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The Power of Thankfulness

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 5, 2021 12:30 pm

The Power of Thankfulness

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 5, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The discussion this week is about how no matter what is going on around you, trust God and be thankful for his grace. The clips are from the song "Praise You in the Storm," by "Casting Crowns," and "Pollyanna."  The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts to defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey.

The masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey are very glad that you this week and Robbie how many heaves do we have until Boot Camp hundred and 78 out for him going with and send it somewhere in the hundred and 70. It sounds like a lot, it really does sound like a lot going upon in time to register for boot camp right I got I got plenty of time and it's began. I did campus with his boot camp and so let me ask you this.

It's June already for July 4 will be here before you know it right and then all of a sudden you get the fall, and that your Thanksgiving is the week before. It is a week before Thanksgiving and you too late.

She got a register now see. Don't forget and get all your Thanksgiving plans going hunting it down to seven yeah you're there but It is. It is so you go. Register masculine and register for boot camp.

It's can be fun time. This time it's can be a lot. It was fun last time to meet and apply it wasn't fun. The couple that they will be 55 because God's hands.

In the midst of it. So Danny will you tell us a little bit about the topic today at your topic. So let's let's listen to what they had laid on your article clear guidance on my topic I wanted to say that really clearly at Pastor Fran pathway Miller used to say all the time. You can't kill a thankful heart and it just says is resonated with me the last few weeks and based upon Philippians 46 thank you Robbie. Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and yet is a process in that it only give the implication to people that you should just always be happy joyfully Thanksgiving but when things are going home: those Valley experiences that if I can find myself trusting in the character and nature of God, and know that he is good and that that that turns my heart into Thanksgiving that maybe not of the circumstances, but it's of who he is and he will get me through whatever it is were going through some time so you wanted to say God can you just move your hand in a different direction get a little bit much. I there's been times that I've actually setting I got. I can't. I don't know I can't handle anymore.

I need I need some release here because sometimes life just keeps coming out in pounding and pounding it's tough to keep that thankful heart. What was the phrase that God won't put more on you than you can trust in somebody the wish he didn't trust me as much as he does. Evidently I people putting more on me that I can trust him and I guess is hopefully the way that only gotten in and get her clipped you want to set up this clip.

If this is like traditional movie clip.

This is basically it's about the what what I think that whenever I think of being thankful in the difficult times. As the song from casting crowns praise you in the storms. This is more call either leg thing or any kind of giving the what the back story on how they came up with the song and this gives a little testimony of kind of what he saw somebody else walk through and it really changed his heart out attitude on how he handled storms in life we were certain get emails never got emails to anyone other than my church hearing songs you know so we're just to hear from people and we connected with the little girl name Aaron who had performed a dance at her school to one of our songs not not a private school like public schools, that's pretty hard-core for kid to do that and we had the whole family come to the church I come to the concert and met the family and write about the time we connected with Erin. That's when I discovered that the reason she wasn't getting well and she can stay sick was it was cancer, and in we really is like God brought us together and we just sort of walk through this with his family. It was phone calls and emails and just talking back and forth and visit the concerts and and not I think watching Miss Lori Aaron's mom walk through this really showed me truth about my worship I watching her walk through a real storm showed me that my worship was extremely situational man at the sunshine in my hands in the air, but it did not take much for my hand to come down. The oak is when you're reading your Bible and going to church or like Lord. Look at all I'm doing. What is the deal in LA and I'm still that way for some reason sometimes, but seeing her go through that and I'm not saying she had all the answers, and she had all the emotions she was happy she should. Sometimes you be confused should be angry in all that that that's just walking around skin on this is life, but at the base of it. You can see that Jesus piece that steadying piece and after Jesus said in this world you will have trouble.

And that's the part we always miss about the first no TV preacher ever gets to that part of the verse right but he said you can have trouble. But take heart, I'll overcome the world. He sees that I'll give you peace.

It's it's a piece. The world can get its unexplainable peace. It doesn't make any sense because the situation doesn't say you should be okay but on the hold you in that they knew what about that clipping. Obviously there's a lot of me.

At hundred I just put it it's really really good clip. Let's book your heart and that's why think that's where I was a lot mean I was telling the guys I may not have heard teaching that says we should praise God you know in all times and to clean the bad thing that during the bad times and praise our way out of it in. I was: here at Mina for like there was a lot of cause-and-effect. If I do good all of life should be good but that's not what you know. I think that's room. John 1633 that he talks there about you know you will have tribulation be be of good cheer. I've overcome the world. You know that the thing is we have to expect that they are to be those bad times, you handle it and I think this thing is with me is you know it's an opportunity get closer to him.

Sometimes people can make that sound like that's just a clich or whatever, but you know if it's all about a relationship ultimately in the bad things are going to come what should I praise them for it's because he's there with me. You know he's there. His presence is there to guide me through and help me through not to solve everything necessarily get there.

Those things happen over time things you know get worked out prayers are answered.

There is that presence that he's there with you in the storm makes a difference.

Yeah, it's really tough when things been praying for don't work out the way you think they should now that's a lot of meat.

We do have an agenda. Now you pray for healing for somebody they don't get you 900 situations occurring in still having Danny as you said, a thankful heart in the midst of that is a challenge, but you will things that Mark said in that interview. If you're ever around somebody that has just a situation that you couldn't even fathom being a part of you dealing with chronic issues or things like that in to see when they have joy in the midst of it really does give you perspective that right because you look kind of man. They can be happy in the midst of all this way my complaint right exactly why my worrying about these things, yet it was a church that you get him used to do to deny visitations and yelp. First time I went we went to the mentality of going to bless of my visit. Somebody can get out what we witness these lady that was. She was born handicap and she was his, but when we left there. If you were going to encourage and didn't know what the good things that ministry people do and they blessed us so much. Just enjoy that they had. We would even know when they had obstacles. I have no idea what they do with all the top because her dad said, and told us about how they told him she will live past 12 or something like that. He said oh no, and he prayed through this thing in ingest but they just encouraged us so much for the dataset that thankful heart that that thing that deep down I know God's got this. If I ever find that place and not always get there going most thereby talk to really get mad and frustrated and actually been invested in the core of it is finding it deep down and he said something before the show about David right David eventually got the thankfulness. Yeah right. But Illinois there no now whenever you look at the Psalms are plenty of songs were he's crying out to the Lord, like where the heck are you I need you. Did you bring me here just leave me and you know I think that's the thing is, is whenever you go into this where he really hit some hard times.

I don't think God's expectation is we've all talked about authenticity here at all. I don't think his expectation is to go directly to praise. Maybe it is but a lot of times I think he has to take you through the process and show you what's in your heart and and how much, how dependent you are on him and that he hasn't really left you with. There should be a time where you can come in and truly praise about talk about it, probably on the on the second show more but you know just the things that happen in my relationship, my family and what I where I first took that was it was not you know praising God. It was like really struggling with life and where God are you because you know you know I'm not perfect. I feel like I've done things know tried to do them right and I just blown up on but when I went as I go farther along as I live life. You know further, and I can look back and see what actually happened. I can really praise them for two detainees brought me from a pool to a place that I would never have known if life would've just stayed as it was in June you you done like counseling people. It's important that people walk through the stages I need to walk through your EEO most of you jump right to praise. Sometimes you know you haven't process grief given process.

All those other things, is it really genuine.

At that point, it is a favorite Christian pose only is joyful in the midst of this misery and I did want to correct one thing Sam Fisher. David said where the seal are you but the one of things that really gets me in counseling is how often people will say what they think I want to hear and that that's a problem with all of this smoke together but if we can come openly with this is what I'm struggling with and know God's guidance, then you can get the other two pickup was more that as we come back in the meantime, go to masculine register for the Boot Camp it's only hundred and 70 some leaves away so totally that hundred and 70 days away. Five months can register now we live love to see their one weekend wasn't up to you now and God would orchestrated all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors on John Eldridge is wild at heart.

Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed in your masculine heart Coming up November 18 through the 21st masculine and register today. By the same mask and her name here with my son Eli talk about ways you can help us only smiled at him as he Information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button they can get a masculine and find the masculine email something else to PO Box 550 927280 your boat show.

Tell me what see that it have a clip you I was moving past that will ensure we bless all maturity number Bethel music that version of it is an idea you ultimately when I look back over what would been talking about. I can take any incident in my life and look back and see his faithfulness in his goodness, and that that that create something that begins a thankful heart. Nobody Jim Daly always say that I look at what he's done in the past and noted he'd been faithful and he's come through and that's what gets me through the next thing NNS, what that song is about naturally good, and I do neglected to Jim for a second on the split. I don't want this to file a short talk about this thankful heart.

What if I don't feel thankful right now you know someone love passed away nonfinancial aim in ruins. Whatever the case may be. My health is a great whatever those things are not real thankful about that right now you know and I can know God's got a hold of it. You still have to go through the process, ranging you do and the first that process really isn't betting it's a problem and often don't especially God even though he is better than we do that if you see a place where your hurt or angry, and you can't get over it. Take that to God first and he'll get to the place where you be thankful that's a gift well everything is a gift from God to be able to get to that place is a gift God has for you if you're willing to go through all the stuff to get there from. So yeah next to Fran Pollyanna but the Pollyanna I was I was willing to say what humans have your for the reason this particular season. I'm in. You know, God has put it on my heart to memorize the 16th Psalm and then Danny came of this topic about being thankful and and I'd really really been studying the facts in the 16th Psalm. David says because retirement David. He said because I met his right hand or excuse me, because the Lord's at my right hand I will not be shaken and interestingly the word right hand and Jesus are almost synonymous. If you were to look at the way it's spelled is like. Jesus is your right hand and year in you are at the right hand of Jesus, but you Jesus is at your right hand and then when I started studying the thankful word as you find it in Philippians 46 there and you begin to go where was date. Where was Paul going with this because clearly Paul was a Hebrew and where he was going was with the concept, which fits perfectly with a bump song of hot top of which is a Hebrew concept is not in the Bible but it means God's good like God is good all the time all the time God is good, but where that comes from is the word for thankful. In Hebrew is God, which means the hand of God expressed in so interestingly, when you look at the actual definitions of the word thankful it's the same word is confession see your confessing that God's hand was in this. Now she believe God is good in his hand was in it and you know that obviously his hands and everything then you eat, you can help it get there from intellectual standpoint, not necessarily an emotional standpoint, but you see that that God is good and like you just said gods come through in the past and so what how's it coming through in this and so here we have Pollyanna look in one of my all-time favorite movies or read watch of at least five times that this girl brings light into a community. Everywhere she goes because she placed the glad game and when she's ducking looking for is how to find God's goodness in the midst of what looks like bad and so here she he's talking she's talking to Agnes Morehead which is now the hypochondriac lady in town. He's always dying and she's actually talking to you know the undertaker is trying to sell her coffin and spring front interchange.

But listen to the actual story behind the glad game and then on talk a minute about what's inside that for all of us and I think the best way against the brass handles maligning from icon does she have to be here 15 yards and fight.

Second, in the brass coffee in hand you all bless you for seems everyone else. Can't wait to see you go outside and play #is sure he can afford.

Oh for heaven sake's still asking folks out of town with his sunshine and happiness thing hearts and flowers enough to make you sick. And again this is the 16th Psalm. Those verses specifically been referred to rights is because he is at my right hand I will not be shaken. Next verse. Therefore my heart is glad and my glory, which did you know your glory can rejoice, but it does your halo get to shine on your glory rejoices my glory rejoices and mice might flash rests securely city and without realizing the truth very God's right hand and guides it. You're right in because you set the Lord always before is what David is saying there that you realize that these this doll may be a pair of crutches. Well, Eleanor Porter used the crutches in the book Pollyanna in a magnificent way. Don't miss it that what Pollyanna wanted was a dog but when she got was crutches while the way the movie works.

She gets a doll. But then when she goes to reach for the doll in the room.

She slips off the roof and ends at paralyzing just that she needs crutches time and and so the crutches came to the point that actually allowed hurt to walk you know and have life again to at one point in time actually enjoy the doll that she later gets in, so you know it all comes together. But the whole town learned right by watching Pollyanna because she was the one who is doing it right. They saw her.

You just like the lady with the cancer just like you did. You know, the whole town watched the whole thing in action that was being lived out and went when you think about your own life right in those other times that you went through something and I went through cancer and I saw God come through and come through and come through so that I know that I have this testimony that he's that he's going to be there and heat if I put in there is always at my right hand and therefore, I'll be glad to run the year resident Pollyanna Morgan undertaker will admit Jeremy's put my coat in front of you. Thank you for some reason okay okay today would get more minutes left in this particular segment.

What's it what's in stuff you want people to walk away with on this topic of thankfulness will of the week. Test a lot old.

How you'll really get to start there.

There is a process in thankfulness and how you God is good business mentally in and physically and emotionally be in there.

Sometimes this is that they are but if we can find a place and I think that's what Jim was told by that process of okay there's a problem.

How do I navigate through the accident and legal. What I know and and let God lead me there that make sense that I don't know what I can camp it does the eye my voice is changing and two years old and I think that sometimes we may have to ask I didn't show you the inventory of things we had had his hand in things in the past is let people walk around. Not really realizing that one of the things that hit me in the Pollyanna story is how, for me at least. When I have an issue that bothers me. It's normally a paper cut. I mean, it is minor compared to the greater things often God will hit me with 12345 little things which gets me to the point of laughing and saying okay this is not tragic. There's not a problem here. I can trust God and it gets me to where I need to be in for. I think for some people it's a major one that get you there, God's going to give you exactly what you need to bring you to the point of being thankful for what you have anything. Sometimes it it has to be that look back into that when you're in the midst of it, you can't see what's going on. All you feels the pain you feel the uncertainty, the fear, whatever that might be a split when you look back at it, you can say can now have clarity of God. You did have me and thank you for what you did there.

And I think John says John Albert says you have to live life forward but understand that backward until you understand. You keep that you can't be looking back and live life with any kind of victory. If you're not moving forward. That's good point. Thank you for throwing the anti-ethical would be good exercise for a lot of us to do is to sick again. I need you to make it me aware again.

You may have known this and then he's good at stealing it from you. Make me aware again of the times that I didn't know where we were going you had a place in mind and it didn't work out the way I thought it would innovate my heart in a better place because of it and let him open your eyes that because you do need to have that perspective. When you face the next challenge talk that Danny is you I can have faith in what he's doing today because I can look at what he did in the past.

If you don't have that historical look.

It doesn't do any good cancer go to masculine to register for the upcoming Boot Camp it's coming up November 18-21. That is the weekend before Thanksgiving. Easy to remember. That way, masculine will talk to this is the Truth Network

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