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The Names and Attributes of God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 15, 2022 12:30 pm

The Names and Attributes of God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 15, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week's discussion is all about the different names and attributes of God. The clips are from "The Shack," "The Fault in Our Tears," and "The Names of God" by Laurell Hubick. The journey continues, so grab your gear, be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Chris use with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network heart of every man is like usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge life masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, and a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey is glad that you're here with us this week as we talk about that earlier today it is you're excited about this show. You are you yeah is partly true topic but first Jim.

It's really kind of both your topics you will understand what that is and what is it is kind of a group effort opened up with the attributes of God, what's your favorite attribute and then Sam after the last well we need to do to see what they attribute is that we see in others and then be along the same lines was looking it. The names of God and then waddles indisposed before we came in here are thinking maybe we also need to go to the names God's given us for three weeks so we might have a pillar of pillars here.

That's a pillar start.

Start with one think it is have a pillar is on that insight so your part of the contribution. As we talked about what the topic would be would be the attributes right and tonight were going to look at both attributes and names of God. We sort of combine that for God and were kicking it off with Andrew. Andy questioned although they may seem like very different topics. There's a lot of similarities.

As Jim was pointing to his note that names kind of follow attribute to some degree. Actually, they they they get to our identity. His identity actually in that concept of identity.

We know we get from getting our new name. It at boot camp and or whenever, in the idea behind that is mean, I've been given my name was Andrew, which means strengths which is like an unnamed name that there is an attribute to it. Strengths and I think that's a lot of it. You know it's it's whatever defines you or defines him and what I felt like is we had really rightfully so. It's so cool to get her own name. But God doesn't goes through a lot in the Bible to define who we years you know there's there's straight up names, but it also says God is love me that's an attribute so there's plenty of about name name like in that sometimes these names people give to him based on the character and the love or whatever they receive from him back, so we'll talk a little bit about that, but it'd been on my heart for some time and then Jim had brought up attributes and we just felt like it was a logical merged the topic before we get here quick phone on scrubby question probably going back into the Bible in in Heber. Specifically, names had a big deal to do with with with who people were writing all through Scripture Ishmael Israel. They all had names.

Jacob, Abraham, Abraham, father and so many different not just the other identity came out of how they were names in a course in a lot of cases. God specifically changed names like Gideon's mighty warrior in Ella came along when he was sanitizing down in the threats you know are hesitant, you know, Peter got his name and Paul got his soon we now have a plural version 3 action item from Janet which is good shamanic icing sanitizing. That's what I'm really doing this a convincing anodizing topic and figure out the appreciate what they bring some partly the name of such a huge deal and Zona get back to names and attributes have been title through Scripture right and so all were doing is this rediscovering it a different way. But it's been laid out before us for so long that it's it's almost been forgotten because clearer picture we can get of God, the clear picture we get pictures get of ourselves and and and back and forth as I find you and I love that concept of the more we can become ourselves the more God can be himself around us and that's best for him. Maybe you have a clue you'd like to set up.

You have been fully get there. That whole idea though of identity in an name though.

It's it is cord who who we are, obviously, in I feel like all everything within our relationship with God is is based on what we believe about him and about ourselves and what identity is in getting that right identity defeats what the enemies trying to do and put in those names and those identities on this so it's a positive response so again II tie it to us getting our own name today, but in in this clip is from the shack Mac is the guy that meets the Trinity in this and they'll be talking about their names and in doing so Max got a lot of problems in his life. He kind of stuck and he doesn't have a deep relationship with God in it from you know what I hear in here as he doesn't, released feel seen by God and God calls that out on him and will go ahead and listen to the clip and talk about we get back to Mac actually probably has an adversarial relationship yes because he's got trauma.

His daughter was murdered and he's really get a ghost of the shack, thinking he's in a go after the guy that may have done it or can you get some peace of reconciliation from it, but he actually meets got it that Shaquille even here that he's carrying a gun on them just for projections anyway. We can look into today's fantasy face-to-face connecting line when you get hurt in terms of introduction, my motivation, I have a lot of names. That's one of my favorites. You want you can only let me in on how your eye and I am that I am that veridical inscription that Mr. Gracie and Sarah Seri means breath of wind so which one of you is you have clip and get you here.

You know that the IM you know that first time God introduced himself, that I recall was I am to to Moses and you know you see the Trinity there saying they're all I am another's other names.

I kind of took theatrical license on some of those I wouldn't get hung up on it but it really gets into God. You know I am.

He's everything that we may we've heard those sermons from church, but I mean it is essential is the consistency of who God is. He's unchanging he is and I think that's cool, but another thing is another name in there that I want to talk about real quick. It's ill. Elroy is then, as when Hagar was a skate had been banished by Abraham.

She didn't really feel like God really saw her and she named god she said that your Jehovah. Well it's actually Elroy and it means that God sees me, and I think a lot of people aren't don't feel seen and you can hear God saying to Mac, you know Mac you have ups so wanted to see you so both of those names and there just God is constantly coming after us with what his names are in his character and who he is, absolutely, is years were talking earlier and in made to spend became obvious to me when it started and obvious to all of you that you we get to boot camp and in that's primarily what we've gotten our new names expended other places but forgot shared a new names… He's actually kinda sharing his name right because were made in his image right and so if you get the name, strength, and he saying that you represented my strength absolutely right. You represent whatever that is in that and it's part of your gifting and so gives you just another layer lease for me anyway. He has me about realize that gives me another layer to candidate ends okay got what you what you mean by that is another angle that goes back to last week we were talking about the word of the year and it's not our work personally but it's outward share between us and God's again, this is community with him and that's relational exactly. I don't know that we have time to get Robbie's clip in. We may bill to get it in and come back and talk about the note. I don't think we did that I can see that the well.

The clips two minutes and he just gave us two minute I did and I was looking at you Robbie. It's all right you know the cool thing is that what you say is it is really pretty deep, anything that is we get an idea of what he sees in this nothing. I was thing about in Andy's clip. I've heard that clip the number of times is she knows how she/God start out with his name and she and and she gives that the full McKenzie data that which you know when you hear Jim later talk about one of the one in his times he met God.

One of the things that God did was lay out his full given name as Andy's given name and so often it's interesting to me that that guys at boot camp when they got here.

There new name. It turns out to be there all night and you happen to be one of them.

That was a way for me when I started with my new name and he's like are to give to Samuel in God hears, which the tide in my past associate another chosen and it's been perfect so maybe I would change the name of the talk from the new name to the name are your name rediscovered. Nina rediscovered test what Jim said Hashem, which means that I took it and so it was really really cool you think about what God is doing with this identity idea is you know were coming into this relationship and what's one of the first things that you do in a relationship right is beginning to introduce each other through point was her name, how I relate to.

And if you're in another relationship there's pet names is also to once Nikki, let's go ahead and go on to the basket shenanigans that is in any invention and union masking to register for the camp coming up March 31 through April 4. See you there plan to be with us for a call to the nation a weekly message by Carter, from Times Square Church in New York City is because God is God's trying to get a hold. Make sure to be with us every week for a call to the nation with in his brand-new teaching series about integrity.

Chuck Swindoll tackles a sensitive topic sexual seem never to argue with reason to resist become equipped with proven tools for winning over temptation. You listen this week to Insight for living next window.

I'm pretty sure it is humor. God gave me this. I haven't been able to get it out of my brain. One of the lyrics that were probably hard to understand business how to measure up to this to anyone. Now that such love is. This has had it, but I do believe this is the who patient on who they are and that's really old humor, but that this is a group that was struggling and I do believe this was written to about God from what was going on in the band that lost her drummer. The rough time and it is a questionnaire asking that I know who are you God what's your name is such a perfect Jim is such a good about that was really all right.

So clip that we've long awaited here but anyway his from a movie. The fault in our stars which the set up and that is again were getting to you know how what that attribute that stuck out to me of God and in this case you got to cancer patients who have you know months to live.

That fall in love and have this unbelievable relationship for very short period of time both understanding that they want to be here for very long. And so here we have the young lady who is eulogizing her lover who is passed away and in doing that. She points out an attribute actually was sort of revelation to me is what I was going for was a sense of being God's favorite in his grace and then will extinguish where she went without science is the second is 70.

Probably Terry's's position changing is not. In addition to taking members point 1 Internet Connection Pl. and I sincerely and zeroing in Marion, or simply based on my think forever numbered days so remarkable inside there into the fact that there is an infinity of members between zero and one, and those of us who've had an encounter with God's grace, feeling his forgiveness in this fight of unbelievable rebellion crazy attitude and all that that goes on like when we actually do encounter him we get that infinity would we get that at you if you've experienced it. You know what I'm saying there is it in in a little infinity or maybe a lot of infinity more than I can really even begin to describe but it's it's completely there and it's when he says that his grace is sufficient for Paulie. There are times in your life where like you would never think but when he touches you that infinity comes with it and and and it is more than any and and in fact it's more than that. You even knew existed and and so it's grace but it's it's and it's also return so we have a another clip who wants to set this clip up because it's kind of like tagteam, so not really sure who setting it up.

Thank you for the looks of enough.

Danny Andy's been drafted is clear that was kind of an extra but I've had an eventful past few days and the clip is actually you have a song. The names of God and it just names over some of the names God and the one that I have chosen is in their has ever said Mercury grand, but it's so which name is yours naggers the one you chose for Jehovah Gyro the Lord will provide an asset. It last few weeks, 20, 21, which is a incredible year old me different levels of but where I ended up with the year was just reminiscing over all, God is provided in our lives either family and friends and all different kind of story after story and United and we were doing the, the word of the year and what you give me that is content and new policies.

I have learned to be content and what that speaks to me that there is another song that I love is God is God is more than enough because he does exceedingly and abundantly above that which you can ask or think, and even asked what he reminded me of the to learn to be content in him is to rest in Jehovah Gyro knowing that whatever is on the table.

He provided weather is a lot or a little. It's enough and is more than enough.

And yes, the season I me and is learning to be content. No matter where what's going on. It was a bank account looks like with the job situation will like what the government is it, whatever it is to be content in who he is. So just even in the last 24 hours. He's kinda provided for including this evening. Yet he put it was a nonstop tour yesterday afternoon because my front brakes went out and so interestingly enough you think it okay how would I get to work. Have and the self-sufficient one. At times, and part of that false self and you as I begin reaching out to people. Okay you possibly give me a ride. I got responses from everybody yeah oh do this year we do that and if you need me to do this and didn't the boss actually has many keys to the company van Amy's credit card.

The gassing and so he would literally bow your dinner.

Got frowned upon. And then he thought your coming here yeah and in the clip was provided by Andy Dick, the clipping wonder look at the nature clip and is not a shenanigan or bidet is knowing this. This clip is actually yours to gasping into her lot next to for to you, whatever you think clip is today anyway. Maybe six or Saturday on one of these clips with, coming back yeah did this, would Danny talk about God's provision. Now, living in the midst of that if you listen for any time you as a listener, you know, a piece of my story in terms of going through the house and possible foreclosure. Everything bulged on those you God recently provided a position job and it was not a good job job but now all of a sudden I have another offer on the table as well, and I'm actually working the one Jim and he's he starting to give you options what you did. He's giving us a place to stay if we sell our home and I will end up doing fairly well often sell the home and come out that freedom of us on this. Once we do determine a new house except he's definitely standing in the place of our provision, even in the midst of you know when everything was going to grant we really didn't see it but we we wish to praise them really, but we did ask a lot of questions like yeah is not not we in. Thought you would be 900 of his journey is and even now the option here having conversations with father about why why this new job. Now you have a Marty in this one position of content you have them settled in my heart that this is where is the just fill out paperwork even apply for insurance house. I was there for longer while in life insurance and everything I did think they really haven't done that in many, many of the Geneva we don't have time to get to Harold's good mood. I want to go around is get back to this concept and I went to go around the room and in the God's given you. You took his name. This action attribute right so he wants to first give us a definition of what one names God gave me was loyal right but that's technically an attribute right and it did reflects his life, his being low, you can have that one pictures to go back to another one.

So that's a low right I'm teasing that's I will love to share it with you represented much better than I do. I'm pretty sure who else has one is looking with blank stares you need micro limits microphone probably selects, while a moving that way I'll be mine since I'm in there and this will keep me from saying it in after hours for my life. Words which is I got first five years that was excessive, which is love and erotic faithful faithful Andy all the strength to strength anyone else. You are your solution will talk about the upcoming boot camp coming up and I said it incorrectly.

We keep wanting to extend that. That's how popular it is. Robbie was given a month a given month. Last week I give it an extra day earlier when I said it's a March 31 through April 3 is a boot camp coming up going masculine to register.

We'd love to see you there God has some really cool stuff. Maybe a new name.

Maybe an attribute maybe just wants to love onion just show you how much he delights in you to register now will talk you later.

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