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Word of the Year-Mid Year After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 10, 2021 8:00 am

Word of the Year-Mid Year After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 10, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on word of the year right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network and French in the heart. Masculine journey after our time to be more transparent on the topic of this invention, masculine journey starts here welcome to masculine journey were having fun may consent making Sam today sees leftist to the word of the year without Sam. So next week's program were thinking that Sam, you know, pretty much carry the wall you know with his worth know all you want an update like we all do my Danny and when you like to know that you would like to know what his word was was absent. Will I think it was hope and a lot of hope. We hope you will be you. I like the idea this word was absent. So anyway, we are show today. We are if you listen to the regular broadcast we've been talking about the concept.

It actually was introduced by John Eldridge in the wild at heart. Team a number of years ago of is he coming into the end of the year to begin to ask and pray God for a theme for where you're going in the upcoming year and if you listen to our show arrived began the year. We all have words in and so we wanted to update were halfway through the year to got to give you an idea of the adventure that everybody's been on the in that and I think we all are challenged, which is exactly how he wants us to be searching for. You know where he wants to take us in that and along those lines. Another one of our freshman Danny, this is your first year for worthier it is.

Yes and your word was worded heritage. How cool is that no lesson planning, said John.

Oh yes, it is almost been like a foundation, everything is going and the word living hell leads back to it and you families been very important in my life and we moved last year to King which is about two hours away where I grew up about narrowing my wife's family and so God is lettuce on another heritage of spiritual heritage in and just lots of neat stuff and lots of hard stuff to you to follow along his passing away in lots of things.

My prayers health is failing and that nothing but just digging into the roots of who I am physically, mentally and spiritually how it's really cool is that the just process and where that is been going as we talked about it preshow and then we had the chance to do it in the broadcast is it's almost like God is given us seems along a major theme of some kind. Because what Danny's word I mean is he say what and Andy's word played very significantly into Wayne's word which plays significantly and to Rodney's word, which plays into my word, which all play into Danny's word and an annual see that when you when we get to big Jim's word and and Harold that that interestingly, it seems like in some way. They're all connected right and and and and so it's kind of really like man can't do your taken us all on that in this kind of need that were updating here so we can see, whereby Elsa's words come together so for you. Specifically, you got a clip forest.

Danny along the lines of its older TV show TV shows. The Waltons and I think this was Clint Dowdell 940 biz we can do but it's grandpa Walt and grandma wants it up on the mountain and talking about their life on the mountain and the things that have come to passages remind me of everything I just talked about. So as you listen to this are producer keys made mention that this doesn't appear to be a scene from the Wizard of Oz. Although you might think, based on the quality of the sound that they are munchkins they are in fact regular. The Walton amount of wizard to set up but I think if you settle down and listen you can hear some 17th I spent on this. That is a different clip and that is why you see will excuse you know is to seek change in said Danny.

They talk a lot about family and new connections in you having just certain changed church families and there's a Scripture. Ironically, Psalm 60 that says verse six is the lines are fallen upon me in pleasant places. You have a goodly heritage and in this in his last year has been, where we pulled it roots out of Randolph County and came to Stokes County, and God is put us in pleasant places a matter you got all the time man immediate from bottom my heart.

You guys an answer prayer because I literally left a men's ministry that mean another gentleman started and walked right in here and it was just just like looking up these headphones when you do rubbing and the and churches been, the same way. Just the part of the last churches Stokes County. I probably would have said a younger visit. There is will remember that and this is been an awesome journey he has planted us in pleasant places. What's really cool about the Danny I am not share this with you but actually, since it memorizes expense on here recently.

I say that verse and and so I studied.

As you might imagine, in an Danny the other day he sent a very funny text that after I called him about some minutes ago Rabbi Robbie told me to take two Hebrew words a call in the morning it set up. I wrote you have to think this funny writer and so I looked up that word heritage and it really studied it, and what I saw in that is the word heritage as everything to do with the bright morning like a morning that has all sorts of wonderful things that can happen in it right that has all sorts of potential that your heritage has all sorts of potential and the interesting thing about the word is so eternal because you have potential.

Going forward, and you have potential going backward, and all of you guys heard the podcast this week from from Ransom Park R12 heart, but this one lady got a healing her know it was Allen Arnold himself had gotten a healing from his pirate heritage and so they had gone back and gotten forgiveness from Jesus for something that happened generations back at and so when you think about that word heritage in the healing that's available to us.

It's not only moving forward but it's going back that that Jesus paid it all is it's it's a fabulously beautiful thing and it leads to righteousness which gets us over to big Jim and his word of the year which challenges all is he you know when we went there like Danny's word so much Emil stay on it.

Second, listen to that clip that she talked about whistling when she was alone.

This will tell you how long ago this was odd because of I had a nickname for my grandmother grandma groovy and she was always whistling and I never really recognize the tune and that was partially because of her whistling and partially because I didn't know what that well, but I found out at my father's funeral where I sang amazing Grace. That was what she walked around whistling all the time and that was very meaningful to me. My parents, grandparents on both sides. All had a significant impact so I like your word better mind because mom's been a real challenge to me this year its integrity and I don't think I've ever had a word that God brought up more than this one. It's multiple times a week. I'll get a a reminder, a prodding that my word is integrity and in looking for a clip for this. I had never heard of the movie. It was one of these can no teacher goes really has a major impact on poor kids in the school and that them is been done so many times I didn't really grant me, but what did in this kind of speaks of the heritage to is that the woman responsible for Anne Frank's diary being saved during World War II, was a initialization Austrian lady but she married a Dutch man. Her name was. Not easy to say but it's good and short circuit mess it up to bed.

Meet with her nickname and geese was her last name and she actually save the Dorrie which she would not have done if she had read it was kind of miraculous.

That happened but they had this lady and she did an excellent job.

It's very historic come and talk to the students in the class and that's what were here now the bounty on a Jew, was about two dollars so desperate for money to the Gestapo on August 4. They started into my office and then pointed to gun at me and said not sound fun, but then they went straight upstairs to the attic. I felt so helpless. I could hear him screaming objects being thrown around. So I ran back to my house.

I look for hearing on knickknacks you know anything I could take back with me to bribes and so I took this back with me all these things and this soldier there took out his gun and put it against my head, you could be shot for hiding a Jew will go to camp there isn't a day that I don't remember August 4 and I think about Anne Frank never had a hearing before you are my hero. No, no young man, no I am not a hero. No I did what I had to do because it was the right thing to do is know we are all ordinary people, even an ordinary secretary order housewife teenage can leave in small ways 10 on a small night, the badges tore me up that it now.

When I heard that story this movie the name of the movie was your heroes might see it someday, but she's there telling the children they are heroes and the heroic thing both in this life of anyone listening is being able to hold onto your integrity to be honest to do the right thing regardless of the outcome and I've always been one that real good job of playing out scenarios you have to best outcome usually for me rarely. For others, but integrity this year has been brought up time and time again because, historically, and even now I'm always tempted to sell that out cheap and integrity is very difficult to reclaim if you give it away for nothing and that's a good and wanting to pick please people, and that many times of my life and I don't want to do that anymore and goddess help me considerably with interest really cool for us to walk with tension that this year. From my perspective it's almost like your and Esther like for such a time as this.

You are put in a very unique position where you work within your family and some other things that have taken place where I just went while you know that there is nobody better on the planet Earth and then some meaning like if you know Jim and you knew the situation that he got put in. It was like oh my goodness that talk about the round peg in the rock like like Forrest Gump like man. He was exactly the person for that job. At that moment I don't think anybody else could walk to the tight line that you walked in. It was fun to pray for you and with you and the other people involved because you could see Claude so clearly that God endowed you with the gifts to be able to walk the thank you so much for that right Rodney. That's the first time I've ever mess it up babe split and maybe that's why am doing brim is right now that the enemies tried to take me out and had me take a dive into doorjamb but it indicates that I've heard that more than once. I guess God needs me to hear that because I don't really believe it. I say well I know I know that I've got the right personality for some of the things I'm doing.

I still have my moments of feeling like the efforts I be futile with that doesn't matter because I am doing what God is telling me to do in the moment some beautiful like what running equipment running plate in her society she lost the eye. She lost the baby. But still, your will be done an end to know that that that was what is right. I mean, you know that's what that's what God had in mind and their ego so you know we we kind of went by age because if you didn't know, Jim is older than me by about six months, but a set of clear and seven. If you've ever wondered what it looked talk like you listen to somebody of Phoenix generation now he can tell you Harold is with this couple weeks by the end of this month obviating a good luck teasing about it, but very proud of it. Never thought about it years ago that I would ever get anywhere near the stage. But I'm still here and I'm still kicking and Iran cannot say something nice for a change. Absolutely something I have told a few people that once you hit 80 you're no longer hold your venerable lesson not to my word really ties in with your word and after hearing you speak my words conflict and I heard you speak about being conflicted and earlier in the preshow.

We were talking about my word and I can put the blame off on all the other things that are happening out there and of the covert stuff of political wrangling. Those kinds of things since then. It's really dawned on me that the real conflict was internal conflict between who I am. At times, and who will want to be all the time. The conflict between the guy that used to get so angry on the road that he screamed at other people and would probably run off the road if he could've done it got away with it and saw most of that's gone.

In fact, I was late getting here for for our meal because I got behind some people own 55 mile an hour speed limit, but really thought it read anywhere between 35 and 40 is okay with a zipper verging when in the 801 between Highway 64 where I get on added advance where you get 40. There is no passing nowhere along that road. Is it safe to pass but at any rate, conflict when I got that word.

I didn't realize how many areas of conflict there would be, but God is there and we need to allow him to fight the battles so many times. If you read through the Old Testament the Israelites were told to just watch God and God's going to fight the battle you don't have to do anything but be there and in my life those conflicts are armed you are in for a farther between.

But I don't expect there will ever be totally gone, but I expect to win because got God so must someone of a huge discussions that we got into it, which was really fun. From my perspective. So if something was to swing the mic to Danny because and once away so that we can just go right at it and that's going to shoot at and so as we been discussing. Are you ready to serve. As we were in the pre-pregame show we were discussing the 22nd so and so, in the white trunks. We had a Danny who who then is it safe to say that you that you believe based on the 22nd installment of the things that God cannot have it look straight at Sam or just put it in your own words so that I want to misquote you when I think of this guy better better better. Let's go to the black shorts and edit over here in the dark corner we have Wayne who is adamant on the fact that that God does and that that women from the 22nd Psalm that he does never turned his back on Jesus ago at yes it's so for me, like last year's been extremely hard and in in the midst of that I've not done everything correct and I had this experience were elves, where are you where you are nowhere to be found again here you can see, and later on he showed me that he never left. He was always there and started asking the question, what does that really look like because it says in your word that you that he was hung on the cross and that you turned his back on that sin. And I cannot hurt in a chuckle and say no it doesn't. I never turn my face must and eyes and and so he started take me through that somewhere when Jesus said, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me he was expressing. Jesus felt that I believe he fully felt that I do that he was experiencing because we have a high priest to as knowing all the things we don't.

But then I get down to things.

Verse 22 of Psalm 22 right can't make this stuff up to start reading that and he starts praising father and it says in there that he never turned his face from 22nd Psalm, so getting back to Danny and I was very important to Danny that that this discussion come out of it may be important.

You listening you know where you stand on this issue and and maybe a stand everywhere Danny or maybe a standard but we do want to hear Danny's viewpoint. It's really a fun discussion. I think what prompted me in and to clear that up. Wayne and I stand together. There is no division here just just a lively discussion but DD point of I've always heard being told that the darkness fail. And God could look upon Jesus because he taken on the sins of the world and that that's what is been preached, as was been talked. That's what commentaries talk about and to hear someone bring up something other than that pricked me just a little bit and and made me think and challenged what I thought I knew so I'm going to do some more digging.

I did not know the bout was going to begin tonight I took a salad for the fear given Psalm 22 verse 24 is really where the rubber meets the road. It says for he had not despised nor poured the affliction of the afflicted.

Neither has he hid his face from him. But when he cried in the him he heard the campus and the 22nd Psalm you may know, they cast lots of closing trends.

All these things are in their and then there's this line and in a not unlike Wayne challenged me from Hebrews chapter chapter 5 verse two know we've heard stuff all our life and we think things and you know I think that's really good but I think it's also really good to go back to God and say what you know where where are you here and so you know Justin make sure everybody's got equal voice you know Harold you know certainly typed up in the discussion and we don't want to miss out on no because you are there not mean we feel like you you know whether he turned his back or not, will the point I made dinner was if God could be in the presence of sin and accepted.

We didn't need Jesus to save us. We could just be there with our sin. So I'm sort of in between the two guys maybe at and then really met one of my favorite things happened to bring Jim in. Jim jumped in and Jim quickly so we can be sure and tell people to register for the picture I was able to stay in the middle and be happy with it because the Hebraic project that Jesus was both fully man and fully God's of the fully man felt deserted by fully God is not an area so you can see that we have a lot of fun and part of that is the freedom that's given through standing dates with him and all that that were doing and we want you to be part and we just miss you if you don't calm suck on the boot camp the register master journey We are so grateful you took time to be with us today.

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