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Self Nullification After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 28, 2021 8:00 am

Self Nullification After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 28, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about self nullification continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips used are from the films "The Fight Within," and "Forrest Gump."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network coming to an infringement in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent on the topic this so sit back and masculine journey after hours starts here another mile deeper in our barricade here folks, we're talking about self notification here. Go back and listen to the radio show. Hopefully, if you haven't had a chance to hear that you get a hold out on the messenger, and he radioed that orgy or masculine journey.orgy either one works. These days, so going out there and make sure you listen to anyone on the podcast here so as we go deeper with the subject lot where to sit around talking in between shows about really relationships how living with Jesus, is a relationship with him, which affects your relationship. Therefore, with everybody else.

So the deeper you go into his word into prayer into understanding who he is and try to seek him out and understand who you are as one of his creations and not only as though he created me. Therefore I am. But for that relationship with him.

I was just thinking when you talk on the last show and it was an economy that wondered at first really hit you that no you really first had to kinda deny yourself a little bit and think about others and for me was real easy to be selfish and do my own thing for a long time. My life and then I had my first child and young marriage was a step forward in getting a dog step forward, but boy, when I had a child that completely dependent on me for every single thing that it was going to get or not get while my wife more than me, but it was still just this life that you have been a part in creating and bringing to this world and your Satan sitting there trying to think well yeah like to go for me is always about sports off on the go play baseball or go play basketball, football bowl, bowling, golfing, you name it I will ditto do it in sight. I've put something else really before me because this child is really depending on you to come through in Esalen.

The things that over my life and trying to figure out okay when when did it really matter was when I had that relationship with Jesus and strongly that relationship got it effects how I think about my relationships, then with my family with those that are my coworkers knows that I just meet walking to the store. Now whoever it is it's just changes your focus. I'm not always perfect in ways talking earlier they have Wheelers, want to end up strangling somebody here and there because they're not treating us right now. It's not fair that all he still comes out but honestly when you're walking with Jesus.

It it doesn't get as sour. It doesn't go as South and you can keep a much better perspective on who you really are and that just helps and I were talking earlier about letting go and trying to do that so guys what what you had to share with our listeners about where you had an opportunity in your life to let go.

Give over that controllership to the master who went to Harold's going to go first. One of the big issues for me is a highly competitive, always have been short go syndrome in one of my issues is after having spent all those years in computer programming and systems analysis.

Things have to be right in one of the issues that I've had to try to overcome is not always correcting someone when they say something that's wrong. They used the wrong word in the wrong context and it's like whoa this letting go because my first impulse is to fix it because it's not right.

And yet how I need to look in the mirror and see Judy Wilkerson was not right with you if you if God looks at you as you really are not as Jesus makes you look and then there's things your you do need actually stop and correct people on an error and that's I think even harder for me is just you sit there and you say Al Qaeda put myself in a position of authority. I have put my self in this position of basically knowing something or hearing something or seeing something that app that was wrong, it needs to be corrected.

That's that's a hard place to put yourself into other times it. Pride gets in the way because if I know I'm right don't challenge me because I like to think if I am uncertain catch it in terms like I think it might be your whatever, but when I make a very positive assertion.

I don't know I don't. I react negatively to being challenged on that and that's wrong of me.

I know it's wrong, but I had been to get it changed all the way yet sweetheart. I bet she is. I think you're completely wrong sorry hero know you would be the first for me it's a little bit different angle. When I live in the identity that I've assumed I live in the identity of the world's given me the labels I'm not able to love people very well. Maybe on the surface in a bit let something go wrong and and my true how I'm seeing myself comes out which is normally negative towards towards someone else right and so when I live in my identity I let that down and I live in the didn't identity God's given me. I love people's much better as I feel better about me. Great. It's hard to love somebody truly love somebody for long period of time when you don't feel good about yourself. And so there's some self-care there. They need to let God do it. I can go in a white not included in push through and knew all the right things for a season and something would go wrong.

I would blow up in here there be a huge withdrawal in the relationship account of whoever that might be in so you the key for me and loving others well and having Grayson and a lot of that is staying very connected so that I don't absorb the identities that the world has a tell me that I am in the things that's happened to me in my life are the things where I made mistakes and enemies always out there reminding of those things right enzymes I can keep a block to the gate not let him in my head and into my heart. He I might be a lot better place of loving others, well in and having Grayson understanding that I need to have for and we talk identity so much and I think even your next click the fight within yes is a fight within his it's a pretty straightforward clip is about a UFC fighter and I don't know anything about the story is though the clip any. He walks up on a homeless guy. They start talking and he is impacted the home of Scott Peck of skittles need to start talking but really what comes out is this guy searching he's searching for some truths from life and in and in doing it. You could tell that he really wants to take and do something to obtain his relationship with God, which we've heard that many times it's not about right. Not about works is about grace and in this almost guide us if we got straight on.

I like the little green guy love someone like his creation is child loves you like a new bonding no idea that you know what God is what he wants you about what you can or can't do the math you a thinning who is in your life is change. See find God. Once you find God.

Everything changed because it has wanted to do things his way and a lot of just say yeah there's there's a lot of work to do and just thinking when you think about that. There's a lot of work to do that yet. Your work earns you nothing is not about your work. It's about his work and what he's doing in and through you and boy how how much better is it to live that life was like Sam was explaining where letting go is in control even half the units punish yourself for every little thing you did wrong is right there with you now is one segment walk with you. He's holding your hand and take you through that walk is catchier at that moment right now for a reason you want to to read Scripture. I think Robbie was one reference and I think it really goes good with that clip of what you're talking about that you know some notification. I think probably the best Scripture that explains it were Jesus thought about denying yourself summary that Matthew 1624 through 26 then Jesus told his disciples if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it for what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeit the soul or what shall a man give in return for his soul and I used to really like that Scripture but I found it to be very hard but I think it's much more simple, like that clip in the fact that you're just you're not having the war in unit deny yourself. That sounds very difficult, very hard. Something I have to to do the lines. If all I really do struggle with that kind of stuff but you really denying yourself. We do think a lot of the things in the flesh, but I think it's denying your false self is really what he said yeah and really find any identity right now. Finding your true self and him not thinking think it's also interesting that they did know about crucifixion at that time, but this is before Jesus crucified. He was don't take up the cross lately.

They had to know what that meant but it it actually means that cross that you're picking up it is it is a burden. It is something that you do have to carry with you, but it's not like that's what I think it always stuck out to me that looks only. We came across member seen. The people there simulating that around Easter time. Across all I know passion of Christ, only that, but it's not really like that.

I think it's just a matter of losing that false self and finding your your true self and you think about Moses you know the use just full of humility. Here he was, at all kinds of providential leading by God talk to God lives you know great part of his life communing with God and yet he walked in humility and elders assist so much that God bestowed on him and told him how great he was compared to the rest of us morons around this world you know and yet he stayed humble. This is a lot for a man like that and that's now not the easiest thing to do but again that's why love.

But the book of examples is you can reach inside and finally there's these imperfect people that were striving and had some success in their life and that's were striving for two yeah I was thinking probably my elementary introduction to self notification was introduced to me and in a 12 step program you would tell my dinner break and unity exercises is that of listing the people that you present or unit of virtue and then you're not really allowed to focus on what they did to you but you have to find your part in the situation because no matter how pure we think our motives are our greasy fingerprints are on every situation and so I always described it in my country fashion as clean off your your front porch, not the other front porch and and so you'd example of that is my first wife my daughter's mother. I mean, I resented her a means uses the love that was broken her deep and I mean inside there was a whole lot of you know I could make a marriage work. A lot of self blame the neck on a bill.

Also these things that she did and said that I carried but when I had to sit down with a piece of paper and asset-backed yeah I can remember being in tears and realizing I did play a role in what happened. I did play a role in some of the things I had only knows it, and ultimately God led me to to sitting down with her independent making of me in the best way I could to what I had done little one that led me to you is that I was able to look the world and the idea either: I walked in shaman.

I mean having been an alcoholic and drug addict.

And God knows whatever else you think you're worthless.

But God says no. There's redemption in this, but let's get some stuff out of the way and it is a glorious thing to deny yourself you unlike you Rodney, I don't do it will. There times when I thing Danny's justified, and that is dangerous but you is the thing of it helps me with those relationships in you Jim Daly my dear friend used to say that you he'd make a symbol with his hand with the cross easier when you get this relationship right, between you and Jesus, the very relationship work out pretty good and I always keep that in mind as a vertical verse of the horizontal. Thank you Danny just thinking along the lines of where you're at with no relationships. Those that this keeps coming out and sacrificing your self and thinking of others before yourself. That's Camarillo here when we go into the forest Gump clip that and provided so this is this is forest when they're in Vietnam with Lieut. Dan and them Bubba and forest is in a really concerned about Bubba there in a firefight in this is just kind of the semen goes therefore is really getting to just he really becomes selflessness, but in a float forest for from what I could tell for the whole movie he was living from the true self.

What you see is what you got. There was no pretense or anything, but this clip he was okay Bubba, well, that was his daughter to get you and now I know I just thinking think so.

In the clip.

There is going interesting. I'm not even worried about a spoiler 20-year-old movie but you forest.

He loses Bubba, he doesn't say Bubba Bubba, gives him his fishing business instrument business as he dies and buddy. You notice there. He saved Lieut. Dan and Lieut. Danny actually impacts them and helps them find God. Later in the movie but again he's it's an example him for that time himself of doing what he knew to be right living out of this true self and then the glory that he that came from from him finding his life's purpose in impacting others with that is great example to me of that. I agree I need is you listen I clip you get to see the opposite and Lieut. Dan right. The opposite of self nullification. The I have to do this because my family's always guided war right now this is my purpose. This is my life and it has to go through the process that and break through that agreement utilized as easily doing stuff with forest on the boat that right right to where he can find some breakthrough and some freedom and the absolute agreement he was going to try to live in his whole life.

By that that that identity that wasn't really truly who he was, yet he that had been imposed upon him to become his thoughts and a lot are our family dies for others instead of you know we actually are, or live a life are of our own fault since a hero yet.

I've gotta come through in a situation where no that is not necessarily the situation right that's important. There are there are those moments Go ahead go out there, be the hero you do something for others in but in a situation like this. It was just about no I just think about myself and he lived with that for very long time just love the horrible life was miserable was just just be a bomb just I died. I don't wanted to have anything good, nothing good can come even come to me. That was his total thought, yeah any any got on forest for saving yes you get somebody saved your life in your life right enemy number, why don't you let me die and then I think he actually tried to commit suicide or thought about yeah and just eventually yellow is on that boat and in that storm and does network. God comes with this now lives is that storm I know for me I just lost a job and was commuting down to Charlotte got another job and just just fortunate enough to be listened to Dr. Tabor immediate five in the mornings at such a long drive and just when God in that storm because I still like know how my going to make this work I drive an hour and 1/2 yellow each way to work and houses.

Schoolhouses can even play because I know and I may basically be in my kids life. You know my my wife's life yelled family at as I knew it what was going on is going to change how the heck is this going to work and when he entered in and God said, here I am.

This is who I am. This is who you are. Everything flipped and it's like I didn't really think about all the things that were so bad in my life I started thinking much more about others and where they were and being able to yell think about others in that way really helps for your own heart for yourself as well.

And that's when the things I found it was very freeing is yes.

When my people say well you know it when you when you're trying to help others do things for other people.

That's when you get the most freedom and that's where I've I've continually been in that spot is simple exercise sometimes is you if you get a nasty cashier with a bad attitude or a waitress or have the stop in just a second and think it was behind that attitude you were really going home to one of the just take a moment realizing that that attitude in the about me here and had that much time to make her that man.

I don't think into the habit or something to that effect, but due to reflect known what they may be faced and that, softens the blow. I think that's part of what were talking about is that the self nullification of just going to what I noticed attitude about me that you used to train guys we did appliance repair going is my's house and was I got something is not working in a restaurant. Really they can be very unreasonable) truck yet so they let on the flipside of that, but as a you know what you're not the target but you are the closest thing they got to shoot it and I think also doing the same when you yourself have that attitude like sailing on the flipside, and actually have your truck worked on. You know it is not getting done right yeah and you can these things that you know to get you those of the things to go to God with why does that bother me so much. What is it about that that I don't trust you in this. Why is it that I have to have control. Now what what is it about the situation. You actually typed on something that has really been working on me with an assured a little bit about it a few weeks ago, but you know that I'm a worrier. Yeah, I have to have control and and I've been in some situations here recently where I've had to relinquish control in some of that some financial things and some of it like even coming up to the wedding. We just had there were a lot of relational issues that I had no control over right and as I would pray about them as I pray about other situations in my life, God's only been giving me it'll be all right and become comfortable not asking okay.

What's that mean just let me go. Okay guy dissents can be all right.

It's going be all right. Whatever the outcome is is all right and so far each time it's not initially been perfect, but it's been better than what I could even have tried to create on my own strength frame.

It's very freeing and that that trust relationship of realizing that I can really trust you and these things I don't know what it means that it's going to be all right, but I know eventually the outcome will lead to good things, and there may be a few if not all rights before it becomes really all right to you and yourself and how you want things to come out, you often pray you often go to God for things that you want. They don't always come right away.

Part of giving that up and entrusting in our father that he can come through in the situations that's a huge step towards being able to trust to go deeper with Lord everyone we talked about a lot of these things and can't do anything to do is dance. We got a great time coming up the weekend before Thanksgiving, so please head on out to masculine journey and register for the boot camp and we love to see you there. See you next week.

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