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Word of the Year-Mid Year

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 10, 2021 12:30 pm

Word of the Year-Mid Year

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 10, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! At the beginning of the year the band of brothers gave and discussed their word of the year. It's mid year now, so they guys discuss their experiences with their words so far. The Clips are from "Forrest Gump," "The Chosen," "Niki and the Perfect Stranger," and a clip of Hilary Scott. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.


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This Voyager man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now, how finally get to make fun of Sam because welcome to the masculine journey and if your regular listener, you would know that. Usually Sam would open the show. However, we are doing the word of the year and not surprisingly, no, it's not somehow or another you had another obligation.

Can you imagine that Annie was the man a bail she does. He didn't even offer the call and I say I'm just answer wherever you are, Sam.

We love you we miss you but this is topic is is clearly one of my favorite near and dear to my heart and it's especially cool for me to watch other guys pick up on the concept begins to go into that journey with Jesus. And so the word of the year will take one of our newer guys. Rodney's only been with us about three years. You and so what is the word of the year mean to you means doing what Robbie tells you to do that.

That's how you wait were following you. Robbie good is the one I got as evidence Robbie or Rabbi Rabbi Robbie so Robbie got is in the several years ago when he started falling wild at heart, and there using the word of the year to kinda use a word that Jesus can sit down at the end of the year and really think about what's coming next your Lord. Praying about it, wondering what do you have in store for me for whole entire year and kind of as a theme that you can use to go deeper with him and walk with him for a full year and as Robbie introduced it. We saw the joy that he received in doing that we all to our own extents have went into the word of the year, some deeper, some lessons deep and at different times we fall in and out of the word were not as faithful as Mr. faithful is some time with his word. But we absolutely have found that it's amazing how often God just brings back events throughout the year that are touching and hitting on that word. Throughout the year is just a great opportunity for you just kinda bathing something and sit and stay with the Lord over the year. So it's so cool something Jim and Maya Dane Ramage state.

It occurred to me the correct name for you is wrong, break pony up so anyway, Andy. You didn't get your word right at the beginning of the year which I think is really cool like there's no need to force this or or or anything else on this. Listen to find out what it isn't so sure your story was a late bloomer but you know I was excited when I got my work is ahead. I've been reading through the word and I did run in the prosper book of Jeremiah 2911, heart, and last year had been abundance and you know I'm not trying to do this is of looking at this trend you what we think brought up prosper. We think prosperity in its there's so much more to the gospel about prospering an abundance of where mine goes in this culture that we have that's not really what it incident into its it's an overall well-being in your financial success is in that there are so many other things that you you know really need to succeed. The two to obtain life and so I did I'd had that word from Jeremiah 2911 and then are our pastor spoke and he said he just throughout saw Proverbs 16 three commit the work your works to the Lord in your thoughts will be established, but the way he read it he said you would.

Actually, you know your plans would prosper and there was a unique way.

I never heard it that way was I okay that's it. But God confirmed it, but that this year's you know there's a lot of things that I could say that I could be more prosperous or fruitful is as Robbie was saying. But there's a lot that I actually succeeded in and those things are the things that I acknowledge that God is bringing those successes so the clip that I've got here and little bit of a laugh track, but it's from force, which if you really watch the movie. He's really the definition of prosper. He does pretty well in everything he does. He is fruitful in everything he puts his hand to and you know I think that we have that ability. God put it in the Scripture quite often in only back in Deuteronomy about how you would be successful in an prosper and so this clip basically is in boot camp and you get in exchange with the Sgt. and and Gump is obedient and he prosper from that. But then you get Bubba explaining his you know Gump's friend Bubba, he's explaining you know this different business that he's into and how successful it could be. I think you're convinced that wow who who prospers force Gump in the whole deal yet right yeah absolutely it's it's favor on me tell my 60 Gump people now for some reason they only let one of them round pegs really hot just like your bedroom. Remember to stand up straight and always answer every question with yes drill Sgt. schedule is everything going to financial analysis which is a new company would be a waste of anyway like I was saying is the fruit of this law are like sauted shrimp Creole they go. We've all use that line somewhere. When there's an abundance of any government food or anything, but yeah I just really like that the more the more I hear, I mean I was really struggling to find something in the more I hear it nail what I wanted to say but the you know Gump was truly blessed but he was a very had a very contrite heart, and you know he had success because he he was obedient he was faithful, and that's that's the essence of it and you think God, you know, there's a conditional access to prosperity and it's in obedience to his word and love for him and I think we can reap the benefits of that it's it's the fruit of of a relationship with. Wow, I didn't just force right into Wayne. Interestingly, they were kind of companions and their clips so you know Wayne, this is you heard his word was in a live long and prosper in and enter yours was the word that I got was obedience through faith in first.

It kinda confusing because you think of it the other way around base leads to obedience and saws asking following a what is this what you what you trying something in it goes with the last year of my life things he's having to do it and any kind of brought up as well. What kind came to mind was show me your your your faith by your works, but it's more than that it was much more than that. In fact, father didn't really open it up until your talking preshow this clip is from the show. The chosen. It's when Simon Peter, yet they were little outside of the box because we don't really know all the pieces and parts me out, but we know the just of fathers hardened and spoiler alert. If you haven't seen the chosen.

It's about the disciples and Jesus for him and how he chose his disciples and and Peter is having a really hard time no hope EP's at the last.

The last straw little at the last place you would've ever imagined himself to be in conflict etc. Inc. he can take a lesson from forest Compton mask a favor.

I'm thinking these people independently that having trouble getting to spend on your book this is. I need to go. I'm sorry no time for this. Staff filaments on.

I have some me every single just on the initial movements chase you is the Messiah's Jesus and my last moments with you. I want to share another story and everyone hear me down. I don't have a clue. If you feature we've been doing this all night doing would you face so we waited so long. We believe in me.

So Wayne like. Unlike, he wasn't quite as obedient, but the shrimp was really coming in their drug bitnet on the bottom of the but nonetheless his obedience left is obedience led to a greater, where I am. The obedience led to a great greater so you know how close I and and I and in a way that we can walk within the new ways throughout the year. It's a beautiful thing. The themes and the adventure that we can go on, when we come back we got a song I think and we got some lyrics to the song all that stuff coming, as well as more on the word of the year, so stay tune again so much for coming at you forget Masten journey radio.wasn't up to you hello and God would constrain that all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors.

John Eldridge is wild at heart.

Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed in your masculine heart Coming up November 18 through the 21st Masten and register today. I this assumes Masten journey here with my son. Talk about ways he smiled at him as he

Information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find the masculine mail to PO Box 550 92728 and I know Masten journey and it's you know he does give words if we ask, and it really willing to listen and then follow or obey, as the case may be. As soon as we heard them last segment but Rodney I love you know God was coming after you. This year, and he did it in part through lyrics yeah will he's always finding different ways to go to reach after right so one of the things that I was looking up for my word of the year was a song and I was trying to figure out will what what song we kinda bring out the heart of where I'm at where I've been on my journey because we talked earlier, it's been a three year journey for me that so this is my third word and they just kinda builds on each other, each one and it's just trying to find something to say more than just my word for this year, but more about the journey and I finally ran across this song called I will and starts off that as she sings this is I'm so confused, and then ends up you know okay will die will be done and ends up at the end. Basically, you know saying okay Lord you you see me you are. Your plans are for me in your goodness you have in store so that I will be done, so was like okay I surrender that in is that from that fighting to surrendering and tried been on this journey because he had me first in what it's like to be a son, then it was about him as father and minutes about family so it's about all this interconnectedness and so this clip is a lady named Hillary Scott. She wrote the song that I will and a very sad circumstance that she had recently been through a miscarriage.

She had prayed and prayed and prayed to have a child answered prayers right she's pregnant and then only to have a miscarriage in know as a father I can I can think about where my feelings would be and how sad that would be that as the mothers got even harder and this song is about her struggle to overcome in the prayers that she had answered word a much different way than what she thought was going to be the answer and so in this clip of the interview you here refer back to those verses and it really what she's referring back to is the verses in Matthew about the Lord's prayer and just constantly kept coming to her and I will be done, which came out with the song and is, what leisure to just reflect and reflect and she's doing that you can only imagine the what you're going through in this reflection time of why Lord what's going on and it was is a time of her surrendering so let's go exactly what I was going and that is versus just kept coming and coming in the next grand and that not randomly test how he worked and and I looked in the translation has that message and where it says I will be done. It translates to daylight and in that moment, I just sent an epiphany of okay your will is even when I don't understand even when I can't see light at the end of the tunnel and holding on to these words very vulnerable place with this song and still hard to talk about evening and it's just a place that's very raw for me still and that what I'm really trying to stay when a couple times and performed before asking everyone has a story and everybody has really high points and really low points to their story and I think a lot of people walk around feeling like their story is is cool as the next person, or is in is important and what I really learned is you take a step out and boldness to share your story and end the story that God is been writing for your life, then someone else is going to respond to it. Whether it is something they just went through. Or maybe it's something there about to get there and I bind and a connection that you are my people, even complete strangers. Sometimes when you have when you take that bold step to share even when you might think that it's amazing to look at you like crazy. Don't be afraid because that's been the most amazing way to heal me with but I've been there sharing in hearing their responsiveness to yes and I would deftly identify with one of those people who would say it my story.

It's not worth sharing. There's no value when it nothing to be changed.

I'm not going to get you in redemption walking with these men in this room and if you outside this room. This is one of the places where I started to find that yes family which is my word for this year is where you share that story you share. This is the place you should be the safest place to go to go share your stories family and what God is shown is that yes you have your blood relatives is family, but it is those in Christ that are the closest to you and I have some new blood relatives that are in Christ and some that are not, but it is those in Christ that just constantly can help you walk with him and you can share life together and I just recently had a move I had over 20 people helping me move from church because we just have a ministry. This is incredible. Just they love Anya want one after another and everybody helps everybody in different ways and men in this room constantly speaking into my life and I'm watching men speak and other men's life and we speak into the wives lives in kids lives and they just use you to be a part of that next families really all about. And that's the sharing and then you just leads you to without even trying to get it. It just starts to come.

You get the healing you get the redemption you get to know that you are son of God. Certainly, we talk about it every year that that's a journey that when you get a word you're almost coming out one of turn loose of it at the end of the year and spend so much a part of you to see an interpretation is. It's like asking to give you word this can help you interpret what you what you're going through in a little bit different filter in a little bit overweight looking things and so if it every year. I'm like I don't let go of this consistency much fun and incoming end of this year.

He really challenge me with the word engage like all my goodness and it has been a struggle for me for years and years and years like that that was something that I was going to have to step out of my comfort zone to really take on that word compared to other words that they did give me in the past. Unlike big Jim Ford, which hopefully will get to shortly but so when I thought of engaging this. This clip is from a movie called Nikki and the perfect stranger and Jefferson Moore plays Jesus in this clip, and he's the guy that's talking to her, so don't miss that that Jesus is actually come to visit her for a second time. If there's another movie where she meets him and he's following back up with her where she has fallen in the legalism to some extent and and so she's trying to make her way to the abundant life here at and it and she's actually riding in the car and road trip with Jesus at this point in time, and she's looking for answers and I love how he takes her into her own world to show her that you know how to engage your spiritual struggles. Sounds to me like you got some work to do in your life, so I suggest we start now. Many plan, and program already right. We start with your devotional time was a frequency biweekly triweekly and gas daily can our okay when it's good to your program and are church Sunday morning, Sunday night that it came Wednesday night again have to get tithing 10% pretax or post-tax and sanctioning you great this is a lot more consent is one so I shouldn't do any of the things on the list say that it's just that you've got to put your horse before your card me means. Where's your heart you talking about as long as you insist on reducing God to score checklist is your right so wow I mean I just had seen that clip with about the same time that Wayne entertainment family talk about all the things we talk about obedience always and I've been working on for quite the journey and Wayne comes in and he started talk about. Hebrews chapter 5, verse two, which talked about the high priest have all kinds infirmities and is coming in left field like know what I was wanted about Aaron like they picked this guy that went with the golden calf treatment. I mean AA Ron, what's the bill that MSA began to process that word infirmity and realize that weakness had to do with self talk that weakness has to do with what you're the story you're telling yourself not just agreements like we talked about some eight times on the show but actually what's the story you're telling yourself and as I'm studying that this actually this week. Yesterday God says I want you to memorize it as I'm asking him for where work on this please.

And I want to memorize the 13 song 13 song he says David does he says how long, O Lord, you forget me forever.

How long will you turn your face from me is how long will I have to take my own counsel in my soul whatever sorrows forever. In other words, David was saying it's on you and also there was this guy saying in this clip with Jefferson Moore. Jesus is saying is, wait a minute. This is so much simpler than I thought this has to do with asking Jesus for the engagement itself right like putting it back with David to get to the after hours to hear more.

We got all these other words, and so much stuff math and you can hear the after hours. Register for the boot camp and I'm from this after-hours extra cool so podcast mask and drilling rig. This is the Truth Network

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