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Rise of the Sage After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 31, 2021 8:00 am

Rise of the Sage After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 31, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The celebration of Harold's Birthday continues, as well as more thoughts and memories from the guys. All of that and more right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips used are from "Evan Almighty," "Star Wars," "The Outlaw Josey Wales," and "Lord of the Rings."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network French masculine journey through our time to be more transparent to sit back and masculine start here no welcome emotional journey after hours and virtually no my throat cleared so I can actually talk someone you listen first showed back. Listen to it it's worth it. It's really not so that's like it to try to go back and listen for sure was a great show in the topic. Is this a spectacular topic and running your idea for this topics of you and tells what the topics about units of wellness in the first week we have the name of the topic, but it's what the topics about the truly important here, but that's rise of the sage and our own Harold Dyer. He's our sage. He turns 80 tomorrow and we are trying to really celebrate his life and his wife really with us and what is taught us what is brought to us and what he means in this brotherhood as our one and only sage is just he's just at the top of the list and want to list will not in height but not that one.

He yell lacks a little bit but other ones if you reverse order in height.

That is the first will be last. I'm still stuck on the whole first show every talk I go to picture him walking on the court. My height you judge me on Jimmy had a clip that you and the play you know about that.

Well the clip is from heaven. Almighty and Sam opened up the clip in the first show picture our buddy Harold and as I'm stalling my Gandalf will come to with areas and they had no pretty good pretty good follow-up with Yoda and then Billy was compared to a monkey yeah but I'm I'm on top of all because of this one. He's a later serving tables and it's God speaking to Evan's wife. Excuse me, right now the long story like stories has been New York's Nella guide of the art I love it. No one you know you think about God's wrath and anger.

11. What is the story about the ark showed its bite size is side-by-side.

God told him to do it that sounds like an if someone presentations you think God gives him patience to give them praise God to be courageous if someone craved family you think one in that clip and additionally you think wealthy sort of telling the story wrong about no, but he is he's using that story to address exactly what she needs and she thinks is her husband's crazy and most of us would our spouse went off to go: Artie been done that would be my first thought something different from God, every time, but I love the way he came around to getting her to understand what the problem was she was having and that is a feature you will see in sages and that is something Harold does extremely well. So you guys not quite God that he is directed by God that he will all always often be speaking for God when he speaking with us. Thanks, Jim.

When things it can't do. We do masculine journey is one segments we do from time to time, it became evident can't fit when you're talking about the sage in that particular thing things they talk about the difference we talk about the difference between a sage and an expert in an expert is somebody that draws you more to them for the answers right. It's about building up there he goes about feeding how they feel about himself and sage direction to God right to get your answers in a totally different motivation totally different perspective. And in that is very true about you.

You tell us stories you that you're quick to give God the credit you quick to give your wife credit through God's done through her in your life. Those types of things. But it's it's always about taking us back to God right.

It's not about what Harold's answer is, it's what God's done in my life and this is when I'm sharing with you and so that's that's very much a sage thing that you do pretty continuously remember story and hope you gave me Sharon at that you are sharing something about how much you love your wife with us as a group and I can give the details and holding hands with her and things in and in the next day. There is something in it that you text distance and I hope I was not in a little too over-the-top on this, you know. And another thing, the sage is as good as her humble right and you are nowhere near anywhere over-the-top human around us were away for the top five.

Baby you're speaking from your heart and loving your trying to help younger guys it context right, but the humbleness came and said I hope I didn't over speak in on and that's definitely was not the Holy Spirit say never spoke. I think just affirmation of who you are as a person saying I just want to give like outlays of my heart.

Sorry that was a long illustration that running another clip. I do try to play it is right right lacks a couple of bits which you do that is going to Yoda again this one again is just some great sage advice from yelled as he's basically deal with Anna Kinsella, of course, as the mood in the movies and can come second but is born first right so it's one of those weird trilogy things so you get and I can who is having premonitions and ease. Talk telling you about it and somebody in his life that's close to him. That's going to die and he sees this and he's basely saying I'm not to let it happen. Yoda is giving them a bunch of really good sage advice and here is to what date basely gives his own premonition and say what might lead to the dark side in here. So just kinda listen to this and will talk about it. On the flipside is pain, suffering yourself or someone you know someone close to yes all you must be sensing the future and I can figure this is a path to the One of These Visions Come True Master You Choice for Those around You, Transforming to the Force Knocked This Dish with Heat Must I Do Must Train Yourself to Everything You Fear so We Don't Transforming the Force but We Do Transfer Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind and Basically Harold That's Where I Was Thinking about This Clip Here and This One Is a Slot in the Fact That Psych How You Are Absolutely Renewed in Christ and How You Portray Christ in Everything We Do and I Just like You're Talking Will Be Saying Something Also Yields Grabbed the Mic and with One Statement Say What We've Been Trying to Save about Three Minutes and You Say It about Six Seconds Is Just Wonderful to Get to Get That All of You That Psych Is Straightforward. It's from the Truth, and Its Scriptural Emesis, Wonderful Get You. You've Walked with God for so Long That You're Able to Do That and You You Talk about like in Here in This Clip I Loving out.

Don't Mourn Those Saying This and That, Harold. You've Talked so Much about You Know Where You're Going Is Not about Life Now. I Get the Most Out Of My Life and I Was the Kind of Stuff. It's You Know We Are Headed. Know Your Father Is You Know You Want to Be in the Use of You're Going to Be with Him and That Just Guides You in As Well about No, We Get on the Air. We Talk about Things and Some People Get Here Part of the Split We Have so Much Fun. Pre-and Post-Show Now in between Doing Shows Is Just As You so Much Fun Because That's Work, You Don't Know What's Coming Next.

It's Unscripted Doing, Let Things Go a Little Bit You Know More Freely and That's When Harold Guides Begin to See Them Light up When Learned in the Body's Conversations and and When He Gets Really Serious. I Love It When He Will Stand up and Fight for God's Word. When People Are Misrepresenting God or Saying Something Bad Harold Man He's Going to Get up and Fight for That. He's Not Going to Sit down Rollover and Take It Easy to Do Something about It Know, but It's Going to Be in a Very Wise Way. He Doesn't Condemn People Ever. I've Never Heard It Wants That You Do That so It's Just a Wonderful Thing That You Get in Just Kinda Be Able to Give Very Good Advice and Assist Something That Is Its Soothing It's Jan Something I Think We Have a Really Hard Time Doing You Actually Know over a Lifetime. Built That up through the Holy Spirit. Absolutely You Met You Bring up a Point I Was Wanting to Touch on When You Look Back at Some of the Clips and Reviews. Especially with and off, and with Yoda Right Yeah the Deafening. The Sage Role, but That Doesn't Make Them Less of a Warrior in Both of Those. If I Remember Right from Star Wars I to Be Honest I Watch Them Only Really like the First Three That Originally Came out Was Not a Big Fan of the Rest of Them, but I Do Believe Yoda Thought at Some Point, If I Remember Right in and Draining My Way through the Rest of It Was One of the First Three and yet It Was the First to Get in Thing You Was a Fluke. Can You Yeah He Was Older That Kane's Lockdown. Also, You Seem to Leave but Was Fighting the Beta I Think You Have Been Flopping All around and Jump in and Things like What Harold Was Slightly Impeccable.

Yeah. Doesn't First Plot Is like a like Yoda with a Saber yet Harold Planted the Ball Probably Looks about the Same. If Anyone out There Is Good at Photo Shopping. If You Could Send This Yoda with the Pickle Ball Paddle.

We Prefer Forever Grateful That Is That the Vast Majority That Our GRA Emails and Their Secrets and Some of the Guys When We Do Have Ladies Also Play There Where We Play with a Nickname He Zorro Because of the Way You Know How and Ping-Pong Use A Lot Of English Strokes to Make the Ball Curve and so Forth. And I'm Applying That Technique in the Pickle Ball and Started Combing Zorro's. I Have a Nickname Been Tagged with 900 Clips Today Garden Yeah, I Meant to Regret This but I Don't Not on This of Challenge to yet. I Played Once and I Loved It so I Will.

The Numbers Are Just Right Because I Played It Got Trounced by a Lady That Was Half a Century Old. I'm Two Thirds of the Century Old, and Your Treat Your 4/5 My Man Are You Met My Thirds Your 4/5 I'm New Sequentially Come after You Die Laughing. I Just Can't Say Things Right.

He Was Half a Century.

I'm Two Thirds of the Century.

Your 4/5 of Sentry Which Is 12345 Hobgood Let You Trounced Me Pickle Ball and It Will Be Kind of Fun.

David Versus Goliath Picture There. I Think You Regret Saying All That, but Not for the Reasons That You Think Felix Will Visit This Last If That Contest That Has To Be on the Day We Can Come Watch This. I Want to Watch. I Would Have Fun without Owning Too Much That It Running. I Think You Give One More Clip.

I Just Thinking to Is like Way That Will Be so Much Fun to Have a Pickle Ball Day but Was Make That Masculine Journey Venture Sam. Sam Yeah Now to Hamstrings and Say No Will Play Okay You Watch the Video like That Would Be That Would Be Fun to Have All Day Put Andy on Massage Duty.

Yeah, Maybe Robbie They Can Tell Me the Hebrew Word for Massage to Take a Nap That's Just Me. I Love You I Love You to Get the Behavior of His Having Fun with You See His Face so Straightlaced Sure See You Try to Find a Way to Get a Clip from This Movie Just about Every Topic.

We Do Well You Said Warrior Okay)) I Give It Easy Warrior and This Is Exactly Where I Go with Harold in Both These Men That Are in There Because of Both Warriors and Their Leaders, and This Is What I'm Saying You Know Harold's Going to Fight for the Kingdom. And This Is Why Love Last Thing about This Clip Is like Man yet Two Men Coming Together There Both Leaders of Their Once at a Little Bigger Tribe Than the Other One but Uses from the Outlaw Josie Wales and the out and so What's Happened Is Josie Had to Go Rescue His Friends That Got Captured with Another Family and Eat It Just Basically Killed about a Dozen Common Churros Who Would Take His Family Captive and so Then the Indians Who Were Basically I Would Call Them Business Partners with Them Because They're Buying People That They Were Selling and so Then What You Have Is the Indians Rated the House That They Were Staying at and Edify Them off and Then Next Thing You Know Joe's Right Now Is Only Than Them All behind. Where Is He Going He Knew There's Only One Way That Go Ficus Year to Go by Himself Face 10 Bears Believe the Comanches and Basically Disco Facing down One-On-One and Basically That's What the Scene Is Him Going to Talk to Josie Wales Going Talk to 10 Bears Whales. I Have Heard Your Resume Writer Would Not Make Peace with the Blue Coats Human Case Know Where to Go and You Die. I Came in Today with You and Is You and Me All You Want One from a Cameo like You so You Know My Wood Is to My Way of Life Is into His Matching so We Will Only Hunt We Need to Live on. Same As the Comanche Every Spring Staircase so I Can Check the Furniture Sign of the Comanche Will Be on Our Large That's My Way of Life and You Hear in My Pistols and Rifles These Things You Say We Will Have We Already Have Two Promising I'm Just Giving You Life and You Given Me Life and I'm Saying That Men Can Live Together without Butchering One Another, Said Governments Are Achieved by the Doubletime Is Iron and It Wasn't at All Comanche to See so There Is Iron in Your Words of Life. No Sign Paper and Holding It Must Come from Man. Words of 10 Bears Care.

The Same Is Good That Warriors Such As We Meet in the Struggle of Life or Death Shall Be Life That's Begin Go Back to Harold and His Words. I Don't Ever Remember Words of Death. Harold Absolutely Has Words of Life All the Time.

Zipper Merging May Be a Time Yes Maybe Back Back in the Day When He Was Little More Frustrated on the Road Rage, but so What You Have in Harold Is That Guy Who's Always Going to Fight for the Kingdom and so His Words Are like When He Was Wearing.

I Love the Story When You Just Told Us A Few Weeks Ago about the John 316 T-Shirt That You Wear When You Go Flying Because You Want Airway to Come to See That and You Goat Your IK. That's Just Part of What You Do Is IK When I'm Flying a Month.

Airports Are Big and See Me. I'm Where My John 316 T-Shirt and I Think That This Is Love That You're Warrior Flicking One Thing I Think We Could Do Is You Know We Could All Agree to like Follow Harold out Here with Our Cars. One Night, and Just Keep Cut in Front of How You Get a Reaction from Words in Front of Each Other and Turn on the Signal Known for Delaying Any of This. All the Things That We've Heard Him Share You We Have To Do That Just Test How the Holy Spirit Really Does Would Be Where His Words of Death. Yeah, I Think That You Give It One More Clip Right I Do What I Want to Say This Real Quick That Was a My Third Choice and Feel Blessed That I Have Artie Said to. That's the Best One That Ran on the Top of the Stuff I Was Cheering with That Came out so Great Minds Thinking Alike. Several of Us Have Great Minds about My Other Clip Was Mrs. Two Sages, One Female, One Male Talking about Mother Say Choose Evil, but It Is Also from Lord of the Rings and Mrs. Dilley Drill and Gandalf Talking about Frodo and Civil That Comes around Full-Circle.

We Hope Everybody Same Trilogy but Bilbo Is a Cowboy Turns into a Warrior through the Guidance of These Guys That Are Part of the Ring, Ring, Fellowship, and Gandalf Is There. Sage but They're Talking about the What the Sage Gets Out Of This Is Helping Others and Says He Sees This Hobbit Than That Helped Him Not Be Afraid, and Is a Sage Harold Is Always Rejoicing in Those He's Helping. That's a Wonderful Thing to Say and the Different Stages of Masculinity. We Saw a Great Example in the Previous One.

Both of Those Josie Wales and 10 Bears Were Warriors, Kings and Sages. And You Can See That in That Clip so They Overlap but It Is Important That We Are Working Together at Every Stage of Our Development and We Love the Love That We Get from Harold. We Love to Love Them by Picking on You Know That You Would Been Nice This Week for the Most Part. See Notes on the Next Day We Discovered in Full Force You to Think It Would Be Nice for so Login and We Get a You Flip It Back over to Some of That Juice Is Something Wayne Said Wrecked Weekly Show That You Speak and Why Y and Proverb Says He Finds a Wife Finds a Good Thing and It Seemed like in My Generation Have Been Married Is My Third Marriage We've Been Married Going on 19 Years, but to See How Hello Melvin Married Now 57 Years to See That Brings Us Hope Bring This You Know That to See How It's Done and You Gladly Share That with Us and I Appreciate That As Well.

The Goals We We Need to Hear That Is Me, and There Is No Marriages to Beat Yeah You Said That I Did Not Agree but It Is a Is a Covenant Relationship That Has To Be Walked out and You Walk It out Will and I've Met Your Lovely Wife Had a Conversation with Her and but to See That and Then for You to Share like You Doing in Gaza Right You Light up When You Talk about Her, like Our High School Sweethearts, so We Appreciate Carol Respond to Well We We Were High School Sweethearts That We We Grew up in Different Towns and I Only Met Her When Her Brother Tricked Me into a Blind Date He Ate at the Boardinghouse Where I Will Work Serving Tables but within Less Than Six Weeks from the Time We First Met We Were Engaged to Be Married and Waited 18 Months for Me to Finish before We Got Married but Yeah She Change the Direction of My Life for the Good and No It Hasn't Always Been a Cakewalk by Any Stretch. Especially When I Was Put out to Pasture Involuntarily. I Was over Age for Retirement, but I Did Not Want to Retire Wanted to Keep Working. I Love My Work. I Had a Great Loss and the We Actually Went This Marriage Counseling Because of Our Differences, I Came Home with Someone with over 40 Years of Work Solving Problems. I Was Seven. What I Thought Was a Problem That She Didn't Think Was a Problem, so We Had A Few Rough Third-Party Environment. There Was Never Any Think so and I Want to Encourage Anybody Tough It out. Don't Give up on God, God Is There. Thank You, Harold and Jean Thank You for Sharing His Family's in Town in Your Family and It's Great to Have You Here and I Would Bet Money That You Will Matter Delivering Ice for Ice Boxes or Gas Lights or Something like That Will Talk to You Next Week.

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