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Draw Near With Confidence

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 17, 2021 12:30 pm

Draw Near With Confidence

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 17, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys discuss God drawing us near confidently. The clips are from the movies "Talladega Nights," "The Chronicles of Narnia," "and The Ten Commandments." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is JoAnn McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God's chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network everywhere is one usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge boardrooms masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a wife feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here. No welcome masculine journey. Glad you're with us as we can. I'm glad to be back.

Apparently I was absent last year, according to the rumor and what Danny said my word of euros so I hope that that's on my word.

Hope is actually my word of the initials will be all about your window. I would hope that was a nice try. It's not going to be.

It's actually a topic running to tell you bring to the table this week. So, tell us a little bit about that topic.

Yes, I was in studying prayer and just can't assign different aspects and from Hebrews 416 it is coming, jumped in the air and stuck with me. Draw near with confidence and just a lot of other things that I was studying that that one phrase kept coming back and back and back and meeting more as I went along and then when we had our word and looking up our word and think about what God is doing with my word I might your drawing me near with confidence and then I sat here and listen to everybody, but you Sam.

As we talked about a worthier because you are absent and then we decided not sit there thinking while that's what he's doing with all you guys with the right's list until you know what was in our hearts be a preshow during the show up. Oceana might know that's what you do with everybody. That's what you do with all that you've called an insight, a little slow sometimes, but I might go off on a guy got your you're really donis on their that's it. That's what it is a that's true you know I am not Wednesdays a talk about my word for the year that you know actually got his Hadley kinda stuck in a place here. The last three or four weeks and I know that's not topic this week, but I get out of the way but he's been asking what you hope for and I'm struggling to answer and so is I don't want to be united yet. I hope my team wins this again. I don't want that right.

You know what I truly truly my heart of hearts, hope for that, because back into what we were discussing the compass of the prayer topic. No, what is really in your heart for the prayer not just oh my wish list boiler disking everything I want goody goody goody I get to go play now. Now it's it's much more deeper than that is Amazon and so when I was doing this.

It means, back to relationship an understanding who God is and father son and Spirit and then you who you are understanding their vast difference between you two in the real need in dependence upon God and just you know, ask yourself, who am I going to trust my going to trust him or trust me.

I trust his word, and trust what I'm feeling or what I'm thinking about something that I just can't happen without a Finnair that just you know happens suddenly say no.

You gotta talk about how the patients in listening and just let God do the work and follow and then drawing near to him a father following her father's lead, Kennelly descended this this clip that you have yet is a great father figure in this clip. This is from Talladega nights in in the movie. It's a spoof on NASCAR and Ricky Bobby gets in a big accident and I mean it's kind of funny because it he's Darcy in the accident. They go to commercial negative affect commercially still in the accident and then afterwards he's out run around. He stripped off his fire city run around what was like a big huge diaper and he rolled around and ground thinking is on fire and now his his body even try to come to his rescue. I got the same from the fake fire and so now Ricky has this fear and his dad who is never in his life now always left a ticket for me to come to the races and stuff never came. Big disappointment for Ricky and then his dad shows up after he basically shuts down does on driving as as fierce as dad site okay, get this fear out here in these buys is beautiful so they'll let the racing number on it and yelled out racing stripes on it and it's this card is okay is getting in that car and you learn the driver the fear so this clip would have explained yourself when you hear this cougar roar and he tried again in the car with the scooter to overcome his fear that process of claim basically what happened to you. You saw the sea. So before you can even think about any real driving. Gotta make friends so difficult together in a car is cougar and not put in their you learn to drive with the fear and nothing more frightening drive with a live trap and keep it my bathroom at the motel.

Fino basic car you call. If your call that wondrous big cat become scared that beautiful death machine will do what God made mainly each you with a smile on his face, not just follow me wherever I go, is looking at you if I just calm down the cougar be okay on Sunday can do it, no sudden moves like his leading wing as he waited. You got more deliberate in getting there children to handle getting a brother car. I will do call all you control your heart rate may be a mobile cougar. How does that tie into the top will I don't think we really want to Reese Bobby father yeah that's that there is that there is a big reason for that heavenly father every one of us have have fathers that aren't perfect and some of us of going up to be father's perfect and if we don't have that perfectly heavenly father in our lives. There mean you're going to get mauled by cougar as always like to listen to that I was thinking there may be a reflection of the heavenly father. There is sometimes a heavenly father will take you into the fear that makes absolutely no sense in you don't want to walk into it. You know in a logically like know this.

This can't be the way I need to approach it bases know this is a way you need to approach a way night.

I know that you've walk that before yeah I just did that is, God will definitely throw you into a situation where you have no other choice but to depend on him and in that fear does, it becomes an interesting grip you can take you out of what God is trying to teach you full reliance and dependent upon him. It feels like a cougar that sometimes I you know I thought a couple times I could've definitely got my face ripped off unit one. When these is think about when introducing the topic again and we talked about it before the show and so forth was. I'd love to say that most my life of drawing near to God and confidence. Most the time of drawing near to God in desperation I that's been more of the truth of my story right now.

Over the last several years. That's and less and less of the story you know I do have to go to desperation sometimes but it's more and more becoming and confidence is a relationship that the Christian maturity is not. I don't know we have to ask a resident maturity Chris Gerald what to 700 years walk with God. It does give you confidence that was the part of the topic that I focused on being able to approach God incompetence, not because of who I am because of who he is.

Who is he is the true living God, the creator and sustainer of the universe without him there's not that you're in a cri de coeur creature to depict God. What would you choose. I love the choice it was made that I get to see and that is the line Naslund in the Chronicles of Narnia and so that was clip that I chose you probably have to come back for that click.

Don't return to get in before break, okay, that definitely that's the way that after the break of asthma and casting. The key here shake your head so drawing near and confidence here at your point that word confidence that so that's a difference maker absolutely we we can do that because God is trustworthy… Beyond our ability to even understand it.

I happen to have a home.

My favorite T-shirt tonight. John 316 and God so loved us that he sent his son. And that's another part of the Chronicles. That's really great, whereas Lynn sacrifices himself rather than have Peter be the sacrifice of others. Beautiful parallels between that movie and the reality of our God and last night was is working through that situation that could bring upon fear for me and as I'm praying about it here. God says it'll be all right, even for me. Now I know it all right means okay that got the definition you're all right my all right yet.

I thought here is this not always the same thing. You know I got feels is all right. He knows what's best for me is not necessary. The feeling that I have a what's can be all right, but you know, just as I've tried to slip back into some of the spots of fear. Today I just continue to hear his words are you going to trust me and said it's going to be all right is a great song. You need to listen to my fire fall line that's in there is that when things are just going all wrong.

Just remember I love you and it will be. It's a great song that fits in one when energy use the word all right. It is dropped into my head but it talks about things being wrong. All sorts of ways, but it'll be just remember Allah it's a great point unites for me I'm I'm a control person.

I know a lot of this community that unite and I am learning how to walk with that with him and and not be wanting to have control.

This really is tough.

Unite in for him to give me. Just it'll be all right peace. It also made me laugh because he knows I know you thinking anymore and that is that I get to give me any type of planets Kennedy is just all right you have good mask injury that OIG register for the upcoming boot camp coming up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Register today. What if one weekend wasn't up to you now and orchestrated all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors on John Eldridge is wild at heart.

Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed in your masculine heart camp coming up November 18 through the 21st masculine and register today. By the same messenger name here with my son. We talked about ways he helps smiled at him as he information website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine email something to PO Box 550 92728 convective mask and turning and running was that in the that was Scott Brenner singing this there's been there's a few others out there. You could pick from, but I really liked his voice and listen to him and what I like about this on to his or just the picture between God and us again in this and the fact that for God and you know he's holy impurity is a never ending love and infer for our part, you know, we've got to basically trust and obey.

That's what we're here to do so, you know, we trust and obey were running draw near to him more and more as we do that. That's part of that Christian maturity held when we left we were talking about your clip limits.

If you hadn't. Now your talk met in that verse of draw near to me in confidence. If I said that correctly draw near to being confident you're focusing on the confidence part and it reminded you of this clip clip where kids are leaving to go back to their world and there have in their final conversation with Jasmine and couple things that he says in there that just really struck me as great.

Reminds me of our relationship with God. And this is from Chronicles of Narnia right and I think the seeds that this is the last movie gravity might be voyage of the Dawn treader it it it when Lucy's find lame messes.

Thereupon the rug out from under me from here you have not seen in the last movie and so then play the clip in command. Talk about time you have grown up just like Susan.

I shall be watching you always world. I have another muscular that was the very reason I knew that yes.

What was it about that really spoke to you but one of the things is what he says be watching always. That's our God is watching out for us and we can rely upon him to be the rock upon which we build, knowing that that foundation will give way and that we will meet again that there will be a time when will share the same world unlike with the kids being in Narnia but heading back to their world, whereas none said that he wouldn't go but he would be watching.

So it's just a thing of beauty to me in now. We give you a hard time about being the elderly. What is it that gives you the confidence in drawing near to the fact that I can look back over my left and I can see that even tenant in times when I was not as faithful to him as I should've been that he was faithful to me that I can say things that he brought about that. I could not of done on my own would not done so. It's just easy for me to look back and know that God has been in control of my life and I as I was growing up, I wanted to be a Navy pilot, I would've been a horrible thing.

If I had managed to do it because out of them live in an immoral life, but instead he put my sweetheart in front of me on dominance is an I just couldn't resist her sought change my whole direction in life and had nothing to do with me. It had everything to do with him because I was not even thinking about being serious with a woman, but he changed pretty quickly. Actually absolute would her brother tricked me into a blind date of Friday night before Thanksgiving, 1962 at Christmas 1962. We told her folks were going to get married that didn't happen for about 18 months.

I had to drop out of school and go to basic training for the Alabama National Guard come back and finish my last year at Auburn. I graduated on Wednesday, June 3 we were married on Saturday, June 6. We just celebrated 57 years on June 6 and Oliver's much now are more than I ever did before God doesn't make mistakes. Thank you Robbie.

You have clip but there's a story that goes along with Cliff and so would you like to tell us a little bit about the clip or air. As I got set up the clip to the story. So yes my latest adventure goddess had me memorizing the hundred 19th Psalm. It starts with our family. In verse two, so at least two verse of a long journey but am excited to do it, but the second verse happened to me this morning and it was amazing to me that was right along Rodney's topic because it says blessed are those who keep the testimonies of God and must testimonies or I things that they seem of their own eyes. Just like what Harold just described that he saw that happen with his own eyes and and then it says and who seek him with a whole heart. What will so as we move forward with confidence. It's a lot of times because we are keeping a testimony of words we have had this experience in our own life, but more than that.

We have examples from the Bible and so as I was just thinking about two examples. This morning the example of Moses at the burning burning bush. We get to hear the movie version, but it's in everybody's Bible (Exodus and after you hear a little bit of that. Then there's Jeffrey Miller who was a Jewish gentleman I interviewed at the RB a few weeks ago and his experience with coming to Christ and you need to know a little bit about that story was. He was an atheist and a Jew very much a Jew anything but Jesus you who is been approved to his girlfriend that there was no such thing as God and she gave him a book by Dean Jones to read. Little did you know Herbie the love boat driver was a Christian any Christian card every time that many why he wrote a book that that Jeffrey was reading at the point of this story is kicking in and Jeffrey been healed by something and while he said he was telling me that he was calling Dean Jones an idiot.

How could you think such a thing. All the sudden he saw the healing that Dean Jones had received realized it came from God.

And that's when this happened to Jeffrey so you can hear Jeffrey right after you hear most like you see, that's five.

I will turn aside and see this case, I am here is if I say to your children. God of their fathers has sent me will ask, what is his name. How should I answer my and it surely is sitting here before you, Robbie told the story. Over the years it were, as if lightning struck.

I mean, something hit me. I didn't see anything. I did everything up and down my body ran the strongest sensation I've ever felt my entire life like being on the highest roller coaster you can imagine a common down. It was amazing and I had not of what is going on, but the tears gushed out of my eyes and I'm crying standing there in this radio station not knowing what was going on and the next thing I knew, crying my eyes out and shaking in the sensation going up and down my body.

I lifted up my hands. You know the Bible says lift your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord. I never heard that I never seen it. I had no idea zero but my hands when I looked up at the drop ceiling that radio studio and to my shock and amazement atheist you cried out Jesus and inside my head as I cried out those words inside my head. My mind said so you can see Jeffrey bear.

This is a testimony we all can say wow there somebody like that my life I've heard a testimony like that. Something that was an eyewitness in those testimonies we hold onto, so that what the second part of that versus we can seek him with a whole heart which that word whole King David.

You know he EE really encompass somebody that would go after God with the wholehearted has to do with number seven has to do with the word Sheba, but also has very much to do with believing that you're going to see his face and remember them. The blessing that David is going after his blessing to you that that that the blessing would be right. Bless you and you know that the Lord cast his face upon you. If that's the that's the blessing that David was going for. That's what were all going for is to see his face and well see it's pretty cool new things. I realize this in the Charlton Heston thing there was Popeye kinda ripped off God and what I am not there little bit you as got a call that actually those are both Charlton Heston's voice. Yet they used and how to create the God voice as well as Charlton Heston's on force. The second thought that I had those New Testament testimony. You know when you think about boot camp. Obviously the power of God right, but the power of the talks.

You know when we get up and detoxes not how eloquently I came to the Ellicott letter. Now that we have good we speak. It's not that it's a tower of God's work in our life we were doing our testimony what God's done for us right in and that's what was not my first boot camp was you know when I could hear that someone that had a breakthrough with pornography or I could hear that somebody had a breakthrough that anger in God did this work in your life or did this restoration in relationships.

There is then hope.

Yes, there's hope and there's power right of that testimony did okay now you know that I can step forward in confidence knowing God's if he's done that before. Obviously can do it again and he can do it with me that that was a really cool thing about being in Boot Camp when you're just like Sarah in one story after another and you like oh my gosh these guys through this that the other thing and start think about your own story start out well and I've been there. I can get healing I can I can Ashley come through on the on the other side of this and three years later I can talk about things I never talk about nine were learning all sorts of things that you now this is great to the very missing the big keep coming up November 18 through the 21st it's the weekend before Thanksgiving. Please go register this week. Would love to know who all is coming. It's can be a wonderful weekend got to do some amazing things that a masculine register for the upcoming boot camp also stick with us working to go to the after hours and talk about this more. This is the Truth Network

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