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Out of Left Field After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 19, 2022 12:35 pm

Out of Left Field After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 19, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on when God surprises you, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Moana," and "The Judge."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hello this is Metzler from the Metzler glory podcast Road from the Christian faith and laid out our foundational truths of God's word through Trojan Truth Network Ponderosa starting in just a few seconds. Enjoyed sure that most of all for you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network and infringed marriage in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time be more transparent on the topic, so sit back and masculine journey after hours start welcome masculine journey after hours you're talking about the prizes from God. Things would come at us out of left field right in so Andy can you help us understand what out of left field means base will turn right, I guess, but I never really knew the interpretation that you knew that Mary Rodney was in an earlier I wasn't picking on you. This time is not the case law does believe that baseball those years without you, I know. But never mind why they can't look it up because I was like I was gonna wonder what the origin for that is but so when a ballplayer is headed either back to first base or the home is back is to left field and the only thing I found was that people could surmise what was going on. They didn't really know they were guessing thing in that's working from is when something comes out of nowhere when you don't expect it like you just I just got back to first base.

But then the leftfielder fires a rocket in first base and get you.

Are you around third thing on score and next thing you know, the Balkans wasn't by your fetus line in the home, and you're out at any day. The cats are always self-expression should be out of right field is applied right feel that I could catch or throw one out of right field was United almost unheard of yelling and go anywhere on some for sure. Time you are a catcher in the did you drop some of those throws from left field in order to get your your position up there, what it was. I guess that this money was better than I probably wanted a firearm your arm and that was the best part of it. I couldn't block I couldn't block located. That was my weakness. So see you. Don't you know and you have problems that in the infield so that's probably why I ended up in the outfield and now we process another wound exact sports in Italy next week should get leftfielder out of the field showing sportsmen's windows doing one on Andy's wound week when I'm not here because he is retarded about me and start to feel bad about things. I need a need maybe to the topic. Yeah on left field bunker, not a borough yeah yeah anyways Robbie Europe with your so got caught me out of left field here out a lot actually probably the last three months was something you know how ogres have layers years ago I had this and those of her. My testimony or been the boot camp of heard me talk about getting my innocence card when I had to struggle with pornography and things associated way that and Jesus came out of left field. From my perspective to give me this instant guard were I really didn't feel like I served it I kept on trying to give it back to me don't understand I'm not innocent, and eventually his response to me was did not pay enough to to give you this card and he's kept getting me to revisit this idea of innocence is that a lot over the last three months.

You know, I find myself doing something where really disappoint myself like I can't believe I just did that. I can't believe I just said that and I'm and I go to God with that in confession and I'm not expecting him to come back to me.

Nieces Robbie when are you going to understand this is okay, sounds good. When we get to the sorry I turned about and so is again I'm going to God, and in thin things that really quite often like I'm shocked it at some of my behavior and how I turned from God is much as I push in the God.

And then I come to him and he's like Robbie want you can understand innocence and and I keep going back to the word mercy which you'll find them on the 19th Psalm Holland and and I'm studying that word and it has the sense of returning to the womb.

This idea of like when you when you're born you're completely innocent like you've got nothing to be ashamed of. You got no pass.

Nobody's going build at and so when you go to.

I'm expecting some type of condemnation or some type of expression on his face. Instead, you get this Robbie with let's go back and revisit the word innocent. And as I was just studying that even this morning he I was like man I get that II know I haven't innocence card and I get that, in spite of my behavior and Emma and how cool is that. And I said, but that's a lot of left field because it just doesn't feel like I got that coming. I feel like I have something else coming in a condemnation, but I have this coming. How could we see that in a movie clip and he he reminded me of my reaction to the this particular scene in the movie mana now if your grandfather like me to get this verse.

If you have granddaughters you could see some of these Disney movies time and time and time again. I love this movie because it has the ocean in it. This this girl's got to go across the horizon.

Initial here. Explain to try to find Tahiti to Fiji and 2 feet.

He was this goddess that essentially had created all the islands and she'd made them less like Eden and unfortunately Maui who was that you played by the rock in this movie wasn't demagogue who went and took her heart when he when he did the whole earth when under this curse. Not unlike this is really really biblical need, when you when you can see it and under the curse, you know the Fisher die and the plants are dying. Everything is going dark. The green is gone away and then there's this horrible monster called to file which looks like a rocket fire and but it can't cross the bay that that where finally mana gets there. This too far, can't go across the bay because we gets water it in our terms rock and as they're fighting this Malley and her fighting is to file all the sudden and she has the heart of that's been stolen and she's got it in her hand and also the she standing on the island of Tahiti and she she holds up the heart of to Phoebe and she looks at to follow and she realizes who God really is and so she says you'll hearsay come glitter come to me because now she knows who God is and if we talk about in boot camp when you can get a good look at God.

It helps you get a better look at yourself and when you realize that God is not this person. It's got condemnation in fire and is wanting to burn you up, and instead is this person that loves you unbelievably and wants to make Eden come back and wants to make everything turn green. And all this other stuff and is using actually all the fire and stuff to make you hungry for it enough to realize who God really is. Listen how mana when she comes to an understanding you might think she's calling this out but actually is just realizing what was there the whole time comes. As as I saw that it just it just I had a tremendous emotional response of realizing that, of course, God knows who he is.

But when you realize who he really is and and what it is taken in the refining process for you to get to another layer of understanding who is and is as you do. Your life becomes a little bit more green a little bit more like Eden, you get a piece of this in the beauty of telemetry are in and Sam pointed this out as well is it has so much to do with the heart right at me, and that the picture is she's returning the heart of to Phoebe but was actually happening. She's getting her heart back is when we get an idea of who God is and then we become who we are because he can be who he is and you know, I know this. I've seen it. I've talked about it a million different ways that our sin does not stand between us and God. But knowing that in your head and and and knowing it in your heart are two phenomenally different things and it just seems like it's it's out of left field because you think will I understand this at this point God like Robbie. If not, let's go.

Here again, let's do it again.

Why do we continue to be surprised when you everything that you would like to share yearly stories about were God's version year out till one of the first stories coming out of teen challenge and seeking God's heart will know says that it did. All of these things come to those who seek after the kingdom of it was time Niles Brandon just really can't hear the voice from here with Stanley coming and I knew that supposed to be seeking after the kingdom of heaven so I was praying after the very heart and I just got could not hear could not get anything went and watched movie Dr. strange, and it's at the point when when the guru is dying and going to their extra bodies and floating} phase everything and you have the religious people cater so she's talking to that restraint in the hands conversation and and all of a sudden it was like God was speaking directly to me you hate that. I think of the value clip of the guru Holy Spirit) God is telling.

Strange that it's basically it's not about you. You thought you were being great because you were doing these things actually because of your lack of trust and faith. You actually are doing the things you're supposed to be doing and it's not about kingdom is not about was very interesting.

Adam and and it wasn't like I got slapped in left field. I'm sitting there. Same thing crying in the middle of the movie advising that wasn't that big a deal is going on here and thinking would you just just got loves to use media sneak up on us right in. We talk about boot camp. I think that the women especially men were visually seeing something, he goes around logic and goes right to the heart you know and hearing and music for a lot of people. At the same thing that he goes around anything logically.

You can think of and goes right to the heart, which allows God to do that work to that point I was thinking we talk a lot about how the movies do that but I was thinking you know there was doctrine Jesus talk about most of Tommy's story didn't sit there and read in the book of Leviticus and that many did you know he would did go into Isaiah and talk about. He came to heal. That's more of a story to me within those parables really went directly to the heart. So yeah, I was able to speak to people at the heart level right. That's what God is doing to the Sudanese surprises are out of left field moment. This was actually a topic. The God laid on my heart.

Weirdest center last week like we do into a contact that next week and it is kind of popped up and I wasn't really thinking about this movie clip when I said hey what what you guys think about this for a topic and message outlets. Let's do it and God quickly reminded me within the next few hours about this movie about this clip and so in this movie it's from a movie called the judge and you have Robert Duvall is the father who's the judge. He has a couple sons of one of his sons is Robert Downey Junior is also an attorney right and so the attorney is a defense attorney. The judge is very much about you right and justice and doesn't really appreciate where son that staff they get a lot of history.

They've been separated for several years. Not talking is matter fact the son has a daughter who comes into this clip that that the judge not met. Until this point in her life which he's eight or nine right so there's been a long history and the only reason that they get back together is the judge's wife that the sons mother dies until he comes home for the funeral, expecting to be there for the weekend and then leave and through a series of events.

He gets stuck there. The judge gets into some legal issues surprisingly in the sun is has offered to defend even that I don't take them out.

That's just that is very independent. In summary, pick up the scene is a sons there.

He doesn't really really want to be there.

Here's a thud upstairs and what he just recently found out his dad has had stage IV colon cancer is been getting chemotherapy and so he hears something he goes up and we pick up the scene that is literally laying on the floor, evacuating the contents of the stomach throwing up into the toilet as part of the chemotherapy.

He's confused as in his gravity means telling you don't touch me then's quickly after that because at the other end of his body and he has just a horrible diarrhea experience and and and the sun is working to get them over to the shower to to give him a bath and helping clean up and then later the daughter knocks on the door and it will pick that up Into it and come back and talk about will go. Thank you hushpuppy. All Lauren Kaman is one of Michael Doucet and so story on that clip.

I you wish to a movie nights, sometimes feminized sometimes. My wife and I got to moving this is one that we take like the actors and undoubtedly good and so were watching a movie for laughter comes out in the scene comes on and all of a sudden I'm overwhelmed with emotion to study neck and physically balling.

I can hardly keep it in and I'm trying to keep an answer. No one else around. He sees what's going on in this fight my way through that scene and it knew that it was something okay got. I really gotta go dig into this with you because this was a very, very emotional reaction and so it was maybe three days a week or so later, I got some some alone time. And so Zachary got what was that about him. He reminded me of the anger that I felt for my dad is a 12-year-old when my dad had his stroke and was never really the same. You never got to where he could talk again.

He could walk. He couldn't really use his right arm. I could say handful words. Most of those cuss words. You know that's what came back and that there is a lot of things is a 12-year-old.

I had to do at a given insulin shots ahead things that help take care of them because my mom was at work in on in the resistance, anger, not as much of taking care of my dad as much as it and I didn't have the words articulated 12 of my dad was stolen from my nose is incredibly angry and and currently mad at him and so the scene is brought that back and so is able to go back into it, walk through it with the father and say got it. He would I go here you know in go back into my 12-year-old mindset and in and pray through and forgive my father. On the same fire that forgive myself for having those feelings that I didn't really know and when things is chemical.

Have a watch that movie since then, but I watched last night in preparation for the show and we got to the scene. I did not know exactly where it was, but none of the emotion was there anymore. There was healing in the place where there had been a lot of hurt right and you can say that's not necessarily a great surprise, but in the end it was a wonderful surprise because God help me see my dad so much differently help see myself so much differently and also know that he was there in the midst of an incident sees times these times of surprise they come out of left field, whether it's anger like we talked about last shower. It's it's joy there, tears in those of the times he turned back into the father and said okay why why that emotion. What are you bringing up in me or why it's the enemy trying to attack that you're trying to help defend you in and it's it's great you as I sit there and I think in all these times a God this is so wonderful. I mentioned this in on the air.

Years ago, but I remember being at my best friend Bob's father died I had been in a funeral since my dad died in some here trying to support my friend and I'm having all these emotions because it's his father. My father, it's only a few years later exit several years later nine years later that I remember sitting there saying oh God, I need some help here. I can't make it through this. I'm going to lose it and all of a sudden this whole feeling of peace came over me is completely was like water pouring over me like a warm, do you know cannot Nickelodeon but in a good way right that it was coming over me and I made it through the funeral and is able to may be there for my body and for my friend, but that still meant I had to go back and say to God, why why those emotions. Why was it bringing it up in me.

There was nothing about his that is similar to my dad's dad is from Scotland. Mine was from out of the country. In Indiana you don't get much different right that it was is something there. The guy needed to do to open it back up to you guys get a few more minutes. Any other story scheduling on your heart anything you'd like to share on this topic. What is his maddest think that your example that you gave was very good example of what I liked about Robbie's clip were she says it doesn't define you these moments out of left field. Very often we have negative reactions to moments out of left field test test test. Typically, when the unfortunate happens in specially when you're young, not walking with God at those times and don't let those defined you, that's a beautiful example of getting restoration right there of hay.

I noticed something. This is unusual and strange. It hit me out of left field and I can turn it into a moment like you did into something that really heals and restores and walk with God and that or I could just say is to I am.

I'm just one of my understandable mess. I don't know.

I'm whatever it negative thing and come up with. That's where we we have to stop. It's a way that doesn't define me.

What is what is it that God is doing inside of me in working with me in the last in just from your examples and items back to worksite man. I've been doing that is really the sum I will press into something that when I heard it hit me out of lift left field and I shared it with the brother is made of this ministry today and he basically said something like that like to be more like you and that I said that several months ago about Robbie. I like to be more like Robbie and God said very clearly to me know how much you be more like Jim I got a Robbie and bully me once enough of you know Robbie bit, but he's set it down.

Let it heed to me is the person I know best that is in the Bible the most, and understands the most considerable matter.

He's accused me of the same thing down but it is one thing to admire people and even to want to emulate what they're doing but God that wants to be anybody but you. And most of us are really comfortable in our skins and really not. I think it this week for all of us here and I first became connected with no surprises come up and feel listening when this is present come up this week with her to anger, emotion, know that you may not have the opportunity right then to turn into Jesus, take time within the next few days or as soon as you can say okay by the Holy Spirit. What was this about what were you getting you and let him impact if relating we did a healing to joy to restoration whatever he's after and a great place to do that with a lot of quiet time with God is that of the king and with one coming up virtually March 31 through April 3 would love for you to go were all going to be there. A lot of people are certain register now register this week before it's too late.

Will talk to you next week.

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