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Packers draft Jordan Morgan while Packers fans keep pretending that the NFC North isn't good

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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April 26, 2024 1:12 am

Packers draft Jordan Morgan while Packers fans keep pretending that the NFC North isn't good

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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April 26, 2024 1:12 am

Bart gives a quick 15 on his thoughts from a pretty lowkey Round 1 of the NFL Draft, including how every team in the NFC North got better whether fans want to admit it or not

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Just go to slash blue wire right now and support our show by saying that you heard about Indeed on this podcast that's slash blue wire terms and conditions apply, need to hire you need indeed. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler welcome into the Winkler verse for a quick draft recap edition of the show won't go too long with you today, maybe 15 minutes on a quick commute, but happy to break down some pics as I just finished. The Infinity Sports Network draft show with Jr. Had a really good time with that great to react to the pics live. Great to also leave the building before midnight.

But that's a different story but I don't know, it's nice. Had a good time, though, for sure. And really the draft itself. Michael Pennix Jr. The big surprise. The Falcons had a choice of either signing a big free agent quarterback or drafting one.

And they, they chose both pills. So I don't really know how the fallout is going to be from that Packers, make a selection, which I think a lot of people this always happens. We always get locked into somebody and we all decided Cooper to jeans who we wanted Cooper jeans still available because we did not take him and nobody else did at this point, Jordan Morgan offensive tackle, Arizona. Okay, so I think what happened here with the Packers was, we thought they'd take a cornerback. They like these kind of guys. He's got a good RAS score. I don't know what that means or why that matters.

It's like the only thing the Packers care about. He's got a good RAS score. He's versatile he's versatile. Maybe his arms are too short. But I got small hands. Okay, I got small, there's never been one person I put my hands up against even myself I put my hands up against my own hand and people are like, like it is like it is creepy, I tell you about my arms being all short. The next time any of you if you if you see me at a game or something, say Bart, and then say, let's do the hand thing and I will have.

I will have finger length shorter hands than you. Okay, so I sympathize with this man this tackle out of Arizona, versatile though. What does that sound like that sounds like exactly the kind of guy that the Packers like whether it's Elton Jenkins or Zach Tom or whatever. I'm not going to complain about taking an offensive tackle. I told Jr and Hickey on the show I said, so the Packers took a guy that is versatile on the offensive line.

He can protect Jordan love. We don't have great depth on the offensive line. We've been complaining about losing back to Ari forever. And it's a guy that I said, I am. I think the phrase I use was something along the lines of. I'm cautiously excited, because this is what we always do. I don't know there is a propensity I typically, and I'm not telling you how to fan, but I will in a minute. I typically am somebody who when the Packers make a pick. I will say, okay, convince me why it's good. I will typically take that approach, instead of me saying, Oh really, let me convince you why it's bad.

I typically won't do that. He's just lost the respect of the Youth League football team he coaches. He was asked what New England should do in the draft, and his answer was objectively terrible. The athletic just wrote a great article about this, but Philip doesn't have the athletic or the respect of a boisterous group of 11 year olds who once looked up to him.

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That's slash blue wire terms and conditions apply, need to hire you need indeed. This is into the Winklerverse, a quick draft recap on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream also wherever you get your podcasts the Packers at 25, taking Jordan Morgan, some of the notes on him. He likes scary movies.

He has tattoos of Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Pennywise. So that will be a fun story to get to the bottom of. Who will be the first Packers reporter to ask him about that. Should I set the odds for that. I would say. Gosh, minus 200 Doug Russell. Plus 105 Mike Clemons plus 200 Jason will be trying to think where Packers calm goes into that mix. I think Steph Sutton would ask a question like that. She's always out of left field that they got a whole segment on it I'm not I love stuff I'm just giving you the odds here I don't know she could be in there.

Something to chew on something to think about, as you break that one down. He had a torn ACL so that's cool. But, but he came back from it. Now, he can play on other sides of the line but typically he's played tackle. Here is the Dean Brugler recap of him quick footed blocker he displays range and aggression in the run game. He might struggle and pass pro over aggressive overall overall he struggles to anchor mid slide versus power.

I don't know what that means. But he's a balance mover he can survive a tackle but his skill projects better at guard, similar to Matthew Bergeron Matthew Bergeron is somebody who obviously plays for the Falcons. So, again, I'm not going to be somebody who tells you why I don't like the pick I'm going to be somebody who, who wants you to convince me as to why I should. So I'm fine with the pick.

I think, looking at some of the mocks, he was mocked in the 28 29 30 31 32 range. Would you like to better at the Packers traded down and got like another fourth that have been better. They do pick right away that close enough in the second round as well I'll be watching the bucks on Friday night they pick this is the Jets pick from Rogers.

So they get number 41. And I think there's still a lot of corner backs available. What may have been the case here is if the Packers liked a lot of different corner backs. I thought well let's get our linemen here. And then if we like so many of these guys.

And the difference is negligible, then let's try to settle in on one of them. Whether it's Kool Aid McKinstry, whether it's Cooper to gene, whether it's, who else might be in this mix. rakesh draw junior out of Missouri, DJ James. So there's there's still a lot of cornerbacks, I would think that they take a corner back at 41. If they stay there, and my just thought is, it's just like when you're doing a fantasy draft like, do they want to take a corner back.

Probably, but they know that tackles are hard to come by and you know they can't make it they never have another teammate that you know you've done that a fancy draft. Someone else make the decision for me. That's what we'll do, somebody else can make the decision for me into the Winkler verse special bonus shorty. Thanks to our friends at Happy Place hemp the promo code is Bart 25% off each and every order promo code is Bart gummies tinctures lip balms, and the like on this little bonus episode.

I need to talk about the rest of the NFC North. I need to figure out what your deal is. Before Shopify it were you wondering where my sales at now you're selling with Shopify the global commerce platform supercharging you're selling, you have no problem selling online in person on social media and beyond. Gary easy on the teaching. Sorry, but my Shopify sales are through the roof.

Start selling with Shopify today and discover how millions of businesses around the world use Shopify to ignite their selling sign up for a $1 per month trial period at Shopify comm slash listen Shopify comm slash listen. So I thought the bears had a good night. The number one pick the draft to Caleb Williams. And then they drafted Romo dunes a at nine.

He's great. So, my thought was, I don't know how much longer we can do the bear still suck. And I did put that online and a lot of people online had kind of the same sentiment, oh well they'll screw this up. They'll screw this up, they're the bears, they'll screw this up there the bears. That's like something you like, you know what you know as Brewer fans we say ah, we're the Brewers we suck.

But if somebody else says that to us we're like, Oh, screw you you can't say that you don't have the right to say that. The bears have sucked and we do own them at this point on this current day. It does seem like, can we leave it alone. Can we just acknowledge that they had a good draft at least a good first round. Yeah, they haven't won any games tonight because of it. And we'll see what Caleb Williams is but I think Caleb Williams gonna be good. Now I didn't say that about Justin Fields.

But you didn't ask me that. No, they'll screw it up. They always screwed up the cut that that's the same comment from everybody.

No, they always screwed up they always screwed up at some point they won't believe it or not at some point they won't. And I think it's just like, are you like what's the deal, are you scared. I think that's what's happening I think a lot of Packers fans are a little afraid bears got better bears have been getting better.

Okay. Ever since the guy christened their stadium with a prayer. They've had nothing, they've had nothing but good luck.

That was weird. They got better, the bears got better if you can't admit that, then you're afraid of them. If you can't admit the bears got better.

You can admit it you won't though because you're afraid. They also thought the Vikings got better. I don't think JJ McCarthy is going to be that great. But they didn't have to really move up that far to get up. So, they got their guy. They must have been spooked that the Broncos were going to trade with the Jets, who took alignment. We all thought they'd take Brock Bowers.

The second trade that the Vikings made. That was a little different because what happened with that trade was they moved up and got Dallas Turner, no defensive player got taken until number 15. And then Dallas Turner, who was projected to go. Really, we thought he'd be the first defender off the board at eight to Atlanta, who drafted panics Jr. Is. That's a great pick for them. But they gave up a lot to get him, and that is kind of interesting.

I think I talked to Tage Seth from Sumer Sports. I keep bringing this up but he said the next like thing is for front offices that are comfortable in their future to make trades with front offices that aren't. So the Vikings are choosing to try to make a bigger difference now and let next year be next year, but if you're Jacksonville you can capitalize on that.

So to move up six spots. The Vikings gave up a fifth rounder this year. But then also a third rounder next year and a fourth rounder next year.

I got to see the Jimmy Johnson value chart. I think if I'm moving up, if I'm moving up six spots. Like I'd be willing to give like a fourth or a fifth. And then maybe like a six next year to give up a third and a fourth next year.

I think that's incompetent. I think that and now Dallas Turner could have been the number one defender off the board so if they really like him fine. But this is a good move for Jacksonville, who are fighting adversity with Tony Khan being injured the night before. It's a good move from AEW.

Good job. They got some, they got some play off that. Next year, I got this tweet from field Yates, the Vikings have just three picks and next year's draft a first rounder and two fifth round picks, and they could change that and they could make some trades and they could be more proactive and we'll see what they do with the draft but that's a big. It's a, it's a big chunk of pics to give up so I am a little surprised in that but the Bears and the Vikings had good nights, at least good first rounds, you have to be able to admit that even the lions, when they jumped us to pick up 24 I think we all thought they were going to take Cooper to gene they did take a quarterback they took Terry and Arnold, who I think was ranked higher just to kind of know what does it matter rank not ranked you know teams take who they like. Just as Brian good against.

He will prove that to you right away. But I thought it was a pretty ho hum draft. I was really excited to the draft show, and it went great, watch it on the infinity sports YouTube, but I thought we'd get more like wow moments or Yahoo or zoinks.

Nobody's in this building, or more height to you. Oh, I thought we'd get more moments like that. And the panics Jr thing was the only thing now Kirk was blindsided.

Oh shucks. Kirk says he's got guaranteed money. Look, if I guarantee if I had 100 million dollars guaranteed for four years, you could make my replacement sit in my lap and talk into the microphone the whole time. I don't care I don't care whenever taking our snap that's done right away. I don't care. You won you won one playoff game you won.

You made $400 million. We Kirk Cousins all of a sudden is the itch to win a Super Bowl. All of a sudden, all of a sudden the competitive fire is under Kirk Cousins. Okay.

Okay. They made a lot of weird moves. I saw Nick Costas tweet Xavier worthy will no doubt cook them for three 145 and two next year, but the bills they traded out. We think they need a receiver they trade it out and then these teams started taking receivers that were projected third rounders, so that was kind of, I guess a little bit of a surprise. Later on in the draft.

I think this was a good night for the NFC North, and the Packers are included. All right. I know that you guys all fell in love with Cooper to gene. He is still available.

Right, he is still available. You gotta look at the draft like I look at the NBA playoffs. It is a story. You can't judge after just a chapter you gotta judge the whole thing. But, again, talk me into why I like the pick. Instead of me convincing you I don't. That's the motto to have, I think. I think that's one of the chapters is going to be in my book and why I'm a better fan than you I'm going to write a book about how to be a good fan. I know other people can pretend that they're in charge of fandom, but I am. I tell you how to fan. And you listen to me, and I'm going to write a book about it.

Because fan at the end of the day guys is short for fanatic. And that's why I do this in the, in the building of the fan. I'm going to do this here.

Alright, that's a quickie into the Winklerverse. Make sure you like and subscribe. Follow the YouTube. Don't engage with me on Twitter as much as Facebook because I don't get money on Twitter, but I do get sucker bucks. So go like, go like all my shit. Anything I posted in the last month just go to Facebook and start liking it. I'll make a couple of dollars. Go go go hurry go do it go. Yeah.

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