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Strong Men After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 14, 2021 8:00 am

Strong Men After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 14, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about the strength of men continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips used are from "McFarland USA," "The Mask of Zorro," and "Robin Hood."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth.

Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade in the heart of time to go to be more transparent on the topic of so sit back and masculine journey after-hours starts here welcome to masculine journey after hours. Today's topic is been strength.

We've been dealing with this Andean so you hit us with first John gave you credit for Ridgely in the Fernando but it was exactly 1st and the so carry on so actually speaking specifically to man and strongman first John two is the passage of last part of the book that I mentioned in the first show back in here but another scripture that I found this week and have felt like it was timely thing from God. But first Corinthians 1613 be watchful stand firm in the faith, act like me and be strong and boy do we need that today. I mean all of history is needed. That we need to have strong men and I think we talked about on here before masculinity is being attacked and challenged is not always been a good view of masculinity, but I think it's important we as men show our strength and Anna got good and holy way.

There is such God calls us to do it, obviously from that Scripture so what's that look like that when we talk about today. Roel wanted answer the question you asked me but we ran out of the okay. The question was how you will lose the strength for your signature move.

My answer is in the word you need to be in the word on your own because it's too much bad information that's being circulated out there people claiming to be speaking for God, but they're not. Now that's a beautiful thing.

If you want to fish when I go someplace where there's fish and if you want to find out about Jesus and MBE bestowed true masculinity. There's nothing like getting it from source himself right and in a clearly and I can't even begin the share how much that is meant to my own heart as well as my own strength so it is one of the neat things that you as is and he pointed out that this is something that through first John that were calling out younger men right and so you got this clip from McFarlane yeah McFarlane is a great movie as so many aspects in people growing the movie so you got these kids that are workers in the field and their parents work in the field as a whole is a small town responsive Mexican workers in the fields and during the school McFarlane's I forget the guys name for the visit coach but he's he's in the small school he goes through this whole growth himself or he's down and out.

My gosh, I'm in this lowly town. He's think he's to be some hotshot coach and all this other stuff, and he's losing other jobs now is in this one and he's struggling in his new identity as this coach the kids. They struggle every single day just trying to get all their work done gets her schoolwork done and now he started up this cross-country track team and added on to everything else that they have for the hardships in her life and their families lives and he makes this transition from being this, oh woe is me. I've got everything so bad to realizing what people who really have it bad and how joyous they are, because they have each other and have family and so what happens during this movie. Is this track team becomes really really good at running long-distance cross-country in there at the state championships and he gives this little talk to him like that around to look around the state right everything that you deserve to be with you haven't got you caught they don't get up at dawn like you work in the fields right and go to school all day and go back to the same fields is what you come out with me and you run 8 miles, 10 miles and take on take on even more.

These kids don't do what you can't even imagine the field that day with UD is because of the superstitious work. I read in my life and I said to myself whatever kind of crappy job I end up in never be as tough as that the kids do it every day. Your parents how they can do it everyday. No do it for a lifetime. If it needs a better life for you because your superhuman just to be here to give a shot at this kind of privilege of someone like me take for granted is nothing you can do to construct contempt because hard to see when you go to Dawson trace so what happened varies. He's basically telling him he's gone it's time for you guys. An annuity actually assigns one was Capt. and he walks turns away and they called and that guy that thing. Causing backend so the coast can call it so he can send them off like he always has a need him and Ashley are starting to realize that while we need you coach you. You become the coach a leader that we need and I love about that ending is when you look over and he gets bigger, more I'm you have separate kids running that big roar came from a whole community and that's what we as saints. We got him together as community of St. since I had no were all in this together were run roar behind her children stand average of incentive for truth. If it is it can imagine with me as I was listing that clip.

I couldn't help but think of. Here's King David. You know, essentially with the Israelites army that was announced at this point time solace chased him all over the place right and these are the complete second class citizens of a second-class country that you know there in the land of misfit toys and King David is saying the same thing to them right that hey they don't know this but you guys are superhuman and and and and clearly. When you see King David's mighty men. Why do you think they were mighty right, why, why do you think they were mighty. Jim smiled because he knows whether mighty right they got there.

Masculinity called out and I have this wonderful ancient battle cry. The rock is months, which is, basically, be strong, be courageous, but it is in and it's a fervor that allows them to charge into battle together single-minded for God. And that's the important part of a great door lose track of the strengthening LR can bench press a thousand pounds. I can't stop the last 50 years, but that strength is a minor portion of the overall strength but God's given us and we have to be careful how we use it right and so when you see the stories about King David's mighty men maybe get a start like that your life. I just happened. I know you can reach on Intel so you know I was a Boy Scout. We had this this guy was Scott all the misfits because I was the only leader of all the Boy Scouts from put these two together that had any experience inside been a Boy Scout for couple years and so when they picked the people that gonna be in each control, which is what you call it Boy Scouts you know all the popular kids went into the unpopular groups, whatever. And for whatever reason they sent me all the misfits so I got the bed letters know I got the you know what you would think were the complete oddballs of all time. When you saw this rattlesnake patrol because I mean this one kid was a thief.

His name was Neil Bonnie to steal anything from anybody… Bad news and everybody I had was just weird. I mean it was a llama misfit time and and so for two years there every competition you Boy Scouts have all kinds of competitions you jamborees you do this that the other you know we would get killed and and so they had this is called the Klondike Derby and so what you gonna do is you get to build this sled. This is in Michigan and ending in Tbilisi.

It looks like a like a dog sled but you pull it with the Boy Scouts and you gotta pull it to different stations based on the compass. While this particular Klondike Derby. It is snowing to beat the band like it is snowing so hard that you can't see anything for like 2 feet in front of you and so you know were out there well is this one kid that mean he was on. Knowing what I know now, he was probably autistic, socially, terribly awkward, but the kid could read a map like there was no tomorrow. Okay, give the boy a compass and you are to get to where you needed to go. He was totally weird and didn't belong in unnecessarily in the group that man so you know, here we are in this thing like okay and and so you know is as well.

We got ago that First National wheedling thing, harp unit we give him the map would never rest of them to do nothing and he takes us right we get to the first station, a civil gotta build a fire in the middle of a snowstorm with one match well this other nutcase a complete pyromaniac. I mean, he could start a fire in any situation right there was no way that he couldn't start a fire snowman booth.

You know he had that dumb Bob are going before he could hardly believe it. You were off to the next station. We have no problem with the Scott agreed to map and we get to this next station and you gotta lash these things together make this tower to my bed wetter PD get good lash man. He was good with a rope. Did you know in other words, he had his own way that he reflected God and that he has signature move was with the rope he could lash man and so we put picked up the stairway to thinking about it. Well, we've done three stations where the rattlesnake patrol. We think we've had a good time. Let's go sledding. We got this beautiful sled it's snowing shortly. Got no chance of winning this thing right and so the flat units. We spent the next two hours sledding in a course you know weeding of loss can find time come back. You know, we just turn to the guy that could use a map and as were coming across the finish line. People are cheering like crazy because the rattlesnake patrol had won the Klondike Derby gave you please set Klondike bar at end what happened to the rattlesnake patrol unit. They give you this blue ribbon to put on your patrol flag and all the stuff and I'll never ever forget the transformation within what was the everybody picked you did not want to play dodgeball with these kids, but with that nonetheless like what what we came together in was that battle cry right.

We came together because we knew each other. Strength is like okay we need a fire. Lenny built a fire.

You know where you go you noticed giftedness and the strength strength.

I just was kind of worried that you were talking about me because I was your first two scouts and that and I was in the left over patrol to the Eagle patrol in my days as a perfect time for Unitech breath mints talk about loser we got to go Jim go to Zorro. Well it's jumping to that.

This is a wonderful example. Yet another Sage taking on a people and teaching them how to be strong and he thinks he already is. As most young men do a gets a lesson from the older man, you did it.


So why should not take something like that for me a glass of lay not get to engineering the no condition to the provisions of the Dragon it welcome to saving your life.

No, not today.

He's trying to go, something to drink. As my friend beautiful today. David and I think the individual site tip to a computer and just as you name you know that is a saying of video saying he was ready to must appear if you want to kill this man. I can help you and I can teach you how to think and to take your revenge on this facility, dedication, take time and easily as one's own time to deceive. That's you miss a lot of action there but the Alejandra oh is drunk, he's going after the guy that killed his brother and he is stopped by the original Zorro and he is trained to become the next Zorro that allows him to fulfill his destiny in getting that revenge which is not a great thing. Target your strength back but in this case it was defeating evil so there is that within in this scene it shows when we are on our own.

I love the line I have used it many times, we will you will fight bravely and die quickly if we are doing things on our were in trouble] for eco-and wholehearted than in the people shredding the master will appear, which is this tremendous wisdom in both those lines, and they're coming from the Sage and you know that was just it when when when Harold talked about going to the word if if you really want to get strong like you know it's not terribly hard to find strength because the wording of the word is full. It it it in and when you're really ready and you're hungry enough right ending and master will appear. I know you had this clip with saving the best for last, because you know this is brings it all home right yeah but before that, I mean I like about the word so you know it was in that first John thoughts about your strong because the word of God abides in you. Obviously it's a word and let you know I think a lot of us. We handle had the word we are necessarily implying it right.

We were using skillfully in battle. So we fought bravely and that quickly, where I was and so this clip though that that I have is from Robin Hood. I was submitted last week for loyalty and it seems to me to be play a little bit better.

Even this week. I like to have it's it's Robin Hood speaking to the King and the King is basically being off the profit authoritarian and trying to you know basically demand loyalty to his subjects which the enemy likes the data us any offers. You know he wants that loyalty, but he offers nothing and that's what Robin Hood says to him, but he comes from a point of strength and that's I guess what how it kind of really grandma Hart was the fact that that's why I want to speak to the enemy or to Kings anybody that tries the Lord over me.

That is not you know, in line with what God's plan is for me again.

I think that's what we have that this king reminds me of the voices are heard before every subject Locksley a if you must decide to build for the future. It was such a foundation strong laws of Islam enslaved people to it's getting okay but offers nothing lives only failure you know who could object to such reasonable justice as a child. The great not only we received a lot of people that love as well. So what would you have counsel for every man is gone so I long to limit this drink goes after you know that freedom that's essentially what were talking about strengths to obtain and it talks about how he talked about how you if you King if he would do this is I guess his kingdom. But if he does it right. Hello. Both have loyalty and love and that's what it is swimming God has my loyalty and love. Because what you know what he's done for me, but you know there's a certain amount of strength that you have is a man say yes this is something I want enema go after it takes strength to do that in and if you don't if you don't step into that you'll never walk into that special sauce that Gloria I love what Robby was talking about. It really gets to the identity of how God created you so want to tie this to my story abed is it goes into the new name talk for the longest time I wanted to have that strength and I just never really felt like I did. I felt like I struggled with no anger last. You know those things and you always heard the enemies voices to that you know just kept you bound by that and shame. But you know I think it was like the third member.

The third boot camp that I went to I was asking what my name is not are some other things but nothing went really resonated in, and I remember him saying go look up your given name, and I think I've heard this is a kid and just forgot about the name Andrew mean strengths and is something I really had struggle with and it was like that identity allowed me to really step in. It was, I actually have really become an out where I've seen God is my father but the first thing that really made an impact to me from the boot camps wisdom the new name in the identity message and because you know that's what you have to start with. You have to realize what God calls you and a lot of times when men made progress in their strength in the Bible it was when they got there identity yeah we talked last week with loyalty. No, what is loyalty what is not loyalty, how loyalty could be misconstrued. Misuse and same thing.

Strength is even probably even more miss you and that's what's because a lot of division in our society because a bunch of men went out misuse there strength and tour others down to make themselves look better and talk about Leno signature move and things of that nature. When you're talking is I, what my signature move in on certain generative and then popped in the two words discipline and accountability and I have use that ever since learning that early on in my career in the secular world, but they are the two things affect me if you just focus on getting discipline and accountability in the workforce in your whatever you doing it just it I found anything, it doesn't apply to in helping and you know even in your Christian walk. It's yeah you need to have some discipline and accountability. You know that's what good brothers good sisters will do with you is help you through that is like yesterday after that discipline in the word as Harold was talking about. I wholeheartedly agree with Harold, there is that okay are you doing it. Just as a short I got to do and I did my 15 minutes and I did my 30 minutes.

No is the discipline to go deeper with him and to learn and to listen to him comes in there and this accountability to be in a church group BNA brotherhood be in some kind of it again. Whatever your church group is, but is with other male community of believers, and you have to walk in the be accountable to them for something before you really going to start to grow cats, cool that from when you look at what Deuteronomy teachers as well as the first John passage that if you're going to teach your children are viewing to teach the young man or whoever it is that you go to teach. There is accountability and that which, when you go to teach something, first you gotta learn NS the best way to learn. It is like teaching mistakes and you have to go deeper to find out what's in there exactly. So go to teach a passage and or you know, one of the best accountabilities that you know you get a radio show every week. And guess what you're gonna be accountable for two to United to find yourself in a researching clips or you know different things or if you teach a Sunday school class or whatever it is that that that God allows you to serve right at and interestingly, you know, the Jews call this things mixes their commandments. And when you see it in the especially in Psalms, you'll see them refer to commandments all the time. Also in Deuteronomy, which may not have thought about as they think of these commandments is a way that you actually clothe yourself that you like you that they cover you and this is how they cover you. You put them on right. This was an action that you decide God gave you the opportunity right to go speak at this camp or God gave you this opportunity to do the PowerPoint at your church right. It submits for because they think of it as good deeds by care is an opportunity that that you've been asked by God to go take part in what it is that he's doing and so by stepping into that right in providing your strength to do the PowerPoint.

Interestingly, what is that where is taking you over the years. Harold is is God is giving you that opportunity. Great joy great satisfaction. I love being able to some of the photographs taken of landscapes and find the very best Scripture that I can find to put on that that sends a message so I feel like that the preacher may be standing in the pulpit teach and what I've already done meditation with the slides that have had to introduce some time for prayer and scripture. I do my teaching without opening my mouth something meriting David was saying in Psalm 119 when he's crying out open my eyes that your commandments wouldn't be hidden from me, please actually talk about is these opportunities to serve him that they would be hidden because they lead you into adventurers like you would never believe is a step in your faith and and walk into this discipline and accountability. By law, is Robert say right so how fun we need you to come to the boot camp so we can come share life with you guys so you got it messenger any register for the good Warrior we want to see this is the Truth Network

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