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Out of Left Field

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 19, 2022 12:30 pm

Out of Left Field

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 19, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The guys are talking about certain moments and times when God will surprise you. You know, like you're going about your day, then out of nowhere, God gets your attention as only he can. The clips are from "Evan Almighty," and "This Is 40."

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men to step into their true manhood.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network the heart of every man is a really mature life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine masculine start here no welcome masculine very glad that you're with us this week and will a surprise for you this week and no it's not Jim coming out making another announcement like you did a few weeks ago, but it's it's it's a surprise that God has in store for you think that during his prayer. He said brothers and sisters in the singular, and this is a roomful of guys. The unveiling can use to stay with us here in my left field. I feel you today show is a bout God surprising us were going out of left field. It's one of those times. It kind of sneaks up on you and this can surprises you out of the blue, not in the way of describing you. Maybe you're watching a TV show or movie in or something and seen it really just brings you considerable amount of emotion, joy or sadness or uncertainty, just emotion comes up and you are a song I hear a song you gotta pull over on the side of the road because you dislike me from fall apart here exactly you know that it's one would say that's what you get to ask Ada and lift up the hood and and and see what's going on underneath in the heart there and in and let us know what's going on and so were going to be talking about how to left field. Moments when God's come up and surprises from nowhere. Like Sam, like me, he usually had standing out of left field land.

He spends his time left to play the outfield back in the day so I was a catcher the outfield doing a good cash exactly the out right.

This was happy to be on the field is navigated. I got nothing.

I guess it's the clip making your first okay so this clip is from Evan Almighty. We been all around Evan Almighty lately, but this one I don't think we play, but it's when Evan actually meets God and God giving the assignment of building the ark is quite a surprise. There obviously is before he starts growing facial hair and all that stuff but that this was in the clip. Genesis 614 making both know how to make from this ballot may roomful of houses. Excuse me, do I know you as well as I like you got my housewarming gift that you sent those what are they for Genesis chapter 6 verse 14. I went to the building you want me to build ark, so that's why tools and you are responsible for the wood. All right. Well, sort of.

Hello I am Max born June 15, 1962, 8 pounds. 11 ounces Smothers Carolanne Parker father Eugene Evan Baxter who your Internet access. Very impressive to all cable clean freak much too much about you out with your parents left me" event higher than boy you are afraid of going to argue I'm God's will have an okay you know what this conversation is a little thing I like to call me frankly I haven't. So yeah, I guess that meeting God the same day that you get assigned to build a pretty good, he said, and I just think it's cool because you know I think a lot of us daily. He introduces himself and it can be rather said that sort. My experience and I really feel like God has surprised me.

I think that's something that's in his heart, just like I was talking earlier that as a father, I love surprise my daughter was gifts for you know, surprise, or just showing for surprising her with a text that I think he likes to do the same thing for us. Sometimes it's with a mission in mind, sometimes with healing in mind that sometimes what I was talking earlier about.

It's just in the daily what I mean by daily is just you know I was given example of just leaving the current regular Bible reading and then reading other sources and then you know the very thing that you're getting ready to come up on the end in a Scripture reading is the verse that you see outside of that image, line Japanese like okay there's some emphasis that he wants me to see and that Scripture is as I'm doing the regular passionate surprising to me. A lot of times is more of a sudden thing. It just comes out of nowhere and it's not as much is in the process, but it can be related to the process like you know that daily devotional time beginning at a hero. You have a story like to share with us about it. When God can surprise you can come out of left field. Yeah, I was sailing through Auburn University just truck and run own my ambition in life was pilot in the Navy so took the written exam for aviation Ofc. candidate school in the past two weeks later I got a date of the boardinghouse where I worked. Trick me into a blind date with his sister. We are from different towns. Obviously, and I had no intentions of being serious about a woman I was going to be on carrier six weeks after we met. We were engaged to be married in June of this year will have been married 58 years God pulled a wonderful surprise on me strictly from out of left even married for 59 may even married almost as long as I'm in line. Pretty amazing to be 58 in June. Yeah that I'll be 59 in Mason, Miss that's okay I didn't probably say very clearly Gemini anything you like to share with us you I said nothing. No announcements. We should be worried about things I get to be now.

In fact, use a different word for some this just to avoid any obvious shots you can take, but I actually shared a big surprise when God sent to us to Alaska a week or two ago so is it boot camp. I believe it was the now what the advance because my first book In Colorado and I had pretty much just almost had to make up a father wound because I had such a great father and six years earlier.

My father died suddenly I'm God and sort of prepared me for I actually prayed that when my father died, it would be quickly and a couple weeks later, he suddenly died. So I said okay God set me up to be okay with that and was in boot camp and I went into a coach place where you hang up your coat spine stage and not going there but it was actually very long. It was a weird little room, but I with that little but it fairly fairly long for closet door: went back.

I was praying, okay, God, and this was after the wind God if I have a wound that I've missed these years that I've been in the message for about the same amount of time since my father died and I basically ask and didn't expect anything because it wouldn't the first time I've asked and just. It was a not audible voice, but it resonates through your whole being, so you know what's God is no question about it. He said why are you angry with us and if you ask me that an hour before I went back there to pray was upset with God or my father in any way. No, I love them both. That's great. But as soon as I heard that.

Why are you angry with us. I knew God was telling me hope that I was buried anger for both my father for dying three weeks before my daughter got married and I was angry with God for allowing and it was tremendous release but it could not have been more left field from where I was at that moment think is you not making fun anything you make fun of me. I will think you love me now find something we had just couple minutes were had a break. Sure story that just happened a couple weeks ago me was telling the guys before the show. Sometimes music will hit me in and does everybody think that TV show or whatever and I was listening to the song I heard before I heard it knows about a father singing about his little girl at different stages and how that stage would eventually pass, when she had was colicky and didn't want to sleep and when you're from there. She didn't want stay in her own bed at night and then she didn't want to get left at preschool and and then eventually walking on the island as I would listen to it I would start to really tear up quite a bit and I just kept thinking my daughter Sydney just got married this last year in thinking have been throughout the stages with her and I thought that was kind when it was just that and let it go and in the more than that, I would hear that song is a play that thing was pretty often that the more it would affect me and so I have learned to turn to God's okay got what I do hear you guys are bringing this up in my heart. So what I do and I felt inside center message. As I said, and started composing a message, not knowing what was going to go but where it ended up going was I knew I did some things right as a father. She was going up that house and I did a lot of things not right and so you know I basically was apologizing to her for not listening as well. As I should have in being more angry than I should have been not being there a lot in the evenings until after she went to bed because I was working late, you know, working far away and things like that and and just not having enough time for individually. This kind of things and send it to her with the songs initiate another song and then she got back to me.

Couple hours later and her response was, and I thank you that I don't remember that this is how remember growing up and she said you did love me. Well, I don't remember you being angry I think you listen to me other things and I thought it was for her heart regardless really after both our hearts and so we going to surprise with him. He's to take you to places that are good for you and good for other people claim anything you be good for you can't coming up March 31 to April 4 masculine journey energy. One of my favorite things about boot camp. Now the favorite thing about campus every time I go is anyone that has encountered God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect real and counter with God that I needed a new registered splinter and for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other man and then during my prayer time.

I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have.

I have a place in his story I heard from God is one of those things really does communicate with us registered masculine masculine journey in. I really don't know that song the downtown CD. You know who Billy Joe is and you know that that CD back in the day your album. As you recall that the whole rest of song isn't that great about being very positive that I really like that part of the chorus of it shouldn't surprise you at all, and especially on the topic you were talking about with with God surprising is what feels like out of left field and as I was even walking with him as often as it happened, why are we still surprised. It shouldn't surprise is that all that God still doesn't and he chooses to do it that way is like to sit down to watch a TV show or movie on my calm and find something in your skin and move my heart emotionally known to sit down to try to find something I'm interested in for an hour or half hour. Whatever it isn't is a go now I got another plan. You know, and he'll come after us with that surprise and that's what we continue to talk about and so Rodney your next up with a clip. In the story about that guy catching out of left field and this clip is the movie. This is 40 and if you can imagine being a couple that there their birthdays are very close together.

They're going to have 40th birthday party and I can't remember the whole movie. It's been a long time assessing the whole thing, but one am turning 40 and will either it be visible turning 41 just in denial. I forget how it goes. But she's not handling getting 40 she's not ready.

She doesn't want to be for yet and her out of left field moment was going to the doctor and finding out.

Hey, congratulations you're pregnant after he had told her you cannot get pregnant because of a medical condition while she was and what I really like about this clip ran a play here is this is when the rest of the family finds out so just so you know what goes on here.

Is there this birthday party they're having this and she's all nervous and anxious and she heads out to the front and she's trying to go sneak a little smoke and the daughter catches her and then the rest of the Canada story unfolds. After that, without knowing what I want. You're pregnant pregnant when you find out just to see how congratulations always be course I do. I never said I didn't want one if I could choose my beautiful oh man that mean that is definitely wellfield. You're having a birthday party and all of a sudden this big surprise from the friend says you should be doing that you're pregnant and that's how the rest the family finds out, and then their whole reaction that my biggest out of left field moment was sitting at work. Oh, I know midmorning house in early 20s, recently married and my mom on the phone telling my dad just passed away from heart attack and I know Jan immediately, tears and everything are going to flow in and Mike you know I don't.

I know there's no way I can compose myself so fortunately I can turn around my my leaders back there behind the house like a IE knew something was up by sides need to wait for moment, no took some time to try to go gather myself and stuff but I can definitely remember that moment and you think back, boy, I love to been a Christian. Back then, it influenced my father to have been, Christian. I think about things like that but is just one of those moments that a cycle experiment with this whole thing for myself which is how do you react in those moments out of left field and even when you're in something that plays out over time. The emotion and the feelings become they come out of left field because even though you've been at this and around this and something's happening. Things come out of left field.

For me it's more of a I can predict and that's when I still get that that's lame, even that much more out of control. I can't control my emotions and feelings when you can predict certain things but yet when it happens is unpredictable and you like it for me was always in anger that would jump out at me. That would just like finally bite because I might, I'm okay.

I'm okay. No big deal not to let this get to me and I just all I do is I just lock it in myself and them. I let it go. I let it all go and that's out of left field for everybody else is. Oh my gosh were this come from in my wife and kids have seen the brunt of that and thanks to God for saving my rear end hearing bringing him that's out of left field. How much more control. I have over that in my life and other things that I never would've thought would be able to let go and that to me is for me that's was I left field is the emotion and feeling I have for God and what I wanted to do site Rob your talk about to try to really be righteous even know I know I'm nowhere near their but boy, you want it bad that your father's riches you can live inside. Yeah, I know exactly that and that's a semi-content so because I finally we finally get that realization you can rationalizing on. Can you understand that your like all the emotions and feelings are coming from him. It's a much better place to be and you bring up a really good point.

You know we talked about emotional surprises right that anger is another one when you find yourself all of a sudden incredibly angry over something, especially when it doesn't seem to fit the situation at that's definitely time to lean back into God and say what's going on here right it unnecessary have to be tears. It doesn't have to be this overwhelming feeling of joy or peace or whatever can be anger against transit like I got something here for you if you just want to turn back into me and what you've Artie shared only going to share later. So people stay 10 as we got a lot coming for you, but that's one of the things I disarm.

I have got to turn into those moments with God more. I've got to do that and I'd like. I do once in a while I need to be more intentional for we did a show and breakup with his attorney remember what we we will recover the not for what we did a show about left out looking under the hood right and this is just similar to it.

When you find that surprised in the next reaction is to lift under the hood. Looking ahead with guidance. I got what's going on here, right. Why are you bringing this up. Otherwise the enemy poking the bear here trying to get me angry.

Was he pushing at once in the past that I need to go dig into rank as you give me an indicator here any of you have anything you like to share with us got ever surprise you at that exact coupling thought about talking about his earlier but I guess what it comes in mind the most moment is when I was having had a past that had with addictions and stuff like that. Knowing that I have a heart for ministry back without the teenager and I follow those hopes and dreams will go and I have started a process the denomination I was a part of it, and to go through their ordination process will they don't care for divorce looks and I got a couple of those and answer it really to me to a place where hopelessness of being a kid. It thereby paid last on the team, they will God go pick me last is just a very down place if you will, and one Sunday morning to go to church and and the dealing with all the stuff and just and out of left field.

God shows up in a moment where I have a niece who she know she's my favorite probably about examination of the reason she's my favorite is the story she was. It was her they were having baby dedication, and we have more babies who had elders and showing up just pray and do this whole dejection whole 9 yards in the pastor calls me up to help do baby dedication, and I get to dedicate my niece put in that moment God spoke to me and said you let me choose what you can and can't do it again because I'm the one you depend on them as is out of the blue and it just turned the whole world around and you know what ministry you will with the things that have been allowed to do. Thank you. Danny is in natural pastor preacher as a whole. Tommy can't sit on the radio. He was talking with his hands and hit the table look great. He's a real flagrant animate in animation. Yeah, now running you could not rally you call this day I can't hear that clip rightly played and I hear Marlon yeah yeah yeah yeah I know there's no doubt it was Nemo's dad, that was not to give a guy is when I'm sorry to cancel and is brought back a lot of memories for me as well because I had that moment that exact moment when I was born because I had chemotherapy myself and was told we couldn't have children, and when my wife was 36. We had that dinnerware hey dad, dad nine and 10 and so it was out of left field. Make thank you, thank you for listing. Please download the after-hours podcast as we continue to talk about this.

Some great stories coming up from Wayne yet wings always get some good stories probably not going to share some of our stories and in much much more.

In the meantime, go to mass going register for the upcoming boot camp March 31 through April 3 30, April 3, March 31 through April 3. See there we love them each a talking actually, this is the Truth Network

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