the Lord Jesus Christ to the power of the Holy Spirit thermostat thermometer get this right and watch the atmosphere in the room change every time you come in. Jerry Stu Epperson, author of the book last words of Jesus.

Available now in both stories. Learn more at last words of Jesus.

Masculine journey radio show, the voice of truth. We want you to come to the next boot camp near the voice of truth family was your clip and I love it.

You beat me to it. Perfect. I will humbly talk headphones that the that support listening and hearing from God enough in than the word of God and I love that song that one or word of God trip to go back and forth but love the Ground on voice of truth because there are things clambering at our attention and I connect them at work but they're trying to get our attention. United the enemy of the world. It yield you know the things that I've always used to try to get through life. You know that this totally about me and yelled hearing his voice and what really after absolutely yeah we here in this day and age as a whole online is that there are a lot of fake names a lot of stuff that's not true. A lot of you know the enemy love to take it with things like the comes they kill, steal and destroy buddies, the father of lies and unit truth that we so important. A lot of times men when they come to boot camp. I know idea brought a lot of baggage with me and I will brought a lot of lies that I believe over time we column agreements and so the voice of truth will be there boot camp man in your burst my bubble. This really lies at the nine everything you hear, leave right now man yeah yeah yeah you know exactly the old nuclear machine and all you need to know is why we catching on them on the Mike Chambliss English and set up your to your clip is one review from time to time in regard to boot camp at the back of at what happened in the movie's main character, Junot has gone off to war without it you know that World War I with a everybody locally together in the same group and easy only when I came back alive leader and he takes a lot of that on himself and withdraw completely from everybody just tried to stay completely out of anyone's focus until the Holy Spirit character and a bag of anthems and even working with you not to get him back in it at the point where he has to make the decision of what he believed either the old live, you'll think enemy told him you cannot follow-up baggers and step into the truth instead offended what he calls is authentic wing into a band play at all talk about it. I can't do this any my she does this equipment.

This needed man's grip on his club just like I know you don't when I'm Thomas again came the can be one on the play you don't understand I don't need understand soul on this entire got a burning care, you don't understand you can miss him long enough. Tammy gone down the choice to stop. Stop. Stop walking back to where you always been standing still reinstating and remember too long ago decimal component shadows to I guess you can plan on writing in which been here all along. When you come into this world.

Nasty time to use my clip note for me over the years the guard worked with me on wounding and not and it's been one thing we did forgive the people that wanted me. It's been a much harder thing for me to let myself off on things that weren't necessarily my all in on in this clip you get unit that lived like salt that all the men died they were in a war he was doing the best because it was not his fault. He was just in charge and easy filled ownership that I can appreciate it in a bit for me.

God had to come back me a couple distinct time to help me write in my head it in my heart was.

I thought what was that all or in what was I not at fault for the most recent boot camp United had struggled in relationship stuff quite a bit after my divorce and trying to figure something out and through time listening prayer and people speaking in my life God speaking my life.

Your couple people help me understand that I was really taking auditing on work mind take on everything in the relationship. Relationships that I own that was mind that I was taken on way too much and we take something that's not your responsibility in any treated like it is enemy hold you in bondage and that's what he was doing with me and that's what that meant to me as I was able to now peel back and recant those agreements that I own.

Things that weren't mine, I've really stepped into not just healing and restoration freedom and a place of my heart is just freedom really begin a relationship and and be in a healthy way for my hand and it it's been amazing to see what God and you know I wish you would any years ago when it's time and it was is pretty cool and and very encouraging school I is very hard to state something in the control of right it's not right. If you take on the ownership of somebody else, but it's it's what we it's again getting those lines enemy will take and use against you. You did that for where it was you contributed added.

You know you were involved. So therefore your responsible and yeah it's cool that know what you take on that agreement, then you own and what keeps in bondage cancel is to Sam seeing me's statement is up on the Mike not top that one house will say is in that clip we see God speaking to him in a way that is unique to him and one of the lines in my clip that I love this, that it's he's gotta play his game and each of us are in the same position got to speak to us each differently different quantity different methods and it will be the best way he can't speak to us and we have to seek him and hear his voice, and our unique way and as you're going through pain in your life and again like I love the clip a lot because there's every time you unpack and there's always more therefore a day coming get, but it was just a moment ago. Again, the father of time, who lives outside of time has us in time and that's all we can relate to is this time thing. It's just we let that eat us up and it's hard to be. I think this is great of eyes, nose, is a moment ago just go right back to it. We talk about a lot where you know we use clips you know when your younger self, things of that nature. Letting God work on things in your past so that you can get past them and do some healing to finally bring some restoration is a process and that's it. You don't have a lot of those moments in time and you just have to use them is that and it's hard to do that when you're in the middle of trying to live today. What is Scriptures is that Jesus in my yoke is easy and my burden is light right most of our lives were yet is a vision the young TV. We burned ourselves with things that don't belong to one of the things you said can triggered in me.

The fact that we often being in time will be stuck with something that was a long time back, but it really is just a moment ago if we haven't let go of it and it says that you tells Manker.

One point that now yet your game and you stay where you are. Go forward and a lot of times we are willing to go forward because were holding onto things of the past God wants us to let go of those be free and that's exactly writing in this is this same same thing around which all are saying that he is hung up in the past. No doubt what I like is this my favorite part of the clip is time come out of the shadows and you can't fulfill your purpose and your calling and live out of a wholehearted lot whole heart. If you're in the shadows.

God calls us out of the shadows and he is stuck there and therefore he's not really able to you know live the life and you can see it, you can watch Gina all through the set up of what he's going through in the pain. Stefan and that he has a lot to offer. You know, not just on the golf course, but to his girlfriend to other people in the community, gives hope to that community will heated laden community then really have that hope until he actually came out of the shadows and decided to quit being scared and go for him in his gut golf game.

Yeah it's amazing how would you know we just did sportsman Sarah not like that Mme. about another sports movie and insist is this is a movie we talked about for that as well. But that's where life swoons just come at you and I lived most of my life in my shadow and I was just always in the shadow of who I really am, what I really thought when I really thought I could bring to the table and you just you lived there and you get so comfortable and that they becomes your identity and unite 999 last night, your identity and boy trying to have faith, hope and trust in what God says about me is been a journey, but it is been a fun journey absolutely fell as it stands come out of the shadows and come to boot camp. Would love to have you there again it's March 31, April 3 were really excited at having everybody move Artie got a lot of people find that we want you there with them and have a great time.

Come and join us. Listen again until you come on over one of my favorite things about boot camp. The favorite thing about campus every time I know I'm counting on. God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect really have a new one I needed.

I knew what I will masculine this is the Truth Network

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