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What Makes You Come Alive

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 4, 2021 12:30 pm

What Makes You Come Alive

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 4, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The guys share their thoughts on what makes them come alive. The clips are from "The Good Dinosaur," "The Butterfly Circus." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is good Truth Network heart of every man in Craig's agreement. Why doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing hard trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your brand-new brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

We're very glad today is excited about working have pretty much everybody back you know that here on a weekly basis and then Andy bailed at the last minute.

Usually the loss I mean it was like he just flew in from what what state St. Louis St. Louis that will stay with her and I thought we get more specific like it's in there and he just was not to drive all oil Yemen drive back to something just came from Charlotte.

It wasn't that far away, but his arms are really tired and I Wayne drove like a lot further than that to get here in the same way related.

He came from Virginia all it's almost day you want to name a city in that state disorder pronounce Ararat pop Virginia version.

It's either what I Wayne 10 claim. This is the Williams Waynesville yeah that's right it's the birthplace of Jeb Stuart.

That's what it really is a slip. What might be 2 miles from where I don't have jobs okay barely way off track and had no life in this part, said Jim this is your topic this week and I actually am saying it to the right person for the right reason is your top and it is what brings us to life.

One of my eyes. After that is studying history, particularly the war of Northern aggression little wicked political tenure. That's okay you want to work with the scoreboard for scoring about a year to the topic. What makes you come alive, and obviously joking with each other makes us come alive in this way, here's to all every yeah pretty much H every week and we can is not here. That's good and you hope you feel loved you little bit last week. I enjoyed yesterday's good stuff to us anyway on the topic. Jim help us understand what you mean by 40 find life. What makes you come alive you not help help the listeners understand that you know what you're thinking. With that when this topic came to me, my wife and I were on vacation up in the mountains away from most perception and just loving to be in God's creation that brought me to life, and I felt like I could breathe once I got above 2000 elevation and that is one of my joys and that's what I have me think of this topic and from that point I realize there are so many things that both kill my heart and bring it to life and the focus on the things that Nietzsche and that's different for different people. Although some things we do share in common and that's kinda what I wanted talk about seeing my brothers tonight sounds great love you have the actual first clips. If you set that up absolutely itself from a movie called the good dinosaur and the Sunnis.

I heard the topic like what makes me come to life. Anybody that knows me. Just the thought of boot camp in any way shape or form and no brings it to life and like in any camp right.

One of the scenes. That's classic is the campfire scene and we have Lehman's young peasant planes wildfire experience and I got to tell you when I think back to some of the classic campfire discussions, especially the last boot camp with corn and some of the stories that get told. And so here we have some dinosaurs they've had some some wounding, which has a lot to do with boot camp and now they've got scars and so I called Manley to compare their stars and the young man there is got a little lesson to learn, unfair to Scott that not running to 15 out Las Vegas bigger than me.

I mean bottom off course was waiting to get this dang spot tail stuck in my foot and close still keen to lose when you're kicking possum postseason jailers on stuck between a rock was sure I run across your face, your scar ready for that story.

You don't want to initiate a walk for five days with no water so: take a drink. When these crocs launched out of the water in the face no way I wasn't that Shepherd one thing I would really 1 o'clock and half tail with the other and the last one will drown that crock in low he wasn't scared of anything being here and I was scared.

Scared of a crock by the phase mission.

You can't get rid of fear. Like mother nature didn't beat her leaking and get through it fine that we made a just so and there's so many things in that clip that relate to boot camp and I really and I was just really neat that we have this two times a year like we get ready and we got one coming up in November and there's a lot about that. That has to do is fear. There's a lot that has to do with wanting and scars but then there's a great deal of finding out that you have what it takes in order to find out if you have what it takes to be tested, and you know that's in that scene and part of the test as far as I'm concerned, as you sit there and listen right now right is are you willing to go on that adventure with God and sign up for boot camp and see if you can go there and and and find more of your heart because that's the whole deal he wants you to live with a whole heart. When you brought up this topic in new boot camp came actually to mind. It was one of my first became sexually my very first boot camp in Colorado and John shared the quote from Howard Thurman right and it says don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that because what the world needs is people that have come alive, and it was a very monumental thing for me because it made me really focus on whether things that make me come alive at that point in my life because I think these are sometimes a seasonal thing.

The other something to make you come alive, your whole life right but then there's also things that he, God has it in the season and my first season of of the city I came back for my first boot camp in and started a youth movie Bible study. We called it Willis had the same questions were did you see God in this movie and who is God character who is a Satan character in the stuff that simple from boot camp and the kids loved it in on it was for that season was such a great time for me. My girls were in use.

You were able to do that.

And in that season past.

You know that, but went to another season, which ended up leading into the unit boot camp and the things we do now gathers is making those things come alive at different times for an upcoming alive today is is really more of state of mind and heart limit is what you're going through adventures of always thrilled me and I'm good.

Watching on TV now where I lived a lot more of years ago, but it's it is always there's always something to learn. There's always something to experience, and the only ones that really matter are the ones that are coming from God, and that is obviously our focus here but it really needs to be the focus of what brings us to life as we go after a lot of things are just jealous yeah and I think those things the enemy is good at masking make you feel like you get life initially right you know what you guys get hooked on pornography is at some level it feels like there's some glimpse of life.

There one sort or another you have you want to call that but there's death comes from of this of this will retard met when when God helps you find things that bring you to life adventures with those different things things he lays on your heart for ministry on things that hit me in Robbie's clip is here. It can go either way they can let you experience that you do have what it takes. I can have you fighting the good battle and coming out on top like Sam did call my love Sam Elliott so that was a hook for me but it also can fear can put you in a hole where you're not really live in his your breathing, which are no longer alive and I think we see that a lot in our society right now that breaks my heart.

Yeah, it's indicated changed gears.

In just a little bit at a 55 second clip of labor quick bits on the topic of fear. I keep to a 55 seconds no we do not salute later on.

Nisha will talk about it so for those of you that haven't talking talking. What a great word I level wordsmith today is either have not spoken yet.

What's what in this topic Rodney can speaks to you. Thank you Wayne.

I had it I had a great trouble trying to figure out what made me come alive because there is no like one thing other than Jesus. That's the easy obvious answer and when I hear a great sermon are here are some great podcasts and I think about God in a different way and are boot camps when God comes alive differently to me ever has before. Those things make me come alive that those moments in regular life that can make me come alive just vary so much. A lot of it's with family doing just regular family things that are conditional that we always do and family get together to something this very mundane ever think about announcing this event will God moment without a spark just comes up and says, thank you for I was expecting you any in the break time. Lunch. Register masking for the boot camp coming up in November 18 to the 21st. What if one weekend was yellow and frustrated all basic training designed to give men permission me how God made warriors based on John averages wild at heart.

Experience four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed to hear masculine camp coming up November 18 21st masking and register today.

This is my son Eli talk about ways he smiled at him and and click the donate button masculine and find masculine PO Box 550 92728 about will use my boat but it's not normally my genre, but if you want to hear a really great first come here my daughter sing in church sometime it is.

It's one of the more modern ones. It really does move me and that's what that's about it. We are, we do come alive. We are dry bones peel and dryer bony or ever in my life with the heat we can come alive in him and that's really what brings me lifeless is real easy searching look for come alive in your toes what your clip you want to clear the clip will probably be shorter than the set up.

But we've had Rod excuse me bunch of those and not to recent history.

For weeks we were picking on him as Pickett audit for that because he went longer than I did after I rambled like I am now, but this this is it is from butterfly circus with a lot of 21 or two minute movie that everybody should pull up on YouTube and watch this clip is the circus master who is showing all of the circus performers are the what you're saying up front you're not saying because this is radio, but it's them dancing and doing all their strengths and showing what they can do. That's pretty amazing stuff and then he comes over and talks to the new file in the circus who has no arms and legs and he has been a freak show and you will hear what the old guy would say about is introducing and this is really about. It doesn't matter what you're coming from. That's what you're going to give to life. Yeah, and there's little bit of a changeover in the middle of it and that's where they commence on the back story right there is a skipped area where you're saying that all of them and terrible times until they found her glory in the circus curse from man, you can call that God himself darkest. It why would you say that you only see beauty that can come from to have an greatest trial. This clip, you have the circus master the please God.

The right in front without without the right context. What he said can sound extremely mean it was well Jesus did that he would say exactly what you're thinking about yourself and it would come across me you really want to be healed well. Of course we all did that he believed that about himself and as long as were stuck in that self image of a mark, amount to anything and nothing gets me excited anymore. If you're in that place.

You get definitely got no problems greater than what this man did. Certainly not physically.

And he had it emotionally and spiritually.

He thought he was useless and having that directed back at them because that was what the previous freak show guy had said, introducing him and he gets spit on and all kinds of things that happen to me except that he bought into the lie that he had nothing to give. And if you have stopped and that's where you knowing and loving kindness God tested, you will Brittany has to break through that she can see that there is hope. On the other side. They yeah I guess I'll jump into it quickly now, but I've had experience this week with a cousin that doesn't really know God because he's been on the opposite on the scale is very successful. These everything he's ever tried to do a accomplished but right now he is living in fear of aunt has rejected me because of vaccination status, which means just sad and I that's in vaccine may be a great thing. I don't know. And that was my point. I don't know that he condemned me because of that, and he is holed up in his nice house in Charlotte and not living my heart if I can do that.

It's hard to be in place you have some thoughts to you.

The microphone keeps going over. Here's a bad thought about this topic and noted the encounter with a spot in life and death and death.

This cometh just lost a father-in-law when losing a mother, but I thought about the story. Forgive me where you communion means nothing to me. I was blasting over in Emmaus will and we did communion different way you having come out of addictions and thought I was leaving Jim living it up so to speak, but I was dying on the inside and come through this journey this amazing journey God had wielded when you communion in the will to God love me or not but when I stood hard to explain what I stood up another godhood. We had a never see his face at that moment, but it was literally the arms of Jesus. And I knew it was love nest life to know you love and appreciate the gym with you and play the last clip you should probably set about talk while I was asked second part is that now easy. I did want to say that I was very appreciative and Malawi before, but Danny did have a student communion so in church services. That is a focal point for me actually experiencing God in a very real way so that meant a lot to me.

Want to thank you for that night Danny and I do identify and that is a time I come to life. Any time there's an encounter.

That's a God encounter that's that is a living moment and those are dwarf everything else in my life that's been fun, fun loving guy the experiences that have been with God. Both heartbreaking and joyful are much better than the happy little episodes we seek, sometimes to our own detriment. I think were going to find even as we talked the rest of the show out into the next show that it's it is those times of God. Whether it's an individual adventure or collective adventure writer were doing together. In other somethings, it will share in the after hours.

It will kinda have the same kind of story you will like the outside being in the wilderness can in different ways and then we can have some unique ways they got really takes us on an adventure as well. When I explained you because you're looking for the one talking to your and so I didn't really get to talk about bring me alive again to get in there got to do a lot of things I was a Bull Run Rd. motocross of racecars, like Jim's cousin who could achieve anything in mind and my answer is the only one I know now is to walk in the will of the fun I've had more adventures in the last seven years than any of that combine the joy brought me the things that he and he has me do you fear is involved because what I'm learning is if if if you think you're hearing father call you to something you can do it on your own. Not him. He asked us to step out and things that require our faith in human and ended as it is taking me on cement amazing adventure I've been without a job for year and 1/2 now.

You know, no income, no no help from Uncle Sam you not know that stuff is is me trusting the legal father and in the midst of that and there's been struggles. There's been hurt and pain haven't gotten all right every time but that's part of the learning experience in the growing and learning is here with us. So for me is the greatest part of this going, what you talked about it Danny, it's my heart is for others to know that he loves and that they can hear his voice that he wants a relationship with you. She doesn't require a man on the stage every Sunday to reach your heart if you listen to me.he uses us were all brought donkeys the rods the backup right. He rises in the town uses our voices from time to time to talk to level each, but he wants a relationship with you and says in Scripture Libya day when if a man comes up to you and prophesies you will stolen the death because you will hear from father on your own.

And that's next is desire for them that that's where we live from where we should while it's a lot to chew on you as I ponder there is adventures with God. There are the way that it is going to the after hours women talk more about specifically where he has us today. In this area survive erotic is that not enough. Please consider coming to the boot camp coming up November 18 to the 21st. I know we talked about it a lot. We talked about a lot because it's so impactful I can count the number of my friends and everyone is unique and every one of God's had something for me.

I can promise you I don't know what that is for you. I promise you something there for you to register a masculine the upcoming boot camp November 8 to the 21st and join us for the after hours being downloaded any part of that podcast location will talk to you next week.

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