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Beauty to Rescue After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 13, 2021 12:35 pm

Beauty to Rescue After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 13, 2021 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on beauty to rescue, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from "The Last of the Mohicans."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture and see all G and were so grateful for you. You've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends.

Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to you from an entrenched merit in the heart. Masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this so sit back and masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey after hours. In today's topic. We had talked about rescuing the beauty of broadcast and so as promised go a little deeper and flip the ship didn't know all day. We went deeper last time that we are always started first grade and working to go always. Now actually might make the third so I so you remember Randy, do you remember it ever passing the love note was that our talk about rescuing the beauty likely the court is our God is got this desire to rescue right and so the idea of this whole series on the core desires is we have a heart because God has that heart and soul. Awakening our hearts and becoming wholehearted to see all that God really had for us was this idea that was a really good thing when we were crushing yeah I didn't know it but we've hidden that and so we got to go back to that point where you are passing the notes and yes in the past and the notes you know that desire was awakened. You know when it is in man but you know, like what it is we get to be adults in Eloy start past note it was usually something like you do you love me yes or no or not is like lie lie was, that's true, was lie like you do you like it. A lot of times I didn't even have. You need to have a good going do-it-yourselfer you had to have somebody else to harass the little friend so we brought desire with no skill and great fear and trepidation exactly and and so most of those times are probably you know I don't know, and that the little friend to deliver the notes the one that got the girl because he selling? Rodney on deeper you remember this action, like you're gonna call that girl and you pick up the phone down to numbers hang up this sound familiar to backup valve three numbers hang up. Then, oh man. She you make the call her dancers that sound familiar running no no no no really never got to make a phone call did you do the love me, let me not with a flower.

Thank you. I think I did. I remember I got some memory of some point in time, probably doing that thing was some girl that I have no idea who she would've been that's website minutes that's waiting for Larry to me.

However, we need to excavate. We are to hide those memories deep in our subconscious when their unpleasant you had a really bad time, I guess so because it had a first grader.

I know there is a shot you down and I can – and girls that were cute that then when they're young and it's like, but I was never like one specific like oh yeah, no big rush… Yeah she's cute.

That was cute but that was it. And I remember I got to sit next to am on the bus one time know it was a man is remembered and I had name of Jim like that on the yearbook when I am alone and was 11th grade.

Okay this little horse. But she did not get back there and on the bus I cow my goodness it it it was the deal I made it just was in so you know, those incentives are memories that are really quite precious. If you begin to just dig around in it and so we would suggest to you that like yes God has that for you. That same crush feeling that you can you can have it for God. But again, if you have that for your bride or for somebody or pursuing like man this is really fun.

This was really like something that makes me come alive and makes me want to know. Enjoy my life like that that's it's something that really is really a neat feeling and and something that we are meant to have so sometimes it goes wrong and you're in the river near being chased by an Indian. So Andy, thanks for the so yeah this movies from left to the Mohicans and in its really a weird time in the front tier French and Indian are going. If like the settlers in the English and there is this protagonist Ma with this Jason. The settlers and so Hawkeye is talking to a beauty somebody that you connected with and they're trying to escape these Indians and their gotten caught in a bad situation under this cave you hear the water pouring in and it's kind of the whole thing about where the man is basically making his commitment to, after the beauty and make sure that she is rescue right because what's happening answer fix to be overrun yeah andright have no choice right but if they don't if the men don't leave right and obviously the unions are going to kill everybody.

So the idea is if the men leave. Maybe they'll leave the women alive, and the men can come back and actually rescue the beauty and will do a total spoiler alert for you, but that's a bit of a set of fill you in that clip of me and it was just that commitment that he would be there. I think I don't know if this is true but you hear that one of the biggest fears of women is to be abandoned in this whole idea of rescue is a matter of a man, and after a woman's heart in a way that they are seen and they are appreciated and that their value to the point demands willing to risk something to rescue them and it's not like I think Robbie talked in the first show about me and my daughter. We had a conversation and she knows and I told her about you know what that that being one of the core desires for man is to rescue the beauty and you know that's kind that can be offensive to some women because it's like, well, you know, I'm the damsel in distress that needs to be rescued, but I mean God made a woman's heart I believe to be rescued by him first God. But then met a masculine heart with good intentions. So and so you had a chance right way to gather was it was shortly after that. After we had this discussion in a sometimes life is the best teacher. So there was a situation that came up and let you get into the detail, but after that situation I said do you see how had to step in here and rescue this doing this rescue for you, for your heart because it was something that your heart needed in and she got it then, because you know again. She wasn't in no my wife. She was my daughter but the same principle applies that we have to go over the hearts were focusing on their needs and what what we see in them and helping them achieve that.

So even in the garden of the Eden we see the original failed rescue that and you can see this portrayed in somebody movies that that Adam was right there and here came you know evil chased after. Even this was Adam's moment to step in and rescue the beauty and unfortunately he failed to do anything and in a week.

We all know the result of that well enough you watched and I think many people seen the Netflix movie Christmas bride what you know, here's the scene where there is especially I think your Christmas a Princess bride and of the royal wedding is that is the episode them and she wants to do her wedding her way and have her dress and all that stuff and know they have attendance at her, making sure that she gets the stress about all that stuff. They have this meeting with the King and her and he has his perfect opportunity to say no to do it. My wife's way. Instead he does not do that and and and the big breakup happens right then when she when he does not come to her defense and so we see this played out in our lives constantly like if my kids start jumping on the my wife happens all the time right and here's my moment, even adult kids right can somewhat older. I am fully aware that if you do not then your wife heart gets crushed in this deal and you've you've missed out on this opportunity. At least see that this was where you were supposed to rise up and you and you were supposed to come to the rescue and okay how exactly does all this work, Harold.

One of the ways my sweetheart thinks I rescued her, is that for years she would asked me did I want her to get a college degree.

She did need a degree for me.

I loved her.

From the moment we met, but I knew how important it was for her.

So when she finally decided that she was going to go.

I supported her totally. I did library research atop her papers held her feet to the fire would let her run away in the last month and she thinks that that's the most wonderful thing in the world that I did for her tells people that she could never have gotten her degree without me and I wear that white hat with a big grin on my face yeah yeah and that and there it is, is an opportunity to actually step into the things Jim one of the things I want to defend myself first, and actually bring up a very painful memory first note was in the seventh grade, Debbie. I haven't thought about her dad, probably since the eighth grade. Okay and she checked the no or she reject all other set another one until the 12th grade and that we were already sort of chatting that that was little, but most of my with my wife first year college, but all of these girls had crushes on until the 12th grade. I never shared that with the girls so they were all unrequited responded unrequited meaning no respond. I didn't even know. So I guess it was that ended unrequited. I love them from a distant, but in the 12th grade took a chance and failed. That was the first one that was 17 and a couple months later I went to college and met my wife and fell in love with her and she was requited in October letter unrequited that she should unrequited and that's the punchline I'm getting to because I'd I told her I really got married and okay were under we met in October and got married the following August, we we were 18 and we really rescued one another because it was us against the world at that point, which brought us together, railway and we were each other's first, which is very special and something to hold out for guys if you're in that position but it really is a matter and what I want to do addresses what you're talking about. He said that having that security is important. We all want love male and female, but most guys will say that respect is more important. Love and most women will say security is more important than love. And it's not security as I got my house garage to have children. It is a security in relationships is critical and it is so easy for us to take crushed women just by not being there for them and I did that to my wife multiple times, but when we went to Alaska 2021 years ago. I finally got the respect I wanted all those years because I was willing to sacrifice for her when she was in a terrible place, say hello, did you guys do know some like papyrus G smoke signals smoke seriously.

Did you have some back in the day, 40s wasn't probably when urine elementary school mid 40s. So now the little notes like that do you like me yes or no wish to link the universal been around long time that they did it now. A family is pretty much so you know I we obviously all very thankful for all the years that you have an experience. But even here we are in a you guys and Mary let 5057, 58, June right and so I I'm like the I'm blessed to have Harold and his wife and our regular meeting we do Thursday morning as a Christian businessmen's committee.

Even though Jan always comes in so I know as a couple that due to our is romantically involved in a knee maybe more so than you ever were right.

Yeah, I love her dearly and she knows it, no secret about. I think it's important for me under the too many men say when I told you I loved you on the day we got married a change of mind let you know let's just be stupid about what I want to give added innocence were going deeper is he is 80 and it's still going on, guys, but it out of the map you know it's my right arrow is still going on like you guys have a very intimate very close deep beautiful relationship that is completely like date nights and all that stuff a lot yeah she was infected always open the cargo for it to practice it started before we were married. I'm not tired. I'm not talking about what I'm talking about other ways is nice. I'm telling about other ways of showing love and so here's the thing. Your letter the know. I would imagine when I was a 34-year-old man, I thought, ma'am. By the time I get 80. This is going to be, you know, the thing at work, but is not like that at all. Is it really changes but it didn't have to end that it's it's it's a neat thing, but I think it's really helpful to have men around to think it's hopeful to have men around to tell you that hey you know you can have a beautiful intimate relationship on and on and on and on and I can imagine what you know where where it all is going.

But you know I'm not up to Harold yet, but I still you know and still really really thrilled to be married to Tammy 33 years.

I was like man I never thought it would get better and better better better but it does because there is that sense of man always gone anywhere. At this point, one of the things that love to talk about with guises effective when you're married to someone, as long as we been married is an awful lot to remember wins the you say hey sweetheart you remember when we did this we went there. Whatever.

So you know after 57+ years. We got a lot of remember wins. Now I am with you. I waited because in and again you raised a family and now you've raised grandkids together.

I mean, you got grandkids are serving our country and just really beautiful thing for people I that is part of what I love about the masculine journey and the idea of being in community with young men with no men in their 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s and 80s because you get an idea of the whole spectrum of of of what God has and it's a treasure. One of the things that I think is really important as being willing to share know the younger guys is fixing to undergo something that you've been through, you know, we've talked about the Scripture that talks about bringing comfort where you've been comforted and I think I think being willing to share your successes and also your failures, I think is very important because you can help people stay out of trouble by sharing and or comfort them once they've gone into the same ditch set for members time trying to remember, we are and and so it's really is.

So Danny usually you have tremendous words of wisdom for us, so I'm curious what you been thinking about how we tell a bit in the ditch with the vision thing. Do you need with others was a motor grader cleaning to do that given time almost 30. I was convinced I had no idea about relationships of United my life was. Not pretty at that point but God's redemption is great because I'm now married to Michelle, not the one from first grade you fresh didn't work out that way but in will have been married 19 years and eight months and the redemption and the restoring of the things in the locus of the division grade and in a love was my sin about it which I rescued each other and because she'd been through two pretty traumatic marriage, especially the second one and he was not a nice guy and sometimes she questions the third one is me and had been through two marriages in a negative, but there is that part of all of what Harrell said that you remember win and Michelle amassed midweek into beach bar sale this weekend and we were talking about the laugh and that we do now. Just us and the doll house and we laugh and we cut up and you know even after all this time and I can imagine it is is better and better with his giggle all the time. By the time Brady asked for the chloride to have somebody around in your circle of friends at that and I was happy that and and and and you can glean from it in whatever so the idea again is your heart has all the capacity to love that it did when you were crushing on that girl in the third grade and Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted, so we lose pieces of her heart. We just do.

But the neat thing about the camp, I can honestly say my own life.

Was it it's it's shown me that it may be current to go back into those places and asked Jesus to come in and help recover those little pieces of broken heart that if were broken off along the way that it caused me to want hide those desires and and and actually come alongside me in trying to restore you know what it was. We originally designed to do and so in around him. You know, one of my neatest things I get to see young men like you that have come up. You know, joined us at these boot camps after restaurant and so you've got the talk, the duty to rescue the beauty talk yeah were going to some deepwater services. This talk is air every boot camp is one of those that you I'm surprised at how much I get out of the talk because everybody seems to do it different differently at different places where they're at. When I do the talk. Remember Jim's last time. I just can't blow me away.

Now psych is like why am I so get blown away at this specific talk. Each time it comes up. I might.

There's something there right so it's like that's what I'm still digging around with God right now for this upcoming talk and I I've got way more notes and I got time for so it's like okay I got a little down his 32nd clip you have set up some okay and said that yeah all right, so men when you go down the wrong path and you're going to assess far as adultery that's in this clip here. This is fatal attraction and this is how bad it can really get guys stopped stopping me know that statement). Stuck with me from the moment I heard in that movie. I'm not going to be ignored Dan and it's like oh my gosh that just jumped right out at me for ever. Always remember that clip from that movie and when he got himself into watching the movie unthinking.

This isn't real. This is just he's got a beautiful wife and a great kid and a great family life. All this wonderful life over here and he's going to go waste all that with her.

It just it made no sense until I got older and figured out there is more things going on in the world but I just remember that so vividly of while this is just messed up as I was probably too young to watch a movie like that but yet was watching a movie like that as yet. I can each be over something is like watching a late at night and you only one update your site, what the heck is going on here, but those kinds of relationships and those kinds of things are so real for so many people and if you want to get restored is only one. One way to go next with Jesus in these moments ago to do that. We talk about what happened in the garden like you're saying and is going to come for you at some point in time and on his hope is there but he says yes I will be rescued because we obviously were time have a core desire that we want to waken in your heart. But we also part of the boot camp is we talk about battle at the Morgan I have in warfare. Talk and we talk about adventure and then we got your place in the story. Talk to just to show how you know working to get into these that that Sam was so all busload right Andy and then you you actually straighten them out now so oh yeah okay so get back on adventures so I went to the Colorado boot camp in 2018 I believe was imparted talk to Bart always done the talking talk about desiring risk and validation to go into adventure and finding your calling, but there's three types of adventure that we deal with casual being the kind of the current go out and find stuff to do, then you have crucial we are taking care your family and your career and in critical adventure. Your calling what God called you to do for the larger story in your life since Sam is strength there in our knowledge and miss out on a lot to get all that stuff you gotta go to messenger anytime I want to for the Week we would so love to see you in a course you can always just email any of us reflected build any topic you want us to do so grateful that you listen and walk with us on this podcast all around the world. It's amazing all the people literalist and we thank you for this is the Truth Network

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