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Discipleship After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 12, 2021 8:00 am

Discipleship After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 12, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on discipleship continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Chronicles of Narnia," and Rob Bell.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of race and nomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. This is the Truth Network going to hear French and American and the heart. Masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent.

The topic covered. So sit back and masculine journey after hours starts here now. Welcome masculine journey after hours and topic this week even problem that I did. I love jumping you and welcome to my blog dumped on that. Welcome welcome, but maybe it's your topic this week.

What would you like to tell us about any topic, what is your topic okay top the topic of this week is this discipleship basically discipleship from the heart.

I think their third discipleship is not necessarily from the heart. It may be more from the mind of the flesh, but I woke up when I just week and I just felt like sometimes God gives me stuff as I wake up and I think it's because I'm still and it was just there my spirit that you know what is your discipleship look like before narrowing in and recently in the last few years. When you really begin to focus more on the heart while the heart is a big foundation for that but really all things. The heart because I think a lot of times you know through church culture through things that we've learned is a lot a good foundation in learning the word praying those kinds of things, but it becomes a chore and I checklist and it's not as much a relationship and that I was in church. We talked a lot about the relationship and stuff but there's something like the you know something about the cares of the world choking the word out and and you kinda get off off the focus of really operating out of the heart, and I just feel like I don't think I think he has any desire for disciples that are not operating out of the heart how he created the individual in them having you know a vibrant relationship. He said come follow me. He didn't say come and follow you know, this certain teacher. He didn't say come in following just read the letter of the law and not have any relationship he said come follow me and that's where I feel like the last few years it's really picked up on that. I just just just a much more sensitivity to that and the realization that it's brings life and that's what that's what we need is life in Jesus.

You one point in Scripture refers to himself as a friend, death rate will think about your friendships, your friendships are at a heart level and your marriage is that a heart level right your relationship with your kids is that a heart level.

It's not necessary feelings and emotion and someone talking about Bennett's decision. It's made deeply you enter into intimacy with other people. Right at that heart level and that's what were talking about it. It's more than just the mind. Yes, it has to be more than just the mind. Try to ski. If your marriage is try giving you know your wife, your mind and see how well that works for you narrow out right unity. There's got to be heart conversations is that of the other things that come from that about the nail right you even in friendships right. How deep is a friendship really if you don't know your friend story you don't know where they come from, you know what their fears are those types of things. I mean it's truly when you get at that level in relationship. That heart level is when it really has the deep end absolutely so efficient. All I know we are set up this clip that had a date with John as he had this podcast this week which we deftly could recommend higher that you got a wild at heart. This week's podcast is just Jesus's stories are stories of them encountering Jesus in nature encountering Jesus and dreams encountering Jesus and also to different places and as we walked closer with Jesus. What we discover and and I know because I know these men well is that the Bible is Jesus, and Jesus is the Bible so don't get us wrong in any way shape or form. Rhyming when you're experiencing them in there you're experiencing him. It is this that's completely where he is, however, as you begin to see a bird that's talking to you obviously are trying to get your attention are the other day I saw a faun that was still in spots and it was playing in the grass and if I didn't see God there. I would've been missing something. And so what John talked about was. He felt like he had gone through the wardrobe door while the wardrobe door is in a reference back to the Chronicles of Narnia.

Specifically, you know the lion the witch and the wardrobe, so in this tickler saying that we can do is Lucy has gone into Narnia through the wardrobe and met Thomas, the farm and in the snow and she's had quite the experience and comes back and tells her brothers and sisters who think she is crazy. Well just go tell somebody talk to Jesus this morning and seek with up to the same as you get wonderful brothers that are willing to discuss that with the associate had that experience and so her brother is going to know make fun of her and follows her into the wardrobe and he ends at the Narnia only he goes and visits the white which is names admin and in this scene that you'll hear at the beginning he shames Lucy by saying all because he didn't want them to know that he had this discussion with a white which and that he was actually had a deal with her at and so he was hiding that fact and he shames Lucy and says oh she's just a little kid. She's got a wild imagination you know and all that stuff while then. In this clip.

What I did was put together where the all end up coming through the wardrobe into Narnia and once they realize. Oh, this is real in a course. They need to apologize to Lucy will for me. I felt like Lucy came a lot of my life like I would tell people I was called to do the Christian cardiac showing they would look at me like I would explain how I got called me one night we had this discussion about the logo and all the stuff and they would look at me like I was not you know and so once you know I began to hang out with Sam and Darren in here John Eldridge. Now here's is world renowned author and this guy says he talks to Jesus and this guy says he has a relationship with Jake and this guy obviously reads the Bible. He's got credibility and it was like yeah there's a whole world as you go from this switch might. There's an obviously Satan would not like that. But there is a whole world that is like going through the door so I don't say this because I know some Western thing I haven't had that in and I hope that you will come to boot camp with us and changed the agreements that you can have that kind of relationship with Jesus.

But for those of your listing you have had it and thought you were crazy. Listen to Lucy, you know, show them the experience of actually walking into Narnia so the full loan cycles seem to be in constant children right just as thing was sorry like I apologize to Lucy. Say you're sorry thoroughly on that clip, you know, obviously sneering, I can feel good feel good to guide style management agency you names Lucy you have any the other end of that house.

It is out of power in that clip because of the story that you told him in knowing that it's available for other people. What are some of things you get in the way of that people just can't step out and except yeah I and you know clearly like you talked about in the previous show is in John 10 Jesus says my sheep here my voice and clearly concede David and Moses and Isaac and Jacob and all these people had some conversations with God and and so it is a matter of faith mean it's a matter of is this Bible a book of examples or is it a book of exceptions and if this is who you are, God, I meant to believe that you do want to have a conversation with me and and often you known worked at send people out on the first covenant of silence we say will you don't out there and put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Apply pressure.

I got to strike something easy like ask God what you think of me. You know and see if you hear something and then here comes the critical part of it. Believe what he tells you because you know he's telling us a man I chose you.

Since the beginning of the world here.

My absolute favorite and when you hear that you like and want to believe it and and so don't let Satan grab those seeds and take him away from you but grab onto that and make it your testimony because it's true and and believe that you heard what you heard and and begin to walk into that and like you had to learn how to listen when you were a child to English and be able to understand language.

What's the same thing and walking with God, you, you start out with simple easy things and you begin to just practice it on daily, hourly basis however you want to go about doing it listing for the voice of God asking him what we think about this.

You know I live love for me the whole idea of the 16th Psalm or gobs of my right hand my place.

God always before me and say okay God where we going right now and just listening getting a feeling like oh you want me to just hang out.

You want me to go actually call this person that I've been putting off for three hours. You know, because the God so often. That's exactly where he takes me and in and as you begin to hear that and obey it, and it's amazing that that is you as you pick up on that relationship I think are some important things to realize as well. You know the enemy likes to imitate right and so you deftly want to test things in Scripture where he's going to tell you to do anything to get in Scripture. If you're hearing you need to go kill this person promises coming out from that right okay just thinking, more likely, that's not from him. Okay you need to test it in. If you hear condemnation. That's not from God healed her conviction remind you of something that it won't be in a way that attacks your character is a person that identifies you or labels you in a negative way. You hear those things as are from the enemy. I and so the second, cannot you trust that one and then just learned that to interpret the voice and when you've done this a lot more than a lot of people. I mean you love to do that. So how do you know how to detest what you will and do well. I mean I'm from the people I know, I think you had a lot so you asked the question Robbie in the answers figure.

The reason a lot of people don't step out and this is because of the fear you whenever God whenever you feel like you've heard in your heart that you just need to go over love on this person and you go, that's that's a dangerous thing right stuff. Now your comfort zone but that's it.

It's it's it's it's inviting father, into your life and give them permission to do this and then when when you hear that step out in faith tested that that that is the testing part. It's it's learning his voice because you just get you just know it is you as you know that you know your your fathers what you know your mother's voice. She knows the shepherds voice won't go to anyone else.

Same thing you're learning his voice in your learning to step out in faith script three point think you any imminent take it back to you. Part of this going deeper thing is us sharing our discipleship stuff it, since that's a topic for the week. What questions would you like asked the group for all ask when you ask to get ask a question I have to play about music. The American okay you know the obvious one would be examples of of you know what it was like before. An example of something or you wouldn't be led by the heart. Maybe somebody said you should be a certain way and maybe what it looks like now whenever it's more of Jesus gives you a direction a particular topic or are up direction? Yes it is.

Now I'm looking at Danny, Danny, help me out here beside us. You also send me in a short a few weeks ago I used to get all worked up about finance stuff when something would break you know my guess how many heavenly to fix this or when that that would happen in as I've walked with God and those things have happened. As I walked to Jesus and learn more about trusting in him. I don't freak out. I don't worry I may not have an answer but the other day.

I know that it's going to work out whatever workout means God's got me anything to take me to places can make me be in a better place and whether that's solving the issue somehow or me or it's not. I'm still going to end up with him walking with him in a much better place and am today. I and so that there's a whole lot of worrying that doesn't happen for me it would be pretty routine and the kids you know if this occur their card break down the date always can wonder was I mad was mad I was as worried okay worming in the figure how to fix this. What what can happen how we gonna get them back and forth to places in all these worries commandant honestly walking with him. No worries. This kind of step aside. Not that there's not momentary times that they just don't last long and don't wake up at night thinking about them or worrying about them or any of those things. And for me that's been a huge part of discipleship is him to say and I got your name meditating on a negative that result or outcome is what we do a lot of call worry you know when I think you know I think a lot of us go there because you know it's an orphan spirit. We talk about it a lot. We try to do things our own way. We try to control it well in discipleship and in my experience with the discipleship that was my you know pre-existing condition I guess will say until I came to a deeper knowledge that came out through a deeper level of discipleship. Yes, it says plenty of times we are his children. I thought it was like some kind of random God got all these kids running all over the place like the schoolyard and doesn't know where any of Martin really is Bob. Let's not it. He's intimately involved with each of us, and more particularly the ones when we open ourselves up to be letting be that involved then you you quit living your life as an orphan, you quit taking control of stuff and make it message yourself because you sit back and allow him to sign. Thankfully name of that same it's a good example for me right now are my absolute favorites that's happened to me. Probably in the last five years was an ally guide. I do love my normal discipleship stuff get up early, study the Bible, pray, pray, study the Bible is all kind all mixes together, but I always had a some project that I felt like was necessary. Like I need to go through the Bible in a year or I'm in a go through all of Matthew Henry. At the same time read this and or do the and I had a program that was all structured and this was what I was going to do and it got kinda old and I got kinda dry and one day I just said will Jesus.

Where should we work you want me to go today and you know he took me to a word he said it's this this this look at this word and started looking at the word and then the next thing I knew, you know that opened up beautiful things that were just completely connected the things that I was experiencing my life that day. So next day I start you know what's my word for today will I lock myself into that because course sours that have a program now I gotta get a word every once my word that you but is is I began to experience more freedom.

Okay, got where are we going today and in and where we in in my whole thing right and then at some point in time, just as you begin to break free disciple and you know you can wear little of his dusted Sam's in play here in a second.

Like this morning's Robbie go fishing on my mom's dead serious man. He was like you know I'm. Now you know right now.

Let's go fishing okay were going fishing and and so we went fishing but I went went fishing with a very clear intention of okay like the 16th on my right hand and so as I'm casting this flies in. It was just beautiful and I see the thing this land out there beautifully and I'm like yeah only you could make that cast got it you know and the and then all the sudden boy this is really really nice sunfish that really just was a beautiful fish and and and it was just so obvious he was winking at me and so obvious where he was taking me and you know then I hear you know John's podcast worries talking about how nature is God and God's nature and all these things and yeah I learned some really cool stuff in the Bible today. I did, but more than that I experienced Jesus and then the freedom of wow you know I'm not necessarily in that program, nor can I say I got through the Bible and the but you know it is where I'm going is just having so much fun and I look so forward.

Really, here's the big difference what when I begin to pray in the morning like I am excited about where because I know where he's taken he is currently just awesome yeah I want to go ahead and play could only consider what it looked like to be a disciple in Jewish culture right in some places this Lieut. Cliff on it. It's kind of pack to get a bunch of listen to it and listen who became the disciples and what they did when they became a disciple, so most Jewish boys and girls around the age of six would go to school for the first time to learn the taurine it probably be held in the local synagogue and be taught by a local Torah teacher who was a rabbi. This first level of education was called eights affair and lasted until the kid was around 10 years old. Most kids would memorize the Torah every word by the end of faith affair with most kids were no longer going to school.

They were apprenticing learning the family trade learning the family business. Learning how to manage a household asked of the best we keep going. They would continue their education into the next level, which was called Baytown mood, the ones with the most natural ability would memorize the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures Genesis through Malachi by the end of Baytown mood 1415. Most kids obviously learning the family business.

Learning the family trade apprenticing with their parents, but the best of the best of the past would continue on to the next level of education which is called a mid rash and they go to a rabbi and they'd apply to that rabbi to become one of that rabbi's disciples and so different rabbis had different sets of interpretations about how they lived out and understood and interpreted the Scriptures. Now a rabbi set of interpretations was called that rabbi's yoke. So when you went and applied to a rabbi to become one of that rabbi's disciples what you wanted to do as you wanted to take that rabbi's yoke upon you, so that you can learn to know what the rabbi knows in order to do what the rabbi does in order to be like the rabbi you go to a rabbi and you say rabbi. I want to become one of your disciples. The rabbi within Greeley because the rabbi wants to know can this kid sit in front of me. Can this kid do what I do. Can this kid spread my yoke does this kid have what it takes, there's the whole we could unpack and then we only have breakthrough for three minutes. After selling the window until you is you don't have to worry about that question, do I have what it takes your already the best of the best the best price calls you that you're his friend. Here is God's adopted children, your ear, the love of his life. The apple of his eye, you're already that right. You don't have to go through a grooming process he's going to do that with you just have to be willing and do it with him right and that's a really cool thing that that's there's so much in that clip of why the disciples left everything and follow Jesus with the cool things I heard that time I listen to it was you had good applied a rabbi, Jesus went out and sought of his disciples, he still doing that he seeking you today right.

He wants you to walk with and I love it and they said earlier, it is not close to my car. Let them say it was that Jesus said take my yoke is slightly know of course you want. Jesus is his yoke wasn't that the burden some whatever I mean he's got something custom-made for you custom-made for your heart right. I mean it. He's got something like if you like bluebirds. He's got bluebirds for you. You know, if you like eagles.

He's got Eagles for you or ox hocks rather you are about to be of little while. I thought about this but the back in 1994. My life is a mess and I found myself in a treatment center, and you, God gave me when hugs Wayne was talking about and I will never forget it rolled over one night and it was a cross on the wall.

It was globally and it scared me. I don't know if hallucinogenic drugs to figure out was freaking out again and so I reluctantly asked my roommate cross wristed Jackie is at Crossville in the year he skated glued every night. That's what I want to go to sleep okay but at that moment I heard God say my spirit.

I got this in my life radically changed level with old and in the me entities good in my life and you you guys enter the whole journey there, but the disc also I will build think Daniel will go to play the clip in building here for one of the things is that Rob Bell says now is Rob Bell pass really did like teaching to series: Numa series, but this was using one of the sayings that the rabbis what they would tell the disciples find the rabbis, may you follow some listening and paraphrasing that you're covered in dust of your rabbi right in and so that's really the intimacy we need to have a Jesus with following so closely that when every step in working aware in that day right that's a badge of honor because were walking so closely with him and that's what they did. That's what the disciples did they get to walk with him and live with him and learn from him and be loved by him will talk to.

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