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Fatherhood- Responsibilities, opportunities and dangers

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 16, 2021 12:30 pm

Fatherhood- Responsibilities, opportunities and dangers

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 16, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The guys discuss the different facets of fatherhood. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," and "If I Stay." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing hard trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome masking journey. I glad and I know you think I would say that your your listening to us today, which I am really glad for producer key is you. He knows that we need to have this mute button before you come on the air is laughing right up until the time the music started playing as we started the show without you this week is having some fun with Harold like we do every week.

Yeah, I actually took a picture and I gotta figure out a way to get it up on Facebook or something because we have these data covertly have these white covers that covered the earphones are the headphones and so Sam right before the show starts.

Notice that Harold had a great deal in common with princes like I had a weird thought that he probably looks better than she does. Thanks for your file where we are very glad to you with us this weekend and Robby were were not that far away from boot camp. Do you have any idea how many eaves that is well I know it's four weeks so like 28 yeah, like that local 20. That sounds good SF going to be here before you know it and not the person I am like hello I'm so excited yeah it's it's a week and two days away from the show today and so guys, it's time registered.

I know guys are always late registering you start talking about it like right after the boot camp for the next thinking of you knowingly talk about every week and invariably it's kind of the same thing guys are just like now that later. Well, you know people are registering so we need to get registered so we can make sure save the software and that we can get the right food and for everybody.

So it's important that you do it sooner rather than later/you get a mass on and register now mentoring Schober right after the show and would love to see their lives who got has to do for with you and for you. I had to hear from God's especially for me in on the subject or talk about today. You know it's going to touch her heart. I hope you have think God will I do with this because I'm really struggling in this area and I'm looking around the room and everybody in this room is struggling in this area so you want an opportunity it is to grow closer to God to get some answers in the topic for today was one of them.

The kind of came to me as I was watching some shows just catching up on some TV shows and in some things and in finding unit just how more much more and more in shows you're really seeing the father when play out in it. It's in almost every TV show that I've watched at some point there dealing with the father went in on. It really made me think about the.

The importance of fatherhood is not in and some of the shows that you have treat dad like these, the idiot in Riley's Raymond and as much I love that show you. Raymond was always kind idiot. You know, according to Deborah and and you know and she's in a showing that from the kids a lot of the times and in so far there's not really thought very highly of. In some ways, but it's very impactful in other ways, and in a place out in shows you nonce I was really thinking we do a Father's Day show. You know that's once a year was that we should talk about a few times a year into this one was your fatherhood the responsibilities of being a father and the opportunities of being a father, and the dangers of being a father and try touch on each of those morning start with a really fun clip from from meeting yet, surprisingly enough, is from indigo Fisher.

It is surprising and shocking actually is from it. If there gotta be this old kid in this nucleated family moved to town and he is a spoiled brat and the clip is, shows the contrast between the way Andy father and his views as opposed to the father. She of school kid and there's a transition in it but it just an enlightenment of good UAVs always shown is a strong father is always some sort of life lesson is, why like to show that my wife made me watch it a bunch anyway. Good clip. In this clip the boys bikes been confiscated right yes I bought Barney's confiscated it in and in the dads and demanding the bike back yet. Okay. Are you high-spirited. Perhaps what we all live in society today grow up and say a lot about when you get down. I know you will love your father you like my. Would you like would like to continue that is why will you not enjoy days would support nobody's I need to explain that people in the woodshed used to be a place where you got plenty to take out behind the woodshed, for with it which I know is not a popular subject anymore dad to go pick my switch. That's what was of the little switch tree that was brutal. I guess what it would make me think of is if you you been around a child it all you'll have to teach a child to be selfish now.

It it's part of the fallen nature, I think, and obviously Arnold is a very selfish, self-centered child whose thinking about is by Eagle little block data and but dad has other plans it in toward either the clip, but you guys.

I think about raising my own children into the challenges that that brings to teach a child like Scripture says it teach a child in the way she go when they're older will depart from that is that gray area between that verse, I think of that you have to teach them the hard knocks and they'll respond the way the other and not necessarily mean it's going after him.

A stale script volatile, but Anna and I love obese perspective you a easy going to get a wicked don't you think he deserves it rather not say yeah yeah yeah one mold so you have to absorb a story about my son when he was little. My stepson he was.

He knew how I felt about the kids lied my daughter used to finagle the truth quite a bit. Answer. Cody saw this because he was the younger child and one morning make breakfast and I ask you a pilot. He said no he said to actually took to yesterday and I think anything about this. I'm busy doing other things there that afternoon. He little be filled by six years old.

I will never forget. He comes marching into the bedroom with his lunchbox and usually when his mom had been made to also usually did there to see mom. He marches right around my mind comes and stands up man-to-man to me and says I need to tell you a lot about my lunch and his confession was such a it overwhelmed me to know that because God says if you confess your sins, but he was as big a man is it ever seen and those of the thing. Those are the precious moments that I think we have an parenting why why did I don't know why he lied. I don't remember why live he was human and that that's always easy to cook for me.

You hated the nail and had deposited the responsibility as a father wheat we can have the responsibility to train our kids up right into the into in integrity into those types of things we have responsibility provide form and make sure they have food and all that kind of stuff that's part of the responsibilities but we do have responsibilities and lay the groundwork of what a man is supposed to look like right and either that's through stuff that we do or through an association of men you know, I have another man around them to help them learn life lessons and those types of things that have your grandfather ever that might be. It's pretty important. My son was talking last night. Ironically about a time that he was between three and four. I believe in with an old farmhouse and in in his room in the closet. The windows are like 6 inches off the floor and they were very high off the floor. It was like.

In addition, 50 years ago. Whatever ensuing asking to go clean his room in on so I had to go clean his room and so he's out there cleaning and sending it in a ring at the doorbell and the doorbells. Her next-door neighbor, she's like there's also to close.

Find out the window in the bush outside suet upstairs that he was cleaning his room but it was all going right out the window now on and so used. It is mom said the last night. She's like Caleb. I'm sure you probably need a spanking for that is I go yeah you know he's three or four. He remembers a spanking and the spanking wasn't as much for throwing the close out the window was a danger of him being able to fall out the window break is at that age.

You know in that window which is barely off the ground in the and said that he remember that lesson. He never threw anything out the window as far as I'm thinking that's part of that. This help them understand the right and wrong of it. You know you talk about kids lying in my when my kids lives are grown up they had do the whole bar soap thing get up at a bar soap in the mouth for a minute you know and that's nasty that you know it does tend to work pretty picture and think about no lien moving forward. You go blind you didn't.

You know, and it didn't clean up the system and then heard him and it wasn't like there is anything terrible that you know that they did remember it and on to this day my daughter who get the brunt of it really doesn't like people that I know she just really doesn't have a lot of tolerance for it because she doesn't like the personalized masking registered the upcoming boot camp quickly during the breaker you get it right after the show.

Please do want to see you there God wants to see there is good be amazing weekend masking What if one weekend wasn't go straight basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors and on average is wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires is uniquely placed in your masculine heart Coming up November 18 through the 21st masculine and register today. This is masking her name here with my son Eli talked about ways he smiled at him and smiled at him is his information on website there on how to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine PO Box 550 92728 now I'm No Matter How He's Always Go to the Thing That Someday Will I so Looking Back That Said the Zack Brown Band Actually Going to See Them Tonight in Charlotte Going with My Youngest Son. See Abandon This Amazing Song Called Mild Man Don't Think You Anted up to the Mike's and Ate up Many of the Forbidden Mr. Nandi Is a Freudian Slip Back in Time I'm Missing Is Any of This Burnett Hole Hate Relationship Is a Whole New Term. Whenever I Look at It Now You Are You Anion up and Teeing out All Atlantis and Is Very Well Anyway You Do Have My Clip Tuned up and Apparently This Opportunity That's Really Hard Subject for Me If and I'll Be Completely Transparent. You Know, One of My Biggest Things I Think about All the Time. As You Know I Man I and I but I Feel like You Blew It A Lot As a Parent and You Know You See the Results of That Instantly Different Ways and so This Is in the Clip for Me Because It's from a Grandfather Standpoint, He's, It's a Difficult Clip This Little Bit Hard to Listen to, but Is from a Movie If I Stay and the Poor Girl That Is in the Coma That the Grandfather Will Be Talking to. She Was an Automobile Accident, and All of Her Family Was Killed, Her Mother, Father, Brother, Sisters, She's the Only One Who Survived and She's in a Coma Fighting for Her Life and the Grandfather Apparently Is in the Situation Where He Begins to Talk to Her about Her Father.

When When the Clip Starts and What a Great Dad. He Was and Where He Wasn't. You Know What He Perceived His Son to Be in His Son Sacrifices That He Had Made for the Daughter What You Don't Know Because You Can't See the Clip Is That the Girl Is Sort of Out Of Her Body to Not Only Is She Laying There in the Coma. But like Somebody You Know like the Idea of Somebody Going to Heaven or Whatever She's outside of Her Body and She's Listening to the Grandfather Talk to Her in the Coma and She's Responding so You'll Hear a Girl Speaking and She States She Talks about Her Daddy and Then at the End She'll Say Thank You Grandpa Will That's Actually Girl Herself Responding to to What's Being Said and in the Beauty of This What We'll Talk about It after You Listen I'm Trying to Think Denny Will Save You Good Was That When He Sure Had Me. I Remember the Day That He Quit the Van Just to Get up and Said That's It for Time Is Surprised I Never Really Liked the Way the Man Sound. I Knew How Important It Was to Him so I Has To Much like Quitting. And He Said You Make Sacrifices for Your Kids.

Kids. He Said That with This Way. Quit for You. It Was When He Heard You Play so Well. I Think It Is When Click Flooring. He Just Wanted to Do Was to Give You More so He Quit the Band. He Sold His Drum Kit Sacrifice As We Do for the People, and Here's Mine I Want You to Live. I Want That More Than Anything in This World. I Want You to Fight like to Stay with Us with with Everybody Else Gone. I Know It Might Not Be What You Wanted Might Be Too Hard for You to Keep Fighting so If You Want to Go. No, It's Okay. Okay.

Nothing for Me in so Many Ways.

It Illustrates That Love Overcomes A Lot Of Mistakes and You Can Hear That from a Grandfather. You Know from the Father and in All Those Things and so I Remember When I Came to My First Boot Camp. I'm Little Bit Older and Some of These Guys and so My Kids Are Adults and and I Learned about Father Wounds, Painful Stuff.

Realizing That You Are Now Only Obviously Did I Have Them, but Clearly Admin You Know That the Person Had Delivered Some of Those and in What Was so Cool and One of the Reasons That That I Hope That You Consider Coming to Boot Camp Message Get a Chance to Go out and Talk to God about Right in the Covenant of Silences You Take the Stuff That That Comes up in These Sessions That You Really Are Struggling with and This Is One of the Areas I Struggle with the Need to Get to God and You Say What I Do with This End in the Story Is Not over, You Know There That's What God Told Me If There's Time and in You Can Still Love Your Adult Children and and How Do We Go about Doing That Well. How Do We Callout Their Glory. How Do We Come past the Gospel onto the Next Generation It and I Think Those Are Things That Are Very, Very, Very Valuable to Me and in You Know If You'd Consider Coming in and We Can Share the Journey of All the Answers but May Have Them All about Trying to Love My Kids like That like the Sacrifice of Actually Giving up like That Grandfather Was Want to You, Even Though He Felt like He Didn't Really Have What It Takes. When His Kids Were There Right. He Was Able to Speak You Don't Literally Try to Speak Life into His Granddaughter. You Know Nancy Opportunity We Have As Fathers Definitely Is to Speak in Condemnation into the Lives of Our Kids to Speak Life and the Life of Our Kids, You Know, and We Find Ourselves.

We Fallen on That First Side You Will. We All Have at Some Point Right but We Don't Have To Stay There and It's a Great Thing about That Clip Is in Others There's a Opportunity Tomorrow. There's Appertaining Now, There's the Opportunity Today after That It's Being Intentional and Trying to Share from the Heart and Share Life with Your Kids Is Me Always Trying to Give More to Your Kids and It's Such a Struggle Sometimes Because You You Want Them to Grow up Right You Want Them to Behave You Want Them to Do Things That Are Right and You Can so Easily Go Overboard with Anyone, Subject, You Know, I'm Too Lenient like the Kid in the OP Clip and All I'm so Lenient. I Let My Kid Push Me around. I Give Them Everything They Want to Become a Brat or You Go to the Other Side Rear so Mean and Overbearing That They're Scared of Everything Will Venture outside the House Won't Do Anything yet They Hate Life Is Trying to Walk That Life in Balance It so Hard and Just Remember When for Me to Click Is Yes.

My Anger Issues Blowing up Ill and the Family Letting Things Get to Me.

I Remember the First Time. It Was Such a Relief for Me. Just Understand to Say I'm Sorry As I Know Was Probably Been First Casino Is the Oldest, so Now Just a Young Age. I Forget What It Was. I've No Idea. But I Dismember Saying I Knew I Should Say I'm Sorry, It's Cannot I Really Do That on the Father You Know I'm Supposed to Be Right All the Time and I Get You Know That That's the Kinda Morbid Thoughts in Your Head You Know about Who What a Father Is Because There's so Many Other People Putting Thoughts As to Who You Should Be That Those Thoughts Are Coming from People in a Society That Have No Idea What a Father Supposed to Be an II Just Said I'm Sorry, I Was like Have a Little Talk I Dismember It Being so Good I Might Do That More Often and Next Thing You Know I Did That Much More Often in the Start Become Something of Something That Mike I Gotta Commit Myself to That Because Lord Knows I'd Screw up Some Me Time to Write Is like If I Could Just Start At Least Admitting That to Myself, Admitting That to My Kids Was a Great Place to Start Trying to Be a Better Father Annex I like.

I Realize I Wasn't a Stop Screwing up so Michael Kelly Just Find That Place Where I Can Say I'm Sorry That Was a Big, Big, Big Healing Moment for Myself from the God Orchestrating Some Ways That My Boys Could Come to You Was a Big Part of Taking the Opportunity and You Guys All Been a Part of That Speaking into Their Life and of Joking with Them or You're Talking to Him Aside and Sharing Some Your Story. That Type of Thing and Letting Them Be around Men Who Are Are Living in Trying to Be Authentic. Nothing Will Not Struggle with Posing Enough Times It a Try Not to Live That Way and Let Them Know That There's There's a Different Way Than What Society Says to Live, Especially As They Were Young and in Teenagers and Coming up. It's Been Very Impactful and Provided a Background for Me to Talk to Them When They Were Struggling in Relationships United to Tell a 18-year-old or 17-year-old, You Can't Love Her Well Enough to Heal Her and Have Them Understand the Context of That Right That Only God Can Heal. You Can Love Them Well Healing Is Not up to You Now and Remind Them of Some of Those Truths and Just How Grateful I Am That They Have Enabled It to Share That Time, You Know, and so Again It's Not a Promo for the Boot Camp. That Is, How Impactful It's Been to My Family and Ethically Help for Generations to Come. As a Result, I'm a Little Jealous.

Boys Are in Their 40s Been Inviting Him since We Started These and I Got One There yet Old Holding a Little Hope for This One. One of Them, and and Thank You for That Clip Probably Me A Lot Of Places Will Go to Getting a Clip I Played around with Father Knows Best.

My Three Sons and a Bunch of Really Oldies Nothing Really Appealed to Me and Then I Landed on Okay I Want to Do Cats in the Cradle. I'm Very Glad I Did It and Doing This about That but I Could Not Have Gotten through Plaintiff Because That Resembles How I View My Can We Come Back for the after Hours.

We Haven't Touched on the Dangers of Being a Dad. The Inner Intention to Ensure More of Her Own Personal Stories and After-Hours Good of Masculine Direct Register Boot Camp to Download the Latest Podcast or You Can Get Us Modified to Any of the Podcast Outlets and Get the Show Masculine Journey Radios Which Want to Look up against the After-Hours Show Will Talk to You Next Week. Have an Awesome Week.

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