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What Makes You Listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 18, 2021 12:30 pm

What Makes You Listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 18, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys ask, answer and discuss the question, what makes you listen. The clips are from "Nacho Libre," "Hacksaw Ridge," and "Seabiscuit." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts to defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

Glad you're with us as we can. We are not that far away from boot camp are we rubbing no I guess I could say yes.

It's about a month and affect two months everything goes by so quickly. Does your next thing you know it's can be almost Thanksgiving which will be boot camp time and when you see those pumpkins popping out. Think boot camp survivor and I now bypass the stands. Every day you know pumpkins for sale November 18-21 go to masculine to register. We'd love to have you there and got some great things for you don't know what that is but I know he doesn't and that he's just waiting on you to be there and so we are starting to fill up your mentor kinda slow sometimes to respond and decide what they're going to do that have a lot of faith. I got a have just exactly who went to this boot camp and hopefully that includes you, so please go register right after the show, which the shower to help you and I went that because it's about listening is registered, you might take the today show's topic is what makes you listen what it was it that makes you perk up and needed by me to pay attention. That's a very interesting question.

Well, fortunately for us early in the listening competition or something nobody say, forcing for as we have Danny and Danny has listened and come up with a good clip coming is cranked off your practice off their daily clip is from the movie naturally break and thereby cracking up here so the kids are wrestling in the inner courtyard but the back story behind it is not a libre is the the alter ego of Ignacio whose cook at the orphanage, the Catholic horses orphanage and so they have been listening to hear him and they cannot know he's been wrestling as of thereafter, doing what they should be doing boys do and so there's a fight breaks out and the scene goes into into that and that that the point of listening is that they begin to listen to what he says they are just trying to release and weakens okay this is I know it is fun to listen, my spine directed face to face, but you cannot do it because it is in the Bible, not director your neighbor you may not the grace listen I know the residents get all the fancy ladies villains three green solutions but my reading I get to wake up every morning and make some soup. I get to lay in bed by myself.

My daily what was it about the weather. There are several things the children obviously respect Ignacio goes into he's quite a character but they respect you call the adult and but what you hear.

His heart is is that he's not really listen to his heart, and you knew me many times in my life and not listen to my true heart because he's telling you his life is good but he doesn't like getting up at 5 AM making soup and he does it in and then so but it did. The listening part of it is you and then we talk a lot about a boot camp be your God give you a new heart, and there are desires and there he gave you. I don't know what is being a wrestler, not before someone else's that I have dressed up as a libre for the creams and the lesson was the Lord with the but you listen to your heart and what God's desires and you it is, will maybe think that that is that you that's who you truly are any scary symptoms you because he says your your favorite juror.

You do have what it takes and sometimes I don't know that I believe that I think we need to kinda go back to last week's topic for second is to revisit because with last week's topic was the difference between hearing and listening right and so if your hearing you may not be listening to and I will talk about what makes you listen you pay attention to try to understand what somebody saying not just to shake your head in Canada it through the conversation but to really hear listen intently to try to comprehend and so what are those things that make you listen can talk now is one since it was an on-time idea topic that I was and have been for a while. Study modern 19 Solomon had that he presages it at come down in the hay section which the hay is expression, and so has everything to do with listening and talked about that. They felt like the two things that made people listen when love and respect or love and fear that the other fear the Lord's beginning was so you know is when you hear the kids listening to nacho AML.

In this case that they they have some respect. And so now the top. The ecliptic came to my mind was from hacksaw bridge and ash this letter to copulations that we have to rehear the beginning of the clip it Smitty really abusing Desmond Doss because he won't carry a gun battle to say he won't fight is not accurate I think is your seat later on because Smitty attacks him.

He has no he asked him some questions but he does have ears to hear anything that he has to say and he does it in public. And he does it in front of a bunch of guys and so whatever proposing is going on, but then you'll hear it move to a seeing that where there actually now they've had a common enemy, in the battle together. Actually Desmond Doss is just saved his life without a gun. In other words, he jumps to Japanese soldiers, machine guns, killing Betty Johnson without a gun saves his life and now all the sudden Smitty's got that respect. And he's got that ability to listen and this situation is different. Got a cousin that is discussable.

Santa Barbara, for Pete's sake. Smitty's impact by him and to speak meaningfully but no, he was to assist in energy. See, I don't think this is a question religion. Phyllis, I think this is callous to be just as as I could take when he would do it for moment to touch again and give you grace so you know that it's a fascinating hand to me in Corinthians were called talks about husbands, love your wives between lot and wiser to respect her husband and there is an aspect to listen to both those things right truly in love with somebody going to sit there and and listen but it as you pointed out, Sam here. I I get a sense at this point the relationship that it's both love and respect other words there's more to this relationship now between Smitty and Ann Desmond Dinges respect. I mean, you know, there is a certain amount of affection there and it it it's interesting to me that when you have a condiment common enemy which you know that the Japanese provided for them in that particular situation. I was first getting into radio. I did an interview for gentleman that was in the church in Lebanon and and he talked about that women war happened in Lebanon and the enemy was pouring across the border and the bombs were dropping that the fragmented church where there were Baptists and there were Catholics and there are in Episcopal's knowledge difference to follow said nobody's denomination mattered one not as they all poured into the Catholic Church because it had the highest wall and they're all huddling up in the pews is is you can picture the scene then all the sudden they started listen to one another at an the result is you begin to listen is then you end up with this love, and you end up with respect and there's an a lot to that, but also then there's the whole aspect. If you know what's inside my life.

You know what it might how my living in such a that the people around me would listen to me, that would respect me that that that but also that what they would love me enough so there is there some aspect of those two things that I really have been just processing of the last couple weeks. As for as we came out of this topic of you know how are these two connected to how do I listen and I think it definitely is easier to listen when you're invested in the relationship. Not supposed to between husband and wife combined type of about that that is in this love and respect type of situation when someone doesn't feel love. They don't act out in respect and when someone doesn't feel respected, they don't respond in love and so this is a crazy cycle that's been described as a masking to register the camp coming up November 18-21.

What if one weekend wasn't yellow and orchestrated all basic training designed to give men permission to see how God made them passionate lawyers and on average is wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed in your masculine heart camp coming up November 18-21 masculine and register today. This assumes masking journey on here with my son Eli talked about ways he held his ministry only smiled at him and and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find the masculine to mail something that's 550 92728 or the same playlist right there is listen to it every morning, get amped up for the day. Probably one of my least favorite bumps and I picked it I guess is that it sets like nursery rhyme kind of thing. It is for Micah a little kids classroom but I think she says there's accurate you. You listen with your eyes. Listen with your years, you know you you listen with your body be and still is Rocky's innovate and talked about last week. You know I can have Robbie, the relationship that you know that my son to come home and will be talking about his day at work in if I don't posit TV. I won't listen I like to kid myself that I listen but all all here at best, but I won't really be listening and so I have to actively posit TV turn look at him and listen in order to really comprehend. Otherwise you not just you and I can and sometimes we do with the spouses and significant others calendar didn't actually miss weeks podcast with a lot of heart made of phenomenal point that I hadn't thought about and tell you is pointed out that we listen with our eyes that when we masked humanity over the last couple years and this is not a commentary on masses's commentary on how you listen that a lot of what we read in facial expressions, and for what he was saying scientifically is a doctor that your your mind reads facial expressions and nano seconds as to how something is being delivered is how you listen.

And so as we as we've masked, you know, we certainly you know taken away a certain amount of the expression of of what it is. So you know from my standpoint when I teach, and sometimes you know that I teach the church that everybody is where mass but I'll unite. I want you know I don't want to rob anybody the experience of seeing, you know what it is I'm trying to express. Type I do that with a mascot I've noticed in doing client meetings unit with masks on why my have to be a lot more intentional about shortening information because without having yes you have eye contact, which you can't see each other's lips it makes it a lot harder to have that conversation and humor really doesn't work well when you wear a mask is a cutesy laugh and I can't see you work on the radio. I told that from people for years. Robbie, why do you laugh at Toronto's right because I've got nobody else laugh and something's got a laugh your otherwise stated revenue less with you if needed strategies as I financer I think he's laughing over there now going to go ahead and go to another cliff. This is actually could probably put together for me today to clips from the same movie called Seabiscuit and D when I saw the movie the first time these two points really stood out to me and what you have at the beginning in the first part of the segment is you have the key guy that Charles Howard. He owns a car company is getting in the horseracing.

He's looking for a trainer and he happens upon this case, looking for name Tom Smith who is sitting out in the words trying to nurse a horse back to health and want you to listen. Note that conversation and then later on once there, a team along with the jockey.

There's a little bit of a shakeup in it and trainers words come back to kinda hunt him little better. Can you put it in perspective would be a better way to say it ensuing to listen to it were to come back and talk about it Charles Howard Tom Smith asked me to come clips within his bandage. All that said, Hawthorne wrote it increases circulation really good, better already is little race that will where you fixing because I can divorce is good for something you need to be a cart horse or lead pony is still nice to look at, you know you don't go whole life away is cozy, banged up a little time guide to Eli Jewish will jockey who lies to us, he can't see these blind in one eye is fine is fine is fine.

Throw her left leg is when I watch the movie. Originally it was probably one of my favorite scenes is because you have your Tom who when he's doing with horses has all this grace and compassion and sees the value of the life.

But when it feels a lot more personal and it's on an individual basis. That's the wants to go out the window. The enemy wants that stuff to go out the window and what happens is Charles brings them right back by using his own words, saying you don't throw out a license is because it's banged up a little bit in ink and got often does that with me in all all say something and then I'll get the point where I'm really frustrated or angry about it in those words will come back in on it really just kinda stops me in my tracking and lets me know okay I need to listen here there's there's a bigger picture than what I'm just angry about.

There's a bigger picture than a person's a crazy driver in our whatever that situation is now you remind me that there's more truth than what I can see and so reported that listening is God just reminding me of things he's done in my life or things that I've stated in on he kinda brings back to haunt me a little better actually teach me and help me have grace and compassion and so that I was clip that I want to play just because that's that's one ways God helps me to listen more intently. Yeah, I'm easily frustrated I get frustrated very easily in on which is kind of funny because a lot of people think I have a lot of patience except for my kids. They don't think I didn't. It's I'm getting more patients as time goes on in gadgets and teaching me through some of the type of stuff is just talk about it. I think I've experienced some of that some you to get frustrated with people.

A lot of times that that broke the brokenness that they experience you will tend to overlook, you know, I always used to say yeah you want judgment for me the grace for yourself what you have very same thing myself and you know a lot of times we don't know what somebody's going there. We talked about it but me and I think listening to God the Holy Spirit is the one that will bring that to you and say wait a second. You know you want to get this you know the speck out of there but you get along in years.

It really does help us to listen to think about, you know, deep South, frustration, and and and I think there's times where working through it.

You can be frustrated but when it when you taken easily get somebody that's where impact somebody really thin and we just have to be listening for this opportunity so we don't do that on because again will all broken. We are in for me. I think part of the listing falls into two categories. When I talked about a bit earlier on active listening right you know paying attention getting the distractions out of the way, trying to clear my mind is a things that I own you know in that and put myself in a position to be able to listen versus just here.

The other part of it is I think the overall health of the relationship plays a big role you have five unhealthy relationship, meaning that it's in someone somewhere very one sided that someone just seems to always be asking for something that never really depositing into their relationship. I don't have very good ears to hear. You know which II think I need to take God's blessing on it because I kinda treating that way sometimes it's you know but yet he has ears to hear me all the time but I think some of that is this trying to give grace when it's not been earned in so case is there something here worth listening to America's then today everybody has a need to be heard. Airway has a need to be understood right and that's just a choice and I have to agree with him. I can understand people without agreeing with them right and I think that sometimes we get that backwards. I think because if we understand means were going to have agreement nice to talk to my son about the reasons why he didn't want to clean his room. I can understand why didn't want to clean his room but I don't agree with him. He's gonna clean his room, but the end of the day. He just wanted to be heard right. And I think that's a big part of that relationship is putting yourself in position to hear someone else regardless what the eventual outcome as having male and not exactly. Yeah exactly, you know, and I think that's a big part of it that listening for me as it is something that I need to grow a lot more you along the way just in human you know interactions but and specially union with God because it's a two-way think that when it comes to relationships. If it's interesting that apparently we should be listening for God with in that for me. I feel like that. I'm listening for God at the same time I'm listening to the person to see God where where are we in this help me interpret the situation in our if if I can somehow another get my heavenly game I just had a memory from about 75 years ago while. When you are talking about everybody wants to be heard. I remember getting switched more intensely because my mother would say, not another word and I would say but mom not ready yet. I had to say what I wanted to say, even if asked to give more switch and exactly think that emphasized the importance Jeff you pick your own switch that was a hard as you coffee anyway thank you for listening to the messenger show please go register for the BPM coming up November 18-21. It's going to be an amazing time in one of the best weekend absolutely goes right before Thanksgiving for lots of reasons. One, it prepares you for your family, good or bad provision prepares you for your family and secondly you get a big can't come back and work for couple days and get a few days off.

How great is that the masculine to register now this is the Truth Network


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