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Attributes We See In Each Other

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 29, 2022 12:30 pm

Attributes We See In Each Other

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 29, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week's discussion is all about the different attributes of God that we see in one another. The clips are from "Good Morning Vietnam," "Maytag," and "Rudy." The journey continues, so grab your gear, be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. My gosh, it seems so long since I've seen you guys.

I mean it's incredible. I'm animated that's my John whatever status John what John John the Baptist know John while our guy that's my John Eldridge yeah jut out as being a great dramatist that Caesar had Jake as he was an actor.

I was an active gadget well stay away from the theater man yeah I know I have it here.

Not a thing as me and I can tell that of taking everything of that remark. It seems like it's been forever since we seen each other in Rodney's had a chance to go across the country and back.

You know and looks pretty much the same and I will talk about that and you know that that that know we we we did have a show last week if you if you follow us on a weekly basis you realize that we didn't have a new content show if you listen to this on the radio, then yeah you heard a show that we did. It was one of the best of that.

We call them don't know if it is one of the best of those, only plug-and-play had to play last yeah it's a mess on the plate last week and but we don't do this often. Fortunately guides really grace us with the ability to do like content. Most the time and so that was one of very few. We had to do because we had what would be considered significant snowfall in this area of North Carolina. If you're in another part of the country, it would not be considered significant or fair in another part of the country would be devastating. Just depends on where you're listening from we depend on your perspective.

We had the ice was the biggest issue and so trouble with people getting in and with people being available and different things and swear to Canada boycott for a week and lolling on their hands like that was you yeah and surprisingly still seems there is no critical organs so way back a couple weeks ago before we were off last week we did it show on the attributes of God the names/attributes of God and that was a co-authored topic by Jim and Andy and said you guys when I can set that back at the mirror on go to what was what were we talking gadget. Basically we did names and attributes of God and ones that were very important to us and then we extended that to looking at each other and what we see in the other person and we drew names two weeks ago and now nobody knows who they had or what they're doing so winging it tonight with Sam leading us.

Yeah, I think Jim and go back to the bed. You know we did the meaning is.

Jim said the names in the attributes of God and in Jim inventor anyone. He gets recommended that we vacate what we seen each other now is give me a follow-up show last week and so I Jim said we did we drew names because one have one kind of point person with each person. That way we didn't have enough 20 clips or anything you having a one click per person. We can think Rodney was going to be here sleeves kicked him out and even take one for him and that and now we have at Robby that's out this week so we hope that he's getting better soon and Wayne and make it and so were starting to proceed with the topic that I want to set up a little bit you know we talk about that were all uniquely made in God's image and you know we all bear the image of God that we do it uniquely as jammers Rodney Harris Harold there is Robby. It only is Robby can do right will only is Robby could do right and so we uniquely do that. Will they would come to make sense that we all uniquely have attributes of God that we demonstrate and so this is an inhaler to skate around and feel good about each other. That's not the intent of the show until the shows us a look if you walk in a community of even two people maybe it's 10 people or three people or five people. Whatever it is one of the things you're called to do as a community is to call out in others the glory of God coming through them in one way of doing that is to recognize the attributes that they were uniquely rubric bring to the world. Here right and so that's a whole focus of it as we talk about today is to give you away of going about doing it in an easy way to actually doing.

This is a strong names that sounds kind of funny but it gives you a chance to say a camera pick this name I want talk about it and so Harold were going to go with you.

First, because you had a name and we don't know each other's names and then talk about and so you want to talk about your click first name first. We do listen to clips either in us with this is all new to us. Okay will setting up clips that I picked deals with an attribute of God that I think a lot of people don't recognize and that is that God has a sense of humor.

If you think he doesn't take a look at a picture of a duckbill platypus. If you think he doesn't read about Milam having a donkey conversation or Moses talk into the bush so God does have a sense of humor, so I went looking for particular clip and I didn't get it, but from the movie good morning Vietnam.

There was a clip that I wanted and I got one not one I wanted. But it gets the point across so he would go employment clip yet. I that's that's now edition for the short well the further set up on that is that the God that made that comment was a Lieut. on the radio show and he thought he was funny he wasn't what he thought he was. But the person that drew the name is funny and I love his sense of humor and I'll bet the other guys know who have got yeah it's you. It gets me in trouble. One of the things that happens in these sessions with us is Sam invariably leased once or many times during this show. He will come out with something off-the-cuff not plan, but his sister humor is just infectious love. It brings so much fun to these sessions we we try to have content that's going to be meaningful. The people will help draw them closer to God. Hopefully Sam you just bring a different element that's wonderful fun coming here think you appreciate that I had looking back to places I think that comes from. Obviously, I think it comes from my heavenly father right in and as of talk about on the show. That's how he tends to deal with me with humor casinos and stakes. It also goes back to my earthly father my earthly father was really pretty funny. You know, in a lot of times I didn't get his jokes until I got older, my my kids are kinda getting some of the text that I have told I can't share some of them on the air that I would share with him that would ring true.

Later they would get a you know and I think that there's just something about humor that breaks down walls if it's not done in a harsh manner breaks down walls and maybe can make some point sometimes, but sometimes you humor can be cutting, but it's not me think that that's my impression that you value me slave is what I stared at you for no reason. Making this kind of brotherhood. I think that's the sensitivity when you said that. I remember something my father said he had a great Reese's.

Almost everybody thinks they have a great sense of humor and most of them are wrong. I think all of this appreciate slams I used to think I have a great sense of humor to log out with this group, but they don't laugh at anything for me but that's different life with you. Most of most and what I really appreciate is how spot on. Things are. It's in contact with what's going on and where were all over the place with what we talk about will jump from topic to topic. Jim you are a man is hard to follow topping in Sam's got something that's like soon as you hear off-topic on your own conversation and he's got something that's plenty to say about it.

That's actually in contact with where you're at now might does he do that. How does he keep up has something I might is just so quick. I member know this group. Your email than the last couple years and it was just like that man is something else again and again I dismember being just marveled every night we can do the shows like there's more it's it's again and it's again this is funny because I don't have that capability. I don't remember these things.

You remember things ago on people's lives and bring it back up to our shame sometimes but sometimes still it's funny because I can say any who you know.

Delivered harsh to even see Lapin about it and sell this in the loves. It's great because most the time. There are times I get the look like as long as you know, I will save one of the funniest things said in the most recent came from you. Actually writing. Danny was really sure is hard on something that is being liked so sincere it out of nowhere you it.

That sounds really hard on the text. I tried to preface it with.

I'm sorry because looking in my mind listening to harsh. It was funny the context that is if you got listen to the show that comes from the nail that woman is not about the ship. That's what the guy says the hurt after he listens to her that there must be really hard so yeah that's that's go to right now.

Well I guess I would log the next measure for time for my clip. It's about 1/32 clip Keith I my good.

Okay I actually will play it and then talk about the person I have invited a cutoff of American talk about it later, but here's my clip it's from an old TV commercial Maytag salesman. I call this meeting. I'll give you straight guys being a little too rough on a Maytag repairman you Maytag washer built to last longer.

Need fewer repairs to care how lonely I got a feeling you may take dryers on farm.

Either you Maytag washer, microwave ovens, and range of bright guys. Please call Maytag repairman of this lonely but were trying so the person that I have make you come back and listen to right. I tell them they have a new name for God. They just don't know yet. Maytag is back and talk about that in the meantime, consider coming to the upcoming boot camp is coming up March 31 through April 3 to get it right that time to the masculine to register. Would love to have you there so you Charles Stanley every single belief is also have to ask yourself the question you where you are because of what you have decided what God is if I will follow the teaching of Dr. Charles Stanley into helping you grow in Christ.

Don't zone out. Staying on the highway with the Christian card every 13 minutes someone in the US is injured in a work zone crash work zones make up more than 20% of our highways. The scary number 85% of the works on fatalities for the motorist so don't zone out. Follow the signs. Turn on your headlights don't tailgate don't speed in the staying on the highway and in the gym. It was your went back few years from the late 60s.

It is this is an only heralds likely to remember. This group determines no country Joe and the fish okay.

They were famous for feel like I'm fixing the.rag but this was on the album back figured who the mind is the perfect follow-up to who are you, which is the bump we did for God's mind, so if you listen to some podcasts makes even more sense. And if you missed a week in yellow. Thank you so any guesses on who I have your it's terrible what is really funny about this. We did a blind draw, talk a blind draw in were the only two that talked about each other and the other show. Give an example of this. We drew each other's names Jennings pretty funny.

The reason I think Maytag was not the year the repair man your Maytag right and there was a day and age. Remember when I bought my first washer and dryer we could afford a Maytag we bought them in the last 20+ years.

You never really had any work on them. I don't know that there's still that good uniting is just a brand name now, but there was a truth to that commercial for latter years.

And so when I think of you I think of Maytag from the standpoint you're dependable now. Last time I talked about your dependability like on your birthday. Things like that. That's not the when he came to the show even though he had other things to do, I might talk about that your dependability is you don't shy away from things like learning new software learning new things it be really easy for somebody data say I don't want to do that because you feel drawn to the loyalty of the group you want to part of any you make yourself learn the new software we get a different boot camps in NC can run the projector screens for us and input stuff up on the screen in your learning some the stuff to cut clips and I looking at is very much a dependability thing of like I will. I'm so engaged want to be with you guys that I would do everything I can to help. And so that kinda comes out for me is is that so I think I got you Maytag.

That's is what I think because it in at least a dozen Myers mass was saying about Harold talk about Harold so one of the camps I was going through and the father talk of fathered by God talk you talk about the different people that have an influence in your life is this, go around the team and with your buddy admit to me and Harold and I don't know if this guy don't know if this is an attribute of God, but I kind of named Harold that the silent assassin in the fact that when were on and were talking about stuff Harold is typically pretty quiet when he has something to say it's very pointed very direct and it nails may knit it nails what you're talking about and you know it's just, you know there's a lot of talk in Proverbs about the ones talk a lot and the ones that don't talk much of the ones don't talk much easily once know the most. That's what I'm really saying here is just he doesn't always. He's not always the one talk in the most. But what he says is very profound so you snatch me to get all the gods.

The silent assassin or anything that might get you me a little bit troublesome and hopefully have trouble with their you can get in trouble. Harold said that's a great thing. Look at all the grief we give that old man come back for more. You know, I mean he takes the but of most of our jokes is all about age as we love doing it. Milos taken AP takes with a badge of honor. And that's the thing I think is really cool is like he can sit there and just be a part of the group by you to set this at them Eurostyle and then all of a sudden when Harold Dyer speaks, people listen right this is so cool because I hope that it requires illegals the speed because it is. It's like another thing with Sam Schumer that spot on his comments.

I like to think about that is like that was so good and so and like so few words I might add on Mike. Now, there's really not much to there's like that was good that either Michael to go back to your point. God is least in my experience, God doesn't say a whole lot of words that is built to catch up with what you're saying is right to the point.

This is think this can be any nails it right and sometimes it isn't in a friendly assassin kind away as haiku that was good one God. His ear that will support our plot.

Well, no, it's fine, but it's also often a question you will hear that from Harold fairly often will ask a pointed question drives the point home more than the statement will having been a Maytag repairman. I should've known they were called to dependability people and that fits Harold that the like you'd already said was just a steady you talk about you and your your sweetheart and the reliability and the longevity of about everything you tell in the wisdom by I can jump and with my other person to talk about which with Sam because we like to talk about Sam and he asked us to come up with words from other people and my first thought was, Sam was we know it's real gracious thought I had the answer. Well, maybe that's not the right one but another person in the word came up with, which is one year attached to God for Sam was steadfast, which is the same thing. He is very dependable and I can always count on them being there to bail me out when I need it, which is pretty frequent. Thank you.

Thank you. Appreciate it. Harold unit saving your defense defend yourself in any way.

Not only am I oh I'm sure I'm to sink as we get older. Sometimes her memory doesn't work as well. It's over for you. Last week I we think that even the work you have the next clip you can play the clip first talk about personnel bust on you a bit more blessed to hear more about the past is Sam's humor is great. I think that that humor though is is like running said really well-timed and there's just a joy that comes from that I think you know I think crazy humor just to be, you know, crazy, or whatever, there's not always a lot of benefit. That's not what Sam gives me most times we really just get going, but it's those timely times but you know whatever Sam United by just same hard time but picking on me and Steph and I was given it back to a minute ago you let you know your love whenever he does that, you know it. It is all in good fun and there is a joy to come that we all have our communities I'm telling you, that's the big part of community. If you have a dull group that doesn't give each other bunch of junk. You probably don't have. Probably not that tight because what that does. I think a lot of times bring up realness your pointing out some of the weaknesses of the other in a in a good way a lot of times and it just it's fun, it's just it's it's it's how God created us, I think so funny and I think it's yes women have humor me now that number. I was texting somebody from working on stockinette something that you guys and is another just give me such a hard time I met with the topic in January met in a texturing and why. Why would they be doing other guys love me yeah that's kind of why guys are as I was thinking the same thing again. I like being on site we can slam when you said what if the group and pick on you and by maybe it was then their women courage one another because if you pick on women you pay for guys it is sign of love that about me and I got it.

It is that in the year the clip for somebody*clip you know nothing of is to have you play the clip. Is that really focus in the clip you will hear a guy talking about his dreams. It's from the movie really, but really is, like a documentary talk about the movie and he talks about his dreams.

But then you also talk about what it took for him to reach his dreams. Now to the side so all the negative feelings are. I was finding the answer must I do John Cavanaugh showed me how junior-college is God must put Americans. He was a past president Notre Dame is a little older. Later that night. What you need is a dream. Find out what you must do one Jared was really had a reality check. That was a dreamer.

What you really doing about guarantee you will find you want and not letting them get Rudy had plenty of cause to be discouraged. I got the rejection letters. It was very like that start here) so far away in the semester is over done exceptional transfers in 1974.

Finally, one admission is happening when after his next football teams is real.

This is reality and you have to perform. And he did serving on the Notre Dame practice squad losing seasons.

I got him from the blind side when Actually died. I got it so I didn't know you have backtracked know what you got hit by tracking notes, and can you imagine what that feels like that's how it will talk about it little bit in the aftermath that was pulled away Wayne. Wayne is just a dreamer. He's just somebody who is really a receipt from God dreams any any he's really about everybody walking in their frames will talk about on we will and will talk more about Wayne back if you talk about unusual us in the regular radiation masculine to listen to the after hours, which is a podcast we get deeper into the same topic or continue the topic so please listen to that if you listen to the regular show think you'll enjoy it and if you listen to podcasts think you will talk with you next week. This is the Truth Network

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