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Condemnation-Conviction After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 26, 2021 8:00 am

Condemnation-Conviction After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 26, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on condemnation continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Shack."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the Matt slick live podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network coming to you in infringed barricade in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent and on the topic of this week's so sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome to messenger the after hours and we are talking this week about the topic of condemnation versus conviction, and in like a lot of our times.

We do the regular show that that we just came from. As we spent a whole lot of time on one part of it and leave it just a little bit of time for the other part right and so you'd think that we do it intentionally so so you listener out there that's that listens regularly.

You get that you know how and where you however except if I listen to the show and don't come here. They miss it and the people that are hearing what were saying.

Now our ones are missing it so long.

Okay so you try to say they may not listen to both shows because once on the radio once a podcast but the boat podcast yeah so the bike as is usual is yet yeah I radio show is just yes and they don't get this part so they miss out yet that's on them.

A dimming ramp I'm condemning now I gotta tell you the truth out of the Marines and I get get signed up for part that's right that's right, Andy is on the sizes I got on the house waiting for Mike to come back actually strained against way was to continue. I was going to exit.

As I said A&E so get attention, yes.

So you had a note to say Tiffany strong really. I was using Sherrod about the different Street Strong on my way to this, but I discussed this with all my heart since Sam came up with the topic and threw it out there. We think a lot of times we hear conviction and condemnation and you I was simplify the words you take out the lands that the offer.

You get to the root words convict with that may convict Judge convict somebody guilty of something tells him they did something wrong and there's a certain punishment usually is pretty straightforward. He deals with the issue and moves on condemnation to me in the way. I just see you can. This is an exact representation but condemning okay. Can damn, there's not only are you like condemned to whatever that punishment is but shame that goes with that and what is going to keep you there and that's, how I saw the difference in convict and can damn and convict.

Obviously, being a a a an idea I mean I'm a move towards reconciliation. I'm dealing with somebody's fault but not hold them home against them, and condemnation. Keep in somebody put it in that place geek keeping them bound up to where they can't really break free and move on and get in, it would be the opposite of where we usually go with the new name is a good thing comes from God that lifts you up in the condemning is a shameful name right that's coming out here and down as well live with you. It's a stigma that you carrying carrying carrying again against identity exactly as you seen the movie, whatever it is now going to give it is literally earlier. The kid ever saline is going through.

Yeah, I see one of them now is enough. Not the one with a saying you know. But the one I had Liam Neeson on it right into me think about him standing at the door of the priest house right in the in the he's in condemned mode is been convicted of a crime rate that the condemnation is you never going to be more than a contact is right. It's an identity thing right so we were dealing with condemnation. Personally, I if you are having a discussion and will call the discussion versus an argument with someone. If you having a discussion with them any start using words always and never I promise you when you look back and see what you said ahead of that. After that, it's always a condemning statement often mentions they always get that's condemning it's it's it's usually virtually yeah, it's usually academics right and it's attacking the identity which we talked about the first show in India you're always late, which is not your statement saying is that as a unit. You're always there. Sure always that you know what's can be your first response to that gem. If I say here always this chance yet. Well, I don't like it because always anything and I'm never NOTHING ever. I will always say that the first show very much like this but after Andy's verbose explanation of his black-white epiphany we want to look at the words very simply as we conviction is you did something in the condemnation as you are you something. Yeah, that's it.

Epiphany go back to never always say when I called Wayne a loser.

I didn't say you're always this is not helping you never alludes as her targeted me between the shows that I think about ready get some charity, even if you don't over talk about listen to show you it's understandably charity case that he had yeah it's as we talk about this topic, you who conviction thing we talk to the end of the show is it speaking truth and love that that has to come from a trusted relationship when you are your sharing a little bit that unite you.

Are you trying to do that and someone has to want to listen to. Yeah, they've got to be open to hearing it recently just out working with a couple sharing a lot of different things that we've gone through me and my wife them and they were truly in the condemnation is he she heated back and forth, back and forth, and in doing that when we were constantly asking them questions and trying to pull them into the be able to see and show them Scripture will.

This is what love looks like is is this where you're at it if they're not of open and nice if were not open to, heretofore, if were in the midst of just constantly beating ourselves up in the moment. We can't hear the conviction on the other side of the street condemnation and when you get into one of those arguments in one person becomes condemning the other person usually follow suit right EA becomes assist Lisette defense mechanism interrupt that wall and do whatever defend yourself. You pull the photo made my forthcoming out so yeah it is you go on the offensive.

Pretty handy and I don't need swords.

Usually you pull out the gun at the sword fight because if you want when it becomes a confrontation.

Yeah, it's all about winning is yes stop me. It becomes about winning doesn't become about the issue anymore is about.

I'm gonna win this and is about who's going to because it's about me yeah yeah PGT focus so inward. At that point in time value instead of caring about the other person bring about what their going through and where they're at and trying to understand them as I know I'm going to be understood here.

That's was going but even that comes back identity right Mimi you don't know who you are.

You don't know who father sees you as an all he's forgiven you, so it's hard to see that another Jesus said whenever the woman came and cried on his feet like tears away with her hair right.

She been forgiven much, so she was thankful but I guarantee you that woman loved like nobody else in her village and it's a great point, the, the concept if I ask you unit being the mouthpiece of the enemy. You talk about that on on shows. What does that really mean.

Generally, if I ask you to articulate that displays when you talking about, well, we can have good intentions and be speaking for the enemy is what I hear. Matt and I was thinking my relationship with my wife and fortunately she doesn't listen that after our shadow very often, but I am often the voice of Satan with her because they could be something minor, but because of my ability. Do wound her because of my love for one another. A very minor comment can be a terrible blow and be condemnation when it may not even be met is conviction that might just be now owe us all this happen and it turns into something awful because of what we are expecting to receive. That was one of the points I wanted get to is when you're feeling condemned. Look at first look at the person that's relating that to you is this their nature to want to condemn me, and if it is that you can blow it off because well it's a wimpy attack from the enemy through this person like me anyway. But more often it comes from a loved one. And if you recognize will this person loves me so I doubt they're trying to condemn me, so why must reacting to it that way. That's the self reflection there and keep you out of a lot of trouble because that that this whole condemnation thing. Remember John Eldridge talk about one time at one of the camps that I was at a site he said, be alert to the feelings you get when you're around somebody when you know them really well. I don't know him at all, is often what you feel is you'll feel their warfare right into you feel like dismissing them or you feel like being short with them and you often find that's been the story of their life, people dismiss them and so being alert enough to not how my feeling. When I am around somebody to say okay I need to be walking with you got a necessary K-1.

My feeling here, how should I handle it. I watch my very close to me that this person's whole life that I know a lot of people that know them. They've been treated very dismissed like what you have to say is not important and I watch people close to them and people that don't even know this particular person treat the person that way continuously and that is a warfare that surrounds that person I and so we can be sucked into that, even unknowingly, in what is really thinking about initially is when we kinda step into it and we start with the always the never the statements we tax base character right instead of dealing with the issue at hand.

It conviction is dealing with the issue at hand in a loving way right but condemnation is the absolute opposite of that. It's dealing with the situation in a way that attacks them as a person. If their identity levels.

We talked about Menasha, Andy, I want to go ahead and and and get this clip and talk about how God does conviction rates of you to set up this so this is from the movie the shack and just seen the movie or if you have a Mac is, he's he's a man of pretty heartbeat up and God takes into this place called the shack and it's actually an introduction to God the Godhead. The three aspects and in this situation there. He's gone with the Holy Spirit figure to this garden and that gardens actually picture of himself and is there going through it you know there's a lot that lot to this, a lot of spiritual lessons to the folk thing out when you focus on is just notice Mac in the in the fact that the Holy Spirit figure here is really asking him questions to pull out what is in Sam's heart. Sam's his his daughter had been in debt abducted and murdered and he's got a lot in a Mac Mac yeah I go to sample the name of the actual actor. Sorry about. That's right. I was like wow we pulled you in, but the clip no really there's there's a lot to learn just from you know how God got it, takes his time to walk us through and process something when he's trying to bring conviction or change in our lives so how come he just the obvious something or love even harmful someone I care so pretty much you can't get sure.

He's with you need argument wars breakout because you meant to do any euro. Yet there they can pick conviction I mean is just God being so patient to walk them through me and asked the question. You know what why do you feel that way.

Basically, how do you know that you're right, you know, doesn't your opinions change over time and God are so gracious in the fact that he will take that time with this. What if we allow him and allow him to ask this question because a lot of times we got over being convicted were standing were trying to be come the God of our world and in getting our needs met and live in a false wife and not really knowing it in first him to bring us into the truth. Yes to ask us questions at times. Sometimes it's just that gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit will we know because we have his spirit in us that we've done something wrong but maybe we don't know why we did it wrong we were doing something while we don't know why that we respond the way that we do and I think it's you know he's just gracious in that way. If we allow him if we open up. I think the money that you Wayne is that if we just open ourselves up to actually be open to being challenged in the way we think and think it this clip illustrates what what OP was doing as well. You can't yell someone into changing behavior, permanent change right they may change what they do short-term BME in in the may be obedient to what you do, especially from a parent to child right but the true change has to come internal right has to be desire that I want to do myself, and that's where the conviction comes in answers questions questions that prompt your heart and lets God prompt and he prompts with questions that that that lets you decide for myself.

I want to change right conviction leads to a changed outcome. It may take three or four or 550 times on conviction free to get there but is still leading to a changed outcome right because I'm changing is a person because I'm choosing to change and walk with God and right were condemnations never going to have that behavior at work. You think about that kind of relationship you have with things were you basely try to condemn others into acting and feeling and doing things that you want done a lot of times you just use here in the relationships at work, so often where people have broke down and they can get along and this is to be assistant very right environment so that's where I can go to very easily to where you were to people for quite a while. You've made up your mind. This is where the heart is at in this and they'd know whether it's positive or negative. You just you end up judging you like Mac was there. Yeah, he's get that point recite that's that's why Matt and I'm a judge. I know I am. I do all the time and it's a big part of my life might really wash myself in that that whatever I'm thinking interpolate doesn't come help them out because it's so easy start just to say that always or never. And this is where the rat this was going on and basically no matter what they say what they do doesn't matter.

I have done it already and that quarter is just hard and I decide to make sure that I really watch and listen to this conversation right now versus the past conversation that I had a might not just steer my current thought exit by just hit me with very hard is when we are in a situation where there somebody bad in our midst will tell everybody and let them know what and go after right and I was looking at Jesus wow did the rest of the disciples not know that it was Jesus that was going to turn them over. It's because Jesus loved him and did not ablate what he said, what you do, go do quickly really should have been a conviction that a condemnation apparently all along in their journey together. There was a condemnation for the one that was condemning him to death that he made was performing the role yet to where he would been lynched by the other disciples and humility. Getting a lot of charity so this is the after hours. This the time we we make a more personal insult kickoff there was a time with my oldest daughter out of no intention was I trying to be the voice of the enemy is my kids are grown up and I didn't ever call them stupid. I never called them any negative name and a negative connotation. I just I avoided that I may tell him something he did was stupid.

I never called them stupid. There's a huge difference at right and so is very intentional that probably suffer my childhood. I don't know against unpacking some of that stuff right but my oldest daughter remember one time she did something in. I can remember it plain as day sit in the kitchen in her house in Indiana and I said you know what that really disappoints me and she started crying and she's like I'm a disappointment that some words that came out of her mouth and fortunately got add certain walk in this message and seven God said no no stop stop stop stop Mike and that's why doesn't stop, stop, hold, hold on.

I never called you a disappointment. That's the furthest thing from the truth. You're my joy. I love you I love love you with all my heart. I'm disappointed in the choice you made.

There's every bit of a difference there. I mean it. It's a drastic difference. But if you don't recognize what's going on in fortunate she articulated it and just an absorbent or she would walk away thinking. My dad thinks I'm a disappointment you known I was just trying to deal with the issue at hand right answer. Being careful and being intentional and and letting God lead you through it as it is a key thing and I I know in God's very convicting for me it's almost always through questions or humor in like I'll be sending him a candidate that really wasn't your brightest moment. Yeah, probably not united video that the conversation starts to occur in so again it's through some of that is that the placing things in my heart feeling him so you need to revisit this we need to go apologize how you made them feel in and begin walking with him through the myths that thrown it out. You guys are any stories he might have the one that actually my wife made share when she heard this is a beloved brother knows better was basically taking off all the ways he's been a complete failure. Life and I usually without responding to something like that will go with questions. But in this case basically argue know you're not a failure know that's not true. And sometimes we do have to be direct but that's not normally me and that was I think God going after his heart through me in that moment, I think it helped but we we all can get that blabbing that Leah said this is a man that knows God's word and knows God. Well, they are friends and any of us can get to that place where we are feeling the condemnation and were agreeing with it and gets back to that we can't make those agreements and he had and then when you're talking about entity think a lot of that is where are you with yourself. So that's where I'm constantly trying to evaluate during the conversation where my going what is my intent with this conversation in one of my might and it just for myself or for some something bigger than myself. Whatever happens to be in.

That's one of the things were again when when the condemnation sets in. I do often hear that site, you did this and I've been really trying to track and keep track of. Okay, what do I hearing the other day when during I just moves I've had all kinds of reasons for conviction condemnation all kinds of things happen you know Jesus exists only things that are way outside your purview. But waveguides comes through for you is just amazing because I was getting a watch last three weeks of my life and when things would happen is like stupid something like I'm such an idiot or something. I Come in mind was kind like I was joking and laughing but it was Isaac know the reason I like you say it to myself like I can kinda roll with it and got yeah that was a stupid act that was not really the brightest thing that probably wasn't very smart. One of the things I did was were moving a bunch of junk out of the house and throw away and I hope to trailer out but I forgot to put on the latch. Yeah, that was something was stupid and my son said something to me about site menu didn't guess the first thing you do not like is the sending and yeah I'm such an idiot that I was, laughing to myself saying that the one saying out loud as a laugh and it was like I could feel the relief of okay I did something stupid.

I can live with that. I can go on. I'm okay with that and it just was. It felt so good just to be able to release now.

There was a difference. It didn't become your identity right in and so easy to slip into. There's so much more to this topic and we can probably do more on that.

Honestly what I'd ask you to do this is listen for the keywords. Listen for always, never listen for you versus I listen for those things in and when you're approaching someone ask God how can I approach them with a loving heart. It will help melt them down to where you can convicting try and try to stay with my condemnation masculine register for the big camp coming up the 18th to the 21st.

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