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The Favor of the Father After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 24, 2021 8:00 am

The Favor of the Father After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 24, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about the Favor of God continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip used is from "The Martian Child."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God's chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network French masculine Broward baton be more transparent to sit back and masculine welcome emotional journey after hours and you're talking about a political topic to talk about my favorite topic favor of God or the favor of the father so about a month ago I was doing a Bible reading and get back to back Nehemiah and Ezra, and very related same story, different aspects. One was a king wall was a priest figure and it mentioned about the favor that they receive from the king of Persia to go back and restore Jerusalem. Both the temple and the city walls and how that restoration played in really God's planning purposes and that minute talk specifically about God's favor on them always hurt you in the favor of God and you know sometimes people limited to something like hey I got a great parking spot at the mall you know God's favor. Yeah, there's probably some aspect to it that I've actually experience that. But I don't really think that that's you know the broader picture or it's not that discrete.

It's much more of how your experiencing in his life Robbie were talking about it just, you know that favor is available to all of this world and experience it in different ways, but really the ones that receive through the ones that are looking forward looking for God in that so that's the that's the topic okay and so when we left the regular show the regular radio show now and into the afternoon podcast we were talking about when in our lives without God's favor right house without his gunplay clip because I want to talk a bit about this clip and this is from a movie called the Martian child in and in this movie.

What happens is you have John Q Zach's character he plays it like a fosterfather for lack of better term.

He's in the process of adopting a boy who was just abandoned by his parents and the boy has come to believe the story that he's from outer space and that he can complete his mission, which involves taking a lot of different pictures in his parents will return from outer space it and be there in his life right and so when we pick up this clip junkies X characters and working in the little boy Dennis comes in and takes a picture and something gets knocked off and gets broken and solicited interchanges. They talk there and then will come back and talk about this. No, you're just saying that all right at your feet and working scam away today come down to work we go to your room. Dennis why when I send you my stuff just you can do that whatever change last to understand & you will this just regular breaking news for quite a while. Watch the video, I never got that done favor with the reason I like that we had this topic was, I think there's times, things get in the way of us feeling God's favor right. One of them is a belief that if that I have to earn it united to be good enough to get his favor, and so on. The opposite if I do something that I perceive is wrong which Dennis and here there is nothing wrong he perceived it is wrong right that all of a sudden now I lose God's favor favor in all my fears come back. I can will be abandoning all things you hear in that clip yeah thing that I think sometimes gets in the way of us feeling God's favor is our brokenness and were not taking it to him and were holding up kind as a defense shield or a barrier. Yeah it doesn't last really feel his favor coming at us. It it it. He doesn't push through that violently.

That's not who he is right so he's gonna try to show you his love and that's what I loved about that clip is that ends up taking them in the kitchen and start breaking all the dishes like is like this is just stuff escort and catsup and mustard and dish detergent and everything else on Main it was bedlam and I was like a Greek wedding or whatever but they were having a blast having a great time it was letting him know. Look, your more important stuff. You're more important.

All these other things you believe in. I'm not going abandoning her in a very cool thing that the father's doing and that's what the father's doing in our lives. We just always have the ability to see that right is our beliefs get in the way our brokenness gets in the whereabouts getting away with things.

The world tells us it's in the way right. You know, so maybe would be more apt to feel his favor if we just work with him on getting rid of some of those things. And that's true and I thought about that maintenance.

There were seasons in my life where I sensed it and in other seasons I didn't.

We were talking about this earlier, we brought we bring conditions to it. God is a bring conditions to it.

We bring conditions to it all year and there's a certain aspect God is nonetheless a map mess, but he's also not totally reactionary. Every little thing we mess up when he abandoned the symbols of his favorites. Did he just doesn't work that way. He's good all the time but I think a lot of it.

There was so much of that where I since his favorite times, and a lot of it was probably not necessarily.

Could've been what I thought I was doing something good and thought I'd earned it.

That's a wrong wrong idea, but I guess the thing is is, the more I go along in this life and the closer I get to him to realize I realize most is I don't have to do anything to receive that favor, and in this mindset that makes me feel like I have to is what used to get me so jacked up in the first place and you disagree with you on one thing.

I think the one you do have to do seek him. Yeah, of course). I think that's only thing I generally like yourself available.

That's right, and seek him because that's what Robbie was talking about with the study of the favored right was ones were seeking the father and not I don't mean to say that that you sit back impassively just receive it, but I think it's the active mindset where you think that it's all conditional agreed and and I think whenever you really get into that point to where I must seek him and him and him then I want to just leave the results up to him and be the benefactor that's limitless when it gets good to me. Yeah you look at Moses's life right from what you read in Scripture. He he you make a bad decision. You know, in his world and get and kills a guy then has to flee. You know, and then there's that season was gone for 40 years.

So this year's and that is God for 40 years, it bit during that time. It's not like I was not working on it because I honestly Moses is a little bit of a mess right until he can work through those things with God and find God as father out in the wilderness you're playing pickle ball with the goats or whatever he's doing out there. You know he's out there you know God's fixing him to worries in a place where he can receive the favor.

Yes, you throw the stuff of Aaron and Aaron in him not being able to talk in disbelief he has about himself and got goes right at that stuff right so you can put them in a place where he can feel the favor of a when he truly really needs it. Yeah, where does the feeling come from originally coming from God. God put that in you and so even when were seeking and were desiring, it still coming from God. He's the one that puts it there in you this essay. I'm the one that you need to be going after that desiring glassware is again were the adopted sons were the ones that were grafted in. You know, we we came along later we weren't were not Jewish any of us in this room where want the original vampire the family right rallies close.

Well, he's trying hard that's that's what's no the beautiful part about the whole picture and that's what I love about your clip thereto.

It's a picture of his son know you're here grafted in your mind now you know and that's where we have to walk in that and believe that and that's that's our part of the trust and the him being able to sit there and say you like you talk about your stories of you know where have you found favor in his just like regular at any it's like just when you walk every day become more and more content in that Christian maturity that you have that site, you learn to learn more about him, you get more more comfortable in that skin and assist every day I feel like oh I am more in favor than I was yesterday, more than last year, more than a few years ago is just you just it just grows in you because your abiding more more and him and this is the feeling no one can describe except for that they know where they're at with God in their personal relationship. I knew Mike, my father loved trout fish and so I didn't know it was really one of the coolest things to do is to tell my dad would say my God trout fishing and oh man, that was an adventure that I think father and some is absolutely beautiful and I put something in my life. That to me was high favor that like I can sense it from my father, but then later in life.

God really use that favor to give me favor. I can even really begin to put any price on that CI would easily something called me up and said let's go trout fishing might say we gonna meet tomorrow at 430. I'm in a be up and I meant to be ready to go fishing you could just count on it because the anticipation of what of the fund that I was going to have and I can remember God asking me one time like Bobby, do you think you can get up that early to come fishing with me and me thinking while you know it's a lot different.

God be there at six, but I know I took him up on and then what adventures he is taking me on like it's done. There's no doubt in my mind that that's in my favorite time that he showed me stuff and you are clearly just this week I mean he knows how much you know I just become like I don't know how to put it on that than just totally full and well fed and all that stuff and just so so excited on the ways that he is illuminated himself to me and so this last week he was like Robbie were to start on the hundred 19 Psalm and and and I was just lost in the weeds horribly trying to understand how these words were just going to come in again and again and again and again. Seem like the same words. This just isn't making any sense to me. Obviously, the Heber was enough for me. I needed something more. And so the question disc was pinned on its rustic I just got to help me out will he sends me to is no doubt that I found this and I find it to our teaching on all these different words and what specifically the Hebrew culture has talked about those words only is it you know that me lose some of you but when I'm trying to get at here is, it poured into me like my wife tried to come in the middle of me watching this video, it's really got her feelings are like honey, I'm sorry but this now. It would be like you walking and when I have a 20 pound trout on the line like you know were not being there. I am gone fishing with God and he's showing me the coolest things of ways that dots connect in the Bible and things and concepts that that just like Amanda.

I feel favored and and I have to be honest when I say where you feel the most favorite wife. I definitely feel favor when he is showing me his word should be, actually, which I know Jesus it's a word in word is Jesus. And so you're actually getting to completely commune with Jesus it in the study of his work reality. Thing about told before preshow about a story when it comes to God's favor and allows anything about our fire. We have low digital antenna that hangs up in the window to house and God's favor is always there. The digital signals always there is my receiver that has issued sent out an and I will look since it makes them make sense to me at the moment so but back when I was supposed to be ordained back in 2013 yo how is it his journey with the church. I was in and then their structure and neck, and Athenian is really ruffle my heart because I was trying to earn something I think in and you know then I get this piece of paper.

This is all you been divorced or damaged goods will like it would damage twice then so you is a really bad, as I just extremely extremely damning. My receiver that's a D2 yeah yeah so anyway what happened was God showed me favor with the pastor of the church was there and the United through the niece of mine who you I dearly love. She's 14 now, but in that moment there was I'm looking at it. I had already lifted his paperwork.

And there were levels of reward and the ordination gets it work and what I realized was I had already done got allow me to do things that man was saying all you can do to you. Do this in his favor was and will basically said was you. Let me choose where you can go and what you can do.

And obviously one thing led to another and Anna might Robbie and the adventures I have been well adventures normal now are incredible a meeting and when I look back and I go man I wish I recognized his favor a little more. The but what was it that I might not have learned in the journey we we did some incredible things and we were just talking the real estate markets nuts right now, but he might try to buy a house at the beach and we sold our house in Asheboro moved to Keene at just the right moment in the middle of Cove in 19 we got half radio sold it and it sold and we balked just as his favor is God's favor that in favorite and fair will why it happened the way it did, but I'm glad it did.

Because a little and it was of the stuff you have to deal now and I think one thing that may be considered. People get greater portions of God's favor Mike in Scripture right it doesn't mean that were all been absent of his favor. Obviously you know anything.

So think about is you guys are talking was nothing of ever asked God the question God remind me of when you show me your favor is let him answer. You know when I was sitting here and I was listening to you guys, but that's a question is kind of prompting these bring back memories of me being with my kids on the times we laugh about stuff that's just things we like to laugh about quoting stupid movies or throwing things out there and it's one of my favorite times and I got my daughter's wedding coming up and letting them really looking forward to at three my kids can be able to be there. You know, and being able to have at least some portion of that time were we can just get together and laugh about stuff because that's one of my things into laughter is a great love language in for us in a and that something that tends to happen when when the kids all get together and so looking forward to that is as well as a wedding.

Obviously, that that's when things in addition to the wedding and looking forward to A Regular Milk, Regular, Medically Yeah That's What Equestrians That I Ever Slated to Get Their Way through the Santa Claus. It's Either at Denny's and He Wants Chocolate Milk Nuances and Everything That She's Likely to Have a Talk about My Looks Fine. And so That That Is a Quote Becky Valley and the Plane Looks Fine Is One of His Will Probably Use" of a Bunch of That Week Yeah Nine and That's with the Times and with My Kids That I Really Feel Favor Because He Blessed Me with Great and Blessed You with the Memories That Go with the Plane. five Yeah and and and and and Being Able to Share Life.

I It's It's an Amazing Thing That's Really Family Is Just like Wow You Know, for Those of Us but Unfortunately There Are Some People That Don't Appreciate Their Families and and They Don't Necessarily Appreciate the Favor of Their Parents and How Many Movie Clips Could We Use Where Where You See the Father Reached out like Crazy to a Son and of the Doesn't Get It, but Fortunately the Profitable Himself Turned around and He Got It When He Came Back but It Was Always There. You Can Also See A Lot Of Clips Where in Their Own Way Sons and Daughters Are Reaching out to Their Parents and the Parents Have No Clue Right AnyNet That Is in A Lot Of the Movie Clips You See Is Unfortunately That the Dynamics of That Thing in Relationship in the Story Chronicles the Older Son, the Firstborn, What Was His Complaint Was You, Not Throwing a Party for Me. I've Been Here I've Done My Duty and the Father Telling All I Have Is Yours. The Signal Was There. Signees Need to Turn Receiver Will Good Point and We Were Trying to Whip It. Talking Earlier about That Whole Firstborn and That's Where the Blessing through Typically Comes but That's Not the Case Whenever You Look through the Bible. There Are Quite A Few Examples and Nobody Pointed That One out. Let's Good Plan of Anyone Else Getting Stories of God's Favor When You Feel It.

What about You, You Had a Little More Time to Experience and I've Had A Lot More Experiences.

I Would Daresay That the Most We Are Not Have This Somewhat Similar Experienced What You Described in Housing Market When When I Determined That We Needed to Leave Columbus, Mississippi, and I Found a Job in Multiple North Carolina Our Home There so about the First Week It Was on the Market.

Market There Was on the Upswing. We Came to North Carolina in March. Will the Market Was in a Downturn. We Ended up Buying a House and Been This Was in December. House Had Been Finished and Nothing Maybe February and Sit in Their Empty so We Sold Our Home in Columbus with a Profit We Put into the Savings-And-Loan. We Moved It. Took That Money Paid down on the New House That Was in Early December in Either January or February. Let Us Know Went Belly up, Not FDIC Insured People Couldn't Get a Nickel for At Least Couple Years and Then I Think It Was like 20 or $0.25 on the Dollar. If They Recovered We Sold Highball Low and Did Lose a Nickel.

So That's Just One Instance of When I See God's Favor and He Let Me Bounce off the Asphalt When I Have My Motorcycle Wreck Is Cut A Few Scant Places. Nothing Else I Could Go on and on Lot Longer Than You'd Care to Listen but You Know the Fact That I've Been Married for 57 Years to My Sweetheart That's God's Favor Because I Was Planning to Be a Navy Pilot and Animated Amount Not to Survive Vietnam so on and on and on. I Could Go Just Blasted Obama Statement before If You're Looking for God, Even Steam and Everything Every Bush Ever Ever Bird Ever Be. He's There but If You Don't Know It Just Happened, Which Is Ridiculous at All. In the Podcast That While the Heart That Sherry Snyder Was Talking about That We Have a Tendency When Crap Flies Not for Lack of a Better Word in Your Life to Stop Being Relational and Stop Looking to the Father, When All Of A Sudden They Pull the Rug out from underneath You and and Then She Made the Point of Stephen like Somebody Had His Rug Pulled out Right.

He's Getting Stoned to Death Right but When You Think about It When You Think of the Light That Was Shining on on Stephen's Face.

Just Picture That in Your Mind, You Couldn't Have As Much Thrown at You Is Those Rocks That Were Being Thrown at That Statement yet He Stayed Relational and in That Moment He Was Looking Right for the Favor of God and Because He Was, He Had the This Look of an Angel Because That the Very Glory of God like You Know the Ironic Blessing Right That May but for the Made the Lord's Face Shine upon You, While He Was Looking up to See That Face-To-Face Was Shining on Him As He Was Literally Being Stoned to Death and She Said Wouldn't It Be Wonderful If We Could Live Our Lives Realizing That No Matter How Many Stones Were Flying Our Way, That While We Could Look up and Hit Would Still Be Shining down on You. Weren't You so Cute You Made the Point You in the Preshow Retirement.

This Is You, Paul Was Probably There to Witness That Right in How That Had to Have a Definite Impact on His Life and At Least You Throw a Little Bit More Things in Their Tent to Working Towards You Know When God Redeems Them on the Road to Damascus That There's Something There He Seen It Firsthand and Saying I Think That When You See the Favor and You Don't Get Jealous.

The Other Something in It That Makes You Sad Love to Have a Little Bit of That. Have You Know It's It's the Jealousy Part That Gets in the Way. So Much of the Time and That's What We See Scripturally Came Enabling Those Types of Things Were Just, and His Brothers yet Jealousy Plays Another Part It It Does, but Robbing Plan That out A Few Weeks Ago.

If in That I Think It Might've Been That Iniquity Discussion That That That That Jealousy Also Can Be a Good Thing or a and Envy.

Let's Say and Do You See That Blessing of God and It Says Will Okay.

It Was the Same Level Me When I Saw You Guys. I Was like Okay This Boot Camp Stuff Must Work. These Guys Have Testimonies and These Men Are Welcome Free When It Was Something in Me That Salalah Little Bit of That. You Know in It and the More You Progressing like Okay What They're Saying Is Really True Because It's Happening to Me.

You Know When You Know You Thought You Walked in the Word All This like That Then You Hear Testimony about Some Favor of God in a Different Aspect and It Does Make You Desire Those Things Now.

Not Everybody Sees That and Desires the Same Thing. Some People Right Well That's Too Hard or I Don't Want to Be. I'd Rather Hide or Add Whatever Bit You Have That Opportunity. God Says Jesus Day Who You Serve, or Who You Will Cheat You Will Seek after You Know Yeah I Think It It's That Magical Pivotal Point, Though, That I Can. I Can Appreciate What Someone Else Has Right, but When I Think They Shouldn't Have It Because I Should Have a Right Right Right and I Turning Their Focus Away from the Father Any More Towards the World and Inserting the Look at What Satan Wants Me to Think in That Situation and and Then Bad Things Really Disc in a Row from the Eunice of This Week. One Thing Is Likely to Go Do It and I for Our Team to Do That Is to Get Show Me Where You Search in Your Favor to Me in the past Where You Trying to Show the Favor to Me Now in My Current Situation, Whatever That Situation May Be, and Let Him Speak into Your Heart, Let Him Love You, Let Him Show You What He's Trying to Do It and Maybe Get Some Stuff Out Of the Way, Letting Work on That Particular's Questions to Him Go Register for Boot Camp Masking Journey That Allergy This Is the Truth Network

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