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Draw Near With Confidence After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 17, 2021 8:00 am

Draw Near With Confidence After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 17, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about drawing near with confidence continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip used is from "Erin Brockovich."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hi Michael versus Breanna Michael: I like Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be doing is for discussions about our journeys in more into Jesus is. This is the Truth Network French barricade the heart masculine journey Broward time to go and be more transparent, topic covered, so sit back and masculine journey starts here now welcome message early after hours were glad that were with you will most word. We were sitting here talking films and stories and also and we realize all you going now so were were back with you that Mooresville is drawing near to each other rise on God stories yet since we can go. The absence will go with draw near to God and confidence is only those little bit about the topic you know that's what it is but that refreshes the after-hours credit yeah this is something that is come to me as a starting prayer and is like draw near with confidence as In everything that I studied. It was remember draw near accountancy diskette for some reason reminded me of that passage and site is trying to teach me something that I'm usually little thick so it's like okay you got a pound it in a little while and that's when I realized we were all drawing closer and this is what he does with is this a part of our maturity as a part of us growing and abiding in Christ and becoming sons of his and that's just where the whole idea of doing it just keeps giving me more and more contentment.

That's the way I just keep coming back to assist him. Good Lord, I'm good with this, I'm fine. I know who you are and I'm trusting and trusting in him more and that's where I just love especially came off the word of the year that I was absent for further back in manpower to do or you absence and I was I occasionally talk about that the last couple minutes we know no bitterness or so ready talk about you drawing near to God.

But how do you go about drawing for you personally how you go about drawing near to God and confidence really just it's been such a wonderful change my life thinking about all the worthless stuff that I paid attention to my life whether there was now just TV sports so many other things that the other fun, I still enjoy them.

At times, but really just being in the word and listening to other pastors brothers sisters that are walking with Christ and just learning about him. The more I can learn and study Illinois masonry hours in the day and at some of the things at first he knows like oh my gosh I get more more more more more and when I did come to Christ. It was during a time of traveling and it was. I could listen to Dr. J.

Vernon McGee almost continuously because I was in the car so much like I went to his five-year program in two and half years plus, as was the Truth Network continually and just getting soaked in some way different things and then as my wife picked up and get busy again he lied really wasn't. I've not listen to as much, but I've been fortunate enough to be sitting still more office. I been able to read more. So that's been great so I didn't do Marie but it's just conversations.

That's was some of the best time is when you just talk with other people about Jesus and about the stories of the Bible and how the real in your own life and things of that nature. And then when you get to do that and you get to talk about what's real for you and it helps you learn when you get to teach other something that you want and that's just me just just fun thinking Wayne how about you, how do you draw near to God and confident. It's been a process like sitting at overtime father draw me into that place that right now for me. It's hard to explain to people that every moment for me. I wake up, and a lip follow.

Wake me up whenever he wakes me up.

Eat elastin to come out and sit with them and crazy hours of the morning to 3 o'clock in the morning and I go because I know there's a reason, I know that I know that receipt yet I a guy gets deal with and I get quiet and he says that you enter into the gates with thanksgiving, and you enter into the courts with praise. There is that piece of it in some of my time here driving down the road. I can't tell you how often, get to where I am on the solid mass. But it's it's going and believing you're going to hear and then it when you do here. Step out in faith and and do what he told you or believe what he told you. Just like Ronnie said you if he tells you that you're my son so what do you believe it and it's it's an amazing journey. It is in. I guess for me, drawing near to him is allowing my heart to step away from dizziness back as I can keep my life my my time so full all the time limit countless projects I want to do. There's all these things that I want to do 8 when I take time to notice the things that God's putting in front of me to get my attention. You know it it's hard to say. And I talked about on the air, but I have had a pretty rocky just emotional week and can't really explain and I just and crabby does cranky bat in a distant bad mood and it seems like your time I look out my window.

There's a cardinal at the birdfeeder interest makes me laugh because that's one thing that is always a reminder to me of when I see a cardinal. You notice the faithfulness of the relationship of cardinals and lots of things annoys. Reminds me of God and interest continually makes me laugh that I see in probably four or five times this week and I can go weeks without seeing one out at the theater. You know, weeks, and I don't put it in the future.

Something to do that. But no, but it's it seems like whenever I'm in a really really bad place. I look at and is one of the trio is when it flies in the my in front of the card.

I don't I don't hit it in on those kinds of things and in its is taken those times. They okay got you trying to get my attention right now it's talk in and taking that time and only spending some time with him and you know and and then just trusting his word, and not just his written word, but the things that he's told me in the past for the things that he tells me now united to trust in that and know that okay. I may not know the details and we now know how it's gonna work out or whatever the situation is, but I know you got it right and so does help me be obedient and walking with you in it, looking at me like that, and our non-go through different seasons and different things that I've done on I'm in a really fun one that you know for whatever reason, two or three years ago I read this passage about how Solomon's throne unite was animated in these different animals lifted him up onto the phone and so I said that that's really cool.I want some of those and he gave me Eagle one and so when in the morning you now just part of my routine and then people think about it that I really enjoy it. So I got there and and after I go through it. Certain things in prayer which usually can actually take me about 45 minutes to get my head straight.

Then Eagle one shows up in a and one Eagle one shows up I climb I eagle on his back, which is big beautiful bald Eagle stillbirths are involved in and he takes me up with the father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There are three up there and and you know this is gonna be our time to hang out and and it used to be that I would ask my word of the day or he would send me a certain passage, but here you know he gave me about her 19th on the memorized of this morning just funny like okay well apparently it I know where I'm going in the Bible today so you know what you what you have in mind for me. So is evil one Eagle one drops me off, which is not unusual that he throws me off to some extent in the father's can catch me with big hand and he's got a big one this morning. It was like the Jesus water ride from heaven. Okay I if you can even imagine if you if you've ever seen the movie goonies or you maybe you know you've gone to Disney World and on the water rights. I love water rights with this thing was like when I was going up and down and around and and and it was like he just had me on this ride and I went man this is so this is way better than any amusement park at never been on this is like liquid Jesus and unlike flowing through and just having the ride of my life and and we just had so much fun and you know this went on for some period of time and then I got the chance to worship in and I and I like to be anointed which means you not have Jesus you know rub your head in a like like rustic absolutely greatly below that in all that stuff so I decide to have this experience. This morning right and then just as is.

Is he often just shows me that that's real right is I'm getting ready for the show today I'm clipping this clip that you might've heard of the previous about.

I had Moses and I went back and got the Jeffrey Miller clip that I had recorded some weeks ago when I'd forgotten all about Jeffrey Miller saying what was, like I was on this roller coaster ride and it was like that. You remember that a course when I hear that out of the clip. This when I'm recording that today I'm like oh my goodness, I mean I just experience that so yeah Jeffrey, I know exactly what you document you know we been on this roller coaster ride and slight, and so it's really fresh for me and me just like it's stuff you can't make this stuff up.

It just happens. We figure here's a list of much today so that was his wife, behind the rally flyer to get like it but you draw near to God, will things that is really great for me is you bobbled the phone do a study with people when we do that we not only read the material will we make comments of our own and their introspection that I get into that not something that I would've done past and think me drawing through that to God helps me to know more about me, some of which I'd rather not know. I'll admit, but it also shows me some of the good qualities that I do have because I'm just like everybody else I got good and bad so I draw near to God through those studies. He draws me nearer to him through the special and made me think you similar question, but slightly different game where in life right now is God drawing you nearer to him and confident in what aspect of your life right knee thought is an example of what you know not yet out for me this last year is drawing close to him in my finances and I've always kind.

Gotto give you your part. Knowing that he gives it to me all anyway right, but I just really been walking with him in my finances this year doing things a lot differently. You know I have use credit cards in a long time now since last November and working off cash only and trying to pay some things often kind of moving to a different place and it's a very fearful place for me at times his stuff still breaks down in the house or the car has this happens in you know the temptation to use those things. But to say no. I minute draw near to you and trust that were going to get through this right and you know he gives me creative solutions in her decision.

Example this year have been wanting to do some projects around the house and unlike they got. I don't really want to spend the money on some little bit of money in savings and want to spend it.

I don't bring in on and I just felt this feeling of what you have around the house. You don't need anymore so I went and cleaned out my garage and sold a bunch of stuff on Facebook marketing and I wouldn't do a project unless I had the money that I sold it to to do the project right it's just a totally different way for me to approach things but it's so much healthier so much better for my heart. I'm not building a debt collector. You know I'm not building this debt bank that I get a payoff right in and him to learn to walk with him a lot differently than I and I'm learning to do that in a lot more confidence because he's giving me thoughts and ideas or ways to deal with some things that I would've not done before they give an example. I think an example is that he brings people into our lives that wouldn't otherwise be there that also help us to draw closer to him. It's amazing he'll put your lives at what time in which situations special when you look back like your retirement before.

So for me it has been my worthier family not just my immediate family, but my whole entire family to them getting closer and closer with you guys all the time which is priceless.

My church and the family. I have their believers that are just there phenomenal.

There are very, very supportive, and they just help me move here not too long ago and then my actual family. My aunt had terminal cancer diagnosed was able to back for a week and visit her in some other relatives that were able to come in before she passed, and then we also went back for funeral then had some time there, so just really really great family time and then it's also a chance to witness and give her testimony about where you're at so is this nice having other very strong believers in the family were we can kind of yell just have that conversation. For those who don't believe in its yell comfortable it's it's it's you know I can do that now with so much more confident so I would've a year ago to three years ago is just drawing drawing drawing drawing near and then you get more confidence to be in a witness of work and say things in his accuser. Some wonderful believers in reality you can say things with you… It's nice when you can be open about who you are and who you believe in gravity blaming the challenge for me this year. I didn't see it, and actually had. I knew my word was engagement. Apparently it had to do with my health that I got covet and that sent my blood pressure crazy but at the same time God provided this mountain bike and I began to exercise in order to get my blood pressure under control and this was not an easy thing because I live in a very hilly neighborhood. Very hilly neighborhood and I had this mountain bike, and quite often I had to walk it up the hills. In fact, some of the neighbors would laugh at me and say all you taken your bike for a walk again. That would very funny but nonetheless I I took my bike from F walks to the point that I can actually get up the hills and and then over a period of time I've gotten to where I just love to ride that bike and then here recently. I just feel like God has sent me these messages that he really enjoys his time that were standing together on the bike which I actually try to do every day along with my map and these dear of come out of uncomfortable.

You know, for me, and anybody knows me a deer hunter I found dear, I don't want to shoot base this one dear, I'm pretty sure is my friend like it comes out almost every night now and it will stand at the top the road and it will wait till I get up there and then we'll just come to greet each other and then it will kind of mean it's like we just see each other and in it and I can just tell it's God winking at me like yeah I know you love dear inherent here is this know and she has two forms that are still enough spots and is just beautiful. Robbie, if there's anything I know that you are definitely like, dear, you are definitely thirsty for more.

It's one of the things that I watch has drawn me to thinking. So you don't name the funds like ole start unicorn for having seasons not that far away. The government really. I can't believe that I really have no desire I did in fact it would hurt my feelings if somebody shot this dear because it's just like we become friends like I see it almost every night and is funny that where the different places it will pop out and narratives and I am the remainder yet to come up with some going on about you how house go drawing near to him right now how you going. He's asking me to do's really hard thing coming up and actually, started walking into some of that already and it is extremely important. The confidence that we have and who he is, is our father and who he's told us we are the promises that he's given us in Scripture and getting a loan you. We talk about this. This drawing confidence towards him. One of the things that I do is I sit still and awake and wait for him to give me a scriptural word. Whatever here lately. I can ask a question and he'll give me that's book chapter and verse to go and look at and is it is the answer to that question is got to the point where I just sit still and I just wait for him to tell me what I would because he knows me better than he knows the questions think he knows all the stuff I just wait for him to tell not to ask Robbie little earlier if he had read Isaiah 43 gave me that day and it is dead in line with what he's calling me to knit it and it's just amazing how he speaks to my heart and draws me in, and then asked the question. Ronnie said early do you believe the art may be an issue but it is it is the question that he asked his you believe he wants us to believe he truly loves us. He is our in in your answer. You kinda went where God had me on this question. You know what happens when you draw near to me, that's where you brought up the topic. You know, the more my mind kept going is what happens when I do draw near to him why I learned more about him and his heart. Obviously learn more about me and my identity now what I've been told that I am or what I thought to believe that I am, but with whom he created me to be and I learned more about others and I learn more about how to love others better learn more about how to accept others to where they are right now in their walk, you knowing and not be judgmental, which I would've been 15 years ago a lot more so in REE disk puts me in a place where I see more. Through his eyes. You know, which is a much healthier place in looking through my own yet that's where I'm definitely a judgmental person and that death was one of the things that I've I find which helps me recognize at least now I think I think of cut down on that somewhat but at least I can recognize it when it happens and go okay, what's the situation what's going on and be able to be quickly retrospective on that no work work through then say okay this is this where you're sending in this judgment and will remain made may actually be righteous sometimes and in judging is leads us to the clip that you have as little judgment still judgment you and so in the movie Aaron Brockovich. You know she's a person who becomes an advocate and helps this big lawsuit against PG&E back in California in the day and she gets hired on by this law firm can she do something when this big case and a lot of money will now she's in this big-time law firm but she's not the big time lawyer so she is now she's got she's really negotiated some really good money and this bonus and what she's going to give this case come through and now she's into her second case and things are not really going well and she's going to get even more money. Probably from that one is Jesus.

She's riding the high you know what I'm doing. Look at me and the boss walks in and says something about the bonus and may not be what she expected in you can listen to Hannah play out here as he teases her down the path I have your bonus check and now I want you to be prepared is not exactly what we discussed Kazakhstan careful consideration, I felt that figure was not to appropriate. Although you may not agree you have to trust my experience of trusting to me a favor and use big words, you don't understand the complicated issue you should reward me.

Accordingly, the problem lawyers to situations. All lawyers are backstabbing bloodsucking scumbag because they are doing this to me now, which by the way, we had gone out there to be looked after by strangers working in this firm as I was saying, I decided that the figure you propose was inappropriate. So I increased they teach beauty queens how to apologize because use you imagine sitting there thinking you negotiated all this big settlement, you can get some respect because of what you did all the hard work you put in and also you are being led down the road of we do not going to get what you thought you going to get your course you go to. I don't trust you your you not give me what I did and then she looks down and sees a $2 million check sitting in an which is way more than she negotiated for and that's when she had that abrupt stop the conversation and site oh I guess I do trust you and that's what we need to do a lot of times I can remember. How may times that I've been down this path of I'm angry and frustrated and I'm think I've it's all my control.

I got to do everything in sight. Oh, that's right.

With whatever's going on here.

I do need to trust that it is what's best for me because Lord you have your hand that they can the robbers talk about what I liked about that Cliff honestly was the authenticity of it. I mean it's little bit wrong. If you love the raw for what we typically use but you know I honestly if I put myself in that situation I could be in a very similar place if I was really feeling like has been taken advantage of being very authentic and I think you know is where authentic with others you know we we need to take that authenticity to our father is very knows it. Anyway, Wayne and me talk that he knows better than ourselves but to take that authenticity to him and just let him work on that. If it's a place where I'm angry at him angry of its place and I'm scared.

I'm scared of its place. Where am I fear, yeah any of that right here. He knows that.

Anyways it is taken that authenticity to him and letting him drive right in and that will give you that confidence as we talk about you know the next time you come up to that place for your angry or scared you don't know where to turn right all of the world went last him go the father.

He's been helping and then we need to be Harold H to spend all your time with his tenant. Lots of time to the masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 18-21. This is Truth Network

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