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Bootcamp Memories After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 8, 2021 8:00 am

Bootcamp Memories After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 8, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The guys continue sharing their memories from the bootcamp. The clips are from "Disney's The Kid," and "Bruce Almighty."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network were partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible hundred dollars since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring. Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to you and friend in the heart. Masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this invention, masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to mass community after hours and you're talking this week about last week were talking last week document last week, and specifically in the boot camp that we had in the manner was an amazing amazing time.

Jim you been to many many many many of these in your short lifetime with this news on the top ones we had on how you felt about it.

For me it was a very interesting it was very different and for me that means it's a great one because I like different but there were a lot of things that went on and mom was sort of a roller coaster, mostly, and one of the emotions just to a cliff. There is a clip we've used always. Everything from the movie the kids and Mrs. where Russ and Rusty the same person get together after dad has caused a major bother with the little one and Rusty and this clip has always promoted. Usually tears at least getting choked up for me and during the boot camp. Sam said it always had for him as well but were to watch the movie and then we may listen to them. Maybe let Uppsala boot camp get it I will see everything that goes on and money has to be funny. Here's a good value in your mind, Jim, you're watching you close your eyes and follow along. What's happening here is little Rusty has Russell Garretson is his 40th birthday is coming at this pattern of his plan for his life and his God often disrupts. He disrupts this time by sending eight-year-old Rusty himself as a little kid back into his life and they journey back in time to try to figure out how they got so broken in this scene comes in with her dad. There's a little bit a bit pit little bit in here like Porky pig, myself. There little bit in here. There he talks about losing a screw early missionaries lost a screw this is dad needed anything since wise dad's mad it will go and pick him and it is important to note this is his eighth birthday. He's losing his mom for the next and the trend for Sam to go first jump in this Sam said that he had always been moved by this saying and discovered a wound map, but in this if I've got a wound.

I'm not aware of it yet but maybe God may show it, but I always felt so much compassion for everybody in this same little Rusty Russell, the adult and dad house he and the fact that Russell understands what his father was going through now 32 years later, but he's also able to let himself know and eight years old that is not his fault.

It's okay this is part of life, but you didn't do anything wrong. And that's a big theme in these two. It is united and let things if you watch the movie older Russell does not have a good relationship with his dad is very distant and very cold terms are there both getting healing at this exact same time.

Older Russell just has the agent experience to articulate it to the younger one right and it's really pretty cool. You and I wonder what that relationship with her dad. Looks like you know later on when I get back in your ceiling on Russell side now, and we don't get that and move it is such a great movie. I didn't take it when a long stretch for me to know why always choking up because I was that dad, especially my youngest son. He is very strong-willed. I'm very strong-willed didn't work well together you now and in when I would see that clip it would remind me that I had wounded him in on until God came in and did some healing in his life.

We had some open conversations not guys like my son's life and some open conversations about how he felt growing up and how I felt and what was else is going on in life as it was a lot going on that he didn't know about it you know Mike asked for his forgiveness and we could really just talk through that and got speaking in my heart.

It came before this one just basically told me some things that let me let it go, knowing that that's no longer who I am and I haven't been for a long time within me wants to say.

Remember when you did this member anywhere like this, we want you to hold onto that right in God and I know that's not been true for a long time here. So let's let's get perspective and let's move forward and was the first time at camp. I can actually watch that clip not feel condemnation and breakdown in and so I can start bawling in unanswered stock is a God's healing in the healing especially on my son's life and we have the closest relationship with ever had over these last few years and have similar. I felt like I was coming that didn't take the time that my father took with me and I also was partial my boys frequently and my first boot camp or to go to multiple times.

Although they remembered things in and I wasn't as bad as I thought. But that was the enemy working on me as well.

So it's and yeah there were a lot of things that I regretted but the unconditional love that my father made clear to me at when I don't see another relationships with fathers that breaks the heart and that's, this I think I will always get. Over that thing you see that the damage the enemies doing the dad scared right he doesn't know what is good news.

Losing his wife does not take care of an eight-year-old kid yeah all those emotions are coming out at this kitty loves right eminences to see the enemy on the midst of it and everybody gets wind and process units. A shotgun blast is not rifle blast and I rising it with some shrapnel shrapnel inspection in Ottoman and it was it was this technically that was part of his boot camp they got to me and Kevin never way it was when we went into Dakota silence.

After this talk God showed me my six-year-old self.

And that kinda landed this over the stuff of already talked about it but you know that identity of EI came from more overall than only child, and King of Mont Castle at six and God gave me the name appraiser. He said you see value in people and you take that at face value that they will see the value in usability didn't answer.

That was that clear packages see it just I can see my first great picture that I have always despised to see as plain as day and I collected close one of the big things about past that I saw is that we can see exactly the same clip and get such diverse things from it and you added another dimension and its probably true for everybody. It was there that all this God gave them something special to them out of the same experience. I didn't have anything of value to state when the skin and this can say that he probably gave me an EB misprint name is good appraiser. I work in the housing industry. There's some really bad appraisers a thick batter appraiser works.

I know he'll like a second desk at exactly have a good head like that before I stick my foot in my mouth some more. Good for you and eat you and make a point about something in these clips are really the most uplifting play gray and so makes boot camp like Debbie downer is Robbie. He's a laugh track.

He's not here so nobody stood and was a pinch-hitter form so we did. You know the camp is can be a very serious thing were talking about going after man's heart. We talk about you first talk about the wounds there's there's things in it also talks about about the a merry heart does it does like medicine to us. There was a merry heart entire time we were there so we don't have to have a clip proved that any of the guys were there would tell you there was a lot of laughter and a lot of joy a lot interact. You want Mike you hold on please note off, it is accurate will quit you Jim, but it really was a good time. I just a lot and particularly our team. I think it's important we stay connected and joyful and then that rubs off on the other guys but they brought it themselves.

They all had great spirits about a minute made made ministry just work and then you know you know that they went back with a light heart into whatever situation Jim Blackledge are quick. I never am that this is one of the things I see in my life is the closer I get to God the more I laugh more. I cry and agree that, yeah, I think the things that came through. Don't talk often of his activities and there's a lot of bonding you know it into you had the Andy Airsoft experience yeah right more fun than it sounds. I got to play this time to do so that that was a good unite that goes into that will fund where having this was a really good group. We had a lot of fun just some ideas on what we've run into in the past so that I thought was really funny as we we gave some liberty and freedom to guys running around the wedding was like. If you find something you can use it as a shield to protect you and me. Some guys we had to get young guys in the past and they were really creative. I remember there was an old mattress laid out in the woods in the woods and you know it how much rain is actually in it.

I mean how heavy it is this guys dragging along. This is when somebody found an old dead Christmas tree and he was using that as a shield so yeah this somewhat crazy stuff we do.

It's it's just out there, just having a good time to choose Robbie's desk through family, he's he's out there. You take what I have his chair tonight and also getting killed during. There's also involving my daughter you very much, actually, and help explain the lighting technician expert. It's literally a switch sound like he's dealing I got another willing to deal with. You know we've all done it will return it with all that stuff we needed an answer which is not even a a double throw switch. It is literally own and off yeah and I missed it like to three times you call that from the state and he didn't want job that was enough for you, and I finally graduated out of it I guess. But I don't really like salty resolutely. I was not know the supervisor didn't come over and tell me that there will the money taken my shift and taken that role let you know. And it was it was a need to know every time the daily failed. I was over there cheering you at your favorite time we did it for the first probably for five boot camp the most educated guy in the room was rented to new member Peter is an emergency room that emergency room intensive care physician physician by the lights, for I don't have any big cats that he mess up as much is you did okay let you messed up more than daily lesson. He is kind, in that order that's radiated over so many turns until he perfected it at the end. He did get perfected pretty well moving on to my clip. This is actually clip from the beauty talk today used but it really applies its beautiful thing that happened in Kenya and swing ahead and playable.

You have here. It's from Bruce Almighty early the movie versus character versus the character played by an Jim Carrey thinking you know is dating a lady named Grace.

They lived together and he tried he gets the power of God for sure.

Time and and messes it up messes up the relationship with her chases after her for most of the movie and then you get towards the end and you have Bruce and Morgan Freeman whose is playing God, not Norman Mandella. This time, but not Norman normal and I know that yeah why brother Norman and I like the yeah no grantees there have a conversation in heaven.

You know in this is Bruce and I got Teresa's Greenpeace all mankind. If you want me Miss America what you really care how she does seem like it is good the part of it was you obviously his heart had changed and he was doing something out of love for someone else. Not expecting anything in return. That's the way we really should be doing things is you I love and so what happened at boot camp was part of the camp is pretty scripted and standpoint there certain talks we do every bit boot camp that may change in order slightly certain talk she did every boot camp and then there's some other times it reflects with God in honor may be an additional talk here a couple talks or maybe prayer time that we do maybe different things in this time. We just felt like we are called to do a couple different things and one of them on Sunday morning was a question and answer session, you know, and so when the first person to talk and it had a question, said hey could you pray for our hearts.

They been wounded. You guys can show this these wounds and if you pray for us in on the team today. What is that right now and so each can walk out and sprayed over one person is kind listening to what whatever God had to say to and prayed over him and that was really cool.

That's that's awesome, and came back and sit down and then the next person acids said something. Sandhya happened we pray for you what you guys need and so you know we went through and as a team are honestly the most if I know definitely most openly innervated any boot camp to Sharon work out status. You have lots of healing and lots of restoration there's always more in on this is where were at today and that those guys the campers that the people the attendees came up and prayed over us and I was just so amazing to have them speak from their heart. What they're hearing from God over us.

That's never happened in a camp. I don't know will happen again. You know the guys in some of you had to leave earlier but not really amazing to have that happen and and how genuine they were in wanting to pray for us really amazing what your what was going to happen that is so sweet to have somebody pray for their heart and you know over you. One of the dangers of ministry and leadership is people looking for answers and you lose and say thank you got all the answers, and to open up to the people.

I got a where were at.

Is authenticity. Yeah, we make a pretty obvious we need prayer yeah yeah yeah you had to be done on from the error on the boot camp. You can see we need prayer that we would probably sit in collective prayer for you is going to laugh at it turned out that was seven staff and seven campers left and sorted out that many spoke volumes about it being God. Well, things about this camp that was unique to me and very special is it's the first time I haven't well will start from the other is the it's probably the most spiritually mature group. We never had this campers it's the first time I didn't feel like I felt like I was just one of the entire group. Instead of staff campers is separated and they treated us that way and that made that even more special. Yeah, I think that there's a lot you when you come back to where we had it Carolina Bible camp it.

There's really a lot that brings intimacy. There you literally are eating there with the guys at the same table. She know return meals with them and and were speaking in the same room. That's curtained off in its current enough in a way that it's a very intimate setting.

You know, and in at the place we were before us got its own attributes, but that's not one of them you go eat in a totally different areas and hundred separated from the guys because were eating, trying to get stuff ready and that type of thing, but here they resist a whole lot of intimacy and it was a very spiritually mature group. Not that the others in the past were stable to see it very closely from a 19-year-old kid that young man that is very mature for his age and all the way up to.

I don't have the oldest camper was your age, Harold yeah I was trying to figure that out now.

Thank you, someone in the high 50s yeah I was thinking is probably high 50s. You know, and so we had a big range there and I think it is from different coming from different walks of life and backgrounds with some definite diversity right but it all clicked in unity is really pretty cool and this was a very relaxed and we didn't really have the technical issues. Thankfully, we really didn't have any spiritual issues when the unit then we tried to get between any night you know God was able to intervene and avoid that Yahoo really was just a very peaceful, restful camp in the midst of God doing some amazing work ethic. We were all kind of concern that we didn't have a lot larger group typically have larger groups in this but I think the previous one wasn't that big of a difference but you know I think you that's just another thing for you just have to trust God, we will impact the whole world, but we also know the way God did it eat just 12. Jesus picked is 12 and and went with those guys and we just have to trust God knows what he's doing what he's those things together and I think that's what he's probably trying to show us in this is that there was a lot of fruit. There were things we've never seen before but we had never had a group that small and that dynamic in the individuals. Of course he knows is coming. He knows he knows that what probably brought some guys to come out a little bit more just and talking and being open this because it was a smaller set yeah what was kind of funny was the CIs pair off of people that you probably wouldn't talk to outside the camp right to you when you come in contact with writer if you did, you think there's so much difference, and they realize that they're all sons of God, right. And there's commonality they're the most common.

How do you need to have and they had things to share. We did have a camper in their 60s every activity. The guy came late on a heart that the weather was only good one night to have the bonfire that we want to have an there's conversation do we have it or don't have it you know people want to go down into smaller group. We had it when the guys when camper spoken and and really completely impact of the camp in just from sharing his testimonies, you know, in we were able to pray over him and I thinking according what he said. The next day he gets in healing on some old stuff, which is really really pretty cool and it was funny to see you know, the youngest in camp to be the first one to jump up and then the next day, nothing. You know they were all right there for one another is really cool unity sitting here with him and in a fit you are talking you think he I don't know if Clyde has any appraisal of that this phrase adds those real ANOVA Norman Mandella. I don't know where I got that what is good transcoding were never really sure. A lot of things are really pretty certain as good physically as his half-brother twice removed all I can so coming up for this next boot camp. What would you think people need to know that many here but what would you think people need to know other than just trust God and come we asked that that's my mind went first to get a trust guide you got me open.

You gotta let things flow. Just amazing. When my family that we could do 100 shows on Boot Camp and never tell you what camp really is is we try the best for this is God showing up in Kuwait. The biggest thing is going to have an encounter with little if you want to do that go to masculine it's November 18 through the 21st Thanksgiving to register now this is the Truth Network

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